Diya, Nathanael, Jedi


Jedi stumbles on Nathanael showing Diya the best places to eat around Southern Weyr. Diya walks away with a shiny white knot!


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

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"'s a date then." Or not a date, more like a play-date. He kicks at the edge of the pier looking out. "Y' ma ain't happy with ye bein' 'ere? Ain't that no fun t' be separated from 'er 'n whatnot? Canno' imagine Pa no' bein' happy with me."

Diya and Nathanael - newly the fastest of friends, apparently - are plonked down on the edge of the boardwalk, discussing All The Things that vaguely pubescent young teeangers discuss. Over meat-on-a-stick. (Well, Diya still has hers, at least.) "It is hard to get used to, sometimes. But my brother, he is a rider at the Weyr, in Igen - so she makes him come, or take me to visit. It is not that she is unhappy, it is that she thinks I will forget all of my manners." Case in point: now done with her meat (she adds her stick to his), she starts licking sauce from her fingers rather than risking a tumble into the water to clean them.

Nathanael hasn't licked the sauce, in his case it just got rubbed off on the edge of his shirt and pants. "That's real cool! Whose ye brother? How long 'as 'e been a rider? oh! Who 's 'is dragon?"

Diya swings her feet, and catches her scarf with her non-sticky hand as it tries to blow off in the slight breeze. "His name is N'zi, but I call him Zizi most times, and he has been a rider oh," this, Diya actually has to THINK about, apparently. "For most of my life? I was small, but not still a baby. When he Impressed his Zateriyath."

Today is apparently a day for lingering along the boardwalk, and for the moment, at least, it seems Jedi is no exception to this. A few things are being tucked into a pocket of hers as she leaves one of the stalls. As she's passing by, she happens to catch part of what Diya says, and pauses behind the two teens. "N'zi's your brother?" The shortish redhead asks, curiosity getting the best of her. "I'm familiar with that name, but not through personal experience." Nathanael gets a wave; Diya gets curiously sized up.

Nathanael cranes around to look upwards at one of his favorite rider-people. "A'lo ma'am Jedi! Are ye buyin' stuff on t'day? 's a real good evenin' for it, what with 'e temps not bein' so hot. Have ye met m' friend Diya?" He gestures at the girl next to him as if she is his new BEST FRIEND at the moment.

"He has been a rider for many turns," Diya informs with all due solemnity, "but he tries not to be so," she gestures, vague and broad with a still-sticky hand, "much around people, so I am not surprised." She sways sideways to bump Nathanael's shoulder with her own, and offers up, "Nathanael is introducing me to the best places for food."

Jedi smiles, and plunks down next to the two easily, relaxing on the side of the boardwalk for a few minutes with them. "Hello Nathanael. It's a pleasure to meet you, Diya." She says cheerfully enough. "I'm not surprised; Nathanael does know all the best places." The brownrider winks conspiratorally, and grins. "I'm Jedi, rider of brown Llioramasith." The wingsecond part is left off for now. "It is nice that it's not so hot out, isn't it? Has he shown you many places, yet?"

"Pa says 's 'cuz teenage boys've got stomachs what do no' e'er stop eatin'. Tho I ain't see no growin' so 'm thinkin mayhap no'." Nathanael seems much to cheeful about his lack of teenage growth spurt to appear yet. "So I'm always a lookin' f'r where food can be found. Do e want me t' be lookin' f'r ye too ma'am Jedi?"

"Not so many places yet, ma'am," Diya answers brightly, "but that is okay. We are only just friends, after all." LOTS of time for exploring. "It is lovely to meet you, too." She glances over at Nate, skims her hand over the top of his head to measure the difference in their heights, and frowns slightly.

Jedi grins at Nathanael's words, and tilts her head to the side a little. "He's right. You should have seen my brothers, when they were your age….devoured everything in front of them!" She's probably teasing…or at least half teasing. "I wouldn't mind getting pointed at good food every now and again, Nathanael, sure!" Diya gets a smile. "Well, give him time and he'll show you them all, I'm certain!" The mentions of height just get chuckles from the no-longer-growing-herself brownrider.

"Jus' friends! Well, ye gotta start in 'e kitchen 'course.," Nathanael launches into a rather longwinded explination of how to get food from cooks would would rather feed it to large numbers of people. It involves begging, offers of assistance, and lots of sincere complements. As his breath begins to die he rolls to an abrupt stop. "But I suppose ye dun' need t' be knowin' cuz usual they're nice 'bout givin' food."

Diya listens, wrapt: not having grown up in the Weyr herself this is all new and exciting to her. "That is very clever," she declares once Nathanael has finished, "I will have to remember. Also," this is back to Jedi, "there is a vendor selling meat on a stick - not the first one," up the boardwalk, one presumes, "but the one after that; his meat is very good."

Jedi remains quiet while Nathanael talks, smiling at certain techniques of his, and reaches out to ruffle Nathanael's hair if he's not quick enough to duck away from her hand. "Why I am not surprised you've a wealth of ways?" She teases the young man lightly. "Is there? I'll have to try it sometime, for certain." No move is made to do so now, however, what with Jedi's lack of the appetite of a teenager!

Jedi gets a bright cheeky grin from Nathanael, even as she reaches out to ruffle his hair. What is it with Adults and wanting to play with those sandy ropes? "'s survival." Totally serious, except for that bright grin. "Gotta know 'e ffod t' be able t' keep your stomach full 'n get ye chores all done!" His feet kick against the pier as he directs his eyes down the boardwalk. "There's this real good cart too what makes dough covered 'n this brown dust 'n sugar."

"Is there really?" What, this conversation wasn't entirely focused on food already? Diya's eyes are wide as she asks the question, and she swings her feet so that her heels thump-thump in uneven time against the side of the boardwalk. "Maybe you could show us, yes? And then that can be my treat!" She did make Nate promise that next time would be on her tab. "Would you like that, brownrider?"

"Oh," Jedi relents, caving at the thought of food. "I suppose just once won't make me puff up." Like a great big Jedi balloon. "But I insist on buying." Youth versus (semi-present) wisdom? She hops up off of her perch on the boardwalk, and stretches lightly. The almost pleasant heat out here today is almost enough to make one groggy!

Nathanael scrambles up to his feet. "Pa says 'e man should always be buyin' but he proly was talkin' bout somethin' else." However, in a fit of gallentry he offers an arm to both females, "'s jus' down 'e walk!"

"Then it is still my treat next time," Diya informs Nathanael after a moment's consideration. "But this time, we will let the brownrider pay. I am sure," her grin is quick, broad and merry, "that she is more well-paid than either of us. That is what my mother tells my brother, at least." She scrambles to her feet as well, and offers Nathanael a wiggly-fingered hand instead.

Jedi flashes a grin at the both of them, and lightheartedly slip a hand through Nathanael's arm. Might as well let him feel grownup for a moment, at least! "Onwards we go, then! And he probably was, Nathanael — and anyway, I really do insist." Which probably means she'll hear of no disagreement on their parts! "Lead on, Nathanael!" This is one thing Jedi is happy enough to follow for.

There is zero sense that Nathanael might be aware of how ridiculous he looks with the two females on his arms older and taller than him. He will wrap his hand in Diya's and his arm into Jedi's before leading them off down the boardwalk. "Ye're right. Pa also said t' not turn down what ye can be gettin' f'r free. 'n Ma'am Jedi's insistin!" His steps lead them all the way to the down to the end of the pier and the seller of Perneese churros.

"Do not turn down free food is also a rule of my brothers," Diya informs both of her companions as she trundles cheerfully along in Nathanael's wake, curls bouncing. "Oh!" is a sharp little sound of delight once they've neared the cart, "those smell delightful."

"I am insisting, yes." There's a little laugh at her restating the obvious before they reach the stand. "They do smell rather nice!" Jedi agrees readily, forking over the appropriate sum for enough for two growing teenagers and one vaguely hungry brownrider. "Enjoy, you two." Because it's a treat! And they do look rather appealing.

Nathanael waves cheerily at the stall owner, they know one another well enough by now. When Jedi hands over the treat he bites off an end then closes his eyes in mock-swoon of joy.

Diya is all sticky grubby grabby hands, and happily so: she gets fingers on her churro and takes a bite, but her response is the opposite of Nathanael's. In Diya's case her eyes go WIDE, and she covers her mouth with her hand so the contents doesn't go flying as she says, once more, "Oh." It's really good, yo'.

Jedi's is devoured in carefully planned and savored bites, a smile turning up easily after each one. "That," she says while licking a finger, "was a very good suggestion. Thank you, Nathanael." Finger-lickin' good!

"'s my pleasure ma'am." Nathanael looks between Jedi and Diya, super pleased about having introduced the women to something they like. The cart keeper also gets a wink- see, he's totally going to get a free one when he comes back for introducing new customers. "I should proly be gettin' back t' work." REGRET.

Diya is totally giving the cart and its vendor a LOOK, like she might need to make some extra purchases of her own before the day is through — but then her pretty little face falls, and her, "Oh," is a soft-sad sound for a moment. "I suppose that you must, yes. But you will — be sure to find me again, yes?" She looks to Jedi for help, then back to Nathanael. diya no want to lose new friend ):

"Course!" Nathanael grins up at Diya. "Pa's real cool 'bout me runnin' up t' 'e weyr for stuff, 'n we got all them classes with 'e other 'pprentices. Ye ain't gonna get rid've me that easy! I ain't e'en told ye 'bout nothin yet!."

Jedi pats Diya's shoulder lightly with her nonsticky hand, and smiles. "I'm always running into Nathanael, so don't worry." And she lives at the weyr herself! The young woman is sized up again, and Jedi hms. "Although, I suppose.." But Jedi's not going to finish that thought right now! "Really, don't worry. Now that you two know one another, it'll be easy to bump into each other again!"

"Good," Diya pronounces firmly, solemn for a moment - an emphatic moment - before grinning again, and licking sticky-sugar off of her hand. "When I am done my chores and you are done your work, you must show me - many places." So sure, little Diya, so sure of her new friendship. "Thank you again, brownrider," she remembers to add, with a quick scrub of her hand against the side of her skirt to make it less grubby before she salutes.

Nathanael beams one last time at Diya. "Mayhap t'morrow." is his rather abrupt promise. To Jedi, "Thanke again ma'am! I'll be seein' ye!" Then he is turnning and trotting back down the boardwalk, then off in the direction of the seacraft building.

"See you around, Nathanael!" The brownrider calls after the boy, before turning her gaze back to Diya. "Well, Diya…it has been a pleasure meeting you. What do you do normally?" She probably means as in work! Enquiring minds like to know, and all that. Jedi probably has a purpose to her inquiry, but she doesn't cut to the point quite yet.

"Mostly whatever needs to be done," Diya admits, on the quiet. "I have not settled in and found a - space, but that does not mean that I do not work. I am also," she eyes the cart-vendor again, considering. "I am also in training for being ground crew, yes? So that when Thread falls, I will have a purpose here." Her answer given, she gives in - and exchanges a mark-piece for another bready sweet, and chews contentedly.

Jedi flashes a grin. "I was hoping you'd say that," she admits once the girl's eating her sweet, and shoves her hands in her pockets. "Because I have a question to ask you." Which comes in the form of the white knot Jedi pulls out abruptly. "I'd like you to Stand for Khalyssrielth's clutch." Okay, so it's not really a question…more like a proposition!

Diya chokes on her churro — okay, not quite, but there is a moment of conflict between her mouthful and her sharp inhale of surprise. She manages it, though, and swallows quickly before hiding a cough behind her hand, then — scrubbing her hand against her skirt again. "You would," she repeats, just for the sake of clarity, hand halfway extended toward the knot.

"I would." Jedi confirms firmly, the knot dangling right there, just out of reach. "Because you never know, it might help you find your niche. …Also, my idiot brown has been bugging me about it all afternoon." Cue a cheeky grin from the brownrider! Their run-in wasn't entirely by coincidence, apparently. "So…what do you say?"

There is still a moment's hesitation - after all, the last time she said yes to this Thread was only a disaster looming on the horizon, rather than a reality - and one that shook her normally undemonstrative brother into hugging both of his parents and both of his sisters just a little bit too tight, in its aftermath. But the moment passes, and Diya's chin lifts and her curls bob and her clever little fingers reach out to fix around the knot. "I say that I am honored to be asked, and that I accept."

The knot is deposited into Diya's hands, and Jedi clasps the girl's shoulder lightly. "Let's get you set up, hm?" The redhead's not about to congratulate the girl, because there is Thread around now, unfortunately, but she does tell the girl an appreciative, "thank you." Because accepting a knot during these years speaks volumes as to one's character. "Lli also says thank you, and that he's glad." Stalker brown, apparently!

Diya doesn't QUITE go so far as to put it on yet, but she clutches the white knot tightly in one hand, and manages a, "You are most welcome," that is directed vaguely — up. Toward the stalker brown. That done she nods again, swallows, and says, "Yes, let us go."

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