Miel, Vosji


At shift change, Miel gets to deal with the early arrival of Vosji's per-clutch cold.

Gossip about weyrlings.


It is night of the seventh day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrlingmasters' Office, Igen Weyr

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Tough love, Vosji! Tough love.


Weyrlingmasters' Office

The Weyrlingmaster's office sits to one side. There are smaller desks for the assistants, one or two often sharing, and a larger desk belonging to the Weyrlingmaster. Much like the classrooms, the walls are covered in charts and diagrams, and an unsettling amount of hidework is always taking up the desks.

Night has fallen and it's bedtime for the weyrlings! And what does that mean? A small reprieve for the Weyrlingmaster staff. Of course, they haven't left the barracks entirely unguarded ? some of the assistants linger there, at least for awhile longer. It won't always be this way but when the dragons are still relatively young and prone to mischief as they work out their bonds? Yeah, they're babysat around the clock. Tonight finds Miel drifting towards the office and stifling a yawn with the back of her hand. "Ugh, I did not miss this part…" she mutters under her breath and proceeds to enter without so much as a quick knock. If Vosji is inside, she's probably used to the greenrider's last second warning of arrival.

Vosji hasn't been inside for long; there's the smell of some very strong, nearly acrid tea that's whatever the Weyrlingmaster has made a habit of picking up from the bazaar every time she's starting to get a headcold. Which she tends to get when there are new classes of weyrlings, or when she's in the midst of between or first-flight trainings, or — things that require lots of supervision and are sapping her ability to sleep. These are trends her assistants notice more readily than she does. Vosji has also been the night-time supervisor for the last three nights, and it's entirely possible Iskanzivoth is letting Ivaenth know how much sleep she isn't getting. She has her feet — bare — up on her desk, and is paging through a couple of hides. "Miel," she guesses, then looks up over the hides and confirms, "Yes, good. How are they?"

Miel's nose wrinkles at that all-too familiar acrid smell. "Ugh, really Vosji? Already?" she sighs, eyeing that tea as though it's something to ward defensively against. "Y'know they have better remedies here than… whatever that is?" She's always been dubious on the effectiveness of it, but it's an old argument they've probably tossed back and forth countless times before. So it's readily dropped, when it comes down to actual business. "Not a bad bunch, over all!" Securing one of the free chairs, she'll slide down into it with a relieved expression. Her feet are probably killing her too! "Settled better tonight than they have before. Might be in thanks to the weather not being so damn hot! Once it starts to really cool off, I suspect we'll really see what they're capable of." In terms of clashing personalities and mischief, that is!

It probably is something to ward against. Don't drink it. Vosji has a tendency to avoid healers and not mention illness whenever she talks to Divale, so the people giving her hints about tea might be … Well, it does at least clear her sinuses. Because it's about 50% pepper. "I've been awake a long time," Vosji admits, "I had to help the middle of last night with nightmares and with early thicktail — we managed to reverse that one, at least, before I had to call a dragonhealer, but." A wave of her hand, punctuated by a sneeze. "Started feeling congested this morning, but I have no betweening to do for the next … little while, so it isn't that big a deal. No trouble standing out?" There's a grin now, a genuine one and not the schooled one the weyrlings get. "I mean, I'm pretty sure that the Akzhan boy on bronze will be interesting. Igen seems to have that keep happening. N'thu, R'ku, S'rael, Ca'elian …" She trails off. Two of those were before her time but not by much; one of them is nearly as old as she is but seems to have started a trend. "Briamiorth's will be good helping with straps lessons, Keryth's has some spirit in her …" Sneeze.

"Of course you have," Miel's bold enough to slip that in and all but interrupt Vosji. She can get away with little things like that in private! Ivaenth has, indeed, been keeping her up to speed from Iskanzivoth's reports on the bluerider's current state. "Nightmares will be expected." Continuously throughout Weyrlinghood! "And let's hope that that brush with tick tail will set them straight and serve as a warning to the others." A low chuckle about Ca'elian and the greenrider smirks. "Interesting is putting it lightly. If we're going to have trouble, I'm fairly certain he'll be among the top five." Sorry, not sorry! "Mhm. En'rys seems level headed enough too. He and Briamiorth are a good match. We'll see about Keryth's. There's one blue… Sesa's Edleveth? He's a strange one. More worried about him than I am the girl but who knows. I've seen stranger pairs balance out without much of a fuss."

The smile on Vosji's lips turns into a thin but satisfied one as she takes another slow sip of tea. "Iskanzivoth likes Edleveth. Thinks he's a joy to speak with." And it's 'with' and not 'to,' meaning there's actual interplay Iskanzivoth likes rather than just looking at or talking to that particular blue. "Though he likes Keryth and the others as well, he actually pays a little more attention to Edleveth's … painting?" She's looking over her shoulder sideways, out toward where her dragon must be located, trying to see if that makes any sense. She's a little sleepy and bleary-eyed to the point where it might just not make any sense to her. Iskanzivoth makes sure to share a mental image of Edleveth's mental images with Ivaenth: yes, painting. Well, swooshy drawing. Paintingish. "En'rys' decisions in life confuse me, but it's not my place to ask why he gave up his knot." Technically she could; technically it's her place to ask whatever she wants, though they aren't required to answer, but she's choosing not to push that one.

Miel cocks her head, eyes unfocused for the brief duration of Ivaenth rebounding what Iskanzivoth is sharing. "Ahh, yes! I see why he'd be drawn to that." She may know a few of the blue's quirks, after all these Turns. Just as Vosji may know a few of Ivaenth's. "Mhm, something's telling me just to leave that alone with En'rys. Unless it's brought up…" Her shoulders lift in a shrug, while she stretches out her legs and resettles in her chair to get comfortable. "What about E'gus? His green is a feisty one. And I don't think I ever saw a Candidate with so much… hair. Pity, that." Since it's likely to be going all bye-bye shortly enough! Get it? Shortly.

"E'gus, I like." Vosji has liked the one with all the hair since she got to make fun of him affectionately during an egg touching. "Especially because of the hair. Though the dragon concerns me … Iskanzivoth seems to think she's outside of the bounds of control on some levels. I think," Vosji's shoulders go up to her ears in a shrug that's then punctuated by another sneeze, "I think E'gus is probably strong enough to manage it. So long as his dragon loves him, and he can leverage that to keep her in check …" Well, Iskanzivoth's bond to his rider is much tighter than some others, and so of course he would be concerned. "I haven't actually noticed any behavioral issues," yet. Yawn. Sneeze. Sip. "Sorry."

(Iskanzivoth to Ivaenth) It's a quiet interruption to the green's mindscape, a piece of his metalwork against hers, the gentle, « She needs to sleep, » that is the protective force of Iskanzivoth known only for his lifemate. « Not at her desk this time, or in an empty couch. »

There's a low snickered-laugh from Miel for Vosji's bias towards E'gus based on the hair alone. It's not like the greenrider doesn't sport long hair herself! She's just often wearing it well plaited back and coiled in a tight bun ? even then, because she often wears head covers in the sun to spare her freckled skin being burned, it's rare… very rare, that anyone ever sees just how long it is. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that? Always bothers me when they have to go down to that level… Makes me concerned for how long they'll survive." Conflict is just a natural process of any bond, to Miel but when it's so far out of balance? It's something she's never quite been able to grasp, despite that she and Ivaenth often clash (affectionately). "Like I said…" She'll wait for the yawning and sneezing to lull with a smirk. "It's been too damn hot for them to get rowdy. Give it time…" And since Vosji won't do it, Miel will do it FOR HER! Getting to her feet, the greenrider will literally come around to collect the Weyrlingmaster, protests or no! "Come on. Time to go find Iskanzivoth and get your ass to bed. Even just a nap! Anything… because you're no good like this." Tough love, Vosji! Tough love.

Vosji sighs, but she has to give in with a, "No," and pulling herself to her feet, "You're right. I'm not. I know, I know I do this to myself and a full night's sleep in my bed will mostly sort me out." It's even why she has a nice bed, foisted upon her by well-meaning relatives because she works too hard and always has. "You can walk me to my dragon," she adds teasingly, fake-flirting since it's safe to do so in private (and because it's fake). "I think it'll be all right, I'm not convinced there's any issues between the green and her rider, just, Szokanith is in a class of her own as far as we can tell …" She trails off, making comparisons to other difficult greens she's trained as she lets Miel deposit her in her dragon's care. Iskanzivoth proceeds to refuse to let her leave her weyr for the next ten hours, considering B'ram has the morning shift, and once she gets to bathe and have breakfast, you almost can't tell how sniffly she was the night before.

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