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Prymelia over sees the building of Snowmen and Nathanael comes bringing gossip.


It is morning of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Ice Fields - Courtyard

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Here lies an area stamped out in a neat square, laid painstakingly with cobblestones often slick with frost. Eastward lies the great expanse of the ice fields, and westwards the familiar lowing of the Hold's handful of beasts: but north does rise the dark-grey monolith of the cavernous entry to the Ice Fields proper, open-facing and airy, welcoming in contrast the the barbarous jagged outline of the barrier range lying beyond, ominous and eternal: it seems only fitting that to step past the ornate doors leading into the hold proper, one must step down rather than up. The way into this hold is the way into the earth itself.

If this is summer, Faranth help the poor buggers making the Ice Hold their home come winter. Still not very well attired for the frosty climes, save for an oversized jacket that looks like it belongs to someone far bigger, Prymelia and a handful of other female candidates are out in the weak sun of the courtyard. According to the chore rotation, they're supposed to be shoveling the recent fall of snow to the edges of the area. In reality, while paving is beginning to show through, the girls are involved in an unusual activity - rolling snow into balls and apparently, the former trader is overseeing this endeavor. "Come on, Roxie, those would even make a decent pair of balls let alone a body or a head." She calls out on a laugh.

Redfaced and looking almost like he's had the time of his life, Nathanael comes bolting out through the stables at a dead run. Cheeks red with the cold shows that the stables were just a passing spot of warmth before plunging into the cold of the courtyard again. The sight there brings the candidate skidding to an abrupt halt as he stares. "'re ye all buildin' 'e snow people!?"

Startled by the sudden appearance of one red-faced Nathanael, Prymelia laughs and lifts a staying hand. "Woah there, sailor. You're gonna hit a patch of ice and skidding on your arse." Roxie, a young thing of about fifteen turns with ash blonde hair and soft brown eyes sends the former seacraft apprentice a shy look. "Do you want to help make balls? I'm making the heads. Leera's making the middles and Jojo's making the bottoms." And Prymelia? She's supervising, yo! Oh. And she has the bag of coal chips and carrots.

"Already done that ma'am!" Nathanael turns slightly so that the wet spot on his backside is showing, then turns a bright smile onto Roxie. "I only got jus' a bit, 'cuz I got a f'r 'e headman, but…" Snow people. Right, there's no way in this frozen wasteland that Nathanael is going to miss out on that. "How ye do 'er? I was tryin' once afore Quinn was startin' a snowall fight." Despite his question the candidate reaches down and begins to pack snow in his gloved hands.

"Its Prymelia, Nate." She reminds with a warm smile. "We're both candidates, aye?" Amusement deepens when Nathanael shows her the wet patch on his butt. "No wonder you got yourself sick." But it's fondly said. As for Roxie, brown eyes warm. "S'easy. You just-Yes, like that." Her smile brightens when he starts pack snow in his hands. "And then when its big enough you drop it into a pack of snow and-" There's a soft grunt as the petite girl returns to the ball she'd been working on, "You sort of roll it around and it grows!" Marvellous!

Nathanael casts Prymelia a quick grin, breaking him of the habit of calling every female older than himself 'ma'am' will be quite a feat for whomever actually accomplishes it. "Nah, got sick 'cuz 've 'e runnin' 'tween warm 'n cold." At least, he's pretty sure that's why. When Roxie mentions rolling Nathanael's attention diverts abruptly from his own snowpacking to slide closer and watch. "'m glad t' be seein' this, I o'er heard a rider sayin' we was gonna be goin' back soon!"

Seated on an overturned crate, Prymelia chuckles and shakes her head. "Well I wasn't going to take any chances so I slept out in the stables." Which might explain her absence during the round of the lurgy in the barracks. With puffs of breath snatching from her lips, Roxie is focused on her task, her ball of snow slowly getting bigger and clearing a trail of paving in its wake. As one, all four girls jerk their attention to Nathanael. "We're going back!?" Roxie and Jojo appear disappointed whereas Prymelia and Leera look positively delighted. "Oh, thank Faranth." That's Prymelia, "I was starting to think I was going to lose all my toes and fingers to frostbite by the end of the month."

Nathanael nods his head. "'least, that's what I was over hearin'. Figure it be makin' sense, ye know, 'cuz we gotta be standin' f'r 'e eggs." Since that is the whole POINT of candidacy after all. Leaning forward Nathanael pats Roxie on the shoulder, before looking up at Prymelia again. "Ye ain't gonna be missin' 'e snow? Can't be doin' this at 'e weyr." Nathanael pats the already goodsized ball in front of Roxie.

Roxie, a real mouse of a girl almost jumps right out of her skin when Nathanael pats her shoulder. Brown eyes round in the manner of someone who assumes they've done something wrong. When she realizes she hasn't, a bright smile is his reward. "D'you think they'll let us come back if we don't impress?" She asks of Nathanael for he seems to be the foremost authority just now. "I'll miss the snow," Prymelia concedes, "Its pretty but I won't miss the cold although there is something to be said for snuggling up in front of a warm fire." She adds with a wicked little grin in tow.

Nathanael catches that flinching, and drops his voice low for just a moment. "Sorry, didno' mean t' be scarein' ye." He shares a smile before raising his voice again and shrugging. "Dunno, ain't see no reason why they'd be sayin' no… ye could be askin' 'e Headman tho'." Stepping away Nathanael returns to his own ball of snow and ice, and beings to roll it across the ground. "Be good t' be seein' 'e ocean again. Was thinkin' mayhap, if there be time afore 'e eggs be breakin' shell, mayhap all've us out t' be sneakin' t' 'e beach f'r some relaxin'"

"S'okay," Roxie replies with a little smile setting her ball next two others already roughly the same size. "You was just bein' nice." A nod is given to returning to the Hold after the hatching. "I might be doing just that." The ash blonde girl says and moves off to help the older girls with their bigger balls. Seated on her crate, Prymelia pulls a carrot meant to be a nose for a snowman out of her pocket and takes a bite off of one end of it. "You mean like a beach party?" That perks the former trader's interest. "There should be a bonfire. And singing." There she falls silent, a calculating gleam to hazel regard. "Shall we be inviting the assistants and the 'master to it do you think?"

Brushing snow from his hands, Nathanael drifts away from the snowball making and closer to Prymelia. His blond hair under that bright hat gets bushed out of the way, and tucked up under the brim. "Yup, with swimmin' 'n food 'n mayhap e'en ice if'n I can be gettin' a rider t' bring 'er down jus' f'r us. And 'course! Why wouldn't we be invitin' e'ery'un?" It's less of a question and more of an exclamation.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. Prymelia systematically works her way through the carrot, hopping off her crate when all components for three snowman are ready, including the ball Nathanael had rolled. "Just the thought of swimming while freezing my tooshie off makes me even colder." Said with a laugh. "But I swear I'll never complain about a Southern summer again." Moving over to where Jojo and Leera aren, Prymelia helps them carefully lift a medium sized ball and place it on a fat base. "Oh, no reason," she says of inviting all to the beach party. Just making sure no one gets left off the guest list." Cue the sweet smile flashed to the male candidate. "Nate, can you help Roxie put the heads on?"

"Sure!" Nathanael reaches down to put his arms around the snowball and heaving upwards. It only takes a few steps before he's next to Roxie and helping to heave it upwards onto the top of the snowperson. When their hands meet under the ball Nathanael winks slightly at Roxie, before his face turns utterly innocent again once that head is in place. "Figure, we can be invitin' 'e headman, 'n 'e workers, 'n all've 'e riders. K'ane, T'ral, Br'er…" a bit shyly he adds, "Mayhape e'en Ma'ams Hannah, Yules, Bailey 'n Tuli."

When Nathanael helps her to lift the snowball there's no denying the near adoring look the shy Roxie fits him with. "You're very strong." She tells him with a quick little giggle and quickly moves over to the next. Prymelia exhales a slightly breathless laugh at the impressive guest list he puts out. "With that much brass around you might want to consider inviting the guards too." Touching lightly on the recent double murders. FLOOMP, FLOOMP, FLOOMP! Soon all three snowpeople have middles and when they do, Prymelia scoops up handful of snow and fashions two round lumps that get carefully positioned on the chest area of one of them.

"'s fr'm liftin' nets." Natahanael apparently isn't about to stop the very slight flirting, even as he and Roxie put that head on top of the snow person, though the short candidate has to stand on tip-toe to position it just right. When it in in place Nate glances backwards and grins broadly at the lumps Prymelia has placed upon the one. "'s a girl." A slight pause, "'s lookin' like Ma'am Ardstelle." Spastic as the kid is, his attention rests on those snow breats only for a second. "Oh! I gotta be gettin' back t' 'e message I was runnin, 'n then I gotta be gettin' m' kitten ready if'n we're headin' back."

Color Roxie impressed with a demure drop of eyes and clasp of hands before her. "Making snowmen is more fun than stinky ole fish nets." She softly states, warm brown eyes glittering with the fun of the task. "Aye, I'm calling this one Ardstelle." Prymelia confirms and pulls something out of her pocket. "See? I even have a stick of butter for her." There's a teasing grin before she the pile of sticks set to one side are taken up and distributed between the snow people - two for each of them. "Oh. You're leaving before they're done?" Slightly disappointed but there's an understanding smile for Nathanael's reasons. "Don't run too fast and slip on your butt again." She'll call out after him, chuckling and shaking her head. Boys!

"Don't be stayin' too long!" Nathanael calls out behind him as he trots deeper into the hold itself. "Bet 'e riders ain't gonna be givin' us too much time t' be packin' 'n sayin' g'bye once they be decidin' we gotta be goin'!" And then the teenager is gone from sight.

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