Miel, Alsha, Daenerys


The fabric stall is so tempting… but who will buy?


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Now that spring has arrived, the days are gradually growing warmer and on this particular mid-morning there's no exception! The skies are clear for now, but there's a storm brewing somewhere but far enough in the distance not to be of an immediate concern. The Bazaar is already seeing decent traffic, but not the usual rush that will come later. Miel has taken upon it to venture down the main routes on her morning stroll. With Ivaenth cared for and settled, the greenrider finds herself with a touch of wanderlust while she has a few moments to spare. Dressed appropriately for the weather, she keeps her usual headdress lowered today ? the sun is not yet strong enough to burn her. Stopping at one particular stall, she'll browse a few of the colourful fabrics offered with curious interest.

Alsha is out bright and early doing errands; she already has several small parcels and one larger one in her wicker basket. With the weather in that unusual state of being neither too hot or too cold, she's dressed comfortably, with a scarf draped loosely round her neck but nothing over her head. She's glancing at the sky as she makes her way through the Bazaar, as if aware of that distant storm. A flash of bright blue catches her attention, and she stops at the stall where Miel is browsing to run her fingers over a piece of fabric and feel its weight.

To browse the Bazaar is to tempt oneself to buy all the things: everything here has a price. And so, Daenerys wanders the place with every intention of doing the exact opposite, contrary creature that he is. Eventually, though, the 'BUY NOW' atmosphere gets to him, too, in the form of a deep crimson bolt of material at the very same stall as Miel and Alsha, and he finds himself fingering the fabric with eyes half closed in pleasure.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Miel comments to Alsha when the woman joins her at the stall. Ever the social butterfly, she has no hesitation in striking up a conversation. "It'd be perfect for the mid-months, before it gets too hot. I was tempted by it!" But she's currently eyeing another bolt of fabric of a lighter weight and a richer, darker color. Which just so happens to be one beside the deep crimson one that lured Daenerys. "Shame that the deeper colors are usually more expensive…" There's a wistful sigh there. "Cost of material and time, no doubt. Beauty isn't cheap!"

"It's just my colour," Alsha admits, with the edge of the fabric still between her forefinger and thumb. "It would suit you, too. I love these bolder blues - though I try to keep clear of the harper shade. This would make a useful spring and autumn jacket, with some lining. I get rather tired of robes and wraps." She glances at the bolt that Daenerys is fingering. "Now that red's close to my Craft's shade, but I don't think I'd have the nerve to wear more than a touch of it."

"Beauty is indeed painfully expensive…" Daenerys eyes the fabric thoughtfully, wondering if he hhas enough marks to cover the cost. But oh! how he wants it. He turns to the two women and smiles playfully. Their commentary is really not helping him decide to be an adult and not buy frivolous items today. "You two really aren't helpful, you know…"

Miel chuckles as she admires the fabric again, "Sweet of you to say! It would suit you well too. Bold is certainly catching and I do have a soft spot for the combinations a darker blue can be paired with. Copper, bronze, gold, even yellow or orange tones… Lovely!" She speaks as though she has knowledge of these things, but there is nothing to mark her as Weaver, just her knot as Wingrider and no visible badge. "Red? Oh this is terrible of me to forget…" She gives the woman a sheepish smile, before turning a grin back to Daenerys. "Don't ever shop with or around women, then! We're very good at finding reasons to give in." she teases mildly. "But… as beautiful as these are, it'll be awhile yet before I can make anything of use from them."

Alsha nods to Miel. "Yes, a deeper blue is very versatile. Helpful if you need to choose your shades carefully." Perhaps she thinks Miel might, being a redhead and all that. Then again, "Some blues really don't work for me." Daenerys gets an understanding smile. "Tempting, isn't it?" She knows the lure of lovely cloth! "It does look good quality," she ventures, her eyes returning the red fabric. "Good fabric does last longer - assuming that you need something, of course."

Daenerys snorts his amusement at the pair of them, still fingering that cloth. So soft, so silky, so brilliant… "Mm, yes. I will have to remember that." He says of Miel's advice. As for the most suitable colors, he glances down at his cloth, and grins wryly. "Always, you have to choose what will suit you best. It's hard sometimes, isn't it?"

"Sometimes," Miel admits on Alsha's correct guess on having to choose shades. She was not blessed at all with the correct skin type for desert living! Yet, here she is. Laughing, she goes on to add: "Listen to us three! We may as well be the one's selling these!" she teases, before taking a small step back from the stall. No, she has to be good! Her purchases today will be of a different sort. "I'm Miel," she offers as introduction to Alsha and Daenerys both. "Green Ivaenth's rider."

Alsha is prompt at returning the introduction. "Alsha, Starcraft journeyman." Sadly, there is no trace of a ruby-and-silver knot about her person. "And I actually am looking for something today, as it happens. It's chilly before dawn even as summer comes on." And a Starcrafter sees a fair bit of 'before dawn'. The stallholder, who has been hovering at a discreet distance, lifts his head at that. "But I suppose I should go for something more… practical," she adds with regret.

Daenerys simply should be good as well for a change; he's supposed to be hunting down good plain cloth. But still, he's going to ignore that voice of reason and go with the crimson, for it does suit his coloring perfectly, and he will soon be performing with the Zingari. A dancer must properly display himself, right? He quickly discusses his needs with that hopeful stall owner, and grins cheekily at Alsha and Miel. "Daenerys, Zingari dancer." Among other things but still, today is a day for fun, right? Right! "And hey, it can't hurt to show we know our cloth, right?" Maybe it'll get more people over here to buy from their favorite spot.

Miel snaps her fingers, "Starcraft! I thought that red as a Craft color was familiar…" She grins. "Well met though, Alsha. And I can only imagine! One of these fabrics might make a decent jacket, though? Or… I suppose it'd be more fashionable than practical." Another sigh, "I may end up buying some regardless. I may not be able to dance now but that won't mean I won't at some point. Can't hurt to stock up? A future treat to myself, once I'm back to full strength." A broad smile is given to Daenerys, "A dancer as well! Well met. Been awhile since I've had time to see a Zingari performance." Never say never? Glancing skyward, the greenrider smirks at some internal thought; or, in this case… a summon? "And just like that… free time is over! I've got to get back to the Weyr before they come down here themselves and drag me back." It's said with laughter but it actually might be true! "Enjoy the rest of your morning!" With a bright smile and wave, Miel turns to sedately walk away and back towards the Weyr itself.

"You too," Alsha tells Miel with a smile. She casts a regretful look at the bold blue fabric, then turns her attention to Daenerys. "So you're a dancer! I didn't realise that when we met before. Have you always done that? It does sound like an excellent reason to be wearing gorgeous fabrics!" Her bronze firelizard finds her at this point, and she raises a hand to anchor him to her shoulder. "No claws near the cloth, you!" she murmurs affectionately.

Daenerys nods confirmation of her question with a grin. "I always have, in one form or another to keep m'self in shape, but since joining the Caravan, I do it for performance." And boy does that pay off! But before he can elaborate, summons in the form of a firelizard appears. With a sigh, he gathers up his gorgeous cloth, and nods to Alsha and the departing Miel. "Come out and see. I think you will enjoy it. It's off to practice with me." With a wave, he's gone off in the direction of the Caravan Grounds.

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