Daenerys, Edlsesa, Talya, Xanthee, Ziniel


A darkened Candidates Barracks where after lights out, some are restless and want to talk.
Candidate Bingo - ONLY dialogue

Frank discussion about different types of dirty dreams and some rudimentary sex ed talk (birth control)


It just before midnight of the twenty-fifth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Candidate Barracks, Igen Weyr

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"No. Sleep is evasive. There's something in the air, a restlessness. Can't you feel it?"


Candidate Barracks

Hopes, dreams, and fears are contained in these cramped quarters, full of small cots and smaller trunks; thin ragged curtains barely provide privacy between the bunks, shining patches in the material suggesting one too many mending attempts. The minimal floor space is kept clear of debris and personal possessions, wide enough for a single broad table often used for study in the art of dragon care. It is a cramped space despite it all, when dragoneggs lie upon the Sands: there's no helping the worn surroundings, when use is at an all-time high. Near the entrance, one cubby exists, large enough to contain a bit of luxury for an adult overseer of the candidates, and a desk — for once in reasonable shape — is set to the left of the entrance, conveniently placed for the monitoring of comings and goings.

It's a quiet, late evening and all through the weyr' not a creature is stirring, not even a wher, all the fires are banked, and the watch dragon stands guard, all is quiet, and still and as it should be. Saving in the candidate barracks, where the rustling and soft sounds of restless sighs can be heard throughout….

Edlsesa says, "Anyone else awake?"

Daenerys says, ""I was until you asked that question. Can't sleep, Sesa?"

Edlsesa says, "No. Sleep is evasive. There's something in the air, a restlessness. Can't you feel it?"

Xanthee says, "No! I don't want to wash another dirty diaper! Huh, wha? Oh Faranth, can't I even get out of chores in my dreams? "

Daenerys says, "It could be that terrible dinner coming back to haunt you… Wait, Xanthee… are you having strange dreams again? Baby girl, this Candidacy is gonna be interesting, isn't it."

Talya says, "Mmmmphshhhhhhh. Huh? Are the eggs hatching? … What kind of strange dreams?"

Ziniel says, "I just can't sleep. Think anyone would notice if I went and did some midnight chores?"

Xanthee says, "That's probably a very bad idea. Don't want to be breaking curfew."

Edlsesa says, "Xanthee's erotic exlorations… I certainly hope it's not dinner, it really was terrible. "
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Xanthee says, "DAEN!!! Did you tell your sister about…..you know what?"

Edlsesa says, "I'm not deaf y'know! I just know when to keep my muth shut!"

Daenerys says, "Curfew exists for a reason, you know. Wait, what? No, I didn't tell her! Did you? Maybe she heard you and just didn't want to get up and wake you up."

Talya says, "Well… at least you're having some /good/ dreams here. But if it has anything to do with diapers than I don't want to hear them, you know."

Xanthee says, "Oh my Faranth! The diapers were not a dirty dream! Well they were… but a very different form of dirty than other dirty type dreams…"

Ziniel says, "Dreams about diapers would be better than being chased by stone. Ugh, that was not a fun dream."

Ziniel says, "I'm not listening! Nope. So not. Don't want to know anything about that!"

Talya says, "I really wouldn't judge you if that's your thing, Xanthee. I mean, it's got to be /someone's/ thing out there. "

Edlsesa says, "I find it rather comforting to live under stone. Do you really think that's a thing? Who would be into…that?"

Xanthee says, "No Talya…I do not need that mental image….fuck… too late. Well I didn't need to sleep for the rest of candidacy anyway."

Daenerys says, "Oh, Faranth, the very idea of diapers as.. that kind of dream is going to give me nightmares for real, now. Thanks, Talya. No really thanks."

Ziniel says, "Well I'm with Daen and Xan here. Who needs sleep anyway?"

Talya says, "I mean, it could be worse and— no, nevermind, ugh. Shit, this backfired, now /I/ can't stop thinking about this. Fuck sleep."

Edlsesa says, "Right? Not the mental image you want floating through your head right before bedtime. Not that I was sleeping anyways. "

Xanthee says, "Wait till it gets closer to the Hatching. I always sleep so light the barest whisper wakes me up. I've had nightmares of sleeping straight through a hatching before. Now if you wanna hear terrifying…."

Daenerys says, "Are you all sure I can't go live in my yurt til the Hatching?"

Ziniel says, "Oh, I don't know Xanthee. Try being chased by liquid stone, and stone eggs. Ugh. That.. Not fun."

Ziniel says, "See? Daenerys gets it. Better to be in my wagon than in the barracks. I mean, what if the place caves in?"

Xanthee says, "That does sound bad Ziniel. And Daen, who would keep me from embaressing myself on a nightly basis if you did that? Faranth, I miss Mal."

Talya says, "You're stuck here to suffer with the rest of us, Pretty b— er, Daenerys. If we all can't get our own wagon then we have to listen to all the dirty dreams and creepy dreams. "

Daenerys says, "I'm surrounded by girls — wait, this might not be so bad after all — Talya. Don't make me throw things at you. Creepy dreams, indeed."

Edlsesa says, "Aww, I'm sorry Xan. And all of you, must be hard having someone to miss. And shells, what I wouldn't give to have the peace and quiet of my room at home, I love you guys, but some of you snore…amongst other things. "

Xanthee says, "Don't make me throw something at you brother-mine. I sleep like a log here, you get used to it, haven't really slept on my own ever, such is the life of a weyrbrat. Shells, I wanna impress just so I can get my own room."

Ziniel says, "Yeah, sorry. Didn't mean to wake anyone up."

Talya says, "I miss alcohol. So fucking much. … And what's wrong with creepy dreams? Someone tell some scary stories, that'll help us all go back to sleep."

Edlsesa says, "Sometimes he needs things thrown at him Xan! DO IT!"

Ziniel says, "I have some spare pillows you could throw."

Daenerys says, "SISTERS. Both of you are a trial to me. Ziniel, don't you dare give them pillows."

Edlsesa says, "And you don't think you keep us on our toes brother dearest?"

Xanthee says, "You love us and don't lie. Besides, you'll need all the patience you get from dealing with us when….umm….sorry… maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

Edlsesa says, "Wait, when what Xan?"

Xanthee says, "I thought of something…but then I remembered something else… and it's not relevant."

Daenerys says, "Pff. Suppose it is good practice — for baby dragons."

Edlsesa says, "They can't be that bad can they?"

Ziniel says, "But they're soft pillows. Oh? Xan, you can't start something like that, and then not say anything."

Xanthee says, "Yes! Baby dragons! Totally what I meant. And I've heard they all have their own personalities and that there's a lot of work that goes into making sure they behave themselves."

Edlsesa says, "If it's anything like watching my parents try to train their firelizards, I'm terrified. "

Daenerys says, "A'lira said he was always havin to get Kyprioth cleaned out because he kept chewing up sticks and shoes and bits of furniture."

Ziniel says, "Hm. I suppose.. If it's like training firelizards, then it may not be so bad? Then again. Stone's a terror when she's proddy."

Xanthee says, "Firelizards aren't bad to train, you just have to figure out their motivation. That reminds me, I had an awkward moment in the middle of the nursery looking after the younglings when Grymm caught himself a gold the other day. My cheeks must have been glowing. "

Daenerys says, "Holy hell… my greens go proddy together…"

Edlsesa says, "Oy. Sounds worse than training a puppy. Kan brought home this stray canine once, I think Mama about killed him for it because it chewed up the furniture, one of Papa's guitars and a bunch of mama's sheet music. "I've heard flizzen flights are intereesting, my parents always got a bit weird when their lizards were proddy.""

Xanthee says, "It's…interesting. What's worse was when Grymm caught Banshee, that happened during one of my shifts at the Tea Room. Seriously, it can get quite awkward at times."

Daenerys says, "Makes me literally climb the walls for a week. Good thing none of 'em are due for awhile yet."

Xanthee says, "Thank Faranth for that! Proddy Daenerys sounds terrifying."

Daenerys says, "Terrifyingly beautiful."

Xanthee says, "No…just terrifying."

Edlsesa says, "I'm excited for all this, but, being proddy is one of the things that scares me most about all this. I've never had a 'lizard or anything, so I don't know what that's like. But Aunt Ayla says you don't have much control once it happens. More terrifying than a proddy Daenerys, for sure! Daen you are so vain. "

Ziniel says, "I imagine it being proddy would be way more intense with a dragon. But what do I know? I can't hardly sleep indoors."

Daenerys says, "Just a pardonable pride in my obvious physical beauty, dear. Don't hate be for it; I was just drawn this way."

Xanthee says, "If it's stronger than green firelizard prodiness, I think it sounds thrilling. And apparently it affects riders differently too. So who knows how you will react if you impress a female?"

Ziniel says, "I hope I don't have to find out. I don't know if I could ever adjust to… This."

Xanthee says, "Hey Ziniel, you do know you're not obligated to stand if you really don't want to right? Just being asked doesn't mean you are obligated to see it through. Sounds like you kinda don't want to be here. Just because it's an honor to be Searched, doesn't mean everyone is right for it. Only you know you."

Edlsesa says, "Thrilling? Well, you guys would probably see it that way. It's a whole world of the unknown for me. "

Ziniel says, "I'm good. I want to stand. I'm just… Still trying to figure out how to not feel so anxious inside all this stone. Watch, I'll figure that out by the time I'm left standing on the Sands. *chuckles*"

Daenerys says, "This is true. Sesa, love, don't tie yourself in knots about it this far out, hm? Or maybe you could ask around, just so you're… kind of prepared. I think a lot of riders have been new to this, and will be happy to help you."

Xanthee says, "Oh Sesa (read: Oh honey), just you wait, so much to learn and explore if you get your nose out of those records."

Edlsesa says, "History and recordkeeping are important! And I draw too! "

Xanthee says, "Well, as long as it makes you happy there."

Ziniel says, "Not sure I'd like all those records, and stuff. My drawing's not that great. Think I'll stick to my performance."

Daenerys says, "We all have our talents and interests. I get in dance practice every chance I get."

Edlsesa says, "But I want this too. I was scared a bit in the beginning, but, after touching them…I'm filled with anticipation. So I'm happy, and not. I'm just trying to keep busy and keep my mind off my nerves. Has anyone started their robes yet?"

Daenerys says, "I got Dad's — it needs some repair on the hem, but it'll do. He was terrible at sewing."

Xanthee says, "I still try and get a run in most mornings, if I'm not getting snagged to run errands before dawn. Seriously, it's like they can smell a Candidate with nothing to do at a dragonslength away. I have one…although it's quite short. I might need to let the hem down."

Daenerys says, "You saved from before? Good idea."

Ziniel says, "I have my mother's. I may need to make sure it doesn't need any mending."

Talya says, "Mmmph. I wasn't sleeping, /you/ were sleeping — What's this about robes now? I thought we were going to tell scary stories? I guess sewing is pretty scary.""

Ziniel says, "No, she stood at Ista when she was an apprentice. She kept her robe though. Thought she'd have the chance to stand again, but things happened. So I have her robe now."

Edlsesa says, "Guess I'm the only one making one from scratch? Anyone have any tips? Sewing isn't exactly on the op of my talents list. "

Daenerys says, "Not quite. I managed to snag you one from Stores, Sesa. I'm working on getting it nice and mended for you. Because, yanno, I figured you might be paying more attention to studying than sewing."

Talya says, "I'm probably the only one here that wasn't told you can find an old one. Mine's from scratch. "

Edlsesa says, "Aww! Really Daen? Best Brother Ever! (Read: Don't Tell Kanriel)"

Xanthee says, "Have you met Ainslee Sesa? She's a seamstress. And it's basically one piece of fabric folded over sewn up the sides and a hole cut out for the neck. It doesn't need to be fancy, just has to cover all your bits on the Sands, cause you can't be wearing anything else."

Ziniel says, "Old ones will work. The problem is, that you often run the risk of it not quite fitting properly. Mine will fit, because my mom's pretty tall and skinny too. I mean, being freakishly tall seems to run in my family. At least my mom's also freakishly tall."

Talya says, "Being short always solves that issue. I don't think any of my clothes really fits, and tend to be second hand. While nice to have something new, I just hope I don't bleed all over the nice white fabric by poking holes in my fingers with needles."

Xanthee says, "Well if you work the needle half as good as you do a paring knife…yeah.. maybe you should pre-wrap your fingers just in case Talya."

Talya says, "I like to think the skin on my hands has gotten a little thicker with how many times I've cut them up by now. But good idea, Xanthee."

Edlsesa says, "I have the same Problem Talya. Mama was always griping abut having to have my clothes tailored special because I"m so much shorter than everyone else. "

Xanthee says, "I'm full of them….Good ideas I mean."

Talya says, "I gave up trying to make clothes fit. The secret are belts or something to tie around your waist… Solves everything. "

Ziniel says, "I think I'm going to make a quick trip to the necessary, then go to sleep… Or try to anyway."

Edlsesa says, "My waistline isn't the problem, it's leglength, I eventualy started wearing more skirts and less pants because it's easier. "

Edlsesa says, "How late do you think it is?"

Xanthee says, "Don't fall in Ziniel. I usually just trade some work with one of the seamstresses to get mine done. I bring them some tea from the Tea Room, and they do my alterations."

Talya says, " … It's late enough that I'm surprised no one's thrown pillows at us yet to shut up."

Talya says, "We definitely don't need the smell of the latrines lingering in here… Xanthee may get weird dreams again."

Xanthee says, "Oh c'mon! How many times do I have to say that there were no diapers involved in my naughty dreams ok?"

Talya says, "I mean, unless you want to share to get the diaper images removed from our minds… *snicker* "

Edlsesa says, "Ooo Yes Xan! Do tell us what it was your Mal was doing to have you singing so prettily in your sleep! "

Xanthee says, "Just…stuff…grownup stuff that you shouldn't do unless you love someone very very much. And things we're not allowed to do right now, so I'm keeping it out of my mind for now to be honest."

Edlsesa says, "But referring to our previous conversation, if we impress, we won't have much choice in who we pair with during flights, right? So, all that stuff about love, doesn't much matter in the endgame if we impress, right? Doomed to mate at random due to the whims of our dragons, no?"

Edlsesa says, "But referring to our previous conversation, if we impress, we won't have much choice in who we pair with during flights, right? So, all that stuff about love, doesn't much matter in the endgame if we impress, right? Doomed to mate at random due to the whims of our dragons, no?"

Talya says, "Mmmhm, keeping it out of your mind. I'll believe that when wherries belch fire. And I wouldn't know a thing about that, seems like you're not all there during flights anyway. At least from what I've seen."

Xanthee says, "Well no..I mean, you can 'mate' with whoever you like, but occasionally you will be at the whims of your dragon and whether they fly or catch even. But that's usually not considered the riders choice. It's the dragon affecting the riders. So it's not like it's cheating or anything if you do love someone but your dragon gets caught by another's. Flight encounters are just a fact of life, nothing to be bothered with."

Edlsesa says, "I'm not so worried about the love aspect of it anyhow, I've never even had a crush, let alone a relationship. I worry about my first time being….because of a flight. It's silly to bring it up though, sorry. It is a bit early to be worrying over such things, none of us know what will happen on the sands. I just like to be prepared….but ow do you prepare for that?"

Talya says, "Find a good person you trust, have a few good drinks, and have yourself a good time. Hopefully. If the other person knows what they're doing…. Uh, I assume."

Talya says, "You know, /after/ the dragons are old enough, from what I heard."

Xanthee says, "Oh! Right! Well, a lot of the weyrbrat girls I grew up with went to escorts for their first times, just because when you're a young woman of a certain age in the Weyr and there's been a flight, well, you don't want your first time to be when dealing with any kind of flight lust. Or so I've heard anyway."

Edlsesa says, "Escorts? Like the Escorts in the Zingari camp? They pay for it?"

Xanthee says, "Well yeah. Or like Talya says, they find a friend and…make a night of it. It's not practical for a weyrbrat to stay a virgin once they've reached adulthood. They just make sure they take their herbs and all is well."

Talya says, "Never been as clear cut and easy at the Hold, definitely more to it than that. Mm… but if that's where they get their marks, good for them. I know I wouldn't waste my precious few."

Talya says, "I bet that Ziniel got lost inside a latrine. I better go and fish her out… Sweet smelling dreams, y'all."

Edlsesa says, "Herbs? Mmm. Yes. I suppose that would be a thing. "

Xanthee says, "Wait? Do you know know about the herbs?!"

Edlsesa says, "Oh! No, Of course I do! I just didn't ever really think of them in relation to myself, since I've never been in, or been interested in relations."

Xanthee says, "Ok, well before you even think of doing anything with a boy, you should be on the herbs regular, every week at the same time. R-A girl I know, wasn't too careful and well now she has a child on the way. If you make it a habit long before you're going to need it, that won't be an issue. And he needs to be on his too. And don't trust him. Give him some yourself and let him know he doesn't get any unless he drinks it. I sell it at the Tea Room."

Edlsesa says, "Good to know. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Xan. Uh… I think I'd better make my own trip to the lavatory, and then I should try and force sleep too. Those pre-dawn wake ups are a real mind warp for me. I'm used to early, but pre-dawn is hard."

Xanthee says, "Good thing Daen fell asleep before we got to this topic huh? Ok then, make sure the other two are ok. I'm going to try and get back to sleep, hopefully there will be less dirty diapers in my dreams this time."

Edlsesa says, "Good luck with that. Night Xan. "

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