Th'res, Alyna, Ibrahim


Poor Th'res, his quiet bath is disturbed by Alyna and Ibrahim

Implied nudity


It is evening of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Baths, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 30 Apr 2018 04:00



"Why are you hiding under the towel? Beauty treatment?"



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Just another Spring evening here at Southern, which means it is still hotter than Red Star!!! The and since the baths are just as hot and humid they are pretty much empty, save for one red headed rider soaking in the warm water with a towel over his face. Th'res is currently enjoying the peace and quiet right now, Jedameth is off entertaining his younger sister who seems to have dropped in on him in a few days back which has caused no end to headaches for the young man. The steam is thick so any nudeness is concealed and if he is lucky also helps keep him hidden for a time.

After a long day astride her dragon, first in drills and then for sweepriding, Alyna has lost count of her numerous aches and pains. So after shedding her leathers at her weyr and grabbing up her bathing gear, the petite greenrider heads for the Baths. As she walks into the steamy room, she lets the steam sweep over her as it accentuates her anticipation to sink into the hot waters. Finding a nearby bench, she quickly disrobes before slipping the towel around her torso, grabbing her pouch of soapsand and heading out to select a pool. It just so happens that she will spy the red hair of the man with his face covered, and because Alyna has been meaning to find a certain redhaired man, she decides to slip into that pool with him, shedding her towel as she goes and putting it near the edge. She will politely clear her throat as she sinks futher into the water.

Bath. Baaaath. Right. Now. There has been no end of things to annoy and dirty Southern's newest apocothary; sticky-fingered children, fishing, hunting. The man will become positively savage if he cannot get clean right this very second. With absolutely no regard for any who might be offended by his nudity, Ibrahim strips and heads for the pool, noting not one but two familiar faces! Oh, hai, Th'res and Alyna! Have a naked wildling! Into the pool he slides, offering up a gentle, "Th'res. Alyna."

And there goes the quiet time, Th'res would probably have startled a lot worse finding the green rider in the pool with him as he looks up and catches sight of Alyna. Thankfully the steam keeps things modest for now, but then a Wild Ibrahim appears and all the awkward seems to get pushed aside as the red head now doesn't have to try to entertain as a good host would. "Hey there you two. What is new?" he goes back to having a towel on his face for now, better to hide the blush.

Aha! It so happens this is the red-head she was looking for! Alyna smirks at the bluerider when he uncovers his face, "Hey you. Don't mean to interupt your peace and quiet. How're things?" she asks casually as she reaches for her pouch of soap sand and starts to work some over her neck and shoulders. At the most immodest arrival of the wildling man, Alyna can't help an unabashedly thorough sweep of his form before her blue eyes flicker away again, the heat from the water pinking her cheeks as she continues her scrubbing. "Ibrahim, how nice to see you again." And so much of him too!

What? Ibrahim is quite unabashed by the way he just casually wandered on in there; certainly he's failed to inherit any sort of body shyness from either his people nor long association with the various denizens of Southern Weyr. Besides, he's too tired to think of the implications and potential embarrassment he might be causing others. Whoops! "I'm certaily this close — " And he pinches a thin slice of air between thumb and forefingers " — to strangling the next child to put their sticky little fingers on me." But he's eyeing Th'res in amusement. "Um… that's inconvenient, dear. Why are you hiding under the towel? Beauty treatment?" He's particularly saucy today, too, apparently.

"Totally a beauty treatment, you should try it. Might make that watch-wher rump you call a face more likeable so those kids stop trying to figure out if you are really a person." Is the dry teasing answer from Th'res under the towel, seems the sass is strong today with the red headed man. To Alyna he shifts slightly still not removing the towel, "Things are well enough, my sister ran away from my parents again and is currently staying with me.. so of course I am now playing family mediator." Because that is what you do when you love people…right?

Alyna bursts out in delighted laughter at this new dry sass from the blueriding wingsecond, not even trying to hide it. "Wow Th'res, don't hold back now." she teases soflty as she works the lather over the rest of her, her eyes trailing back over to the wildling to see if he might retaliate. Is this greenrider ever glad she decided on a bath at just this time, it's turning quite entertaining indeed. After listening to Th'res story, she offers a low whistle, "Family drama is tough. I wish you luck with that."

"You weren't complaining last night." Ibrahim points out idly, swishing water before himself in wry amusement at Th'res' sass. He well knows the ladies think he's cute. And he takes advantage here and there, when he deems it prudent to play. He offers Alyna a wink, but sobers as Th'res speaks again. "Ah, man, that's rough. Why'd she run away?" There are so many here who have run from other situations — perhaps the Weyr really is preferable to Hold life.

Th'res would retort, he really wants to but there is still that part of him that tries not to be crude.. Heaving a heavy sigh he explains "She is coming to the age where she needs to choose what she wants to do in life. Be it worker or home maker, she has talent to be either a healer or a harper if she wants." He gives a shrug as he continues "Problem is she just wants to be care free and not have to deal with either thing at all… ever. So Father gave her the choice find a trade or find a husband."

Alyna catches Ibrahim's wink and gives him a softly coquettish flutter of her lashes in return, enjoying the playful back and forth with the wildling. When Th'res further explains his family troubles, she shakes her head with a sigh. "Why not just encourage her to find something she can do while still maintaining a carefree life? I was a laundress until I was searched at 20. Gave me marks to survive on, but it wasn't my whole life either." the greenrider offers her two marks worth before she arches her back rather provocatively to dip her head back and wet the length of her sun-bleached blond hair.

Ibrahim winces a little. "I can understand why she chose to run, rather than… those sole options. Does she even know what she wants? Besides to be out from under her father's thumb?" Well, 'care free' suggests many things. "Why not have her work in the Infirmary as sort of… an assistant. That way she gets to see what goes on, without necessarily committing to the Craft. I, for instance, work as an erbalist and infirmary assistant, since I know some healing — most of us wildlings do, because we have to — but I am not craft trained. As a Healer, anyway."

Th'res shrugs "Because she doesn't want to work at all, she wants the marks, not the work to go with it." He makes a flippent hand motion in demonstration "She wants to wear the nice dresses, go out and tease boys and buy things with fancy price tags." He points over to his satchel saying "Just earlier she wanted to buy me a new bag because the merchant said it was made from Wher-sport or some such lie. Tried to charge her fifteen marks for it." He scoffs at that before he takes the towel from his face and dives under the water to wet his hair. Once he surfaces he stands up and grabs a bottle from the travel bag and opens it offering it to the lady first "Drink?"

"Ok, well then, sounds like she needs a reality check." Alyna says wtih a snort as she was about to start lathering her hair when she hears the magic word, "Drink you say?" the greenrider slides through the water towards the bluerider, getting a rather generous eyeful when he stands to retrieve the bottle, a mischievous smile on her lips, "You know I never say no to a drink Th'res." she practically purrs in pure reflex before she remembers this particular bluerider is off limits to her and she ducks her head quickly to hide a blush. "I mean, sure, is this a new batch?" she asks as she reaches for the bottle while also keeping her eyes averted to prevent further lapses. Whatever is in the bottle, Alyna will be taking a very large swig of it before offering it on to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim facepalms. "Oh. That puts a different sort of complexion on it, doesn't it. She's a spoiled chit who — " Definitely needs that reality check Alyna mentioned. How to go about that, though? The wildling has some ideas, but they would be cruel, very cruel, to a girl not used to living on her own. Instead he'll sink beneath the waves and come up even wetter than he had been, right down to the dreds. Oh, good grief the weight of them…. "Shardin' hell, I have to cut these sometime." Preferably soon, for the things are easily hip length, and very, very heavy despite their bouyancy.

Th'res nods and says "Which I intend to give her now that she is here, I let her have her fun but tomorrow she is going to start working with the drudges. If she doesn't like that she has to find her own path.." Some times having a rank seems to be a good thing, he shakes his head at Alyna saying "No just some stuff from High Reaches my mother sent. I am out of materials for the shine for the moment." He starts to scrub himself quickly enough before he sinks back into the water with a happy sigh, looking back to Ibrahim "Maybe you should see Tommin, he is pretty good with cutters.."

Alyna enjoys the drink all the same before she passes it off to the wildling with an appreciative hmm, "They do seem like they could be burdensome." she remarks at his dreds as she runs her fingers through her own light blond hair, reaching again for the soap sand as she lathers up her sunkissed locks vigorously. "Sounds like a plan. I wish you all the luck with it." she remarks with hint that she really means that, teenage girls can be quite the handfull, she knows, she was one. At hearing his last, she does pout. "Awww, Talya was telling me your most recent batch was really good too. I don't even mind that you're asking for payment now. It's good enough to spend my marks on." she says before she dips her head back into the water to rinse out the soap sand.

Oh, they can be; and yet, having had them most of his life, Ibrahim has rarely had cause to think of them at all. But there comes a time in a man's life where he must make a clean break with the past and start anew with the future. For now, though, he's content to give himself a good wash, then clamber out of the pool after rinsing, stiiiill not concerned about who might see his naked self as he dries off and puts on clean clothing. "Well, you two enjoy your bath… and good luck with your sister, Th'res. Teenaged girls are so much fun." That last is exasperated; boy does he know all about how irritating the little cretins are! He has a sister or two to annoy him whenever he shows his nose outside the Weyr.

Th'res nods and gives the wildling a wave before retrieving the bottle and taking a swig off it "Will do, and if you ever get tired of those kids bothering you, come find me and we can go fishing." He leans back into the water and glances over at Alyna "Well I am glad she liked it, but yes I am having to charge as people have been talking and more and more are asking." He closes his eyes face flushing with the heat, "I don't mind being generous but it is starting to feel I am being taken advantage of."

Alyna doesn't mind if she does take another quick glance at the retreating wilding, she's allowed to appreciate a view. Turning her focus now fully to Th'res, she wades ever closer to where he is, fingers combing lightly through her now clean tresses. As she nears him, the greenrider will tilt her head to one side with a soft sigh as she drops her gaze in embaressment, "I get it. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like that. Your friendship is worth way more than all the shine in the world." Now that it's just the two of them, she figures she may as well bare it all. "I'm sorry I've been so scarce. After…y'know…what happened, I didn't know how to act around you, so I just steered clear. Which I will admit was probably not the right choice."

Th'res takes the time to look over and boy is it hot in here, he activly sinks his lower half further into the water as his face gets abit more red before adverting his eyes. "It is alright, I understand why you needed space. I thank you for being delicate with the details, as I haven't heard much rumors floating around." He gives a little shrug and a half smile "We are always going to be friends Alyna, I just can't be what you want me to. Just as you can't be what I need right now." He stands up trying really hard to actually hide himself but failing as it seems his towel is nice and far away. He awkward shuffles still blushing "But right now, Jed is telling me my sister is trying to get him to take her to Ista and well it looks like I need to start parenting." he looks so exapserated at this point he throws up his hands momentarily forgetting where he is and what he was just doing at whatever dragon just relayed to him. Fans you have been serviced!!! "Jedameth don't you dare!!! You stay put right now or I will get a Queen to ground you!!!" is all he can say as he tries to wrap a towel around and get his boots on at the same time it is quite a show! He looks back before heading out the door saying to Alyna "Come by the ledge sometime ok, and bring D'har if you want too it would be nice to meet him."

"I would never." Alyna looks a little insulted when Th'res mentions the lack of rumors about them but she quickly softens again as she smiles and nods along with his sentiment, "It is what it is," she quips with a shrug of her shoulders, resigned to their fate are purely platonic pals. That doesn't mean she doesn't really regret the fact as she watches the adorable way Th'res fails miserably at keeping himself covered up as he leaves the pool. Floating over to the edge to rest her arms there, the greenrider will rest her chin on them as she watches the show unabashedly with interest, especially the part where he forgets himself and goes full monty. "You go deal with your sister, and sure, we'll get together sometime…wait a minute…how do you know about me and D'har?" she calls with genuine puzzlement too late fo he is gone, and the greenrider is left to a quiet bath and way too much on her mind.

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