Edlsesa, Realilina, Daenerys


Realilina's homecoming is somber and Edlsesa falls apart again



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Igen Weyr, Crafter's Quarters, Erikkhan's Studio

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"Faranth, what have I done…?"


Erikkhan's Studio

This part of the domain serves as a personal art studio and office for Journeyman Harper Erikkhan. To the left is a wall with deep shelves carves into it, and where these shelves were once left open, all now have hinged, locked cabinet doors on them to keep little fingers from roaming where they shuldn't be. The shelves are stocked tightly, but neatly with various types of art supplies, from small jars of pigment to large canvases. Several bare wooden frames meant for stretching canvas lean against the only blank part of the wall. The right wall is lined with a few easels, two of which have overed canvases on them, and Erikkhan's desk which is orderly and currenty covered in paperwork from The Harper. The back wall has two doors and what empty space there is left is ocupied by samples of Erikk's work.

It's been a long couple of days since Edlsesa had to deal with hauling her mentally unstable older brother to the mind healers (with Daen's help) and the subsequent breakdown she'd had while cleaning out Papa's studio. She'd been an emotional wreck. And it had been even worse cleaning her father's actual things out of her parent's bedroom. Papa's drawers and clothes still had his scent about them, that feint smell of linseed oil and odorous pigments. She'd sat on the bed with one of Erikkhan's shirts and sobbed for what seemed like hours. She'd felt hollow and empty as she watched the drudges carry crate after crate of her father's things to a personal storage cave nearby. It had felt as if the very last living trace of her father went out the door with them. Home had seemed so empty after that. She'd spent the night in her own bed, for the first time in a long time, and had fallen into a deep and troubled sleep, waking more tired than she'd went to bed. She'd gone to explain ALL to her mother, Lina, that morning. She told her everything she'd been keeping from her mother for the last turn, and howo bad Kanriel really is. "He needs our help mama, he's not getting better…" And then, leaving her mother to digest all that, because it had been alot, Sesa had come home to prepare for her mother's own homecoming. She standsin the empty studio now, awaiting Lina's arrival.

The days have passed swiftly for Daenerys: chock full of hooves and ground crews; fortunately, the battered condition of his face has faded to less garish tones, though it still leaves a stain on that once-pretty puss of his. He's remarkably calm about it, however — he'd done his duty, and it's all that matters. Cleaned up from his latest stint with the runners, Echo, and Aztrexia, he decides to go check on his sister, knowing the girl's had a rough few days, and may need a shoulder to collapse into for just a little while. Swiftly, he makes his way through th Crafter's Quarters to Edlsesa's digs, hoping against hope that she'll be willing to see him. Sometimes grief can build walls too difficult to break down, and the girl has been holding back an awful lot of pain, trying to be the strength of her family. Gently knocking at the door, he calls out, "Sesa? You in there, love?"

Ah, how to start to describe what she felt? Shock, mostly. Shock and terrible, gut-wrenching guilt. What other reaction could a mother feel, after hearing the truth from her foster-daughter's lips? Realilina never meant to fall so deeply into her grief. So, so many lost. Friends, lovers, confidants; her husband, father of her children, encompassing all of those things and more, so much more. And time, never enough time, and so many questions left unanswered. What could she have done differently, to stop things from falling out this way? Anything, anything at all, to have stopped the daughter of her heart from bearing such a burden. And Kanriel… she didn't even know where to begin mending what had been broken there. As hard of a choice as Sesa had to make, what else was there to do now?

Firmly resolved, pushing away the mire of self-reproach threatening to over take her, Realilina had made her way from the Zingari's domain and down the familiar hallway towards the home she'd found in this still unfamiliar time, in an unfamiliar Weyr. Performing the motions and letting her feet carry her back to the threshold of her tiny family's quarters. Whatever reverie she'd attempted to fall into was broken by Daenerys's presence there. His words floated through her; a friend of her daughter's, then, come to help the girl hold things together when everything including her own mother was falling apart. Unprepared to deal with this obstacle, Lina deliberates for a moment before laying a hand on his shoulder to alert him to her presence. "May I…?" she asks, barely audible, hand slipping from him to the doorknob. Assuming he steps aside, Lina takes a deep breath, entering the entryway that had once been Erikk's studio.

Edlsesa is standing, right where she'd been waiting for the last half-candlemark or so. The ravages of her breakdown are still apparent in the hanuted circles under her eyes, and the slight swelling there too. But otherwise, she looks as prim and proper as she always does, hair braided back for now, leaving her face on stark display. She jumps when Daenerys calls through the door, her heart skamming against her chest with fright. She'd not been expecting him. She's about to walk to the door and answer it when the door opens and her mother is the first person to walk through. "Mama!" She says surprised, though she does aim a wan smile in the woman's direction. "Welcome home. Daen, I wasn't expecting you….thanks for coming by…" She stands there now, knowing she should introduce her mother and her half-brother, though they likely know each other by sight at least. The Zingari camp isn;t that big. But all she can manage is looking at them both in turn, a look of guild and abject sorrow on her face. It really had been a horrible couple of days.

Daenerys does, indeed step aside; Realilina naturally has pride of place here, for whatever it's worth. He's seen the grieving widow about, and felt a certain sense of restraint, not wanting to disturb the woman in her obvious state of shock and pain. It must have been harrowing indeed to have to deal with one's entire world falling apart all at once. "Of course, Journeywoman." He acknowledges softly. Absently — or is it nervously? One never knows, with this one — he rakes a hand through his hair. "She'd need to see you more than me…" What does one say, at a time like this? When they're both admitted, and acknowledged, he decides he'd best introduce himself, at least. He's basically a stranger to her, though he knows her: A'lory has pointed the woman out, a time or two. "I'm Daenerys, A'lory's… well… I guess you could say oldest in this time." There's a hint of amused irony there. Oh, the mysteries of time travel.

Lina freezes in the doorway for a moment before forcing her leaden feet forward. An attempt is made to stop the sharp intake of breath at witnessing Erikk's studio barren, for who's sake, she couldn't say. "Sesa," she responds, voice breaking on the word. Another deep breath, and another. Turning to take a better look, the boyman, reallyis appraised and her brain connects the dots with his words. A'lory, gone too. "Daenerys. Of course." She should know who he is, right? Her brow furrows for a moment, trying to dredge up a memory. Should she know who he is? The woman hasn't been exactly with it for nigh upon a Turn. She settles for nodding at him before stepping lightly towards where Erikk and Kanriel… just Kanriel's paints have been arranged neatly, arms tucked in close to her body. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Closing her eyes and gathering the shards of herself once more, she turns towards her daughter and closes the distance between. Such a strong young woman she'd become, almost unremarked in its passing, but brought to the forefront now. "I… Sesa…" With a mother's touch, she reaches out, brushing errant hair from her daughter's face. "Faranth, what have I done…?" she muses to herself quietly, trying to figure out how she can offer comfort to Edlsesa, who's been trying to bear the weight of this on her own.

It is agonizing watching her mother walk around the empty studio, most likely seeng things that are no longer here to look at. But Sesa had somehow known that if Father's things had been here when Lina returned, she would not have come inside. Fuck. It had been so hard for Edlsesa to come in here, to take tools lovingly used by Erikkhan, half finished works, the things on his desk and put them out to storage. And yet still, her father's presence lingers in this room, as if his very being was baked into the walls. That touch from Lina's hand breaks some of the dam and Edlsesa's eyes fill with tears and her voice is strained when she speaks. "This isn't your fault Mama…." Sesa looks from her mother to Daen and back again. "It's mine….if…if I had told you Kan was so bad sooner….or maybe just sent him to the healer sin the first place….I'm so sorry Mama…I din't know what to do." She's sobbing at this point, face hidden in her hands as shoulders slump forward and bounce with the force of her weeping.

And here, Daenerys is at a loss: two grieving women, and him with only two arms? What's a man to do? He shifts, but then, he'll just go with instinct, here, and try to enfold them both, offering a shoulder to each. He didn't know Erikkhan at all, not really, except by reputation and the stories told him by his father — but still, it's hard to see the depth of grief in both of them. "It's nobody's fault." He'll insert that much into the morass of grief; it's something he believes in, quite firmly. "You didn't ask for this."

As Sesa begins to fall apart, some of the lingering far-awayness in Lina's gaze is dispelled, instinctively drawing her into a hug, which is seconded by Daenerys. Realilina's pocket-sized enough for it to work. "You did so well, Sesa," she attempts to console, inadequately, holding herself together. She's had her time to grieve and more. "I'm so proud of you, Sesa, you did so well, *so* well." Reali attempts to soothingly hum while holding the girl close, like she did when Sesa was scarcely a few sevendays old; now, nearly a woman grown, but not any less in need of a mother. "It's not your fault, Sesa." There's an unspoken response to Daen's words there—nobody's fault? Not Sesa's, surely, but mayhap hers.

Wrapped in the arms of her mother and brother, Edlsesa falls apart again, though her family's words and her mother's humming do help some. She doesn't understand why she can't stem the tide of tears falling down her young cheeks, but they come, unbidden and thick, a long time in coming and more. She misses her father. She mourns Kanriel's mental state. And she feels so utterly relieved she doesn't have to bear the burden alone anymore. "I'm sorry…" She finally says after the sobbing has slowed. "I wanted your homecoming to be at least somewhat happy Mama and here I am….ruining things." She hiccups a bit and scrubs at her face, now blotchy and red from crying.

Daenerys will drop a gentle kiss to the top of Edlsesa's head, hugging her tightly against his chest. "Poor kid." He whispers softly against her hair, so like his father's; curling and soft, though definitely less scrubbily untamed. Oh, how he hates having women cry around him! It makes him want to go out and kill whatever it is that started the waterworks, except in this case it would serve no purpose: no one can stop death. He gives Realilina a long, sorrowful look. But. BUT. It's not her fault either. Logically, he knows there's no convincing the grieving that they couldn't do something to fix it, not when they're sure they could have. "Don't we all wish we could have done something. Different." He sighs softly, and hugs them both a little tighter, just so he can convey how much e regrets meeting them under such a sad time.

"It's okay, it's okay, you did everything just right, Sesa," Realilina repeats as her daughter falls apart in her arms, finally not having to hold it together for everyone else. "Don't say that, Sesa," is the distressed response to the apology, blinking away her own tears, "You did *so* well, honey, so well, please don't apologize, Sesa, shh…" Maybe if she'd seen how badly Edlsesa and Kanriel had been hurting… maybe, maybe, maybies claw at her. Resolved to not let them continue, she loosens her grip on Sesa as the tide of tears seems to subside. "Let's… let's go, okay?" she asks, taking a step towards the main living space. At least they might be able to breath better, there, in a space that wasn't so quintessentially Erikk's.

Edlsesa nods at her mother's comforting words. And rally, they are comforting. It's good to know that others don't think she's made an absolute mess of things. She dries her tears and hugs both Realilina and Daenerys hard, pulling strength from them both. She pulls away a moment later and moves to lead the way into the regular living space, which is the same, saving Erikk's things being removed. All except the sketchbook he'd kept next to his chair for spur of the moment ideas. That is still there and will never leave as far as Sesa is concerned. She'd also left one of Erikk's nightshirts on the bed for her mother….just in case, though everything else of Erikk's is gone from their quarters. She pours them all a glass of Erikkhan's favorite wine and bids her brother sit while she waits for her mother to sit too. The night is spent doing what grieving people should do, sharing stories of times much happier than this and remembering the good parts. And when Sesa falls into her bed that night, she sleeps soundly and dreamless for the first time in over a turn.

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