Syrianna, D'wane


D'wane has a wardrobe emergency and Syrianna helps.


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Laundry Rooms

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"It seems to have been washed away."


Laundry Room

The laundry room is a bustling center of activity in the lower caverns. Crumbled pillars have been restored and pools cleaned and properly sealed to attend to the weyr's massive commerical cleaning efforts. Personal laundry as well as all the weyrs rags, work clothes and other assorted things are taken care of here. There's a desk towards the main entrance where people can drop off their laundry and receive a ticket to hand back in when they come to pick up. There's almost always a crew of people on duty. Dirty underwear waits for no man.

Syrianna hasn't been a candidate for very long, but she is already doing chores. For the moment that is folding laundry and trying to ignore exactly what it is that she is folding. The pale lass doesn't have to wear her hat though so that is a good thing. Her top is a bit sweat soaked but she still isn't used to the heat, and this is where they are doing laundry so maybe a bit warmer than other places.

Luckily, summer is over and winter is coming! But for right now, it's that dreary, drizzly autumn weather, not that it matters too much in the laundry caverns. But the weather did very much matter to D'wane considering the weyrsecond comes dripping into the laundry. As soon as he stops at the desk, a small puddle begins to form around him, but he'll just tap his finger on the desk as he waits for someone, anybody, to come back from whatever break or duty the desk attendant may have been assigned to.

Syrianna cocks her head to the side, "Um, not sure if I can help you or not, they just told me to fold the clothes." she isn't used to working here, mucking out stables, or feeding animals, yes, laundry no. She finishes her current batch and steps over, "I can try to help."

There just so happens to be a towel on the desk. It looks white and fluffy and clean enough and since this is a laundry, D'wane picks the thing up and gives it a good sniff just to be sure. Since it doesn't smell particularly funky, he'll just use it to try and dry off a little bit, although it barely helps at all. "I dropped off some clothes this morning. Do you know if they're done yet?" It doesn't really answer any unasked questions about why he's soaking wet, but at least a reason for why he's dripping all over this particular area of the Weyr. If anybody was in need of some dry clothes, this guy is it at the moment!

Syrianna cocks her head to the side, "Do you have your ticket? I know that is how it works, right, get a ticket at drop off, hand over ticket to get stuff back, right?" she asks, she isn't really sure, but pretty sure. She cocks her head to the side. It is about that time that she remembers that she forgot something. She finally remembers to salute. She does flush a bit after that though.

D'wane raises an eyebrow as the candidate asks for his ticket and then makes a show of patting at his pockets. They make a bit of a squish sound as some excess water comes out. "It seems to have been washed away." There's a bit of a smirk at the belated saluting, but the eggs have only been laid for a few days. He'll assume she's knew and cut her some slack. This time. There's more pressing problems than belated saluting. "Don't you like write down names or something when the sacks are dropped off? I know they keep a clipboard somewhere."

Syrianna blinks for a moment, "Um I think so, Weyrsecond." she starts to look around for a clipboard. She really has only been here for a little bit, at least in the laundry, eventually she does find it and looks over the names on it.

D'wane has the advantage of height and was just about to point out where he thought the clipboard would be when Syrianna finds it herself. The man will cross his arms and try to keep the puddle to this contained area for the time being. "It was early. Before morning drills if that helps."

Syrianna nods and finds it near the top and nods. She gets the number of the ticket and then goes into the back and looks through the finished products looking for the right one. It takes her a moment, since she doesn't know where things are located or how, but she does come back with his laundry.

Once the herder turned candidate returns with the bag of clothes, D'wane is all smiles as he accepts it. And immediately starts peeling out of the soaking wet shirt and then digging through the laundry to find a dry one. "Thank you! So… who got you?" Never mind the shirtlessness. Today at least it's temporary, although the first thing he pulls out is a pair of boxers that are hastily stuffed back in the bag. Any neat folding that was done be damned.

Syrianna does turn a bit as he takes off his shirt, she is still a bit shy about things like that, even though she has spent a lot of time at the beach. "You are welcome Weyrsecond." she says as she turns back. "Z'bor and Ozraith stopped me and asked me to stand." she says and then flushes a bit darker when the boxers were revealed and then giggles just a little.

The boxers were only barely revealed, and then promptly stuffed back into the sack, but D'wane heard that giggling even as he's still digging for that shirt somewhere. Eventually he pulls out a boring blue camp shirt. "You'll probably be finding some things more embarrassing than boxers while standing. Those barracks are pretty cramped."

Syrianna nods her head and is still red in the cheeks, "I figured that." she says softly, "But its worth it." she is still a little shellshocked about being asked to stand, and it has her slightly giddy. "Just have to make do I guess."

D'wane starts messing with those buttons. Eventually he'll probably realize he skipped one and has to redo it, but for the moment, he's settling down on the bench and taking off his boots, which also end up with a puddle of water when they're turned upside down. "Do you have a mop or anything back there?" Surely there's a mop somewhere in the laundry. It's a place for cleaning things! And after a moment, the bronzerider snaps his fingers as a thought jumps to him. "Weren't you the one with the canine?"

Syrianna nods her head, "Yeah, Shimmer, had him since he was a pup, rescued him from the wild." she says and then looks around and does find a moment. Well chores are what she is here for, so she goes to start moping up, "One of the other herders is watching over him for me."

D'wane scoots his feet out of the way when the girl comes over with the mop. The footless boot is nudged under the bench for now and the soaking wet sock set next to him. "That's good. If you do Impress, can't really keep a canine around the weyrling barracks." He's not saying an infant dragon would eat a canine… but certainly a very hungry one might think about it.

Syrianna nods her head, "I might try to get him delivered back home till later if I do, just so someone doesn't have to watch him for long, he can be a handful, been a work trying to train him." she finds it easy to talk about the canine which helps relax her a bit as she works on mopping.

D'wane nods his head as well as the other foot is about to get the same treatment. Sorry, not sorry, Syrianna. More water incoming just about now as second boot is removed and shaken out. "Home… that's the Barrier range?" He lets out a bit of whistle at that. "Not really going to find many traders heading out that way until spring."

Syrianna nods, "I will figure something out." she says and shakes her head a bit. She doesn't seem to mind the mopping but then again she has been an apprentice so she is no stranger to chores. "Yeah, Its some distance to where I grew up."

"And it takes a well trained canine to be willing to go between…" D'wane's got both feet bare now and he'll wiggle his free toes. There's a look as if he debates looking for new socks in the bag, but he just shrugs and stands up. "Soooo… can I submit the smallest second laundry request of the day now?" He's got a bundle of that stolen hand towel, the wet shirt and the soaking wet socks ready to hand over to the candidate, should she accept it. At least he kept his pants on!

Syrianna looks over to where they keep the tickets and hands him a new one, "We will get to it as soon as possible." she says and nods her head, "It will take some time to teach him that, if it happens."

The only pockets D'wane has at the moment are his still wet pants, so he'll just hang onto that ticket in his hand for now. Whether he'll have it when he gets back is completely debatable. "Don't worry about it. I'll be back tomorrow." Cause he's clearly got at least a sevenday's worth of clean clothes there, no hurry! "And good luck." The barefoot weyrsecond will give a casual two fingered salute towards the laundry-candidate and off he goes into the hall with laundry bag on one shoulder and the pair of soaking boots in the other.

Syrianna gives another salute to the weyrsecond and then finishes moping up before she goes back to the previous chores.

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