Alyna, D'har


Alyna finishes dealing with a boatload of refugees and just wants to scream it out in her weyr. Haquith though plans a little company for them in the form of D'har and Searuth.
Happens the same day as When the Boat Comes In

Implied state of undress, Strong sexual innuendo, Heavy Foreplay, Fade to black ending


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Haquith's weyr

OOC Date 04 Mar 2018 05:00


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"Do I seem in the least put out at being here, my dear?"


Haquith's weyr

A hodge podge of well-loved furniture clutters this weyr so that it seems a lot smaller that it really is. A huge wardrobe made of cherry wood take up nearly half of one wall, it is busting at the seams with clothes of all kinds. A double bed built on a platform is inviting, with furs and pillows and blankets, all mismatched, piled onto it, not messy, but again, cluttered. A couple of cushy love seats are arranged in an L formation around a large rug, throw blankets tossed over the back of each. Even her walls are cluttered, with tapestries and shelves holding various knicknacks, journals, momentos and other sundry. Haquith's couch is similarly bedecked with furs, blankets and pillows, a must for such a diva of a green.

Evening has fallen over the Weyr and Alyna is just getting back from her impromptu wrangling of unexpected refugees from Black Rock Hold. As soon as the thirty odd people were settled into the Candidate Barracks of all places, the petite greenrider called Haquith to take them home. On the flight back to their River Cliffs weyr, the green privately touches her mind to Searuth. « Dearest blue. Mine has need of yours. » is the simple message, signed with her signature lily-of-the-valley scent. Once they arrive at the ledge, Alyna slides down with a sigh to the green's shoulder, pausing just long enough to pull her straps before hopping to the ground. Once she has hung up the straps on their hook, the greenrider takes off her riding gloves one at a time, tossing them angrily towards the hanging separating her portion of the weyr with a frustrated yell. Next her boots are loosened, and then kicked hard against the wall, resounding loudly off the rock, a most satisfying sound. Running hot, she starts working at her jacket…planning to take her anger out on her clothes it seems. Haquith hovers over her rider, trying to croon soothingly, but her own eyes are tinged in orange.

« We come. Are you alright, my dear Haquith? » comes Searuth's reply upon his familiar wafting of cedar-laced musk and the earthiness of a night-shrouded forest. D'har, stripped to his casual wear of loose linen pants and a tailored eve-necked tunic with distinctly Bollian embroidery at every edge for the evening, is quick to slip on some soft shoes and ascend his blue's neck. Though they live above the Bowl, the flight to the cliffs isn't a long one, and they're soon on the green pair's ledge. D'har descends just in time to see Alyna nearly tearing at her jacket. Searuth immediately goes to Haquith while D'har crosses to Alyna, dark brows furled in concern. "Alyna? What's wrong?"

« I am. Mine is…not. » is the only reply the green gives the blue until he is on her ledge and Haquith nuzzles into Searuth's side, crooning mournfully as she reaches out to rub her cheek along his jaw, eyes slowing as she settles down. Alyna turns just as she manages to tear the last button off her jacket with a growl of frustration, upon seeing D'har there, her eyes narrow at Haquith and she hisses a single word, "Traitor." at her lifemate before waving off D'har and throwing open the hanging to her weyr and marching through, wiggling out of her leather pants as she does so, grabbing the flask out of the back pocket before she flops herself face down onto her bed, where she screams loudly, muffled by the bedclothes.

Searuth croons comfortingly, tucking Haquith beneath his wing and twining his tail snugly with hers. D'har's brows hitch upward when Alyna doesn't respond to him directly, trailing behind her when she marches into her weyr and unable to suppress being just a little impressed with her ability to disrobe on the fly as she does. His brows knit again when she throws herself onto her bed and screams into her blankets, standing by until the initial sound subsides before perching on the edge of the bed beside her. "I'm…rather getting the impression that you might need me to kill someone," he ventures, reaching out to settle a broad palm upon her back to rub soothingly - if she allows him that much, that is. "Or you're wanting to do it yourself."

Haquith lets out a long whuffing sigh as she snuggles in close to the dark blue, her head resting on his neck as she takes comfort from Searuth. Alyna, on the other hand, freezes as soon as she feels the hand rubbing on her back. His words do pull a sardonic chuckle from her lips as she shakes her head, still buried in the bedclothes for another long moment before she lifts her head to take a deep breath, pulling a nearby cushion under her chin and propping her head up, staring off at nothing. "I'm just so sick of being fucking bossed around by those barely a couple turns out of weyrlinghood." There is so much more to this story, but the greenrider needs a drink for that, so her flask is put to her lips as she tips it and coughs on the sip because of her awkward position.

D'har gives a snort as he shifts, gently tucking Alyna's hair back from her temples before leting both hands drift over her back. "Some are far more capable than others. Vani and R'zel are quite young though. I'm assuming it's one or both of them you're taking issue with?" he ventures, his fingers settling into a slow massage of her lower back as he attempts to soothe and get her to vent at the same time.

Doesn't D'har realize Alyna wants to fume at the moment? But then his hands are drifting over her back and she finds herself relaxing under his skillful touch, although she keeps her eyebrows furrowed stubbornly, cause she's still all grrrrr see? His words are given a derisive snort. "My what a perceptive bluerider you are." she says with her signature sarcasm, although her irritation adds an unintentional bite to that. "R'zel seems a decent sort, but Vani.." The name is uttered with scorn, "I have no idea what she did before I came here to be made Wingsecond, but her attitude needs some serious adjustment, she just seems to be interested in being buddies with the Weyrleader than actually y'know lending a hand when a boat full of refugees shows up in a secluded cove off the beach."

Under other circumstances, D'har would probably tease Alyna for still being sexy when she's angry…but she's clearly well and truly irritated right now. "I try," he returns lightly to her initial sarcasm, and hums a little over mention of Vani, his hands gradually working upward. "I believe she was an Assistant Weyrlingmaster a clutch or two ago. Perhaps that was enough to get her the knot while there aren't an weyrlings about," he speculates. "But being good at grooming the next generation of dragonriders doesn't necessarily translate to leading a wing well, of course." Hearing that the green riding wingsecond hadn't done much during the refugee incident garners a frown. "Did she not issue orders to Ocelot when the boat was found?"

"Ohhhh yes." Alyna groans softly as D'har's hands find a particularly painful knot, hissing softly as she takes a deep breath, feeling her body relaxing further, the furrows fading from between her brows as her eyes flutter closed with a long sigh. "She didn't do much! I mean, there was a boat crammed full with people taking on water, headed for shore, and as I started to try and get people out of the way, she just kept watching it come." A little shake of the head at that memory then another snort. "And don't even get me started on how she acted after the Weyrleader showed up." Oh please do get her started though, she really wants to share what happened next.

When Alyna makes it clear that he's found something to work on, D'har concentrates his efforts on loosening that knot. His own brow furrows when as he listens to her account of how her wingsecond handled things, however. "Va'os at least seems to make his best effort," the bluerider notes, being on the younger man's wing and all. "But please, do share."

"I have no problem with Va'os… Haven't been around the guy enough to actually have an opinion. Although he's kind of young too. Everyone seems to be kind of young over here." Alyna says with a heavy sigh as she winces and hisses again as he goes to work on that knot but encourages him to continue with soft moans of pleasure. "We were kind of having each other's back for a second talking to these fuckwit sailors, but then the Weyrleader shows up and I might as well have slipped between. Like seriously, while I actually tried to get a headcount of the refugees, at the Weyrleader's request, suddenly they are sauntering off without any specific instructions to me, so I just said fuck it, someone needs to take charge, and did. I'm just sick of twenty somethings using their wingsecond knot as a get out of work pass." Her rant is reaching angry tones again as she tenses up.

As Alyna begins to tense up again, D'har continues his work, but leans down to touch a gentle kiss to her neck, lingering and nuzzling a moment before speaking near her ear. "Let those who won't get their hands dirty alongside their people reap their just rewards, my dear greenrider," he murmurs before straightening again. "It usually comes back around in the end." He works quietly for a moment longer before suggesting, "You could always request a transfer to Serval. Rielle and Z'bor are older. You could also lodge a complaint. Or offer yourself up as another wingsecond for Ocelot when the position opens. One of them will likely be filling the open wingleader's spot now, after all."

That kiss to the back of her neck, will bring a shiver to Alyna as she can't help the smile that spreads to her lips. His words in her ear though brings a warmth to her face again as she turns her head to look at him, an appreciative look in her eyes, silent thanks for him plain on her face. "You are right. I know you are. I can't though, Ocelot is our dream. Haquith and I. A high level wing where we can show them all that greens can fight with the big boys. And this one seemed perfect! A greenriding wingleader, as well as one as wingsecond. And I'm not here a few months and the Leader resigns with no real explanation, leaving us to be run by a couple of rookies." With one final long sigh, she scrubs at her face irritably, "And I don't even know if I'm so irritated for valid reasons, or because queen green out there is starting to glow and it's affecting me."

"So consider the knot for yourself," D'har suggests again, his hands gently drifting to a stop. He kicks his shoes off and shifts again, propping himself on his elbow while on his side next to Alyna as his fingers trace along her spine. "I suppose the only way to find out if your reasons are truly valid is to see how you feel after she's finally flown. In the meantime…just keeping being as proactive as you are. Set the example. You've been at this much longer, after all." His hand comes up to brush back her hair again before resuming their previous path. "Feeling any better after all that? Or do you need to vent a bit more?" he asks, a dark brow arching subtly.

"Why are you so incredibly reasonable?" Alyna says with a playfully narrowed gaze at D'har, tilting her head to one side and taking one final deep breath as she feels the last of the tension melt away in time his fingers travelling down her spine. "I think that's what I am going to do. Ride it out until I'm clear-headed again, and then y'know what, maybe I will go for that Wingsecond knot." She props herself up on her own elbows and looks up at him, "And I'm sorry Haquith took it upon herself to summon you here. She seems to think she knows what I need better than I do." she offers with a snort.

D'har just gives a one-shouldered shrug to Alyna's first, grinning rakishly. "It's easy to be more reasonable when you're outside the whole thing," he notes. Her last brings about a soft chuckle. "They do know better sometimes, whether we like it or not. Do I seem in the least put out at being here, my dear?" he asks, something very like a purr rumbling at the edges of his voice.

"Well I'll never admit it out loud or there will be no living with Haquith." Alyna chuckles easily as she rolls onto her side and scoots closer up against D'har, looking up at him through pale lashes, as one hand reaches out to run softly down his chest, a soft heat entering her usually icy blue gaze. "Well, I'm sure you probably thought you were being called for much more pleasant pastimes than talking me down from my anger."

D'har automatically closes some of the distance to Alyna himself, the hand that had been stroking her back now sliding to her waist and his thumb caressing what he can reach of her stomach. The heat he sees building in her gaze easily spark off the already-present warmth spreading low in his loins due simply to being so close to her. He gives a little shake of his head. "No, I really did think I was called because something was wrong, and I meant to help however I could. If more pleasant pastimes would help further," he adds with a roguish smile, his hand sliding down to caress along her thigh, "I am more than happy to oblige, naturally."

Tucking herself up closer to the lean body of D'har, Alyna sighs contentedly as she rests her head against the bluerider's chest, then nuzzles up against his neck, "Well then I am grateful that you did come. I'm quite glad I found someone here I could count on." She murmurs softly against his neck before feathering soft, and oddly tender for the greenrider, kisses there before she chuckles softly as she feels his hand move to her thigh, "You are incorrigible, bluerider." But she makes no move to stop him in the slightest. Her hand slides up from his chest to cup his cheek as she pulls him down for a warmly decadent kiss, slow and languid, meant to softly taste each other instead of her usual devouring hunger.

D'har un-props his elbow, stretching it out for Alyna to use as a pillow if she so wishes. "I do enjoy being that someone quite a bit," he murmurs, ebony eyes fluttering partway shut with the touch of her lips on his neck. He does note the different nature of her affections, wondering whether it might be due to Haquith's proddiness but enjoying it all the same. He laughs at her accusation, both unwilling and unable to deny it. She pulls and he follows, letting himself sink into that kiss as his arm folds around her, his hand sliding up her back and neck to bury itself in her hair. The languid tasting they indulge in brings a low, deep hum of pleasure rolling through his chest as he feels his body fill slowly with the glow of arousal rather than ending up subjected to the usual flash fire. "Mmmmm… I like this," he rumbles, renewing this kiss in kind as he slowly rolls them over further, settling more atop her so that he can bring his other hand into play, roaming where it will in gentle caresses.

Having been expertly cajoled away from her anger to more arousing pursuits, Alyna sighs blissfully a curling smile forming on her lips when his hand pulls her close and then buries itself in her hair. The slow burn that is working it’s way through to every part of her body, awakens her senses to the softer passions she doesn’t indulge in often. Actually she can’t remember the last time she let herself feel comfortable enough to take a more intimate turn with a casual partner of hers. But his words about enjoying being someone she can count on seem to break through the mask of curse words and sarcasm she presents of herself to most of the world and finds a gentler, softer greenrider underneath, one who loses herself to all things sensual and arousing.

Gone is Alyna the mischievous hedonistic minx and in her stead a responsive lover who trembles at every touch and caress, cheeks flushed a rosy pink and blue eyes smoldering with such lust that is bubbling up inside her. Surely it is her dragon’s own amorousness as she approaches her time to fly that is affecting the petite woman so. His words then, rumbling his enjoyment of the change in pace only brings a softly coy smile to her lips as they return to the heated kiss, letting herself be rolled onto her back gladly as she moans loudly at the feeling of his body pressed half on top of her. Wiggling just a little under him, she lets her legs loosely entwine with his, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him deeper into their seemingly endless kiss, softly blissful noises bubbling up between them on occasion.

For all D’har vastly enjoys a wilder sort of coupling, the times he gets to exercise his skill as a more tender lover, especially those when it wasn’t his idea first, have been so rare that they intoxicate him all the more quickly and burn themselves more cleanly into his memory. He’d sensed that Alyna was likely quite capable of such gentler sensuality but finds himself pleasantly surprised at being subjected to it, eagerly sinking deeper and deeper into the languid depth of it with her without any qualms whatsoever. He can feel the difference between this and what they’ve done in past encounters, but doesn’t question the nature of it. Following the flow is what he wants right now. She is what he wants right now, just like this.

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