Diem, Magdaline


Reports are coming in to everybody about the strange noises! Diem and Magdaline join forces to investigate.


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Administrative Corridor

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Well, here's a good story for the Aunties to gossip about.


Administrative Corridor

There is a grand geometry to the graceful archways of this hall, a point of glory to the veneer of freshly-polished floors that are somehow upkept in a more fastidious nature here than in the common areas. Directly westward lies the restored doorway into Igen's modest archives, whilst the northern-bound traveler will find themselves entrenched in the hub of weyr leadership, athrum with activity within the council chambers.

The administrative corridor is quiet for this time of day. Usually there are groups of people filing out of the council chamber, or weyr staff en route to the kitchens or stores, but there is nothing happening right now — except for one thing. Igen's senior weyrwoman is walking down the long hallway and reading some reports submitted from the Weyr's guard captain. "What?" Uttered to herself, that. She squints and then halts so she can read the line for a second time. "Wailing from the desert?" Okay, that can't be right.

And you know who normally loves reports? Magdaline! Except she's positively scowling at the stack that's in her hands as she prowls the corridors this afternoon. "In the walls? It can't sharding be in the walls, it's solid stone…" But she does happen to have one of those fancy hearing tubes borrowed from the healers draped carefully around her neck as she turns the corner and comes face to face with Diem. "Wailing? You're getting reports too?" Who has time for pleasantries? Straight to business!

"That says 'wailing', right?" Diem points to a word in the report and leans closer to Magdaline. "Unexplained wailing and howling heard from the desert after midnight early this sevenday." The hide is then lowered and the goldrider quirks a brow at the thought. "That could be… anything. An animal. A lost firelizard. A local drunkard wandering a little too far from home." Tawny eyes lift to the assistant headwoman and blink at the tool draped around her neck, then at the stack of hides. "What does your report say?"

Magdaline takes a moment to readjust those tiny reading spectacles of her's as she looks at the report Diem is pointing to. "I'm assuming wailing since that's definitely howling. Someone might need to see the harpers about their handwriting…" But that's really a conversation for a wingleader to be having with their rider and none of this headwoman's business. "I would hope if it was a lost drunk, it could have eventually been explained…." She raises her own eyebrow in response and hands over her report. "I've had no less than five reports in the past three days of unexplained bumping or something thumping and in a few a random clicking down this hallway. Mostly from sections that have no rooms built in." She purses her mouth together as attention turns back towards a blank stretch of wall to her left.

Diem exchanges reports with Magdaline and has an acute interest in what was said about the noises heard coming from the inner caverns. "Hmm." She's thoughtful as she reads and says nothing else until the first hide is skimmed to the bottom. "I've two important meetings with Keroon leadership at the end of this sevenday. There cannot be unexplained noises coming from this corridor." A quick glance skips down the hallway and she straightens as if listening for evidence. Then a long, slow breath is inhaled and exhaled through her nose as she mulls over a temporary solution. "I'm not sure posting guards or Parhelion will do anything to stop the noise. Especially if it's… in the walls." A beat, "But, how can that be?"

One doesn't remain assistant headwoman long without being prepared for most things, and Magdaline is definitely prepared for this. Tucked under her arm was a tube of hide which she now unravels to show a sketch of the most official kind. "These is what the Weyrminer says is what has all been carved out so far. There have been some discussions at expanding here before, but they've all kind of fizzled out." She gives a bit of a shrug. "And if there weren't so many of these reports, I'd chalk it up to someone having too much to drink before bed or something. But there's so many reports. And all different!"

"Is is possible for the noise to echo in some manner? If someone where to make a tapping noise here," Diem motions to the wall in front of them. "Could it then be heard further down the corridor?" She glances in the opposite direction and at the walls closer to the cellar stairway. "It could be that someone has discovered how to play a clever joke on everyone. But, that still doesn't explain the howls and wails from the desert." The thought makes her tense and she swallows back any sign of wavering in her voice. Now's not the time to show any kind of fear — because this entire situation does send a chill up her spine.

Magdaline gives that wall a long, hard look. The well practiced sort that could have miscreant children blabbing their secrets in minutes, but alas, it's nowhere near as effective on stone and the rock still gives no answers. "Unless it's several jokes… or just some really poor timing." She gives a sigh and shakes her head. "I wish we had a smith handy to answer about the acoustics." But she does look down at the hearing tube and back up to Diem as she takes it off her neck. "You know how to use one of these, right? Jhothulos just handed it to me and said something about thinking I'd need it when I got the last report before he hobbled off cackling."

Diem nods when she sees the hearing tube draped around Magdaline's neck. "I've only ever used them on dragon hide in the 'yard." she says truthfully. "Never used one on a wall or a door before." She considers the idea of using the tube to determine whether or not noise can be heard from within the wall. The hides in her hand are then rolled up and stuffed underneath an arm. "I can try using it. Unless you want to give it a go first?"

Magdaline will happily hand over the tube to the resident hearing tube expert in this. "Well, you've more experience than I do…" At least when it comes to door listening. Mags still has several turns seniority on the Senior. Although she'll be leaning closely to the wall as well. "Aren't most the reports at night though?" Nevermind it's hard to listen while talking.

Well, here's a good story for the Aunties to gossip about. Diem takes the hearing tube and does her best to listen to the wall she and Magdaline are standing next to. Fortunately, the activity in the corridor is minimal and it's quiet enough to determine that there isn't any 'activity' happening at the moment — or so she thinks. "I'm not sure this is even working. It'd be easier to gauge when the noises are actually being made. Right now… all I hear is a hum." Her shoulders lift into a shrug and she lowers the hearing tube in case Magdaline wants to try. "Have you spoken to Cremla about this?" Truth be told, Diem's been avoiding the hormonal Headwoman.

It would be quite the picture that could be painted if a random harper were to come by to capture the image, but luckily the women are still relatively alone. Magdaline nods along with what Diem is saying as for being a difficult task and then quickly raps out a little tap-tap-tap on the wall. "Did you hear anything with that?" As for telling her boss, MAgdaline straightens up slightly and gives a soft cough. "We, well… we decided it'd be best not to bring this up to her until we had something a bit more substantiated." Or it went on long enough and was still unsubstantiated! Truthfully, the assistants are walking on eggshells around Cremla at the moment as well. "Especially given her condition."

It seems as though even the toughest and bravest of souls can be put in their place by Igen's infamous Headwoman, which means Diem can absolutely understand why someone of sound mind would want to avoid Cremla at this very moment. No, the Senior doesn't shudder at the thought. In fact, she's busy listening to the wall again as Magdaline makes a few tapping noises. "No." she says, drawing back from the hearing tube. "Not thing. I need to get the Weyrsmith and Weyrminer here to examine these walls. And… yeah. It's best not to disturb Cremla. Yet."
They should all form a support group. Women who survived Cremla's last (hopefully!) pregnancy. But Magdaline isn't thinking about that and is indeed paying attention to Diem's listening and her own tapping. "The Weyrsmith and the Weyrminer. I'll make sure they're here before supper." If she has to drag those two massive men there with her own tiny hands. It'll be done!

So let it be written, so let it be done! Diem has had enough of listening to walls and finally decides it's time to do something. "Alright. Good. If you need an actual handwritten summons from me to 'encourage' both men to get their behinds out here, I can make that happen." Or Onari can since she's her assistant with the power to draw up official documentation for her. Either way, those two crafters better get their keesters in this hallway before sunset. "I like the way you take action, Magdaline." Diem says with a smug half grin. "Now I'm going to get these hides to H'rik before he begins Whirlwind PT."

Magdaline gives a dismissive wave at the offer for documentation. "I'm sure I can handle it. After all, if tapping were to start waking Cremla up in the middle of the night, they definitely wouldn't want to deal with her then." Who, Mags? Threaten someone with her pregnant, cranky, and possibly sleep deprived boss? She just gives a sly smile towards Diem and a polite nod. "Why thank you, Weyrwoman. I do try my best. And hopefully the sounds disappear as quickly as they came!" And with a wave, she's off down the hallway to fetch the crafters. There's appointments to keep!

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