Ryott, F'mond


Alleyways are no place for proper ladies.


It is evening of the first day of the first month of the sixteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Cantina Back Alley

OOC Date 13 Jan 2019 06:00




Cantina Back Alley

A little too quiet, a little too dim. The alleyway behind the Dustbowl is not… unpleasant, exactly: the tavern staff have a little raised garden, and the brickwork of the ancient buildings all around offers a subtle beauty, with raised arches leading into little courtyards. And yet. There's something uncomfortable about the way the shadows linger here. Something distressing about the stink of the place, quite unrelated to the midden that lies at its end. Whatever else this alley might be, one thing is as certain as the goosebumps it gives: it's not a place for good little girls and boys.

Rukbat sets early in the winter months, so the back alley of the Cantina is dark and quiet, a perfect place for a young couple to slip away to when their hormones, much aided by drink by the smell of it, get the better of them. It's cold out, so the most going on is some kissing while hands wander under various pieces of each other's clothing. The girl is short, wearing a long skirt and matching tailored jacket up top, trimmed with fur. Her hair is bright red, coiffed in a careful tumble of ringlets that are getting thoroughly tousled. Her hand are all over his person, and maybe the absolute keenest eye might notice that he is much more inebriated that she is, although she's putting on a pretty good show. Finally, the young man tries to put a hand up that long skirt of hers, and she slaps his hand away with a too loud chuckle, "Now now! What kind of lady do you think I am? I'm going to need another drink or too, and even then, we're not doing anything in a dirty alley." Her tone is affected, common among the girls of the better off Bazaar families. Pushing him away from her, she beings to straighten herself. "Now go on back inside and get us a couple more drinks, I'll be in once I don't look like a disgrace." Reluctantly, the young man heads back inside. Waiting until he's gone, the girl straightens herself, but instead of heading back in, heads further down the alley.

Now one of the thing about dark alleys is that it doesn't take much effort to hide in them. Or even any effort really. F'mond had just stepped into this particular one to get a brief break from the wind in the shelter of the wall. The pair are watched out of the corner of his eye and as hands start getting more frisky he was just readying a well timed cough (and possibly having to do something) when the girl handles the slapping herself and the bronzerider settles back into his leaning. Eyebrows raise as she directs her beau back into the Cantina and yet starts heading further down the alley towards his own position. "I don't think there's a mirror down this way?" He glances back over his shoulder quickly just to double check. "Nope. Definitely no mirror."

Pulling up short with a little huff of frustration, the girls dark eyes narrow slightly before a smile spreads over her lips again and she waggles her fingers vaguely back in the direction of the Cantina. "Oh that? No. I don't go home with them. I have a little fun, but keep my virtue intact, no harm to anyone, especially any future husband of mine." Crossing her arms below her breasts, held in place by the impeccable tailoring of the jacket, she regards the rider with a haughty yet playful regard, the light catching the painted aspects of her face, khol around her eyes, smudged and smokey, lips that were probably red at one point but are now very smudged. "So are you going to go in and tell on me then, rider?" she asks with a teeny tremor of fear in her voice as lashes are fluttered up at him.

"If 'future husbands' are your worry," F'mond goes so far as making finger quotes as he straightens up from his slouch. "You'd do better to pick a place that half the bazaar doesn't run through in any given month." As for him running in and tattling, he gives a snort. "Boy's gotta learn for himself sometime." Because really… morality police isn't his job. "Although if I was a more suspicious man, I might insist we both go in and have him check his pockets."

"Perhaps. Or maybe I'll end up pulling the right man into the alley one of these nights…" the young woman shrugs her shoulders absently before chuckling softly in agreement that boys must learn, and she will gladly do her part to of the lesson. His last accusation has her laughter taking on a higher pitch as she sashays closer to him, arms dropped and held out a bit from her sides, "You could certainly ease your suspicions if you feel you must," she practically purrs as her dark eyes flash in challenge at the much older man, playing a game of thrills she probably doesn't get in her pampered, sheltered life.

F'mond fights back a smirk and slips back into his more stoic expression and a parade rest with arms behind his back. "Are you propositioning me? Didn't know Rosie's was expanding their business." Apparently he's going to imply she's both pickpocket and a 'working lady' and maybe even a few other occupations. The sashaying closer has him step to the side to maintain some minimum distance. "Or, I could just keep you talking out here until he goes to pay his tab and finds he doesn't have any marks?"

The red-haired girl looks properly offended once she understands what the man is insunating, her cheeks pinking up and her taking several steps back, "Sir! How dare you! I was merely trying to assauge any doubts that I did more than steal a few kisses from that young man. I would never associate with the likes of those who would sell their charms." She shudders and wraps her arms around her, pulling a heavily furred hood up over her ginger hair, eyes flashing in his direction, "Do you take pleasure in humiliating young girls when their hearts overtake their heads?" Or other body parts anyway…

Doth the lady protest too much? F'mond doesn't look too offended at the blushing or accusations and just shrugs. "Usually the reputable girls that would be humiliated don't go luring young men into dark alleys and then lying to them. You might see why this whole situation seems a might…" He waves a hand around a little bit as he wrinkles his nose up as if smelling besides the urine soaked stones of the alley way. "Fishy."

"Or maybe some of us are smart enough to take measures to protect our reputations and have our fun as well," the girl juts her sharp chin in F'mond's direction as she wraps her arms around her as if to keep the chill off as well as the bronzerider's accusations. "I've had quite enough of this. I know my rights as a citizen of the bazaar, I've done nothing wrong, and so I'm going to leave now and say good evening to you rider." In a tone as frosty adn the winter's chill in the air, she huffs and, gathering her skirts up lest they trail in who knows what that gives the alleyway it's distinctive smell, she attempts to sweep around him dramatically. And if she isn't stopped, will continue with purpose down the alleyway until darkness once more conceals her compact form.

Who knows if F'mond is going to get a complaint about his 'behavior'? He doesn't seem particularly concerned about it and just gives a cheeky little salute to the departing woman. "Stay safe out there." And then break time is over and with a sigh he steps back into the wider street and the winds that come with it.

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