Agertha, R'mar, & Lemia


Agertha meets up with her weyrmates, and drops a bombshell on them which breaks R'mar.


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Oasis Inn

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“Love, I would have made her say something sooner if I had known sooner,” Lemia on Agertha's reveal of being pregnant.


Oasis Inn

Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn't much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The decor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn't one of a dive; it's cozier than that, though there is just a touch of harmless shady to be found - particularly in the evenings.

Seated at one of the tables is Agertha and Lemia, "Lem, I'm not going to break. I flew until Kestrath refused to take me between any more," Lemia just glares at the other greenrider as she takes a sip of her drink, "Seriously, I'm fine," what a conversation for others around to have to listen to. The pair have been arguing back and forth for nearly a candlemark.

Stepping through the front door of the Inn, R'mar's eyes sweep over the crowded seating area until they rest on his mates. He smiles and then frowns, noting the look on Lemia's face. Her looks is a mixture of concern, worry, and almost betrayal. "I understand that love, but you know how I worry," she says softly once again. "Horith will tell me if you do anything to cause harm. You know how he would…" her voice trails off as she glances up and spots R'mar approaching the table. "R'mar! It's about time you joined us! You were supposed to be here ages ago!"

A deep sigh is given as Agertha reaches for Lemia's hand, "Love, I know you're concerned but I won't even show unless I'm carrying twins," then she too spots, "R'mar," a simple greeting, and a sip of klah. No drinking for Agertha for a while, "Jerelloth get lost?" it's a very lame joke, that falls far short of its mark. The look on her face is far too serious for there to be any humor.

R'mar raises a brow at the two women, their expressions obviously confusing him. "No, Jer did /not/ get lost Aggie," the brownrider states as Lemia fakes a laugh. "Training ran late. These new transfers really should've been taught more during weyrlinghood." He reaches out a dark hand and slides a chair out, gesturing for a pot of klah from a nearby waitress even as he sits. "So… Who is going to tell me whats going on?" he asks, looking from one rider to the other. Lemia quickly tightens her mouth and glares at Agertha.

The glare earns Lemia a deep sigh, "And this is why I wasn't going to say anything," Agertha takes a moment to calm down. The discussion between the two greenriders has been heated, tense, and quiet. There's no way out of this now, "I'm pregnant," she says calmly to R'mar.

The klah picture arrives and R'mar grabs it as the statement is made, pouring a mug for himself and filling up the others on the table. "Oh, well if that's all it is…" He begins to say and his voice trails off, the mug he is filling overfills. Frozen, R'mar keeps pouring the hot klah onto the table until Lemia pries the pitcher from his hand and sighs herself. "I told you he wouldn't take it well." she states to Agertha plainly, gesturing to the brownrider who sits there, unmoving, mouth half open.

Agertha nods at Lemia, "You did at that. Close y'er mouth love, y'ell catch spinners," said in the driest of tones, "Thank you," said to the waitress that shows up to help clean up the mess that R'mar has made, "Though," a quirked eyebrow, "I think we can say this is shock?"

Lemia reaches out a soft hand and pushes the brownrider's chin upwards to close his mouth and sighs again. "Shock, or terror. It's hard to say." She waves a hand in front of his unblinking eyes and shakes her head. "Hard to tell. indeed."

"Hey, come on, it's not that big a deal," Agertha says as she starts to look concerned, "I mean we have a few months yet before you have to worry," Agertha looks down at her mostly flat stomach, "I'm fine. Will please say something?" Gigan glides down to plop onto the table, "No. I don't think I need you to run a message to a healer just yet Gi. Stay close just in case?" the bronze firelizard churrs, and curls up right in front of R'mar.

R'mar's mouth slowly begins to move, opening and closing silently. Lemia points at it and nods, "Shock indeed. Terror doesn't cause that!" She smiles softly and moves a little closer to the larger man. "You're okay love." she says softly to him, putting her arm around him and rubbing his back with the hand. "But…. but…." comes the first sounds from the opening and closing mouth.

"Aw, your's is a cute one," Agertha can't help but tease. Then she starts to chuckle, "Well at least this time there won't be a load of rumors," she places her hand on R'mar's arm, "You can say it. 'Pre-gnan-t'," the word is deliberately drawn out, and overly pronounced, "Go ahead."

With a sudden jerk of his head, R'mar immediateely is back to normal, and he turns his gaze to rest, not on Agertha, but on Lemia. "How long have you known?" He snaps towards her. Lemia, quite shocked by this reaction, can onlly stammer as she pulls back from the man.

"Only since last night," Agertha answers for Lemia, "R'mar, it was my choice to keep this from you both as long as I did. If," she pauses as she reaches to turn R'mar's face to look at her, "If I had been wrong, or if I had lost the pregnancy to between I didn't want either of you to have your hopes up, or alternatively, crushed," Lemia gives Agertha an appreciative smile, "Love, I would have made her say something sooner if I had known sooner," Lemia adds.

R'mar frowns, his eyes and hands moving to the mug of klah in front of him. He lifts it and drinks long and slow from it as the greenriders just watch him from opposite sides. Slowly he puts the mug back down and takes a slow, deep breath. "Ok. So you are pregnant." He states, matter-of-factly. Another breath. "Jerelloth has relayed this to Wendryth. I don't want you anywhere near active duty for the duration." Lemia begins to protest, in defense of Agertha, but stops as R'mar raises a finger to her lips. "Are we clear?" he asks, his voice more stern than it normally is.

A full blown laugh is R'mar answers, "There's no worry, Kestrath's already taken herself to an empty weyr somewhere above the Last Call," Agertha says when she gets her breath back from laughing, "R'mar, the baby will be here in roughly three months. Now, keep this in mind, and heed me on this. I will not stay off of the groundcrews. If I worked the groundcrew the day before Annis and Grystan were born, I can work groundcrew with this one. I'm fine. I've not even had any morning sickness," enough to make someone women sick of looking at Agertha that is.

Lemia places her hand on R'mar's forearm, not overly impressed with the tone he gave Agertha. "R'mar, that is enough. You know better than anyone that she knows how to deal with pregnancy." She casts a half apologetic glance to the other and sighs. "I should know better too." R'mar looks at Lemia, his face suddenly less stern and then begins to speak. This time it's Lemia's turn to hush with a finger. "I will do what I can to make sure she is safe. You know Horith likes relaxing on the ground after 'Falls, and she will always keep an eye on our mate. Just as I am sure Jerelloth, along with all of our fire lizards, will do as well." She turns to Agertha and sighs. "I am sorry love. I shouldn't have said what I did."

Agertha leans across R'mar and gives Lemia a kiss, then gives R'mar one as well, "It's alright. I should have spoken up a little sooner," though if she were completely honest, she'd admit that she'd expected to lose the pregnancy. She leans back, and waves a hand over the glass of wine that's placed in front of her, "Thank you, no," is said with the motion. She looks around to see if she can spot who might have sent it, "Well I'll take it," Lemia says as she reaches across R'mar to take the wine. No point in letting a good wine go to waste.

R'mar leans slightly into the kiss and looks from one rider to the other. "So… I… I'm…" His voice trails off as his eyes seem to fill with tears.

"Oh shut up," Agertha says, "And let's just go home," Lemia finishes as she finishes the wine, feeling a little teary herself.

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