Echo, Milosh


After a romance that came about in the most peculiar way, there is only one last thing for Milosh to do, and Echo never saw it coming.
Slightly Backdated

Strong Sexual Overtones


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Milosh and Echo's Yurt, Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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"There's just one detail left unsorted, and well, we both know how I feel about things being unsorted."

Milosh and Echo's Yurt

Another miserable night in the Igen heat, but at least after the sun sets it becomes marginally less oppressive. Echo is just coming back to the yurt she shares with Milosh after an evening swim in the lake to cool off after another long, sweaty, day working. After a discussion with her Sir, the farrier did make the concession that she would find an apprentice to do the heavy lifting for the duration of her pregnancy. It took a few days to fully come to terms they could agree on, but Echo knew with his history that he was going to be a little extra careful with her because of it. And really, the way he has been acting since finding out about her condition has endeared him even more to her, his protectiveness warming her heart. So as she returns home, she is wearing a burnt orange tunic dress, that comes to her knees cinched in at her waist with a wide belt and sandals to keep out the worst of the sand's residual heat. A towel is slung over her shoulder, her auburn hair hanging damply and now coming all the way to her shoulders. Stepping through the flap, she finds their place empty and goes about hanging up her towel so it will dry properly before heading over to the kettle to boil some water to make some of her anti-nausea tea which has been helping immensely.

Another busy day for the adepts, those who run any sort of PT or survival skills class have been going on little excursions with the spylings. The other day it was rock climbing, today was endurance running, and Milosh is just getting back from that, and has stopped by the baths, and a Zingari jeweler on his way home. Because of the heat, he's chosen to return in nothing but loose fitting pants and his sandals. His adept uniform and vest are slung over his arm. His rucksack is slung over his shoulder and his damp hair hangs loose around him. Stepping into the yurt he shares with Echo, his azure gaze rivets immediately on his pregnant lover. There's a look of pure adoration on his face as he takes her in, moving about their home. "Good evening Pet." He rumbles pleasantly.

Echo is just fishing out a sachet of tea from her jar when she hears Milosh's voice and she looks up with a radiant smile in the spyman's direction that seems to brighten considerably as she sees his look of adoration, her brown eyes slip over his bare chest and she can feel a slight heat stirring in her as she watches him move around the yurt but that's nothing new, he always has that effect on her. "Good evening Sir." she chirps brightly, as she settles the kettle onto the brazier she had lit just moments before he walked in. "Just getting back from the Baths? I took a dip in the lake myself after my last appointment, it was quite refreshing." She hovers over to where their bottles of alcohol are stored, "Drink, love?" she asks with a tilt of her head in his direction.

"Aye, you wouldn't have wanted me home after the trip today otherwise. You'd have prefered I slept in the pens, trust me." When a man spends literally all day running different terrains, well, it's bound to make him stink. And how charming would that be? That's right, not at all. As to the drink he nods, putting his things away and very stealthily slipping something into the pocket of his pants. "You didn't over do it today did you?" He wouldn't be above setting Ana as an Echo-sitter again, nope, not above that at all.

"Then my nose thanks you for your consideration." Echo teases gently as she pulls out a tumbler and pours Milosh a drink of Zingari Red as soon as she notices his nod. As she walks over with his drink in her hand, she chuckles softly and shakes her head at his query about overdoing it. "Of course not. Grelma is a very capable young woman, and strong too, she is doing all the strenuous work just like I promised she would." As she pauses in front of him, she presents his drink to him demurely, held in one hand but resting on the palm of the other. "And I am fine, you know. Except for the nausea, which is mostly under control thanks to Tallel's tea, I wouldn't even know I was pregnant. He's not even a bump yet." She says the last fondly as she looks down at her midriff.

Milosh considers setting Ana on Echo anyway, some old habits die hard, and he really is paranoid about the baby. He accepts his drink, but pulls Echo in for a deep, probing kiss instead of drinking. "I am glad you're feeling better Pet." He chuckles when she speaks of the size of the babe and looks down at her, an eyebrow raised. "He?" He questions light heartedly.

When he pulls Echo into that deep kiss, she hums softly and lets her hands drift to settle gently at his waist. A happy sigh bubbles forth from her lips when he pulls back. His last query does garner a little shrug of her shoulders. "Well I don't want to use 'it', that just seems wrong, and saying 'he or she' every time is cumbersome." Just practical Echo being practical. "Momma always said she had a sense as soon as she knew was pregnant as to what she was going to have, but I have no idea. I just want him or her to be healthy."

“On that we stand on a united front my Pet, I want you both to be healthy. Did you eat?” Because it is well past supper time and Milosh hadn’t been here to see that she stopped to eat. Hover much? Yes. Milosh sips from his drink and is loathe to let Echo go, but he can see a bit of steam rising from the kettle and knows she’ll have to move to get it, so he loosens his hold on her as he waits for her answer.

Echo offers Milosh a bit of a sheepish smile when he mentions eating. "I had lunch." she offers weakly but knows that won't fly with her lover and takes the opportunity of the boiling kettle and his loosened hold to slip away so that she can pour some hot water into the prepared mug. "You know how I get when I get into my work, I just keep going. I don't even feel that hungry, just mainly queasy." Which she confirms with a nod to the tea she has steeping.

Echo is certainly right that won't fly with Milosh, and it wouldn't fly with the healers either. "Echo…." There's a tone of both disapproval and command there, a mixture of worry and that dominant within him. EVen before this he'd expected Echo to keep herself in good health, as he keeps himself in good health. It's a thing. One he's not likely to give up on any time soon. "It's one thing to skip a meal on a regular day, in regular conditions, but you are with child, you need to stop and eat, frequently." He raises an eyebrow at her, sipping at his drink. He's not mad, at all, but his helicopter worrying isn't bound to stop any time soon.

"I know, I know." Echo says as she gets a little shiver run through her at the mixture of disapproval and command in his voice, a combination that tugs heartily at her submissive side. She lowers her eyes demurely as she blows on the mug with her tea to cool it faster as she considers what she is going to say next. With a sigh she looks back up at him through her lashes, "I will try harder to remember ok? I'll make sure I have something to snack on with me when I'm working, even if it's just dry toast which is about the only thing I can keep down when it gets bad." She tilts her head to one side then, her soft smile directed at him for his worrying, because it's absolutely adorable to her, although she would never call him adorable to his face of course.

Milosh gives Echo a look that says he's pleased with her promise, but is dead serious about what he said. "Good. I'll take you at your word, but if I have to, I'll start sending Ana with food baskets…" HE stalks over to Echo, that soft smile of hers making the blood in his veins simmer pleasantly. He kicks off his sandals along the way so that he pads barefoot across their floor. He moves to stand behind Echo, placing his drink on the counter and framing her hips with his hands. He leans in and presses soft, teasing kisses up her neck until he can nibble at her ear and whisper-rumble: "And you aren't so pregnant that I won't …." The rest is mumbled so low only Echo would hear it, something about what might happen if Echo forgets again and bound to make the pregnant ferrier blush, at least Milosh hopes. The need for her is still as strong as ever, more so now if that's even possible. It is a tease though, because there is something else he wishes to accomplish tonight, and he needs to get Echo to eat before then, for the babe, and for his own frazzled nerves.

And how well he knows how to make Echo blush, because the whispered words in her ear after the soft kisses to her neck causes her cheeks to flush pink as she presses herself back in turn, a dreamy smile on her face as she takes a sip from her mug, humming softly at the taste of the medicinal tea. "Is that a promise Sir?" she purrs back at him, a touch of cheekiness in her voice as she raises the mug to her lips once more.

Milosh chuckles heartily and nuzzles the skin at Echo's neck. "Aye, you can count on it love." He nips her gently then and gives her a light smack to the rear. "Now, I love you, but you need get yourself something to eat, even if it's just toast." That slight air of command is back in response to that cheekiness, and he nips her lightly again because he can. Then, he moves away, retrieving his drink as he moves to find his brush, and a strip of leather to tie his hair back with.

His nips to her neck cause Echo to shiver slightly with an appreciative hum that turns to a little squeak at the smack to her rear, coloring her cheeks darker. His 'I love you' still makes her heart swell in her chest even though she's heard it a few times since he first declared it. The air of command he affects tugs at something deep within her and she nods her head automatically when he tells her to get something to eat, biting her lower lip briefly before responding with a soft, "Yes Sir." Once he's moved off, she takes another sip of her mug before putting it down on the countertop and then goes over to where they store the bread and fruit. Bringing the food items back over to where her mug is, she grabs a plate and knife and sets about cutting up some bread as well as pieces of red fruit after sniffing them considerably to see if their smell sets off her nausea again, thankful that it seems to be ok. As she prepares the food, with extra incase he wants some as well, Echo pipes up conversationally, "So what did you put the spylings through today then?"

As Echo prepares her repast, Milosh locates his brush and begins pulling it through his semi-wet hair. "Endurance running, across the weyr, outside the weyr, through some caves. I'm assuming most of them never want to hear the word 'run' ever again." He laughs then, thinking about some of the 'lings who came limping home. Brushing done, he begins the time consuming process of putting his hair into a tight braid down his back. "How many appointments did you run today?"

Echo finishes the preparations for her light meal by popping a small piece of red fruit in her mouth and chewing carefully, making sure it doesn't make her gorge rise before swallowing it down. She takes the plate and her mug of tea over to the table where she sits before tucking into her meal with small, careful bites interspersed with sips from her cooling tea. "That sounds dreadful." Echo remarks with a wrinkle of her nose, she prefers to do her running on runnerback. Then his question and she has to think about it, her lips moving silently as she rolls her eyes upwards, furrowing her brow trying to remember. "Five..no..six appointments." she corrects herself before resuming her meal.

Milosh shrugs as he works. "It weeds out the weak. WIlla's Spymaster wants to trim the ranks and make the Adepts a more specialised and Eite group, this is how weeding is done. We did rock climbing a few days ago." He finishes braiding his hair and watches Echo begin to eat. Somewhat satisfied, he drops to the ground and begins a pushup routine, something he's likely been doing every night for awhile now. "Six eh?" Part of Milosh wonders if that's too many. How many is too many? All of them in his opinion, but if the healers say she can work still, he can't really argue much. Continuing his routine he asks his next questions. "Please at least tell me they weren't draft runners?" The big wagon hauling and workhorses are a source of much worry to the adept.

Echo listens intently to him as he speaks of his work with the spylings, enjoying hearing him open up to her about his day. Sometimes she marvels about the change that seems to have come over him in these last few months, and even the last sevenday since finding out about their expected bundle. "Well all that will certainly weed out the unworthy then." she says with a soft chuckle in sympathy for the poor spylings. As he begins his evening pushup routine, Echo watches unabashedly at her lover's physique, feeling her blood warm considerably, but now that she has started eating, she suddenly feels ravenous and she can only shake her head vigorously at his question on draft runners, mouth full of bread and redfruit. It doesn't take her long to reduce that plate of bread and fruit to crumbs, chasing it down with the last of her tea.

Milosh does watch Echo while he moves through his routine, smiling knowingly to himself when he notices how ravenously his lover eats her meal. He sees the whole routine through before he stops however, giving Echo the time she needs to eat and finish her tea. By the time she might be standing to clear her things, he’s standing from the floor and retrieving a towel to dry the very light sheen of sweat he’d built up and to finish his drink. “Feeling any better? Full, I’m hoping?” He asks as he makes his own way to the table, grabbing the bottle of Zingari red on the way, and a skin of juice for Echo.

Echo clears away her plate with a smile as he stands from his exercises. His question garners a sheepish look as she goes to put the dishes in the wash basin, "Quite full, I guess I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started eating." she replies with a casual shrug of her shoulders. Returning to the table, she gives a wistful sigh when she sees him bring the red to the table. A nice drink of whiskey after a filling meal is always a treat, but that is one thing she has to give up, and already she is missing it. She reaches for the skin of juice when he gets back to the table and gives a not quite enthusiastic, "Mmmm..juice!" as she goes about filling a glass for herself.

Milosh has some sympathy for Echo in the liquor department. And the Zingari have a definite love of whiskey. "Juice is perfectly good and refreshing." He comments despite his sympathy, "And good for the babe." He seats himself and pours his drink, staring at his hands for a moment before looking upward at Echo. "So my sweet, I have something to ask you, sit and join me." He's been working at how to do this since well before he found out about Echo's condition and he'd decided this morning, that it was now or never. "I know I said to hell with our agreement from before, and, I still think that, but I have another to propose, if you're willing?"

"Yes. Good for the babe." Echo well…echoes after Milosh with a resigned sigh, knowing she wants the very best for the new life growing inside her but already getting a tiny bit tired of being told what to do and not do, for the good of the baby, it feels like being a child again herself. But her brief moment of brooding is wiped away as he invites her to sit down and so she does readily, taking the chair nearest to him. One delicate auburn eyebrow hikes up on her forehead at his talk of their previous agreement and a new one he's wanting to propose. She certainly looks intrigued, "Well I think I should know what I'm agreeing to before I say whether I am willing or not." her words are curious as to his intention, but light and slightly playful as well, because with her Sir, she has literally no idea what to expect from this mysterious proposal.
Milosh laughs a bit. "I'd meant if you were willing to discuss one, you should absolutely know what you are agreeing to before agreeing to it." He silently applauds her for being smart like that, because one should never go into a deal blind. Milosh sighs nervously and takes down half his drink, wrapping his hands around the glass after. He can feel the ring in his pocket burning a hole there. But not yet. Not yet. "Well, we live together now, have a baby on the way, we know how we feel about each other." That's a good start. "And part of me could stay like this forever, everything is perfect, well, near perfect anyway… There's just one detail left unsorted, and well, we both know how I feel about things being unsorted." Milosh is a stickler for order, everything has a place, and a purpose and a meaning. Nothing out of sorts or at odds. His control-freakishness just can't handle disorder. And besides, he very much looks forward to tucking this into place, if Echo is agreeable.

Her smile brightening as he laughs, Echo just watches her lover with a mixture of confusion and adoration, her heart skipping as she sees a hint of nervousness, which is not something she sees often on Milosh which makes it all the more endearing. Her head bobs along with each point he makes describing their current situation, and she chuckles to herself a bit and comments, "Not usually the order most people do it in, but I don't mind one bit." before letting him continue. His assertion that it's perfect has her nodding along her agreement, until she pauses when he mentions something left unsorted, which makes her furrow her brow in confusion trying to figure out what he might be talking about. "Of course Sir. Whatever we need to sort out is fine by me, you know you just have to ask." Ever accommodating to the whims of her lover is Echo, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Milosh grins. "I'm glad you feel that way my Pet, because you are what is left unsorted in my life, perfect in every way except one…." Milosh digs around in his pocket and as he does so, moves around the table to kneel at Echo's feet, a silver ring with the deepest green emerald in it he could find. The stone isn't large, but it is quality and he'd traded many marks and favors for it. Now he just hopes that Echo accepts it. "Would you be my bride pet? I cannot imagine any time of my life without you in it, and well, to be able to call you my wife, would be the greatest honor you could give me. I am well undeserving of you, in many ways, but I hope you'll have me anyway?" And now to wait, a sort of nervous anxiety lighting his face.

Listening to him, the cogs in Echo's head are turning, wondering what aspect is missing from her…and then he's digging in his pocket and then kneeling… "What?!" she squeaks as her hands fly to her mouth to cover it in shock as it finally clicks that his proposal is an actual proposal. She gasps and rocks forward in her chair when she sees the silver ring with the emerald in it, hands clapping together in surprise, and to Echo it is the grandest engagement ring she's ever seen in her life. Her warm brown eyes take no time at all to well up with tears that just start spilling over her cheeks as she begins to laugh and nod her head enthusiastically. Since words are failing the herder woman, Echo just leans down and lets her lips meet his in a purely joyous embrace, although slightly tear-dampened as she is very close to sobbing with happiness at this point.

Milosh is overjoyed by Echo's excitement and the nod of her head. Her kiss is returned passionately and deeply before Milosh pulls away to put the engagement ring on her finger. "And now everything is perfect. I don't think you know just how happy you've made me Pet." MIlosh gathers Echo up in his arms, sitting flat on the floor so he can fram her with his legs and arms, holding her close.

Echo has to blink back some tears to be able to see him put the ring on her finger, but seeing it there, so perfect on her hand, brings a fresh wave to inundate her warm brown eyes as she slips easily down to join Milosh on the floor nuzzling close into his embrace as a strange combination of sobbing laughter bubbling out of her, the tears just flowing freely as she buries her face in his chest. After several long moments, the sobs die down, and Echo can look up at him and in spite of tear streaked cheeks and reddened eyes, the look on her face is love at its purest, adoration and utter devotion to her man, a smile as bright as Rukbat at high noon. “Yes!” She answers belatedly, voice thick from crying. “I want nothing more than to be your wife, to have you as my husband. I love you so much Milosh.”

Milosh just holds her while Echo works through her emotions, his heart swelling with the knowledge that she wants to be his, truly his as he would be hers. Milosh seems to have found something he lost in this woman and it makes her invaluable to him, most cherished, and her vocal assertion of her ‘yes’ nod has him loving her more than he could have ever realised. He's not sure why Echo has put up with him this long, he'd meant it when he'd stated he was well undeserving of her. But somehow, she has stuck it out. Echo, the beauty to his beast, now promising to be by his side always. It's a heady feeling and Milosh feels near drunk on it. Her assertion of her love earns her another deep and probing kiss, a physical show of how deeply Milosh cares for her. He wants her to know it, even if he can't bring himself to say it as often as he probably should.

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