Niyati, Prymelia


Prymelia meets with the new Journeywoman Weaver and has a special request for her.


It is noon of the thirteenth day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr, Niyati's Room

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Niyati's Room

Windows overlooking the sea offer an outstanding view when the shutters of this nicely sized apartment are open and the theme of sea and sky has been carried through into the furnishings. A bed that borders on large takes up one side of the room, it's posts hung with white, gauzy material that obscures the view of the light blue coverings. Small tables at either side holding vases of flowers as well as whatever the owner sees fit to place upon them before sleep.

A small sitting area is arranged in one corner, consisting of long cusions upon a richly colored rug while smaller pillows have been scattered as backrests. A low table provides a surface for drinks, food, and work though yet another vase containing a fragrant floral arrangement dominates the space. Here, as in the rest of the room, wall hangings depict everything from plant and animal life to plays of color on fabric.

The rest of the room is open space that houses a large wardrobe as well as a long trunk and a stand containing a pitcher of water and bowl as well as a mirror. Dominating this space is a loom that could be merely for decoration but for the signs of use in the form of a half completed length of cloth.

Niyati is either always ready for visitors or is just that fast at preparing for them. Either way a larger table has been set with a tray with tea and a few finger pastries layered with fruit. For now the windows are open to allow in whatever breeze is present and any traces of work- loom aside- that may have been present are well hidden.

What does a magpie trader love more than collecting pretty baubles and colorful objects? Easy access to a bona fide Weaver and a woman at that! Thus it is that the moment she’d rolled back into the Weyr an appointment had been made. But now that the time has come, Prymelia with her bright blue shoulder bag bulging with the item within and multi-layered, multi-hued skirts hesitates hand lifted and fingers folded to present knuckles to rap against the doorframe. Except that…she doesn’t and instead stands there taking up space like a flame-haired decorative statue.
Niyati opens the door and stops. If she's at all surprised she hides it quickly and presents a broad smile. "Ah, there you are. Please, come in. I've made tea. Something minty to offset the heat." She gestures toward the seating area. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting long. I was reading and I tend to lose track. With all the new design ideas and all, it can be quite involving." Apparently she's all business.

Hand still raised to knock the trader is as if cast from stone save for the nibbling of lower lip going on, a surprised squeak uttered when the door suddenly opens. For a couple of seconds she might come across as a bit of a dimwit as she merely stares at the woman before her, taking in every detail and until slowly a smile curves into place. “Mint tea? That sounds wonderful. Hi, I’m Prymelia,” that raised hand drops and extends toward Niyati in offer of greeting while hazel regard scans the room before her. “Ohhh…” it’s a breathy release of approval. “Oh this is gorgeous. If I ever got stuck being Weyrbound, this is exactly the sort of thing I’d go for. With perhaps a bit more color.” More like a whole frigging rainbow if the trader’s dress style is anything to go by.

Niyati takes the offered hand and then glances toward the walls. "I had considered fabric, it would be easier to change when I get tired of it, but I didn't want to distract from the designs. Please, come sit. I'll pour tea and we can discuss what it is you'd like." To that end, she leads the way and takes a moment to fill two cups. "I've had panels dyed to resemble the ocean so that if it's storming outside I don't have to feel as closed in."

Following Niyati into the room, Prymelia is quite open about her study of the area, from the bed with its softly draped posts to the wall hangings adorning the walls. “Oh, that’s very clever,” she says of the panels spoken of. “There’s nothing worse than feeling suffocated in your own space.” Says she of the tiny living space. Moving over to the sitting area, she sets the shoulder bag down, gaze resting on it for a while and the slip of white lace and sisal that spills out of the top of it. “I’m hoping you can take something of significance and turn it into something less so.” She tells the weaver somewhat cryptically.

"I've done remakes before," Niyati assures. "In fact, it's become something of a specialty. No need to waste work that's already been done. What did you have in mind?" She's already spotted the fabric and though she's clearly curious, she seems content to wait until it's brought out for view. "I also have beads and trims that can be added without putting too much weight to the garment. there's nothing worse than heavy clothes in this climate. Unless it's heavy, thick clothes." She gestures toward the pastries but doesn't take one for herself just yet.

The pastries indicated are noted but not taken up just yet; instead, Prymelia turns to the bright blue bag trimmed with seashells along its bottom and pulls the garment out. Still standing, she shakes it out and holds it up, her expression gone carefully bland as its revealed to be quite obviously a wedding dress made in the style of a trading clan. White sisal is overlaid with white lace shot through with threads of silver and adorned with a myriad of tiny clear glass beads. Elegant with a touch of flamboyance it is overall, a beautiful creation. “I’m not sure if I want it made over into something else or if I just want to get rid of it entirely.” She tells Niyati in a quiet voice, the item clearly holding significance for the young woman.

Niyati stands to take a look at the dress, taking in the make and the embelishments. "Oh, I think I could do something wonderful with this. A little color, reworking the beads and lace… It would be /very/ eyecatching. I'd make it a little more comfortable for every day wear, of course. Perhaps brine the fabric. It wouldn't even be the same dress." She glances at Prymelia's complexion and then back to the garment before nodding. "In fact, I think I have some colored glass beads that might do for this."

Handing the dress over to Niyati to scrutinize, Prymelia finally sits and takes up the cup of mint tea needing something to distract from the sudden limitation of air in her lungs. “It’s a Night Flight original.” She says, naming the shop run out of Igen’s bazaar. “Adding some color would be good,” the trader agrees though she’s not looking at the dress but instead the view out of the window from where she sits. “Maybe…blue. Like the ocean.” Her gaze cuts away to land on the outfit the weaver is wearing something similar to that. “Or maybe the sky. Free and open and wide.” She is still talking about the dress, right? “Yes. I like that. Something that says, freedom. That would be good.”

Niyati takes a few more seconds to look the dress over and then carefully folds it without flattening it too much. She finally sits and offers a sympathetic smile. "When this dress is done you'll be able to put it on and start to look at the road in front of you. It's never simple, but changing the exterior can make it easier to allow other change to happen." She takes up her book, opening to one of the pages near the middle to show a few designs that are along the same cut as the dress but vastly different in look with their beading and embroidered trims. "I think one of these, using a pallet of blue."

Teacup to her lips, hazel eyes crinkle at the corners so that once a sip of mint brew has been taken and the cup drops away again, there’s a smile to go with it. “I like the way you think. You’re right of course. I tell my clients that all the time. We all need a little something to perk us up whether it be a decadent underwear that may never be seen by anyone but yourself or…” her cup bearing hand gestures toward the dress, “a garment given a new lease on life.” Once the book is produced, attention latches to it. “Oh I like this one,” Prymelia says, tapping a sketch with her finger. “It reminds me of spring.”

Niyati nods her agreement. "And there's always a reason to give yourself a gift. This one is one of my favorites. It's the one I had in mind, actually. I think the cut is just right for you. We'll start with the lighter blues and work it toward something a bit darker at the hem here. You'll hardly recognize it." It's clear she's already putting this together in her mind, but at least she's enthusiastic. "I think I may have some beading for a necklace to go with it, which will be included with the dress, of course. There are times when a commission deserves something a little extra."

The more Niyati talks so the more the trader’s expression brightens a soft chuckle spilling at talk of adding a necklace to go with it. “You drive a hard bargain,” Prymelia teases leaning forward to deposit her half empty cup of tea. There is of course, the matter of cost which she brings up now. “I don’t have the marks that such a transformation will no doubt require but I do have a lovely bolt of cloth in a lovely butter-yellow that I’d be willing to trade if you’d be open to that?”

"It's the first lesson an apprentice should learn, or so my father always said. There are times when a trade is better than a mark," Niyati supplies the quote in a somewhat deepened voice before chuckling. "We'll make the exchange after you approve the dress, then? It shouldn't take very long, most of the work will be in the details. Since this is the only thing I'll be working on until it's finished it shouldn't be that long. Detail work is sort of a hobby of mine." Talk about bringing your work home.

“Your father, was a very wise man,” Prymelia returns, as a trader, thoroughly approving of this philosophy. “I usually make or alter my clothing myself but this…Well, lets just say it’s not something I really wanted to work on myself.” The smile that appears is small but nevertheless there. Taking up the now empty shoulder bag, she stands and extends her hand toward Niyati once again. “You should come by my wagon sometime and I’ll show you what keeps me occupied in the evenings. And forgive me for not having said so before but, welcome to Southern, I hope you’ll be happy here with us.”

Niyati stands as well and reaches out to take Prymelia's hand. "understandable and I'll make sure to do that. Trading is half of what makes my work fun." She smiles at the welcome. "Thank you. I rather like it here. Of all the places I've travelled, it's the one that's made it more interesting to stay to see what's going to happen next instead of planning the next destination."

A silvery laugh greets Niyati’s comment as Prymelia makes her way to the door. “One thing I can assure you of is that there is never a dull moment here.” She doesn’t expand however but instead flicks the Journeywoman weaver a wink along with a wiggle of fingers. “Thank you, Niyati for making this a lot easier than I’d feared it might be.” With that, the colorfully garbed trader makes her departure leaving in her wake the faint scent of spices and flowers.

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