Malosim, Xanthee


Cuddling, talking, kissing, cracking open of potentially shiny rocks - a snapshot of another moment between Xan and Mal.


It is midmorning of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Malosim's Room; Crafter Quarters, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 06 Feb 2018 07:00



“Who knew rocks could be so thrilling?"

Malosim's Room

Simple in the way that can only belong to a new arrival (or a minimalist), Malosim's room has only the bare necessities for the moment. A span of hooks on a welded iron bar are set into the wall to the left of the sturdy skybroom door, a heavy wherhide jacket and a thick work belt being its usual occupants. Beyond this is a small table and two chairs, then dividing wall sheltering a washbasin and a privy. To the right is a full-sized bed, almost always neatly made with simple linens in cream and blue. There is also a desk taking up the corner between the bed and the entryway, perpetually strewn with jewel-working tools and scraps of Mal's latest project, official or personal. Though small, the space is warmly lit by glows, the lightly ruddy hue of the walls lending the room a subtly cheery feeling.

Every now and then, Malosim does get a restday…though people seldom know it, since he’s always doing something besides resting. A guy needs to get his laundry done, after all. Judging by the empty basket sitting nearby and the neatly-made state of his bed, that’s happened already this morning. Now the Miner is sitting on the end of said bed, a needle and thread in hand as he stitches a tear in the knee of one of his pairs of work trousers. It’s slow going, his stitches made carefully and with a sense of rustiness, his ability to sew a skill not often exercised but at least present. In his concentration, he has a habit of sticking his tongue toward his cheek, the tip of it just peeking out from the corner of his mouth. That is most definitely happening now, though at least it seems to prevent him from pricking his finger. His door is halfway open, letting in a bit of cool, fresh air to keep things moving despite the fact that he also has a brazier burning.

Xanthee may not be having a full rest day but the only thing she had on the schedule for today was her usual early morning training session with Kyara. So after a quick trip to the bath and then to her room in the residence terraces, to change into the warm red woolen dress she is wearing now, one of her more simpler ones, her mother's old riding jacket wrapped around her torso to keep off the worst of the winter chill. Hands buried deeply in her jacket pockets, she heads out at a brisk pace towards the Crafters’ Quarters since she does know that it is a certain Miner’s rest day. With the senior queen now having risen and the junior having clutched her eggs, time will only tell if Xanthee will be asked to stand for either of the clutches and as such she has been seeking out Mal as much as their individual schedules allowed, hoping the memories they can make now will somehow lessen the blow should they be apart in the near future. So when she spies her love’s door half open, she creeps closer silently, and cranes her neck to see in through the crack. The sight of him, concentrating so closely on his mending, looking absolutely adorable, tongue peeking out through his lips, gives a surge of loving warmth flowing through her as she can't help a fluttering, happy little sigh from bubbling up and out of her lips. Curses! Her plan to watch him foiled by her own love and affection for the man.

Indeed, Mal has been bracing himself for the moment when Xanthee will come to let him know things need to pause in earnest, though he doubts he’ll really ever be prepared. Never has time seemed more precious. Until that moment, however, life goes on, and that includes trying to fix the hole in his pants…and anticipating a visit from the girl he loves. That anticipation is broken when he hears that little sigh, his fingers pausing so that he doesn’t bobble his stitch as he grins. “C’mon, beautiful,” he invites, looking up as he sets his work aside. Rising, he gives a stretch to his lean-muscled frame and steps over to open the door a little wider. “You never need to wait to come in, y’know.”

Her emerald eyes dancing slightly, Xanthee smiles up at her beau adoringly as he opens the door. “I know love, but you looked so adorable with your tongue sticking out of the corner of your mouth.” She says with a lilting giggle as she advances on him, hand reaching up to lay on his chest, over his heart, as she steps up to plant a long, lingering kiss on his lips, warm and sensual, her eyes fluttering closed as she leans her whole body against him, never tiring of feeling his warm, strong body next to hers. When finally she pulls back, another happy sigh is breathed as her eyes flutter open again to look up at him. “So looks like you have exciting plans for your rest day.” She says teasingly as she spies the made bed and the laundry as well as the mending. “Looks like thrilling stuff.” She says with another little giggle.

“Shells, was I doing that again?” Malosim gives a self-deprecating chuckle, the habit having garnered a healthy amount of teasing throughout his life. The kiss Xanthee gives him in greeting, however, pushes those little flickers of memory out of sight, the feel of her pressed up against him handily obliterating anything but her from his mind. His arms wrap around her in answer, his gaze flickering back toward the bed again. “Heh. The way I got it was more exciting,” he remarks drolly, referring to the tear he’s repairing. He finally pushes the door all the way shut, releasing Xanthee in order to turn and pick up his mending. “I went just outside the Weyr to do some surveying yesterday. Hit a loose patch and took a slide. It wasn’t bad, but my pants snagged an edge just right, and…” He sticks his fingers through the hole and waggles them in demonstration before putting the garment back down.

“Found some interesting things while I was out there,” he notes as he puts his arms around her again. “And I think I might’ve found another geode, if you feel like helpin’ me crack a rock open again.”

“Really, it’s adorable.” Xanthee reiterates when he gives that self-deprecating chuckle. Then he wraps his arms around her and she lays her head briefly on his chest for a moment before he pushes the door closed and he’s pulling away and she listens to him tell his story. When he talks about how he managed to rip his pants, she gets a little concerned look on her features. “You didn't hurt yourself did you?” She asks with real concern in her eyes as she looks him up and down and doesn't see any outward injury so she relaxes slightly. But then he is talking about what he found and another geode of all things, and Xan smiles brightly, “Oh yes please. I love seeing what can be hidden inside.” She says with a little clap of her hands in excitement.

Mal simply beams for that, the self-deprecation more habitual than serious. “So long as you think so,” he says, and then it’s back to addressing his little accident. “Nah. Just a bruise.” He pulls up his pant leg until his knee is exposed, the deep purpling of said bruise embellished with spots of the sickly yellow and red that come with a really pointed knock. He seems unfazed, however. Boys go around with bruised knees all the time, right? So apparently it doesn’t count as hurt.

“Me too,” he enthuses about the prospect of cracking open geodes, moving to the corner of his desk nearest his grindstone. The rock he picks up looks like a tiny egg, only a couple of inches long. The dotted line he’s pre-marked as a cleaving point (hopefully) is already there, as he shows Xanthee before picking up his hammer and narrow-headed chisel. This time, he hands them to her and keeps the geode in hand himself. “I was thinkin’ I’d let you do the honors this time. It’s smaller, so I think a lighter touch will be good.” With that, he sets the geode down, holding it stable between thumb and forefinger and touching a spot near the midline. “Just set it against one of those marks, give it a few taps, switch to the next one over and do the same until it gives.”

Frowning only slightly at the bruise, Xanthee looks back up to watch him move to his desk. She follows him and looks at the tiny egg like rock, a brow raised with curiosity, leaning forward to see the dotted line along it’s surface. Then he’s handing her the hammer and the chisel and she hikes her eyebrow even higher on her forehead. “You know, I kind of like all your fingers intact. You sure you got a good grip on it?” she checks with him before listening to his instructions. Well, if he insists. She takes a firm grip of the instruments and placing the sharp point of the chisel carefully down onto one of the marks he has pointed out. Very delicately, she taps the hammer to the bottom of the chisel, sees it doesn’t do anything so adds a fraction more force the second time and then a third time in short succession, she moves onto the next line marked on the surface. Giving it three light, but still firm, taps.

He does insist! And obviously isn’t too afraid of his girlfriend depriving him of a finger or two since he’s entrusting her with the tools. Malosim tightens his pincer-grip on the geode marginally as Xanthee sets the chisel in place, waiting patiently as she takes another shot at it with more force. “That’s the way, love,” he says, and tilts the stone to give her more of the wider end. “Haven’t hit the sweet spot yet; just keep at it…”

Scrunching up her nose at this stubborn geode, Xanthee leans forward a bit to get a better look at where she places the chisel. Taking a moment to reposition it, she stands back up and gives it another firm, but controlled, series of taps, moving the chisel slightly every few hits. Surely that will be enough to pry open this frustrating little rock.

“Speaking of adorable,” Mal teases when he spots that scrunch-nosed expression on Xanthee, though he only spares a quick glance so that he can go back to concentrating on holding the geode steady. The smaller ones are always tougher to crack cleanly! Finally, however, Xan’s efforts pay off; the stone splits almost exactly along the line Mal had pre-scored, which has the Miner grinning with no small amount of pride. But that grin changes to an open-mouthed look of wonder when he lets the geode fall open.

The rock shell proves to be a ruddy granite-like stone…but where he expected a hollow, crystal-lined cavity to be is, instead, filled with the iridescently shimmering banding of ocean opal. Blue and green in myriad hues sparkle and glint in the afternoon sunlight filtering in from Mal’s high window, and he palms both halves of the stone to hold it more fully into that light. “By the First Egg,” he murmurs, tilting his palm so that the opal banding seems to shift where it’s illuminated. “I haven’t found one of these in…forever. This isn’t a geode, Xan,” he informs her with another slow grin. “Though it could’ve been. This is something called a thunderegg. Dunno why; probably for the shape. It forms hollow and gets filled in over centuries, usually with agate or tigereye…but every now and then…it’s opal.” He holds his hand to her so that she can take a half to study for herself.

Xanthee is so focused on finding out what lies beneath this stubborn rock, that she doesn't even respond to his adorable comment. When finally it cracks open, she gives a triumphant, “Ha!” before she carefully sets aside the tools, eager to see what they’ve uncovered. She is not expecting this though, she thought it would be like the other one, the first one they split together, but this is altogether different.

As he gathers up the pieces and explains how this isn't a geode but something else, Xan leans in close to get a good look. “Wow! That’s amazing!” She exclaims in wonderment, reaching out to touch the smooth surface of the opal. When he holds his hand out to her she picks up one of the halves and holds it up to the light, to get a better look at the blues and greens. Almost dreamily, she says, “Who knew rocks could be so thrilling? Each one a tiny mystery in itself, just waiting to be explored.” She looks around his workspace, emerald eyes search, “So…you have any more of these waiting to be cracked open?” Uh oh, someone may be hooked.

“Exactly,” Malosim says of Xanthee’s opinion of rocks. If it were possible to become even more smitten with this girl, the fact that she so obviously enjoys being a part of something he loves certainly does it; he can feel his heart swelling as he observes her eagerness. It just makes him all the more determined to do whatever he can to help her toward her owns dreams, whatever form that may take. In a surge of emotion spurred on by his thoughts, he catches her around the waist in the wake of her question and kisses her deeply, lingering in it for a long moment before grinning down at her. “None yet,” he answers huskily, “but I’ll be sure to always let you know when I’ve got some.”

Still keeping his arm curled around her, he looks down at his half of the thunderegg, turning it over and over in his fingers. “I think…I have an idea. Something having to do with a certain promise we made.” Which he’s been racking his brain about after the idea of having something to commemorate that promise was brought up.

When Mal catches her in that kiss, Xanthee just lets herself sink against him, arms reaching up wrap loosely around his neck, soft happy sounds drifting against his lips. When they part lips again, she sighs a little bit, looking slightly disappointed when he confirms there are no more rocks to break open. But she quickly brightens when he assures her he’ll let her know when he gets more. And for that she plants a soft sweet kiss to his lips, brief but tender. “Thank you.”

Then he looks thoughtful and she raises a brow when he mentions he may have an idea, and it only hikes higher in curiosity, a soft smile tugging at her lips as she does indeed remember the promise of which he speaks, feeling her heart warm as she watches him with adoring eyes, “Well now that you’ve thoroughly gotten my attention, please do share Miner mine.” She replies, warmth and adoration in her tone.

“I can take these,” Mal replies as he lets his thunderegg half drop back into his palm, “sand each half flat and polish ‘em so they fit right together smoothly, then make a little bevel in the top and tie them into pendants with a leather cord. Something simple we can both wear.” And certainly less on the nose than rings, which would likely not be well-received - or received at all - by anyone looking at her to Stand. A dark brow lifts along with a corner of his mouth as his eyes find hers again. “What do you think?”

Looking as if she is about to melt when he finds her eyes, Xanthee just sighs with the happiness of a full heart as she shakes her head a little bit. “I don’t know what to say. That sounds perfect my love.” She brings her arms down from around his neck to give him back the half she had still been holding. “I love so much that you would think of something like this. And that they are going to be made by you makes it that much more special. I wish we could be more ‘official’, but I know that we can’t be. I want to tell everyone that you are my beloved, the one I choose for the rest of my days.” she says wistfully, clearly becoming conflicted again as their relationship must be held back again for her dreams. Turning from him, to try and keep the worried look from Mal, she heads over to the bed with the pretense of taking off her jacket and putting it there, trying to clear her mind of unsettling thoughts before turning back, absently smoothing the riding jacket where it is placed near the foot of the bed.

‘No one’s gonna be able to get me to shut up when we are able to be,” Malosim notes with a low chuckle. Indeed, it’s a rare conversation had with his friends when he doesn’t bring Xanthee up. Then she turns from him, and though he doesn’t see her expression, he gets the distinct sense that she’s fretting over their impending break again. It isn’t a difficult deduction to make; they both worry about it for various reasons. Even so, Mal is adamantly confident in the strength of what they have being able to conquer and fears that arise. Dropping the pieces of their thunderegg into his pocket, he crosses to her and comes up behind her, sweeping her hair gently aside before settling his hands upon her shoulders and dipping his head to feather his lips against her neck. “I love you,” he whispers against her ear - a statement of fact as much as it is reassurance, his fingers skimming up and down her arms in an intimately soothing sort of way.

When she feels his hands on her shoulders, Xanthee realizes how tense she is and forces herself to relax her shoulders with a soft sigh, letting them sink under his touch. When he feathers kisses over her neck, another sigh, this one with a lighter quality as she tilts her head just slightly. A smile returning to her lips as he says those words to her, softly in her ear, three simple words that makes her feel like she’s going to burst with happiness every time she hears them. Her tension is released in another, happier, sigh, as she sinks back into his chest, reveling in his soothing hands on her arms. “I love you too.” is replied with soft conviction. She then clears her throat a little bit before saying, “I got some news.” She says in an attempt to dispel the cloud that had settled over her, hoping he will take the bait.

Malosim will take the bait, though he won’t forget that Xanthee is carrying around a little bit of a cloud. She knows he is perfectly willing to listen if she wants to get something off her chest, after all. He makes a querying sound at her last, folding his arms to mantle around her shoulders. Then he decides he’d rather sit and reaches over to shove his pillows against his headboard with one hand, turning to fold himself down with his back resting against them and making a niche for her between his knees to come join him. “What news is that, love?”

Sighing happily when his arms wrap around her shoulders, Xanthee is just about to let herself sink into him, but then he is arranging the pillows on the bed and as he settles himself, creating such an inviting little niche that she can't help but slip into the bed and fill it, sitting with her back against his chest, as she nuzzles back into him with a sigh, letting her head rest on his shoulder. “Caught up with Ha’ze the other day in the Bazaar, or he caught up with me, whatever, it’s not important. Apparently he’s going to be a dad again and pretty soon too. Of course he hardly gave me any details, but the mother-to-be is someone named Miel, sounds like a rider name.” Another long sigh and she shakes her head softly, “I don’t even know what to do with this information.”

With Xanthee settled back against him, Mal drapes his arms around her again, sighing contentedly at the feel of her there. It’s something he simply can’t help when she’s there, fitted against him however seems best at the moment. The revelation about Ha’ze causes a dark brow to arch high. “Again, huh? Does he even know about the teas? Because that’s sounding kinda doubtful at this point…” Though deadpan, it is wry; this particular bronzerider’s progeny seem to be popping out of the woodwork, and while he’s deeply in love with one of the man’s daughters in particular, it sounds to Mal as though he might be trying to give some of the cothold broods a run for their marks.

Xanthee’s last has him tilting his head to study her profile, a hand lifting to gently tuck back some of her hair behind her ear. “Well…are you happy to be getting another sibling?” he ventures. “Or is something worrying you about it?”

When Mal’s arms wrap around her again, Xanthee can't help but let herself sink back into him with a matching contented sigh. As he starts talking, she catches one of his hands with hers, twining fingers and running her thumb absently over the back of his hand. “I would offer to teach him all about the teas, if I thought he would actually use them. Alas I think my Pa is a man quite set in his ways.” A snarky chuckle accompanies Xan’s words. Then he asks the question she herself has been brooding over since the bronze rider told her. Taking a moment to consider her response, Xan lifts his hand to idly run a trail of soft kisses down the back of it. “That's just it, I have several other siblings I haven't even met yet. But this could be different. This one would be here at Igen, and I could get a chance to be a sister from the very start. But I don't know how to do that. I’m not even that close to Ha’ze yet, but I’m going to go up to a perfect stranger and be like, hey I’m your baby’s half sister, mind if I’m a part of its life?” Xanthee scrunches up her nose again at that notion.

“I think it just makes absolutely no sense not to take them, living in a Weyr,” Malosim notes ruefully in the wake of Xan’s chuckling. “Dragonrider or not.” Because who knows when a flight is going to sneak up on you? He watches as she figures out her answer, the feel of her lips feathering along the back of his hand drawing up little flares of goosebumps on his arms and causing his eyelids to droop a bit. When she does finally speak, he gives a blink of perplexity. “Why couldn’t you do that?” he wants to know. “Riders seem…I dunno, a lot less proprietary about their kids than I’ve seen in the Crafts or the Holds. Not that I’ve seen all that much, but the difference is noticeable.” Broad shoulders hitch in a subtle shrug. “So you meet Miel, introduce yourself, tell her you’re one of Ha’ze’s daughters and that he’d mentioned they’re gonna have a baby…and then just ask if it would be alright if it knew its sister. Worst case, you’re no worse off than you are now. Best case…” He gives a small, slow grin as he tilts his head to look at her again. “…You get to do something you’ve never done before. And I think this other rider would have to be a pretty awful person to decide they’re gonna shield a kid from someone else with a blood tie. Someone who gives a damn.”

Listening intently to what Mal says, Xanthee sighs again, “Yeah, you're telling me. You don't know how many weird looks I got when I first started asking people about finding my dad, most wondered why I bothered. Just another weyrbrat, why do you need to know your blood relations when the whole Weyr’s your family? It was frustrating. Maybe I am just strange that way. I know plenty of 'brats perfectly fine with their foster situations.” Another heavy sigh as she listens to him until he's finished and then nods a little bit. “You’re right. I really have nothing to lose. Thank you love.” She says as she readjusts a little bit so she can look at him, a small smile playing on her lips, “So…speaking of babies…” and there is the barest mischievous twinkle in her eyes, pausing just long enough to let him fret before asking, “Do you want kids?” She asks curiously, watching his face for a reaction.

Mal shakes his head to Xanthee’s first response, the notion that anyone wouldn’t want to know about their family having always struck him as odd. “Not strange,” he assures her. “It just… I dunno, sometimes there’s that need for family connection that just can’t be denied. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want it…but I guess it depends on the person. The situation.” His own family ties being as strong as they are, perhaps it’s something he’ll never fully understand.

He kisses her temple in the wake of her thanks, murmuring a soft, “You’re welcome,” before she shifts so that she can look at him. Then she changes the context of the baby subject, which leaves him studying her curiously…and yes, he does start to fret a little despite the clear mischief in her eyes before she speaks again. For that, he gives her a subtle, playful squeeze, and her question brings up an automatic smile to which he nods subtly. “Yeah, I do. Someday,” he replies, and a touch of color rises to his cheeks as his free hand sifts at Xanthee’s hair. “What about you?”

Xanthee giggles at the playful squeeze and sees the smile, and she finds her own smile widening. She nods her head a little bit as he asks her the question right back. “Yes, definitely.” She says with conviction, “And even if I do end up Impressing one day, I’m never going to foster. I’ll make do with nannies and such, but they will be living with us.” Her tone is resolute and brooks no arguing. “My mother managed, and others do as well even though it’s a small amount. But I don’t think I could give them away for someone else to raise, why have kids in that case?” She shrugs her shoulders with another little sigh as she cranes her neck to give him a little kiss on the line of his jaw. “How many do you think you would like to have?” She asks as she trails down his jaw to his neck, just featherlight touches of her soft lips.

The fact that Malosim is glad that Xanthee wouldn’t ever want to foster is quite clear in the brightening of his brown gaze and the lingering of his smile. “I’m right there with you, love,” he agrees enthusiastically. It strikes him as interesting that his heart rate is picking up slightly with this particular conversation, as though he can’t quite believe that it’s one they’re having in all seriousness. It makes the reality of their promise that much more solid somehow…and he can’t help but hold her tighter for it.

He lets his eyes fall nearly shut with the touch of her lips to his jaw…and even more so when she moves to his neck, compelling him to tilt his head for her convenience. His fingers still sift through her hair, a soft, low rumble marking his satisfaction with the current coziness. “Two or three? That’s what I’ve always pictured, anyway,” he replies almost drowsily. “I’ll be happy with any, though.” Spoken just like a guy who simply wants to be a dad someday, whatever form that may take.

Xanthee beams when it seems they are on the same page about raising their own children, although she kind of figured he would be so inclined because of his background, it's nice to hear it confirmed. When he squeezes her tighter she lets out fluttering sigh of contentment as she lifts her lips from his neck to reply, “Funny you should say that, two or three is exactly how many I’ve always wanted too.” This conversation may be a serious one, but Xan can’t help but smile brightly. “You’re going to be a great dad Mal.” she says with the warmth of her love for the man evident in the tone of her voice. “I can’t wait till there’s a couple little Mals underfoot.” she says with a giggle as she snuggles back into him again, eyes half closing at the way he sifts his fingers through her hair. “Well I can wait, and will, because I am so not ready right now.”

“And you’re gonna be a great mom, love,” Malosim returns, grinning because he believes it with all his heart. Given her concern for knowing her current family, he knows she’s meant to have one of her own…and to be the one to have that family with her, well. It’ll just be the completion of a dream come true. “There’s gotta be at least one little Xan running around too, though; more of that kind of beauty in the world can only be a good thing.” Since she enjoys his fingers running through her hair so much, he keeps going…though he can’t help but tilt his head and tease his lips along the curve of her ear, too; it’s just too inviting. “Me either,” he agrees with her last, chuckling. “But…we’ll definitely have plenty of practice at what it takes to make them by the time we actually decide to.”

Xanthee smile brightly at Mal’s first, “It warms my heart to no end to hear you say that love.” Although she offers up a little laugh at the thought of a little Xan. “Can you imagine? She’ll have you wrapped around her little finger before she’s a month's old, she’ll have no choice but to be a Daddy’s girl.” The talk of their future settles like a warm blanket over Xanthee, making plans and imagining the possibilities only solidifying the promises made. She turns dancing emerald eyes to her beloved at the talk of 'practice’, a mischievous smirk playing over lips, “Oh I expI think we’re both going to be Masters of that Craft by the time we want to put it into practice.” She giggles lightly and then her eyes grow wide as she seems to remember something. “I totally forgot to tell you!” She says excitedly. “Well, you know how I told you I figured out that Daen and Reveka had…gotten together? But how they both swore that they were definitely not a couple?” turning her head again to look at her beau, she has a ridiculously smug look on her face.

Yes, Mal with a daughter would be an absolute puddle. He can see that even right now. He grins roguishly at Xanthee’s confirmation about all things leading up to actually having children, and has every intention of possibly stoking the fire toward another round of said practice when Xan suddenly has another realization. He nods, remembering what she’d said about Reveka and Daen and reading that smug expression loud and clear. “Things took a turn, huh?” he guesses, and chuckles, tilting his head to kiss the back of her jaw. “Guess you sparked something off.”

“If the gossip around the Zingari camp is any indication they are spending a lot of time in each other's yurts. So i guess you could say my matchmaking was a roaring success.” Xanthee replies with a mirthful giggle that quickly fades into a happy little sound in the back of her throat when he kisses the back of her jaw, smiling curling wryly. “Mmmmmm, is it time for some ‘practice’ of our own?” she says with a soft purr in her voice as she reaches up to cup his cheek with one hand, gently pulling him closer and leaning into the kiss.

Malosim laughs at Xanthee’s first, making a mental note to grab Daenerys for a drink sometime. Not that he’s going to ask for details, but if the other man is going to rib him over Xan at every opportunity, Mal may as well get in his own. He leans down very willingly into the kiss she pulls him into, the hand in her hair stopping against her cheek in turn while his arm around her tightens, his hand straying up along her side. “I think that sounds like an excellent idea,” he rumbles in answer, going after her lips anew. It always sounds like an excellent idea…and the rest of his body agrees in extremely short order.

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