Edlsesa, Daenerys


Edlsesa takes a walk to ease some stress and runs into her half-brother. Kidnapping plans ensue.

Talk of Violence and Death


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Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds

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"How were you, when our father died?"


Igen Caravan Grounds, Zingari Encampment

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the first day of Winter and 67 degrees. All throughout the day, the air is strangely still and unmoving. Overhead, the skies blaze a brilliant, cloudless blue.

Here we go: the new shipment of leather is in, and it's high time Daenerys got around to checking it over for quality control and proper quantity. The task's all too tedious, and the ex-Tanner dawdles over it, taking breaks far more often than is necessary, just so he doesn't have to deal with more than one shapeless hide at a time, all the while mentally grumbling over the fact that he can't foist this sort of thing off on apprentices any longer: it's his problem, now. He's settled at the very steps of his yurt straddling a particularly large roll of freshly delivered hides, sawing at the ropes holding the mass together.

Edlsesa is walking through the Zingari cam trying to clear her head. After yet another morning of trying to pry her foster brother from her late foster father's studio, and checking in on her mother with the Zingari, Sesa is mentally and emotionally worn. Her mother seems to be recouperating, now less depressed a turn after Erikkhan's death, but her brother, well, he's another matter. Thoroughly depressed and much thinner than he should be, the harper boy is a mess, never leaving their quarters saving to eat, and only rarely. He guards Erikk's studio like a watch-wher, not letting anyone move or clean anything and he talks to himself, constantly. Sesa is starting to wonder if she might need to bring in a mind healer. She's allowed Kanriel plenty of time for grieving…while grieving herself, enough is enough. And so, trying to work a plan into her weary mind, Sesa walks. Somehow or another, she ends up near Daenerys' yurt, and her eyes land on her half-brother. She's only ran into him the once, but she finds she does want to get to know him, as he's the only blood relative she has. "Good day Daenerys!" She calls as she approaches, trying to put a smile on her tired face.

But what's this? A distraction! Oh, how lovely Edlsesa is, showing up at just the right moment to give Daenerys an excuse to leave the dusty hides behind. Straightening, he pulls off his gloves after sheathing the knife and stows the bulky things on the wooden steps. "Well, now, stranger. Fancy meeting you here." He smiles at the girl, noting her weariness with some sympathy. She's obviously had a long, hard road of it over the past Turn. "How you doin'?" He swings his leg over the hides, moving away from them with alacrity to go and meet his sister and perhaps save her a few steps.

Edlsesa waves and moves closer, though her trip is shortened by Daen's initiative and she meets him half way. His greeting earns a more realistic smile fro the young teen and she chuckles, tucking a bit of her thick, curly hair behind her ear. "Better than some, I suppose." She crosses her arms under her breast and cocks her hip. It's a more comfortable way to stand for now. "How are you?"

Daenerys remembers that very same curly hair on their father — always ruffled, always tangled, always ignored. And yet, somehow, the ladies liked the rogue anyway. Perhaps it was that general air of playful geniality A'lory always projected, right up until the very end. There's a brief shaft of sorrow for that lost bronzerider, and then Daenerys is back, affable as ever. "Truth," He laughs softly, and shrugs. "Tired of leather. So very tired of leather." This happens to be the sixth pile of the stuff he's seen today. Good thing he's been able to send most of it straight to the new Weyrtanner.

Edlsesa laughs gently, shaking her head. "Missing your apprentices now I take it/" She asks, jabbing lightly about his change in employment, for he'd been a tanner when she met him, and had only joined the Zingari since. She looks around, eyes landing on the pile of leathers and hides. "Need some help with that then?"

"So much." Daenerys mourns, placing one hand dramatically over his heart and sighing gustily. Oh, the days when he could boss people around! He weeps for the times, man, weeps! Ahem. "Nah, I've warranted a cool drink of water by now, haven't I." Besides, he's done enough showing off of muscle for the benefit of — absolutely no girls at all; they ignore him as thoroughly as he ignores them. Flirtations can be ignored only so long with impunity around these parts. "Want anything?"

"You sure?" Sesa isn't exactly inexperienced with bundles of hide, she is a harper aprentice after all. When asked if she wants anything to drink, Sesa nods. "If there's any of that deliciously spicy tea about, I'd love some." She's rather fond of the Zingari's spiced tea (chai like tea).

"Course I'm sure." Who's going to stop him? Daenerys flashes Edlsesa his most charming grin, and heads for the food wagon. "Oh, that tea's the best." He's fond of stashing piles of it about his yurt, though somehow the food wagon makes the best stuff. Something about them being professionals or something. He leads the way on over, matching his pace to his little sister's as a matter of course. "C'mon, I haven't seen you in an age. We should have a proper sit-down and gab, don't you think?"

Edlsesa laughs lightly at Daen's response, shaking her head with a smile. "It is, I can't get enough of it. It's as much of an excuse to come down here as coming to see mama. Is she still doing alright here? You see her out and about and not hiding in her wagon, right?" Willimina had mentioned Realilina's forays into the outside world again, but Sesa wants to make sure she's not being molly coddled in regards to her foster mother. When Daen starts walking, so does she. And it's a good thing Daen adjusts his pace, because the one thing their father didn't give her was height. "I could use a meal, to be honest, so sure. Between Mama and Kanriel and my apprenticeship, I barely have time to think, let alone eat. "

Oh, he's seen her about: a quiet woman, to be sure, but she does show her face often enough. "I think she's bought a bracelet or two from me. She's very quiet, but she does come out." There's some sympathy there for the woman — she has to be missing her husband something fierce, though she seems to be adjusting well, to the view of a man who doesn't know her very well. Finally, they reach the wagon, and Daen manages to charm both the tea and a decent meal out of the cooks. "What's going on with Kanriel?"

Edlsesa seems relieved that Realilina is getting out and about, it's a sure sign of healing. It's one less worry on Sesa's shoulders. When Daen asks after Kanriel, Edlsesa rolls her eyes and groans inwardly. "Near the same, though you can now add muttering to himself and starving himself to death to the list. Only I can get in and out of our quarters unscathed. I sent a drudge in to clean and try and prod Kan out of Papa's studio to clear it out and he attacked her. He isn't well….I'm starting to believe I may need to get a mind healer on the job." Sesa shakes her head and heaves a heavy, hitched sigh. "He threw one of Papa's clay pots at me the other day and shattered it…then berated me for ruining it."

There's silence, for a moment; the kind of silence where a conversationalist cannot decide what he should say to the information presented him. Daenerys simply stares over the rim of his mug at Edlsesa,, eyes round with surprise. "I… um." Smooth, Daen. Real smooth. He lowers the mug with care, and draws a breath. Another. "He sounds angry." So much obviousness in that one statement — Daen seems to be good at it today. Scrubbing at his face, the ex-Tanner scowls to himself, casting about for a way to help his sister with her brother. "I think you're right about the mindhealer. That whole situation is above my pay grade."

Edlsesa finally has a mug of her own drink and sips it thoughtfully. "How were you, when our father died?" That still seems so strange to utter aloud. Of course, Sesa had always known A'lory to be her blood father, but he'd been mostly absentee, leaving her to Erikk and Lina to raise. A pang of sorrow at the thought of her foster father, but it passes soon. "Were you angry?" The fact that she may be right about the mind healer is not comforting in the least, but what else is she to do?

"I… didn't understand, at first." Daenerys muses, studying the liquid in his cup as though it holds all the answers he might need. "He'd always been healthy, you know? And he didn't have much time for me, but what he could give, he did. But he got tired, toward the end — so easily." There's a long, long sigh, and Daenerys lifts the cup to drink from before looking up to Edlsesa. "He was older than others thought, you know. And the travel, four hundred Turns from the past — it strained him, some. He never let on, but his heart gave him trouble. The Healers think it just… stopped. They'd found him in his weyr, seemingly asleep — after his dragon somehow made it between. He looked peaceful." Daenerys rubs absently at his forearm, remembering the shock he'd felt — just the day before, they'd been planning shenanigans in the Bazaar — and then, that. A'lory was just… gone. "I was confused, but not angry. Sad."

Edlsesa nods after Daen speaks, looking thoughtful. "I was sad when my Papa died, it haunts me still, some. But I've gone through the range of emotions…and I'm mostly at peace with it." Edlsesa sips on her tea and looks a little weighed down by life. "It was like that for Papa too, here one moment, gone the next. We'd just had his and mama's anniversary party, and we'd all gone to bed late after celebrating. And he was gone by morning. He looked happy when mama found him, at peace." A couple of tears spring to Sesa's eyes and she dashes them away. "But Kanriel…he's just… He's so lost, so angry. You're right about that. And I just…. I don't know what to do anymore."

"He's younger than you, isn't he?" Daenerys struggles to remember, for he's yet to meet Kanriel; there's a lot of sympathy, still, for a young boy whose lost his father. "And if they were especially close, it could be contributing to his pain. He may simply not be ready to admit his father is really gone, you know. He may not know what to do with the information." Not that the leatherworker is entirely certain of this — and yet, it's something he's heard about; sometimes, children simply cannot process the information given them, especially with the entire family grieving.

Edlsesa shakes her head at Daenerys. "He's near three turns older than me, turns eighteen in a month and I don't know that they will entertain him walking the tables if he doesn't start…showing up for lessons and working on his Journeyman Project. He's still got a turn or two to go, but if he doens't start working now, he'll never make it. The hall is at it's limit for allowing him grieving time." The rest of what Daenerys says is taken to heart, but somehow, she doesn't think it quite hits the mark, though it may be close.

Huh. Well, Daenerys never said he had a head for mindhealing — fortunately, no one's expected it of him, either. "Hmm. But what does he want, I wonder." That's the crux of this whole thing — a young man in distress that severe has a need for something. Something someone with much, much more experience than this young man has. "Whatever happens — I think he will need help. And support. I don't know what to do with that, though, to be perfectly honest with you."

Edlsesa shakes her head and sighs. "Aye, I don't know either." A small idea blooms in the back of Sesa's head and she looks at her other brother as if sizing him up. "It's gonna take more than just little ol' me to drag Kanriel out and to a mindhealer. No one will go near our quarters anymore." Yes, yes she's hinting she needs help.

Daenerys raises his eyebrows thoughtfully at Edlsesa, head canting to one side. "Are you asking me to beard the poor boy in his lair and drag him out?" He appears to be somewhat amused by the idea; he'll even take a moment to savor it. All that muscle gained finally has some use, apparently. "Isn't that the slightest bit rude? 'I'm here to take you to the Healers — up you go.'" He mimes tossing the senior apprentice over a shoulder, grinning at Edlsesa. "Oh, I'll do it; it sounds like he's reaching dangerous proportions in his mind — I just would like to go on record for sayin' this is dramatic."

Edlsesa smiles. "That's exactly what I'm asking because it's exactly what Kanriel needs. I'm over his ….temer tantrums and I can't take the brunt of his abuse anymore." Edlsesa looks determined in this, and solid in her conviction now that Daen seems willing to help. "He is reaching dangerous levels and like I said, I'm not at all sure I can handle him anymore." Tea is finished and Edlsesa sets her mug to the side, feeling accomplished, yet stil so….so tired. She laughs a little when Daen states it's dramatic and nods, smiling. "Well, quite appropriate for my father's son then, Papa was dramatic in his own ways." Sesa grins and shakes her head. "Boys."

Daenerys chuckles. "I, sweetheart, am a man." He'll emphasize that point with an expert flip of his hair, thus ruining the attempt to look all heroic and whatnot. He's totally kidding, right? One hopes. He finishes off his tea and makes to rise. "Well — I suppose we ought to make a game plan. I'm certain Kanriel will not happily accept being bearded in his very lair." Full of his father's things, as precious to him as life itself, and all that. Allthat silky black hair is gathered into a runnertail, and the loose end coiled round about itself until it forms a lovers' haste knot at the base of his skull. One simply must protect hair that pretty.

Edlsesa nods. "Aye, we will need to do that, but I need to get back to my lessons. I only came down to check on Mama and clear my head a bit. Running into you, while a pleasant and nice surprise, had not been on the docket." Edlsesa watches Daen fix his hair and then sighs before standing. "Thank you for the tea, and for listening to me vent about my bro— about my other brother." She giggles a bit at this and shakes her head. "Can I meet you here for supper?"

Daenerys chuckles softly. He's been practicing being… entertaining. Apparently, it's working! "You're welcome. All the ladies talk to me." And sometimes try and sedce him, but so far that hasn't worked out so well. In any case, her desire to meet with him again is met with gentle amusement. "Certainly; I wouldn't mind at all."

Edlsesa moves around to give Daenerys a sisterly hug, whether he wants one or not, and smiles. "Thanks. I'll see you later tonight then." Then waving, Sesa moves off towards the weyr, and her lessons, her burden a bit lighter than it had been on her arrival.

Daenerys is somehow used to these things by now — Xanthee tends to ambush him at regular intervals as well. He hugs the girl back, and sends her off with a devlish grin and a, "Later!"

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