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It is late evening of the twenty-second day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Painted Alleyway

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Painted Alleyway

The Bazaar is a web of alleys and dead-ends; the unwary or unfamiliar could quickly become lost. This alleyway is a prime example- it can only be reached through a series of seemingly random left- and right-hand turns through increasingly narrow passageways, and ends abruptly with an adobe wall twice as tall as a man. The difference between this place and many of the others in the Bazaar is that some effort has been made by the local residents to spruce it up as a safe place for children to play. As a result, the walls are painted in bright primary colors and the children themselves encouraged to contribute, decorating the lower portions of the walls with painted handprints, stick figures and blobby dragons. White and yellow striped linen flaps overhead, awnings strung with wood and rope to create some protection from the sun. The atmosphere is bright, cheerful and extremely isolated, the din of the Bazaar a distant dream here.

Reilan has been spending lots of time in these quieter stretches of the bazaar. It has served well as a place to eat lunch in peace and chat with Veresch, for one. But with the light having faded and the temperature dropping, it's a little more spooky than anything else. Children are abed at this hour, and even though there is still plenty of foot traffic around the main market, these colorful thoroughfares are empty. Reilan is there, however. Settled in the seclusion of the dark, he's seated himself against the vividly blue wall, knees pulled up to his chest.

How long has it been since Thierry watched Reilan storm off from the cold lake shore, post-argument? He can't remember, though he /does/ know he's sick of sulking. Thi misses his only friend, and knows /exactly/ where he's most likely to find him. Or where he /hopes/ he's most likely to find him, anyway! The guard recruit squints through the darkness, easily identifiable himself by the red glow of his toke and the light smoke he breathes out from it. "Rei?" Unable to spot the blonde through the evening gloom, he softly calls his name. "Are you here, Rei?"

It's not like Rei…/stormed/ off. And he has /tried/ to see Thierry. But the older boy is a stubborn sort. He blinks a little in the darkness, focusing on the tiny glowing point of the toke before getting to his feet. It's somewhat slow going, a bit stiff in places as he regains his upright position. "I'm here."

Aha, he hears a Reilan! Thierry stops, listening for the sound of the blonde's voice or his movement; when he's pinpointed his location, the recruit moves in. "Rei." He's so sheepish as he approaches, head hung low, one hand shoved into his pocket. "Where've you been?" Because it's all /his/ fault, naturally, that they haven't spoken in so long.

"Where have I…been?" Reilan looks completely baffled there for a moment. At least before the anger sweeps in. The teen's expression darkens, features turned into a little growl as he takes an abrupt swing at Thierry. It's a pathetic one, really. He stays out of fights for a reason. But it doesn't stop him from trying now in a frantic angry burst. "I've been where I always am! You haven't talked to /me/! Wouldn't even look at me! Where the hell do you think I've been after all that shit, huh?! Where am I supposed to /be/? Where you can find me when it's convenient for you? When /they/ can?!" One shaking little ball of rage, that is Reilan now.

Well, that was unexpected! And yet Thierry's quick enough to step back from the attempted punch, catching Reilan's hand in his own and squeezing it gently. He lets the blonde rant, cautiously holding onto his hand, and using that first moment of silence to curl his arms around the littler teenager in a big, gushy hug. The squeeze is tight, and he drops his cheek to the top of his friend's head. "Sorry, Rei."

Squeezed! Reilan's eyes go a little wide, all the breath leaving him for a moment or two. He gives a feeble push though. "Too tight.." Pain? There is! But the teen leans his head against Thierry's shoulder anyway, fingers gripping at him a bit.

Too tight or not, Thierry's not letting go just yet! His little friend is /cold/, and he feels guilty about it. "I'm sorry, Rei." He repeats himself, sighing softly. "You're freezing. Why aren't you inside somewhere? It's /cold/ out there."

Reilan winces a little bit, still giving a bit of a push even if he doesn’t seem /against/ being held by Thierry. He shakes his head though, dropping it once again onto his friend’s shoulder with a bit of a puffed out sigh against the older boy’s neck. “I have to sneak in when it’s late to avoid the guys.”

"Why didn't you /say/ something?" Though Reilan probably did, and Thierry just ignored him and walked away - pretty standard behaviour since the lake. He frowns, strokes surprisingly softly over Reilan's hair, and then echoes the blonde's sigh. "Fuck them, Rei. They saw what happened to Phib. If they touch you, I'll fucking /kill/ them."

Reilan shakes his head a little at that, eyes closing for a moment. “Leave them.” Though he does reach up a little after a moment, cold fingers lightly touching along Thierry’s jaw. “Can we go inside?” After all, it’s true. He /is/ very cold! But so long as the older boy is with him, going back to the fighting ring shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Thierry captures Reilan's chin in his fingers, tilting the younger teen's head up so he can look down, eye to eye with him. "Promise me," he says quietly, though not without a hint of the anger that flashes in his dark gaze, "that if they do /anything/ to you, you'll send Pretty to get me. Or you'll run. Promise, and you can stay in my room tonight. I'll even build up the fire for you."

Reilan smiles just a little for the proposition, head canting to the side. “I’ve been staying there since you’re not.” Thierry has been /avoiding/ after all. His hand trials down a little though, resting on the older boy’s chest before giving a soft pat. He doesn’t..quite respond really to the talk of running or calling for Thierry if the other boys come at him. He just shakes his head again and gives a small tug on him. “I’ll look for you. Come on?”

Sleeping in his bed? Thierry frowns softly, then shrugs. "How'd you know I was sleeping in the barracks?" He follows in the direction of the tug, then pulls his hand away from Reilan to slip out of his uniform jacket. "Here." He tosses it at the blonde, then falls in before him to lead the way. "Rei… do you /like/ her?"

Reilan blinks a bit, but pulls the jacket on. It’s bigger than what he’d wear, after all. He curls the larger thing around him though, somewhat dwarfed really as he walks along. “I came there the first night, but you didn’t come, so..” So he assumed! He follows after Thierry though, silent for a little while. “I don’t know.”

"I'm no expert, but I /think/ she likes you." Thierry hangs back a step to be on a level with Reilan, draping his arm over the shorter teen's shoulders. "Girls are fucking /weird/, man. You've gotta have seen the ones that've been drafted into the /guard/?"

“Maybe..but I think she likes you.” Who can /tell/ with girls? Reilan is just confused by them. Even if they are pretty. He doesn’t mind the arm though, leaning into Thierry as he walks. “I met one of them. Can’t say I’m real fond of the idea, but she was pretty nice and all. Bought me a drink.”

"I don't know if I like her, either." The shrug of his shoulders will be felt through his arm around Reilan rather than seen. Thierry stops them, though, when there's talk of /drinking/ with the kindasortamaybe-enemy. "/What?/" Or maybe the stop was for him to fumble with a fresh toke? Because that's what he's digging in his pocket for. "Who? Who bought you a drink? And /why/, Rei? Why would you /encourage/ them?"

Reilan sighs a little, eyes rolling as Thierry pauses to light up. “I was already having a drink, she simply bought me another. We were chatting. That’s not /encouragement./” He shifts to face the older boy then, one hand settling on his hip. “Besides, it was nice of her, anyway. All the riders had just bolted out to go fly Thread. You know, the one over at the Hold the other day? I was.. It was just nice of her, alright?” He gives a slight rap of his knuckles on Thierry’s chest then, before he continues walking, with or without his friend. “I told her how I felt on the matter, she didn’t seem to take it badly. I don’t remember her name though.”

Once he's lit up, Thierry follows Reilan, trailing smoke in his wake. "Thread was /close/," he says quietly once he's in line with Rei again, matching his step. His arm is draped over his friend's shoulders once more, pulling him as close as is possible while walking. "I don't think I like /any/ of them. And you know who joined?" He pauses for dramatic effect. "Fucking /Cleo/." His favourite whore! A whore no more!

Well that causes a bit of a start from Reilan. He tilts his head up to look at Thierry a moment, shock evident. “She /did/? ..Well. But she’s..soft.” The teen just shakes his head in mild confusion, bringing his hands up to rub at his face. “I hope she doesn’t get hurt or anything.”

"Fucking soft in the /head/." For joining the guard, of course. Thierry snorts, then exhales a thick cloud of smoke - seemingly thickened by the cold air that makes his breath visible. "Girls're a weakness. Shouldn't be allowed into the guard. How the fuck're they going to do a /proper/ job? Yeah, one might get /lucky/ and maybe knock someone on his ass, but man… they're gonna be /targets/." He knows because, if his situation was different, he'd probably be one of those doing the targeting!

Reilan does laugh faintly, tucking himself a bit further into the jacket again. It’s warm there, and smells of Thierry! “Well…you’ll just have to wait and see? I imagine if they’re trained up good they won’t be too much of a burden. I don’t have to /like/ it, but the Weyrwoman must know something about it if she’s ordering it, right?”

"Pfffft." Thierry doesn't think much of /that/: the Weyrwoman's choice /or/ the ability for women to be well-trained guards. "Stupid Oldtimers don't know what's good for us." He kicks at a rock in their path, sending it skittering into the darkness ahead of them. "We oughta be in charge, Rei. Not them. They don't have a fucking /clue/ what we need in /our/ time… they're only good for fighting thread. Do you…" A beat, during which he draws on his toke. "… do you know when it'll fall on /us/?"

There’s no argument that comes from Reilan on the matter. He doesn’t feel…/too/ terribly differently on the matter, but the teen isn’t about to encourage Thierry’s ranting. Instead he gives a bit of a shudder at the talk of Thread, shaking his head quickly. “No, I don’t. I can’t even…. I don’t want to think about /that/ happening.”

The shudder makes Thierry draw them to a stop, so he can turn Reilan to face him. He gives the younger teen an encouraging smile that doesn't entirely hide his own nerves, even though he's /trying/ to tuck them away. "The riders'll take care of it. We'll not have to worry about anything, Rei. They'll keep us safe, and I'll join the ground crew to get any of the fuckers that make it down here. Fucking thread's not getting /us/."

Reilan pauses, looking again at Thierry. There’s a faint smile for the encouragement though, and a small nod after a moment or two of stewing over it. “..You’d better be careful.” One finger pokes into the older boy’s chest for that, making it an order rather than a suggestion, really. He tugs on Thierry though to get him moving again.

Thierry follows, though only once he's scuffed out his toke beneath his bootheel. "Serious though," he continues their conversation in a sombre tone - that still manages to sound a little /braggy/, somehow. "I'll go out there, and I'll blast the fuckers with one of them flamethrower thingies. There's not enough firestone, right? You've heard that, haven't you? What if it's /true/ and dragons can't do whatever the fuck they do with it, so we've all gotta get out there and whack it off with agenothree?" He mimes blasting something on the ground with a flamethrower. "Burn the shit /up/, Rei. That's what we've gotta do."

Reilan may look…a little sick. Just a little, but it’s there, at the thought of there being too little firestone to get the job done. He gives Thierry a sidelong look, however, lips just barely curving up. For all that the older boy might be bragging about things that may or may not come to pass, it at least seems to be making Rei feel better about it. “I doubt I could even lift one of those things and use it right.”

"Course you could," is the encouraging response to that. And ribbing, too. Thierry curls his arm over Reilan's shoulders, squeezing him. "I'd help you. Or you could help me. I'd keep you safe, Rei." Side-to-side he bumps into the blonde, winking down at him through the darkness. "Against thread, riders, girls - 'specially /girls/. They're worse than thread. I'll keep you safe though, Rei."

“Alright, alright. I don’t need /that/ much protection.” Reilan laughs a little at that, though he does give Thierry a push when he’s bumped into. He finally makes it out to where the main bazaar streets are, those that lead right down to the snake fighting ring and other more well traveled establishments. The teen gives a little shrug though, half-sliding back out of Thierry’s jacket. “Want this back?”

Thierry shakes his head. "Nah. Wear it inside." He's cold, but he'll survive! Reilan is winked at, as good-mood Thierry playfully bumps his fist off the teen's cheek. "I said I'd take care of you, right?" Something he promised a long, long time ago. He looks off down the alley that will take them home to the ring, resting his hand on Reilan's shoulder and squeezing gently as he thinks. "Hey." Eyes flicker down to Rei, and he smiles awkwardly - just for a second. "Did you like her kissing you?"

Reilan tilts his head somewhat, but offers a faint smile. “You did.” And maybe he’ll even do a good job of it eventually! He pauses though at being questioned again about Veresch, brows furrowing together just a little as he thinks about it. “Well..I dunno. I mean, it happened pretty quick and I wasn’t at all expecting it. It wasn’t /bad/ or anything..”

"Ok." Thierry takes a few steps towards the ring, then stops. "Hey," same tone, same everything - deja vu! "Do you think you'll let her do it again?" He turns to look at Reilan, digging his hands into his pockets to keep them warm.

Reilan blinks, looking at Thierry again in utter confusion. “I dunno, I hadn’t really thought about it, much. I mean..she looked pretty angry when she did it, too. I don’t…. I don’t know!”

"Ok." Again, a cookie-cutter flat reply, echoing his earlier one. Thierry steps towards Reilan, capturing his chin again to cant his head up. "Maybe not in front of me though," he suggests quietly, meeting Rei's light gaze. "I don't wanna smack anyone."

There’s a slight lift in Rei’s chin, a bit more than Thierry’s hand might be nudging. “I didn’t /ask/ her to, you know.” The teen certainly wasn’t trying to get kissed in front of the older boy! He does reach up though, fingers settling around Thierry’s arm that’s attached to his chin. “I’m not going to.”

"I know you didn't ask." That was pretty obvious! A twitch of a smile curves the corner of Thierry's mouth, and he squeezes Reilan's chin before letting go of it to pat his cheek. "I'd get in trouble if I hit someone without cause." He grins, a full-on smile that tugs the remainder of his healing lip-wound; there's still a trace of a scab left from his altercation with Phib. "You ready to go sneak in, little Worm?"

Reilan huffs out a sigh. “And here I’d hoped that there wouldn’t be too much sneaking.” Still, he shrugs out of the jacket finally, handing it back to Thierry with a grateful look. “Thank you.” He’d never sneak around anywhere wearing it, though. It’s far too big on the teenager. His head shakes just a little, holding a finger out at Thierry. “You’ve still got to learn to control yourself a bit, I think.” But then he moves, heading into the building housing the tunnelsnake fights quietly.

"Yeah, I know." Thierry shrugs into his jacket, meandering after Reilan. "Cha'el's helping, though. He's kinda cool. I think he tried to kiss me when we first met - did I tell you that? Fucking /weird/, that was." He smirks, reaching out to playfully tug one of Reilan's braids before hop-stepping ahead of him. "Fuck sneaking. Let's just go in. Ring'll be in full swing anyway so who's gonna notice?" His fist comes up in a playful shadowpunch in front of Rei's face, and he winks at the younger streetrat. "C'mon. I'm fucking /whacked/. Feel like I could sleep for the whole Pass."

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