Naneska, D'ex, Zynth


Where did D'ex get lemons in the middle of winter?
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It is the early morning of the 10th day of the 8th month of the 12th turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Good Morning! It is morning, right? It better be! D’ex is expected at drills soon, so dawn is good time to be in Igen. Wait. Time zones … . . As frosted thoughts reach out to his sunshine-trader, D’ex paces on the lake shore, his annoying little flying rat diving into the lake and coming up with nothing. Lady can’t even fish, still useless. Or perhaps she’s not trying. D’ex doesn’t care. It’s too early for him, he’s had no klah, and needs to be home before long. “Zynth? Is she coming? Can she come faster?” « Patience. Please. Wait a bit, D’ex. » “We are going to be Late.” « I am aware. » “And M’noq’ll ask why an-” « Please. Just wait some. » “AND that stupid N’lim will ‘talk’ with me and that’s always more awkward than anything else. A-” « D’ex. Hush. Patience. »

Depending on her nocturnal activities, it can sometimes be tricky to find a particular Reika Caravan cook. Fortunately for Zynth and his rider, Naneska didn’t go looking for fun last night, and once the surprise of having her early summer morning interrupted by a sudden mental snowstorm passes, she steps quickly towards the lake shore. And HARK! She carries not one but two mugs in her hands. “Do t’ pair o’ ye have naught better t’ do?” While the question could be considered rude, her tone is anything but and there is a small smile and an offering of klah extended to D’ex. See sometimes waiting is good! He will find it similar to what she prepared the last time she was forced graced with their company in the bright light of early morning.

The dragon has settled down on the shore at this point, and D’ex’s pacing will slow and cease all together when Klah is offered. “Of course we have other things we should be doing! I have morning drills, for start.” Still, fingers wrap around the Klah with a huff of relief, a few sips will be downed before continuing, “However, we are in need of some hel-” « You are in need of some help. » Zynth is unwilling to be apart of this particular screw up, and he wasn’t, he was on fine terms with Taliveth and A’ndi. « Good morning, Naneska. I hope things have been well for you? » D’ex takes another sip of klah, “I am in need of some help.” D’ex nods across the lake toward where the trading caravans set up. “Tell me, do know anyone who has a large amount of citrus? Lemons are prefered, but any will do. I can pay upfront and will be transporting.”

Naneska brings her own mug up to her lips, blowing across the surface as she listens with both ears and mind alike. And then there is a long thoughtful sip as she considers. “What’s in it fer me?” She is a trader first and foremost, this is her first concern. “I might know of a few places. But at this time o’ t’ turn. Ye’ll be missing a smidge more than ye drills.” But she’s not stupid enough to reveal exactly where she plans on sourcing this citrus. “With t’ weather so warm, t’ demand is high.” But because she is a trader first and foremost, she has connections and can probably get the pirate exactly what he needs.

D’ex realizes this, however, he will not start offering right away, rather, his expression goes blank for a moment, trying to convince Zynth that this was what he could trade in his Favor for. Zynth does not think that this is worthy of a favor, nor is he willing to turn his Favor in for D’ex’s problem. D’ex snaps back, sighing lightly, “I can get you another feline. I’ll skin and tan it and deliver it here in a few sevens.” What does he know what she likes? Though . .. . she is a trader, and with Southern in winter still, price might be high right now … . “Or I can get you a few crates of fire lizard eggs.” Because D’ex is/was a pirate, he knows some folks who smuggle them. He could get some and deliver them here.

Naneska gives a decidedly unladylike snort. “Ye kin keep yer crates of green eggs.” She declines even as the golden form of She-Ra appears and settles about her shoulders. “T’ demand is for gold n’ bronze. And those beasties can’t be predicted.” And the trader pauses to affectionately rub her cheek against her own little queen. “But, if t’ pelt is fine enough, I could possibly make a profit…” Her features sharpen as her thoughts turn a little more speculative. “Perhaps not right away…. And it’d have t’ be t’ right pelt. T’ jungle beasties are pretty enough for me floor. But t’ fancy ladies like t’ silver clouded ones that live in t’ mountains.” The traders golden head tilts challengingly. She is unaware of the interchange between dragon and rider, and it is possible she considers the favor repaid, depending on how things went in that cave that one time :P

D’ex’s dealings personally rarely factor into Zynth’s. However, it is possible that the blue would have never remembered that the favor was owed until D’ex brought it up. Not that the blue would ever admit to having a memory barely above that of an average blue. D’ex makes no rebute at the assumption that the eggs would be green. They would be. Buuuutttt. A spotted one? From the mountains? Hunting in the mountains? In the winter? Fuck, that would be cold. And he’d have to go to skin the thing immediately if he was to go through with actually stretching and tanning it for her. Further chat between Zynth and D’ex will confirm again that, the Favor was not D’ex’s to use. D’ex comes back to himself and scowls, “Okay, fine. We could get a spotted one. BUT, it better be worth it. If we can find a female, the coat will be larger, and there will be no shedding at this time of year.” D’ex was not above buttering up his single cat for a single crate of lemons.

Lemons? Bitch please, he said citrus so there is going to be more than just some sour old lemons if this sun-child has anything to do with it. "Deal." Naneska nods her head firmly, holding out a hand to seal the bargin in the time-honored fashion (except, maybe this time without the exchange of bodily fluids~). "Are t' pair o' ye more familiar with Nerat or Southern Boll? Or…" She pauses examining the pair of them keenly. "Is yon Zynth good enough t' lift an image in me head?" If she sounds dubious, it is because she is, even with She-Ra's assistance, providing her own co-ordinates to the blue dragon may be more of a risk than even she is willing to take.

They better be lemons. D'ex really has his mind set on lemons. But, he will reach out and accept the handshake. One, single, up and down and D'ex is pulling back again. "Nerat yes, Southern Boll… " Again, the rider glances at the blue, "Yes?" There is a flicker of consern over D'ex's face, but this quickly vanishes, "No need, he can get us to the center of either, so no big deal." Apparently, the blue's business trips around Pern have expanded, and likely his people-collection has too.

Naneska shakes her head. "I'm good." There is no modesty here, false or otherwise. "But it may be a bit o' a challenge to wander to an unknown Hold and attempt to bargin…" Of course she probably could do it, but it's far, far to early in the morning for those kinds of shenannigans. "I was thinkin' o' specific holds in either area." But she shrugs, and finishes her klah without saying anything more. Once her morning stimulant is nothing more than a pleasant memory she's going to trot back to her little wagon and dress in something entirely more appropriate for galavanting around Pern. "I assume ye want t' go now?" There was something about drills right?

"Zynth can help with bargining." Because mind-touches to holders has been surprisingly useful when D'ex needed someone to give up and let him have/do something and just shaking his knot at them didn't work. "But yes, there is sort of a time limit on this. I do sort of need them soon-ish? Perferably?" D'ex is really trying not to be fidgetty, but he nods quickly, then shakes his head, "I can't now. I have drills soon and we are going to be late as it is and I hate my wingsecond!" Because anytime is a good time to complain about P'lim, right? "I can't now, but when are you free? Soon? And the cat will come later." Because stalling on trecking up to the mountians for a spotted feline is good, right? You don't live in southern if you like snow.

Naneska looks down at herself, all her fun little curves and crannies now covered by fine-worked wher-hide, and then she lifts her head to look at the bluerider. "I am always free." She declares, her voice flattening slightly. "'Tis easier that way." Except for when she's trying to arrange an inter-contenental business arrangement. "Jist git Zynth t' speak t' me or She-Ra." There is a shrug, that ends up with her jacket down around her elbows. Hate isn't really in her emotional lexicon, but that mention of a time limit has her perking up again, one brow rising with mischief. "Ye tryin' t' impress someone?"

Fun little curves and crannies might be of more interst another time, but D'ex does apprecaite them. "Good to know. Good to know. Zynth will give you a heads up, not that flying rat." Because Hate is high in use in D'ex's world. He waves a finger at her, "We'll be back! This evening or the next and take you where-ever it is that lemons are to be had at this time of the year. And we will have a damn feline for you next time!" Or the time after, but it would happen. Zynth would ensure it. "Yes! No! What the hell gives you that idea? I need them to fix things, okay? Does this require you knowing why? I just need them."

Naneska removes her jacket completely now, using the activity as a shield to hide the grin that cracks across her features. 'Hate' may not be part of her world, but 'play' certainly is! "I may be young yet, but I know enough of the ways of women and men…" Or any of the combinations of women and men. Naneska doesn't judge. "…t' know when I'm dealin' wit' someone in the watch-wher den." The expression of indulgent amusement proves impossible to wipe from her features so she just kind of smiles goofily at the redhead. "I kin find someone to write a wee bit o' love frippery if ye want." SHE IS TRYING TO HELP! She just doesn't really understand okay?

"Excuse me? Write? No! That would not help! I am not in trouble with him! I just pissed him off a bit and I'm going to fix it, you hear?" Or at least, he was trying. Sorta. In a way. Because telling someone you didn't want them to get scurvy was good, right? "I don't need that." The finger waves at her again, as if it might help that smile vaporize, "This evening! We will be back!" D'ex takes a few steps back, away from her and niceness being nice and back toward his dragon. "I am going to be late as it is! I'm not obligated to talk about this with you!" Though clearly his prattling kept coming, "No! Naneska, no! No love letters! Just lemons. Citrus. That's what I need and it will fix everything." And maybe some flowers.

OH D'ex doth protest to much! Which practically guarentees that somewhere in the basket she's going to procure is going to be a very generic, very florid love note, written by Naneska herself! Instead of revealing these plans however, she does focus on the one word in the babble that is VERY interesting. "Him?" Her grin grows broader even as she steps forward. "Ye'll have t' tell me the the story o' that tonight! For now, be gone wit' ye! Lest your pestilential Wingsecond gives ye extra sweeps." And that would interfer with her own plans to accguire a pretty clouded leopard pelt.

And D'ex would Die. But Taliveth would probebly love it. "Yes! Him! I'm a bluerider, am I not?" And not above prepetuating Hold-ideas about color and sexuality. "There will be no stories! And I will meet you here before sunset!" With that, D'ex is scrambling gracelessly back onto the waiting blue. Zynth himself remains crouched, neck streaching out to dip his head slightly to the trader, « Fair Skies, my Naneska. Be well and we will see you not so long from now. » D'ex is apparently not partial to these words as the tense, fidgetting, lateness seems to have him fumbling with his straps

Naneska really should resist, but does not. "'Tis a date me love!" Although that finger wriggle is for Zynth, and Zynth alone. "Ye'll spin me a yarn or two won't ye?" She flutters her eyelashes coyly at the blue. "Ye rider seems a mite… flustered." Perhaps because she's found something to fluster him with, which clearly she is delighting in. "I'll be here at sunset. I promise." And with that she finally relents and allows the blue riding pair to depart, even as she turns heel to start her days chores. She's really not all that sentimental when it comes to farewells.

Flustered indeed, and only growing most as LATENESS grows. Still, D'ex doesn't bother replying and lets his dragon do the talking, « Thank you, he does that sometimes. I find ignoring it works best. » Wings open and take Zynth up to the lightening sky and away. He blinks quickly away, early morning drills call and a potential evening hopping continents for citrus. Who could ask for more?

Naneska's LOVE NOTE!
My dearest love,
Your eyes are my fire,
Your hands I desire.
Have I got a sauce for your soft pillowy buns!
Let me show you my sausage, and look how it comes!
Together we sizzle, pop and burn
And I promise tomorrow it will be your turn!
To cook dinner.

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