N'iel, Zaria, Azrith, Roxeauth


Zaria and N'iel bump into each other when going to practise for the T-Tourney. Wing discussions are had, while dragons flirt.


It is sunrise of the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 30 Jun 2018 23:00


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Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

With a schedule as busy as a Wingleader's, Zaria has to be creative with the time she has if she wants to sneak in practice of the two events she's entered for the T-tourney. One, DragonBall, she can do as part of drills or PT, but for the Aerial Demonstrations that Azrith insists they participate in, she has to make extra time. So here it is, sunrise with the sky painted in brilliant orange and reds and above the training ground, the large blue is working through his routine. Always the showboat and craving attention, his indigo hued hide gleams in the early light, a mere silouette against the colorful backdrop. Now I know why you insisted we do this now. Whichever green you are trying to impress with this pretty picture is probably still asleep dearest. Zaria thinks to her lifemate before he takes them on another tight barrel roll that ends with a heart stopping dive, wings pulling them up short just before collision and rocketing them back into the skies with head-snapping vigor. Hey now! Just because you can do that, doesn't mean I enjoy being tossed around like so much firestone.

Food was the first order of the day, and at an early enough hour for Roxeauth not to be seen eating. After a wash to get rid of any evidence of her meal, her next visit is to the training grounds. So it is that Azrith gets an audience; Roxeauth lands as discreetly as a dragon can, at the edge of the grounds. Her head is inclined just enough that she can watch the blue's performance; N'iel, too, is getting a good look at Azrith's abilities. Once Azrith comes out of that incredible dive, Roxie reaches out to him, a breath of smoke with her words floating out from it. « Very good, honey. Been practising that one a while? » Exasperation at his green talking like that to their Wingleader's dragon is expressed in an eyeroll, then N'iel offers a wave to Zaria, if she can see it.

Fully aware when the relatively new green to the Weyr shows up, Azrith pulls his rider into two lazy, fully-inverted loops, before he begins a slow descent to the Training grounds, shifting his wings just so, to expose the soft swirls of sapphire along his belly, sky blue tipped tail twitching, « Oh that? Natural, raw talent, my lovely, nothing but. », his mind shifts and shimmers, silken fabric gleaming a dark red. When the blue's headed down, Zaria peers at what could be attracting him so and just rolls her eyes when he spies Roxeauth and her rider. I knew it. She relays smugly before returning N'iel's wave when they are close enough for her to see it. It doesn't take long for them to land, and Zaria slips down her blue's shoulder, landing with a thud. Pushing her riding goggles up to her head, she strides over to her newest wingrider with a friendly smile, "Morning, you're up bright and early." Azrith merely sidles on over to Roxeauth, his eyes whirling softly blue, « You make the sunrise look dull in comparison, your radiance dazzles. » Yes…this is really how Azrith is…even with non-proddy females.

Roxeauth's answer to that is a long inhale, the glow of a cigarette illuminating her smoke-filled landscape. Her eyes remain on Azrith as he lands, though she moves her head as little as possible. Seeing that Zaria's dismounting, N'iel does, too. He's not pulled his goggles down yet, and his jacket is unbuttoned: nto quite ready for a morning's practice, but nearly there. He'll take a few steps to meet Zaria, not wanting her to do all the work to meet him, a smile on his face. "Had the same idea as you - I've got Roxeauth in a speed event, so I figured we should get some extra practice in." Roxie's reply is finally verbal to Azrith, shrouded in an exhale of curling, silvery smoke. « Flatterer. You haven't even seen me in the air, yet. » There's the impression of a wink, as the green dips her head just a little.

"Ahh.. Speed event. Should be a fun one, so many quick fliers," Zaria comments as she runs a hand through ginger hair, trying to settle it beneath the goggles. "And yeah, sometimes I have to make creative use of the time to get to practising." A shrug of shoulders indicate that it's not such a hardship, her cheeks still slightly red from the flying, "You settling in ok? Everyone treating you good?" Her smile is warm and friendly as she unbuttons her jacket, letting it hang open with a happy sigh for the cool breeze that finds her skin. Azrith for his part turns his perpetually smirking visage in the direction of the green, a mental laughter caressing with the soft feel of velvet, « I'm sure you will be even lovelier in the air, » the blue barely misses a beat with his reply, « If you don't mind an audience, I would love to take in the show. » Another sigh rises up from the bluerider, but this one is in mild irritation with her relentless lifemate.

"Here's hoping we san stand out from the rest," N'iel says, grinning. As to her question about settling in to Arroyo, he gives a couple of quick nods. "Oh, yeah. I try my best not to piss anyone off," he adds, still grinning. « Well then, » Roxeauth replies, one final glow of the cigarette among the smoke, before it all clears as she prepares herself mentally for what she's about to do. « You've got the best seat in the house. » Her attention turns to N'iel, and the man glances at his lifemate, then looks back at Zaria. "We were going to warm up, do a few laps, if you wanted to check Roxie's style? See how we might fit into Arroyo's arrangement best?"

"Oh I'm sure you'll both do Arroyo proud in any case," Zaria replies encouragingly before laughing heartily at his next comment, "Well that's certainly good to hear," she says through her laughter, "Thankfully, most of our wingmates are of the same mind." And the small minority who aren't don't really need to be discussed right now. With an excited warble, Azrith settles himself down a little more comfortably, long tail curling around him, the perfect picture of eager anticipation, as his faceted gaze remains on Roxeauth. Bobbing her head eagerly, Zaria smiles, "Well since I couldn't drag my blue away from here if I wanted to, I think that's an excellent idea." Stepping backwards for a few paces to give him room to do his thing as she joins her blue, leaning against his shoulder as she gets comfortable to watch.

A male greenrider coming into Arroyo? Right now, there's probably little surprise that N'iel hasn't met much resistance. "I'm glad of it," he says, also not wanting to go down that avenue of conversation either. Roxie turns her neck to give N'iel a look. Come on, she's ready, why isn't he?! With a final flash of a grin, N'iel steps over to her and mounts up, doing up his jacket and pulling down his goggles. Roxeauth doesn't spring aloft immediately; rather, she stands, takes a few steps with those swaying hips of hers, giving Azrith a look thrown over her shoulder. Then she leaps to the sky, emerald wings elegantly opening to catch the air. It's speed that she's here to practise, but she needs a warm-up first, to stretch out her muscles. So she gains height, then falls into a series of rolls and twists.

Azrith is rivetted by the sway of green hips and that coy little look, he rumbles a throaty encouragement, « Knock 'em dead sweetheart. » he calls, red velvet mindscape rippling and then parting in the middle to be swept away, giving the stage to the buxom beauty. Zaria is blocking out the majority of her blue's amorousness, something she's done often after their near decade together. Her attention is fully on the technical merits of the flying, quietly analysing even the warm up, trying to get a feel for how the pair moves.

Roxeauth's attention is focused on her flying, so there's no reply to Azrith. Not verbal, anyway - but she can't resist throwing in a few more tricks, spinning and dancing through the air all in the name of 'warming up', even though she must be well warmed by this point. Finally she levels out, and now Roxie puts her all into flying fast, circling above the grounds as she pumps her broad wings, body carving through the air. A tickle of smoke reaches out to Azrith, teasing, alluring. N'iel hasn't thrown up through all the acrobatics, and is currently hunked down against Roxie's neck to provide as little air resistance as possible while the green completes a few laps.

Lifting his head high, Azrith's gaze follows the green in the rest of her warm-ups and then when she starts to do her laps in earnest, warbling his appreciation for the show he's being treated in the air above. The tickle of smoke plays along a strip of silk the same shade of green as Roxeauth's hide, like a banner being waved in support. Zaria for her part, crosses her arms over her chest and nods along approvingly with the moves the green pair exhibits, her smile appreciative of the effort she is viewing even though there isn't anyone there to see it.

Roxeauth completes two laps of the grounds, but there is no third; reluctantly, she alters her course and soars in for a landing near Azrith. It's her new proximity to the blue that soothes some of her irritation at having to finish so soon. « You'll be there to cheer me on in the real thing, darling. » It sounds rather more like a statement rather than a question! N'iel unbuckles, and slides down. He does take a moment to find strength in his legs again - even the Turns of riding with Roxie can't stop him feeling wobbly after all those aerial moves. Drawing in a breath, he straightens up, pulls his goggles up, and aims a grin at Zaria, expression almost expectant as if awaiting her judgement. New Wing nerves from N'iel, there?

« Wouldn't miss it for the world, sweetness, I'll be your own personal, one dragon cheering section, » Azrith confirms with a bit of a wiggle as the green lands once more nearby, crooning softly. Pushing away from her blue, or maybe being dislodged by that wiggle, Zaria smiles brightly as she strides towards him, hands clapping idly before she comes up to him again, "Very nice you two. Made it look effortless up there." With a tilt of her head, as if considering, she wonders out loud, "What level wing were you in at Southern again? Did you do a lot of clean up work, or mostly stuck with formation?"

« I look forward to it. » Beneath her coolly disinterest exterior, there's a hint that Roxeauth is, perhaps, looking forward to having at least one devoted fan in the audience for her performance. A cigarette is relit in a brief flash of flame; the gentle sound of liquid poured into a glass, then the tinkle of ice cubes as she lifts it in a toast to Azrith's promise. Roxie settles herself casually down, lounging, as N'iel chats to Zaria. "We practise a lot to stay in shape," the rider explains, before commenting on his wing situation prior to Igen. "My last assignment was Lynx, which was a lot flight Wing. We were tasked with staying in formation initially - they had some smaller dragons who could do the mopping up work." All this delivered matter-of-factly.

Azrith himself lounges a little more languidly in repose, stretching his neck in the green's direction with a sultry croon, « As do I. » he practically purrs with a soft tickle following his words, like a feather boa being slipped though fingers. "Well your practice certainly shows. I like to see a wingrider so dedicated." Zaria's approval is warm and easy as she rests her hands on her hops to listen to his response to her questions, "Well Arroyo does a lot of mopping up, for the upper light, for Parhelion. We drill in formations obviously, but we often cycle through them depending on what's needed in actual Fall." With a tilt of her head, she continues, "Next time we drill, I think I'll have you try out a few different positions," head nodding slightly as if affirming her own statement.

Roxeauth prefers to make others chase, and though Azrith stretches his neck closer, she remains in her casual reclined position, watching him with her nose tipped down, as if regarding him over the top of a pair of glasses. « Perhaps we shall both return with prizes for ourselves. » That she likes the idea of - something to go in the trophy cabinet, so to speak. "We're not getting any younger - gotta keep working hard to keep up with everyone," N'iel sounds upbeat about it. "Sounds good to me. It'd be nice to try something different - we haven't had a chance to put our agility to use for a while." He rocks on his heels, thinking. "And - thank you, for accepting us into Arroyo."

« Perhaps we shall at that, two such talented dragons as ourselves, the rest better watch out, » Azrith challenges cheekily as he insinuates himself closer without actually seeming to move much, he doesn't mind being the one to do the chasing. "Well you don't look like you're lagging at all," Zaria won't even try to guess at the man's age, she's terrible at such things, but he doesn't look that old to her. "Good that's the plan then. Agility is most of what we do, which is why we're so full of greens and blues." The greenrider's last takes her by surprise, evident in her softly blinking hazel eyes as she rubs at the back of her neck sheepishly, "It's nothing to thank me for, really. I should be thanking you for chosing Arroyo." Even though that miserable fall a couple months ago is almost forgotten, it still pops up in gossip occasionally and she worries if her new wingmate might have heard the less than pleasant things said about her.

"Thanks," N'iel says to the compliment, before noting: "That may have been a deciding factor in me expressing a preference for Arroyo," N'iel offers up with a grin. If he's heard any chatter about that particular Threadfall, he's not saying anything about it here. "Roxie needs a chance to flex her wings, show some of the smaller dragons what she's made of." Those little newtimer sized dragons! "Not at all." He waves off Zaria's reverse-thankyou, smiling. "At least she can't be distracted by too many bronzes." He gives her nearest leg an affection slap, the response from the green in question lifting her head in her approximation of an eye roll. « I can see why such a talented blue became Wingleader, » Roxie says to Azrith, ignoring her rider.

"Oh we'll gladly give her the chance to do just that," Zaria affirms with a sharp nod of her head, before her gaze comes to rest on the green, her smile broadening a bit with a roll of her eyes for Azrith and his attentiveness to this new green. For his part, the flahsy blue just warbles with amusement ducking his head in a well practiced look of bashfullness that's tinged with mischief, « I have talent in many areas my dear, perhaps I shall show you when next you take to the skies at your most radiant. » No false modesty in his mindvoice, confidence smoothing the silken fabric of his mind. With a clearing of her throat, Zaria shakes her head a little bit at her smooth-talking blue. "Well, I need to get some food before I start my day in earnest. Great chat though, you've given me lots to think about and I'll see you at drills this afternoon," she remarks easily with a smile. Azrith isn't moving though, he's quite comfortable where he is thank you very much, and the company is irresistable.

"I'm glad." N'iel offers up a toothy grin. Roxeauth's casual body language is noted, as she gets to her feet. "No problem - thanks for hearing me out. Enjoy your breakfast." He gives a salute, before he climbs to Roxeauth's back. The green can't resist the opportunity to sashay her hips as she departs, breaking into a gentle run that leads her into taking off, soaring off towards her weyr. « See you around, honey, » is her parting comment to Azrith, well amused by his promises of showing off his other talents. The sun's rising light envelops her as she heads off to the skies above the bazaar.

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