Odesse, Calliope, Alyna


A Dophineer, a Starcrafter and a greenrider run into each in the Treble Clef for an impromptu chat about Firelizard training, night shift and life goals…


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Treble Clef, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 26 Apr 2018 04:00



"Whaddya mean ye ain't got no drinks? Like not even some wine?"


Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

With Spring well under way and summer fast approaching, the bright sun and good weather Southern's been having lately has had plenty of time to bring out equally good spirits in folks. The Treble Clef is definitely showing this as the sun begins to set and whichever ensemble is playing at the moment has broken out into a rather lively tune. Some patrons have even cleared some of the tables back to make an impromptu dance floor. But not everything is happy! Oh no! For there's a rather morose looking blonde currently clad in little more than a swimming suit staring at one of the servers like she is speaking a different language. But Odesse will attempt to communicate once more. "Whaddya mean ye ain't got no drinks? Like not even some wine?" The server does her best not to immediately facepalm before going back into a repetition of what drinks they DO have. There's plenty of fruity blends to choose from. But no alcoholic cocktails to be found here, which still leaves the dolphineer looking completely befuddled.

Calliope looks as if she might have just woken up strangely enough. Rubbing the sleep out of her eye with a finger she slumps into the Treble with a wide yawn. Pausing just inside the door she gives the living tune makers, the impromptu dancers and just about everyone a squinty eyed look. As if to say, how are you all so cheery and awake. Skirting around the merry makers of jolly she heads towards a table, one with a spare seat at the very least, bonus if there's few to no people at it. "Klah, you all serve klah right? A fruity thing would work too, I'd be happy with that."

One of those dancers is a certain blond haired greenrider whose golden tanned skinned shows how much Alyna has been enjoying the Spring sun. Wearing a breezy sundress that falls just above her knees, the petite woman is dancing amoung a group of two or three guys, thoroughly enjoying herself as her tousled sun-bleached waves are shaken energetically, a light laugh bubbling out of her as she moves between the guys, touching them lightly each in turn. Finally, cheeks bright pink from her exersions and icy blue eyes bright, Alyna heads for refreshments herself. At hearing the exchange with the morose looking Dolphineer, she chuckles softly as she waits her turn to order something refreshing and fruity, combing her fingers through her hair to try and get her blond locks in order.

Odesse gives a pained sigh to end all pained sighs, as if by not serving booze at a place that plays music, this server has personally killed her mother or something. But alas, Odesse is here and not with all her pleading can she make any type of adult beverage be on the menu and so she'll settle. "Can ye serve me one of 'em berry thingies?" There were three different berry drinks offered, which the server recaps and Odie gives a pretty hesitant nod at the last one. "Yeah, that one. The strawberry mango whatsamahula!" That totally wasn't the name, but close enough! and so she heads over to find a seat. And since Calliope's table seems to have at least one spare chair, that's right where she plops herself. "Klah! That's what I shoulda asked for. At least, if'en I hadn't wanted to go to bed at some point tonight."

Calliope found klah, if not served it was found bootlegged in by some other apprentice. She takes a gloriously long sip of the beverage before cracking her eyes open wider. The dancers get another, less squinty squint "I don't know why I come here, everyone always looks so pretty and awake this time of day." is half muttered before she realizes, hey she might know that woman. The little copper brown colored knot on her neck nuzzles close to sniff the klah before nibbling on her ear. "Here now Glyph, quit that. I think I know her… " she pauses her thoughts derailed as her table is joined by Odesse "Oh, I don't. Plan to sleep that is, I just got up."

When it's finally her turn, Alyna orders herself a mango juice before she turns to offer a warm smile towards her dance partners and a little wave. With her glass in hand, she scans the room for a seat, obviously looking to take a brief break from dancing for the moment. When she spies a familiar starcrafter, the greenrider takes no time to wander over, pulling a chair with her as she looks down, "Nice to see you again." Her eyes drop to the brown at her neck and her smile brightens, "Was he from the egg I gave you? He's darling." Placing her chair so that her back is to the servers, Alyna puts her glass on the table in front of her before she offers a smiles in Odesse's direction, pulling from seemingly nowhere, a small flask which she tips briefly over her juice before dropping it again.

Not everybody is completely put together. Yes, Odesse has a perfect case of beach hair going on, but it's not the well manicured attempt to recreate a carefree beachy wave. Nah, you can still smell the sea salt on the woman and her own blonde hair is tossled this way and that and just barely not a tangled mess. She just shrugs and takes a sip of her probably strawberry and maybe mango drink, frowning a little bit in her disappointment at finding it still not booze. "Just got up? Ye pulled that shardin' short straw for shifts, then?" She hmms towards the apprentice before turning her eyes to the rider joining them. And her attention is definitely not completely on the flask as it appears. Nope. She'll just turn her head so she's totally not watching the drink pouring like a hawk. A hawk that's absentmindely tapping her fingers on the tabletop.

Calliope is familiar! She might even remember it after another long sip of her klah with her eyes closed. Glyph receives a tidbit of something from her pocket before she actually focuses on Alyna. "I thought that might be you. Yes this is Glyph and he's quite the fellow." she gives his head a little rub before she hmms in Odesse's direction. "Not really, least I don't think so. Starcraft, I do most of my work at night. I'm tracking the path of some distant star right now, as part of a project I'm doing. Oh, I'm Calliope by the way." see she's awake enough to introduce herself, and weirdly enough she doesn't even oggle the flask in the least.

Alyna lifts a brow speculatively in Odesse's direction, a soft curling of her lips as she leans briefly in the other blond woman's direction, bumping Odesse's knee gently with the flask under the table, a silent offer as she lazily wanders her gaze to the servers, making sure they aren't watching. To Calliope, she grins and bobs her head, "Yep, that was me. And Glyph is a great name! Let me know if you still want me to help you you train him." At the idea of only working at night, Alyna will shake her head, "Couldn't do it myself, I love the sun too much." she grins and also offers her name to the dolphineer, "Alyna, green Haquith's." she'll say raising her glass in her direction before taking a long sip.

Flasks might not be what Odesse is most used to accidentally brushing against her knee in a crowded place, but she was an apprentice once! And passing illicit beverages apparently wasn't a habit that died in Ista, for the dolphineer's eyebrows quickly raise as she reaches under the table. She gives a grin and a bit of a head nod as her own drink goes under the table for some quick doctoring of sorts and then flask is passed back to its owner. And she's got a hopefully boozy concoction of her own! As for doing work at night, she shrugs. "Just cause ye do most of it at night don't mean it still ain't crappy sometimes. But I gues if ye got somethin' to keep ye busy… better than spendin' a winter night on a peer just starin' at a bell." And as introductions go around, she'll listen and then pipe in last with a simple, "Odie."

Calliope says, "Thanks, I just thought it fit him rather well. I would like to have some help with training him, so far he likes sitting in my hair, and he doesn't wander off really. But he's still a baby." before she drains her klah and puts the empty mug on the table. "Yeah, it's alright." is said as she bobs her head at Odie's introduction "Nice to meet you. Anyway yeah I suppose eventually I might do half and half and get up in the afternoon. Might need to start doing that anyway if I ever want to make Journeyman. "

When the covert passing of the booze is completed, Alyna will drop a playful wink in Odesse's direction, before smirking at her comment about staring at a bell on a peer. "Oh tell me about it. I spent many night shifts as watchrider in my younger days." she chuckles with a shake of her head before turning back to the starcrafter, "Well if you come looking for me in the evening, I'm either here or in the Kitten, or else unavailable." Another sip is taken through smirking lips before she continues, "Isn't that the goal of all apprentices, to make Journeyman?" Alyna ask curiously with a tilt of her head, she was never interested in a craft herself.

"Don't over feed 'im. Or do." Odesse is probably not the best one to be giving advice about firelizards considering they're in a Weyr surrounded by riders and even have Alyna there at the table, but she's got a couple of her own who haven't been completely useless. "If they get too fat, they just wanna laze around 'n do nothin'. So they won't be gettin' in trouble, but gettin' 'em to do anythin' useful gets hard then as well." Somewhere, big fat Tuna would be a testament to this statement. As for getting up earlier, she shrugs. "Guess it depends on what the journeymen 'n masters do. If they're expectin' ye to stay late past the wee hours of the morning, no sense in gettin' up earlier then ye gotta. And well, most apprentices wanna walk the tables. But there are some that are just apprentices cause they had no idea what else to do."

"Huh, maybe I should make it part of my project to help educate folks on the constellations and what to help watch out for at night. An extra set of eyes on the sky whenever folks have a chance." Calliope says with a small frown. Perhaps she's awake enough now to ponder the worlds problems. "Too fat to get in trouble but not too fat or he'll be useless." she quirks a grin in Alyna's direction "Hopefully I can just get him trained up the right way and have him helping out. I still never found that sprocket out there in the field." she seems to consider the masters and journeymen for a minute, no doubt there might be a few about the Treble "I should figure out what I'm doing, shards knows I'm just spinning in my tracks until I move forward."

Alyna points at Odesse when she mentions overfeeding a firelizard, nodding sagely along with the advice begin offered. "Yes, definitely what she said. They will tend to overeat if you let them. And he should be learning to hunt for himself as well, that way he works for his food." That's as far as lessons go from the greenrider tonight as her gaze wanders over the impromtu dancefloor again, just checking to make sure her dance partners are still around. At Calliope's next, she'll look back at her with a smile, "Figuring that out seems like a good idea." she says with no small amount of sarcasm to her words, but it's mostly playful as she drops her half empty drink down for a quick top up before her next drink.

Odesse leans over closer towards Calliope, all the better to give a sage whisper. "Don't introduce 'im to the dolphins. They'll practically cackle as they over feed 'im! Most lizards can't seem to resist a game of 'Catch the Flyin' Fish!'" She gives a very serious nod as she sits back down in her seat. As for figuring it all out, she shrugs. "Some folks are born knowin' what they wanna do." Like her. "Others gotta try a few things along the way. If ye don't figure it out now, at least if ye get yer knot, ye'll have somethin'. And ye can always cross into another craft later."

Calliope is just getting all sorts of good advice tonight. Who knew! "I'll make him start hunting more often, probably means he'll have to get a bit hungry before he gets good at it." a finger goes to rub the little copper brown's head. Poor thing, no more spoiled spoiled. She waves a hand at the mention of figuring out "I know! Bah, skies are my thing, I like all the changes in them and the sciences that go with tracking things." she does really seem to love it, and her poor audience gets to listen to her drone. Who knew Odesse would be a fount of practical knowledge "Cross crafting, not a bad idea. Always something to keep in mind. But anyway. Dolphincrafter?" is finally asked of Odesse, maybe it just clicked. We'll blame it on her still morning time state.

"I was lucky I guess." Alyna will offer with a shrug of her shoulder as one fingertip idly wanders around the rim of her glass, "Impression meant I didn't have to make those kinds of decisions. Although I was definitely one of those with no idea before I was Searched." the greenrider will readily admit before taking another long sip(or chug really) on her secretly-boozy fruity cocktail. To Calliope she turns then, a firm nod on her head, "Going a little hungry isn't going to be hurt him." she reassures before she grins at the way the younger woman waxes poetic about her craft, "Well you've got a passion for it, that's obvious." she states before her gaze flicks back to Odesse with a smirk, "I'm meeting lots of Dolphineers this seven apparently."

"He'll figure it out," Odesse just gives a big ole dismissive wave towards any thought of sad, hungry firelizards. It's not like this isn't a Weyr where there's messy dragons taking to the pens on a regular basis, mating flights or no (although mating flights definitely are a firelizard bonanza!). She takes a sip of her own improved drink and gives an affirmative nod when her craft is guessed. "Aye, dolphineer. I ain't met a starcrafter-dolphineer, but that wouldn't mean they couldn't happen. Seacrafters use both our maps after all." She's more than willing to listen to folks drone for a time, but she gives a bit of a shrug towards Alyna. "'Tis the season for it. With the weather warmin', we're gettin' all sorts of shipments in. And a lot of 'em got dolphins accompanyin' 'em. Also, it'll be storm season again soon enough." And then they'll need every body they can grab.

Calliope pulls one of her braids forward to thread her fingers through the fluffy bit at the end. Glyph is blissfully unaware for the most part that his demise is nigh, he's taking a nap curled into the other one of her braids. She wrinkles her nose at Alyna "Suppose I at least know some. Just Journeyman need to accomplish big things to walk the tables, I'll get something thought of sooner or later." not that she sounds like she has an idea for big things at the moment. A shake of her head at Odesse "Probably not a crosscraft in that direction, I can swim well enough but definitely not like a dolphin at all. To be honest going under the water is not my favorite thing."

Alyna groans loudly at the idea of storm season again as she drains most of her drink, "We still have the rest of Spring and all of Summer for nice weather though right?" the greenrider still hasn't been in Southern for a full turn. A smile is offered to Calliope, "I'm sure you'll get it eventually." she offers by way of encouragement, she's not too used to that, can you tell?

Odesse gives another shrug. It's the evening for those apparently. "I guess there are other crafts…" At to show she's only joking about her reluctance to admit that, she'll follow up with a wink. "Ye'll figure it out though. 'N if ye don't, it ain't the end of the world." It's Southern. Major disasters are par for the course, after all! As for how long the weather last, Odesse just gives a snort. "The storm season starts during the summer. Although fall and winter is where they get really bad." And now that Odie's finished her drink, well, this conversation isn't going to hold her long. "I owe ye one." For the rider and just a thumbs up for the apprentice and she is out of there!

Calliope waves at the departing Odesse, sneaking another slight yawn in. "See you around!" is called out before she too offers a shrug, this one to Alyna "Suppose I will, thanks for listening to me whine though. Apparently I should have klah in the dorms before I head out amongst regular people."

Alyna has already had enough of the major disasters that Southern has had to offer in her short time at this Weyr and so with another groan at Odesse's information on the start of the storm season, the greenrider will finish her drink in one fell swoop. When the crafters are both on their ways, she'll wave and give the usual pleasantries before heading back out on the dancefloor when the next set of rousing music commences.

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