Xanthee, Kyara


Kyara comes across Xanthee working on her quest for Wendryth in the kitchen courtyard and has a suggestion to make.

Slightly backdated


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchen Courtyard, Igen Weyr

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"…You might want to investigate other ways to do it that won't potentially have the weyrlingstaff questioning your sanity."


Kitchen Courtyard

The domestic space of the kitchen courtyard is small, dusty, slightly over-grown, and practical. The focal point of the stone courtyard is a large well found directly in the middle. Turns have worn the once angled bricks to soft, crumbling curves about the lip, and a bucket always slightly damp is tied, secure, and ready to use at the side. Though a broom has swept here since last you passed through, it would appear the wind-borne dust has merely been heaped under the cobble-cracking shrubs of a stubborn environment that grow ever upward. A few benches are scattered around, but the feel is not comfort, for this small slice of sky and wind are saved for a kitchen staff always on the move.

It's another hot, dry day in Igen, is there any other kind for the desert Weyr? Xanthee is hard at work in the Kitchen courtyard where she has several old sheets spread out on the cobbles here, each covered with hundreds of colorful tropical flowers. They look like they have been baking for awhile, since the leaves are quite dried and shrivelled from the heat. Walking between them, with an iron poker of all things in her hand, the raven-haired girl is dressed in long pants and a long sleeved tunic with a high collar, even in this heat. Her hair is tied up on the top of her head and tucked into a cap, at wrists and ankles, leather laces are tied tightly, gathering fabric there. Every now and then she will gingerly flip or shuffle some of the drying plants on the sheets.

Well, there's hot, dry, and sandstormy, too. Variations on the same tune for three quarters of the Turn, at least. Being summer, Kyara is profoundly thankful that Liareth finally rose so that she doesn't have to deal with the heat being essentially doubled, to her perception. The greenrider, dressed in a calf-length skirt of crinkled blue linen and a white cap-sleeved tunic with burnished hair pulled into a high runner-tail, strides into the kitchen courtyard like a woman on a mission and pulls up short at the sight of all that dried foliage spread out on the stones. The person attending them is given a puzzled looked and an intent study before she puts enough details together to recognize who it is. "Xanthee?" Better check anyway. "Why in Faranth's name are you trussed up like that and carrying a poker?"

Recognizing her teacher's voice, Xanthee doesn't even look up, just continues sifting through the dried petals and blooms as she answer matter-of-factly, "Well, I am drying these flowers to make potpourri to bring something nice smelling onto the sand for Zsaviranth because I was given a quest by Wendryth, through H'rik of course." She pauses for a single beat before continuing, "The clothes and the poker are for any more of those eight-legged hairy bastards." Has Candidacy broken Xan? Because all of that was said in the most serious tone, which turns venomous at her last.

"…Spinners?" She takes every other part of Xanthee's answer in stride; the fact that Zsaviranth likes flowers and such is known to those who've been around the queen on the Sands at any point in the past few Turns. It's the last bit that's the head-scratcher. "First of all," the greenrider states, coming to stand squarely in front of the girl, "you still have to salute; you have a free hand. Secondly…" She scrubs a hand over her face and gives a short sigh. "While I appreciate that you're trying to find a…creative solution to dealing with a fear while trying to complete a duty given, you might want to investigate other ways to do it that won't potentially have the weyrlingstaff questioning your sanity." She's half-teasing, though the only part of her that's betraying even an inkling of it is her eyes. "Put that thing down, unwrap yourself, and follow me a moment, Xanthee."

Xanthee blinks and finally looks up at Kyara when the woman steps in front of her, but then winces when she reminds her about the salute and she offers a smart one then, "Sorry ma'am." she adds sheepishly, she had been so good so far in this candidacy with remembering to salute too. When the greenrider mentions her sanity being questioned, the raven-haired girl gasps softly, "But this is working just fine…" she protests and it looks like she has more to say but then she is being given a very obvious order, and the work she's done so far with her teacher has conditioned her to respond. So placing the poker down on one of the sheets, she reaches down to remove the ties around ankles, then the ones at her wrists where she rolls up the sleeves to her elbows and slips the cap off her hair, shaking her black tresses free before following.

Kyara has to bite her lip to hide her amusement as she leads them toward the entrance to the kitchens. "Until you get heatstroke," she counters, waiting until Xanthee is practically on her heels before holding the door open to let the girl through first. "There's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. In this case, just asking in the places that need to keep spinners most at bay for everyone's health would have given you a much easier solution." Taking them sharply to the left to avoid the bulk of the pre-dinner bustle, she gestures to a shelf holding several empty glass bottles and various tops for them. "Grab a bottle and a sprayer top, and a jar of salt from the end of the baking shelf there." Which isn't too far away, thankfully. Kyara moves to a small hearth where water is kept warm in kettles for various purposes and waits for Xanthee there. While the girl does move around, however, the greenrider asks, "Is there a particular smell you notice in here? Something around the edges, that has nothing to do with the cooking, necessarily?"

Xanthee is following smartly after the much taller woman while she folds the collar down on her shirt, unlacing it and letting it fall open. When heatstroke is mentioned, the girl scoffs mildly, "It's not that bad…" although her brows are furrowing quizzically when she is being led through the kitchen. She quickly follows Kyara's instructions and has bottle, spray top and jar of salt in her clutches when she is asked to smell. Being as she works in the Tea Room, Xan's sense of smell is quite acute as with a couple of deep sniffs, she bobs her head, "Citrus maybe?" she answers a little uncertainly.

Refraining from a sighing at Xanthee's first, Kyara watches as the Candidate girl gathers up what she's asked, smiling and nodding when the correct guess is made. "Make a quarter of the bottle salt, the rest warm water. Then put the sprayer on and shake it up," the greenrider instructs before elaborating on the scent. "I noticed it after a few rounds in here during Weyrlinghood and asked one of the cooks why it always smelled like citrus. Spinners don't like it, as it turns out. So they drop citrus oil into warm water with a little sweatband and spray it in all the nooks and crannies. But in places where a definite scent isn't a good idea, a salt spray does the same thing." Hence what Xanthee has just been tasked with. "You don't want to ruin the scent of what you're bringing Zsaviranth, but you do want to run off the spinners you suspect are hanging around it all. This will do it."

"Really?" Xanthee looks highly skeptical, but she goes about the motions of adding the salt to the bottle, filling the rest with the hot water before putting the top on and giving it a good shake. "Huh? I practically grew up in these kitchens and y'know, I never noticed that before about the smell." the girl replies a little sheepishly as she looks at the bottle of salt water, now well agitated in her hand. "Although, I will have you know, the poker was doing the job plenty well," the raven haired girl says with a soft giggle.

"Some things we just take for granted, especially when we're younger," Kyara notes with a little shrug, folding her arms as she watches Xanthee make the salt spray. "And I'm sure the poker was quite effective and maybe even more satisfying…but not quite as practical. For a few reasons." With a tilt of her head, she directs the girl back toward the exit into the courtyard, holding the door open for her to pass. "Now just spray that over your potpourri there, and you won't have to worry about the spinners. Or eventual heatstroke." There are the right sorts of long clothes for Igen's heat, after all…and they don't involve binding of any sort!

"Oh it definitely was satisfying." Xanthee says with a chuckle before she passes through into the courtyard again arms with her bottle of salt spray. The light makes her blink a few times after coming in from the dimmer Kitchens. Pulling the trigger on the spray top, she sprays some of the solution over a small portion of the drying plants, a satisfied nod of her head confirms that it will work. "That's great! Thanks for that." Sitting down on a nearby bench, she slips the long tunic up over her head, revealing a tank top underneath and she sighs with visible relief. "Soooo much better." she stretches her arms over her head with a groan for sore muscles. "And I thought I was in decent shape going into this Candidacy."

Kyara leans easily against the side of the courtyard well to watch Xanthee apply what she's just made, seeming quite relaxed despite the heat. "You're welcome," she answers, now letting out a soft chuckle as the girl relieves herself of a layer. "You were in decent shape, I'm sure," the greenrider notes, "but you've done this enough to know how it goes. It takes what you know and pushes you beyond it. Between all the seemingly pointless and boring tasks you end up given. Weyrlinghood does even more."

When the greenrider mentions weyrlinghood, Xanthee can't help but sigh wistfully as she lets her hands rest on the top of her head and her eyes get a faraway look as if she is seeing the future and what it could include. "It's not long now I hope and then maybe I'll finally learn what weyrlinghood is like instead of just watching all my friends do it." Her words are meant to lighten the seriousness of the subject matter, she even forces a soft laugh but her eyes betray the nervousness she is feeling as well as anticipation.

"Always hold to hope, Xanthee," Kyara advises softly, straightening from her lean against the well. "I have no doubt I'll see you on a dragon, be it this time…or later. Life is about what's here." She taps a finger gently against her chest, over her heart. "A dragon will change the path of your life, but so long as you're true to what and where and who your heart is leading toward, you can endure the journey there, no matter how many times you have to wander through the valley." Not an expression of doubt in the dark-haired girl in the least, just some wisdom imparted. "I'd better get back to finding meat scraps. I've a proddy flit who's almost as exacting as Liareth right now." Hardly, but she obviously feels like there's some exaggeration in order.

Staring in awe, her emerald eyes locked on her teacher, Xanthee absorbs everything that she is saying, her heart warming at the older woman's words, especially after Xan has come to look up to her as an example of everything she wants for herself, with a small dose of hero worship worked in as well. The part about being true to herself and what she wants helping to endure the journey especially resonates with the raven-haired girl. Over and over in her head, she replays Kyara's words, trying to hold onto them until she has a chance to get them written down, so inspiring is she finding them. When she mentions a proddiness, Xan giggles though, "Ugh, my two green aren't due for awhile thankfully, but Grymm did catch a gold the other day, that was fun dealing with while I was watching the younglings in the Nursery." Standing for a proper salute, Xanthee smiles broadly. "Have a great day Ma'am, and thanks again." Grabbing up the bottle with the salt solution, she heads back to the drying flowers and gets back to her task.

Kyara chuckles sympathetically at Xanthee's fire lizard story. "Well, of all places to be when it happened, that was probably one of the most merciful," she notes, and returns the girl's salute. "Clear skies, Candidate," she adds with a wink, and turns back to the kitchens with an easy stride before Blaze decides to come scold her for dawdling.

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