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It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Igen Weyr

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Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

It's long past the normal dinner hour, but Igen is still practically an oven outside. No wonder the offerings currently on display are whatever doesn't require the ovens. Doji's manages to snag a red bowl of soup that is growing colder (or is it hotter?) by the minute as she's too busy staring at the book she's reading to bother with that spoon. At least the hunk of bread she has with it looks like it's been nibbled on a bit.

If she's not careful, a rogue set of fingers might creep over and steal that bread of hers. Nevermind that K'mine has has his own on the table but seeing the brownrider reading so intently, he knows better than to interrupt. She's adorable when she's concentrating on something, fully engulfed. Quietly, a chair is pulled out and he sits down, taking his own (he likes his hands) and he puts it in his own bowl, letting the soup soak in. Freshly bathed and dressed, the greenrider quietly begins to eat, all while those curious eyes never leave Doji.

Would Doji even notice if the bread was stolen? She might just assume that she had already ate it and forget to eat half her dinner! The sounds of chairs being pulled in and out are a constant in the living caverns, so that's not quite enough to get her attention out of the book, especially as she just got to a really interesting part, as is clearly evident by the frantic note jotting. It might actually be possible the brownrider would never look up and continue completely oblivious to her stalker watcher, but a sleepy little gold stirs beside her. Sass recognizes those eyes, and she likes those hands too. The firelizard chirps over at the other human causing Doji to jump and finally look over. "How long have you been there!" No hello, hey, or how are you as the mild surprise causes her to start blushing.

Long enough to see her fully engrossed in what she's reading, the little faces she makes and the way her eyes grow wide at something interesting. K'mine only smiles softly, taking a sip from his spoon before flipping it over to lick the back. "Not long at all, Doji." Which is the truth, he wasn't too long. She gets a customary hour before he starts being needy in any case. "New homework for your wing?" he murmurs, trying not to crane over to see.

"Uhhh… new, uh.. yes. It's new," Doji doesn't make an effort to hide the material. In fact, it looks remarkably similiar to those basic dragon anatomy books they went over in weyrlinghood (or at least Doji went over in weyrlinghood), only with a lot more detail. In effort to try to avoid more talking for the moment, she'll grab the bread and dip it in the soup. Once she's got food in her mouth, that will buy time to think, right?

"Uh, oh. Um, okay." K'mine will just sit there and blink, glancing down at his bowl. He'll poke at the bread for a little bit, it hasn't quite turned into mush yet. He shrugs, taking in another spoonful as he continues to watch her work. Why would she need something for dragonhealing, though? She was more than proficient during weyrlinghood? While the gears move in his head, something crosses his mind and he stops mid spoonful. Eyes narrow while he tries to touch on Vedziyath to confirm a suspicion but she's busy socializing and not interested in answering anything at the moment. Not when there's males out here that need sizing up. WHICH WOULD BE A GOOD TIME, VED. "Is Raktraeth okay?"

"Raktraeth's great. It's been hard to move him from the ledge though. He's been busy watching the new hatchlings closer than a feline watching wherries." Doji will nod along with that, at least one topic that's normal and she can talk about easily. "They haven't been too noisy yet. Mostly just stuffing their faces and then falling asleep." But oh, the oversharing that the Weyr will soon be getting from brand new baby dragons, although nothing will probably top the baby-Dhazkyth messages. Or adult-Dhazkyth. "How were drills today? Didn't you mention something about switching to a new position in one of the formations?" Deflect, deflect, deflect….

There's a visible sigh of relief hearing that Raktraeth is doing well and up to babysitting? Well, you never know. If there is another Dhazkyth somewhere down there, it's better for the weyr to emotionally prepare itself for that onslaught of censorship free baby thoughts. Complete with pretty imagery. Only sans lame unicorn. At least Vedziyath thinks it's lame. K'mine scoops up a decent sized piece of soup bread and he pops it into his mouth while he looks over to her in confusion. He thinks for a moment, then slowly shakes his head, fingertips reaching for a napkin to clean his face off before he answers. He might've gotten some on his chin. He'd be a hot soup sandwhich if it weren't a bit on the cool side. Cold soup is a thing, you know! "Uh, I… I don't remember anything about a position change. I think I still have a lot of growing to do in the wing before I worry about moving in any direction there." Arroyo is a welcome change he didn't know he needed, though. It's good busy work. "If you dig too deep, Doji, you'll be over seeing those babies as thoroughly as Raktraeth is." All said with a little bit of a crooked smile, of course.

Vedziyath didn't think the unicorn was so lame that one time…. but that's neither here nor there. Cold soup is indeed a thing and it's the only type the kitchens were offering at the moment. Doji's managing her own soup neatly enough, although the bread chunks are requiring more chewing than one would normally expect with soup. "You uh, missed a spot." She'll helpfully point out on her own chin and then she's shaking her head. "Not a promotion.. moving from the left flank to the right or something? After uh… Thibaleth got injured about two 'Falls, was it?" She listens, really she does! She's just not as familiar with the dragons in Arroyo as she is in Whirlwind. And as for what she's doing… well, he's getting a bit warmer, but she's still shaking her head a very firm NOPE! "I'm nowhere near ready to be a weyrlingmaster. Weyrling wingleader was stressful enough!"

Well, it was kinda awkward to have it watching and everything, with those beady judgemental eyes. "Missed a?" K'mine blinks and reaches for his napkin, making sure he gets everywhere on his face. The falls… The name does drum up familiar thoughts and he 'ohs' and nods. "Right, that. No, no change. Though, I'm sure it'll be filled rather quickly. People are still rotating through, probably to find a good fit." Can't just stick anyone in any spot now. Wingleaders need to gauge skill, ability, and resiliency in all it's riders and arrange them accordingly. Assuming they're doing their jobs, that is. As for the 'no where near' comment, the greenrider can't help but roll those eyes and he shakes his head, snorting quietly. "Doji. I'm one hundred percent confident in your ability to conquer anything you've had your heart set on. Your pursuit for knowledge on anything parallels no one." He pauses, taking a sip of his drink for a moment before he leans across to the brownrider, deliberately peering into those eyes and he clears his throat before tilting his head closer to Doji. "Love," he says through a wide grin, "You're beyond impressive." What could possibly have her studying so hard this time? He'd be clued in by now. Maybe she's nervous? But why?

Doji doesn't laugh at the fumbling to try and clean his own face. Nope, just an affectionate smile. "Oh, I guess I missed you saying that," Or they got so busy that they never actually mentioned that some proposed reshuffling plans never happened. She shuffles a bit in her seat at the comments. Accepting compliments has never been something she's learned to do gracefully. "About the knowledge thing…" Whatever she was going to say next, somehow she has trouble finding the right words and really just looks more like a fish out of water. While an impressive imitation, it's not exactly something new. Although a close look on the jacket slung over the back of her chair might spy a new chord added in with her existing knot.

K'mine waits patiently for her to collect herself and he slowly begins to sit back down in his seat to give his poor Doji some room to breathe and he almost misses it at first. He pauses, blinking for a moment and he leans back over the table, tilting his head over to her side and then slowly, those eyes drift back over to hers. Why wouldn't she mention something like this? K'mine reaches up, scratching at the edge of his mouth for a moment and he returns his gaze to his bowl. The one he almost spilled into his own lap… The greenrider slides it forward on the table just a bit before he gives it a good stir. Bread finally melted into the unknown! Mushy. "Well, it looks like you're going to be overseeing those babies whether you like to or not. They're bound to get hurt eventually." He remembers weyrlinghood and all the baby antics leading to mishaps. A teeny tiny part of him maybe feels the slightest bit wounded. Why would she hide it from him? Maybe it literally just happened and she didn't have a chance. That has to be it.

There's a bit of a nebulous line between hiding and just not getting around to telling yet. Someone may think that she's exactly on the line. "Overseeing the.." Doji got a little lost there and it is indeed so new that she has to look down and double check she was given the right knot! Did she just step into something even bigger than what she thought? No, no. Still just a trainee. A breath is eventually taken. "No, no, no, no!" She's just going to take her head adamently. "It's still going to be a while. I mean, I only just met with Pa'ton like… a day ago?" It's been a haze of drills and reading since then, so she does sound a bit unsure. "I have tons more training to do before I'm overseeing anything!" And unlike Wendy, Trae can't make her accept a position by catching the Senior queen.

K'mine can't help it, and it's a horrible thing he'll pay for later, but he can't help but laugh. Wholeheartedly at least. Maybe he feels a little sheepish, even, given his now former insecurity. He reaches across the table and gathers her hands in his own, mindful of his bowl this time as he pulls them closer to kiss her across the knuckle. "/I understand/, it's still so new. At least you'll have Raktraeth to provide input for you from your potential patients? When you get to that point, of course." He'll have to bring her something later, now that he disturbed her studying and her meal all at once. "Just promise me you'll pace yourself and still get plenty of rest." Because cuddles are good for all the different kinds of health, you know.

Doji doesn't hold a grudge, although she assumes everyone else does for the most minute offenses, so she'd probably think the same thing if the shoes were reversed. As it is, she's just too busy blushing and still being flustered. "Yeah… it'll definitely be different. Dragon patients versus human patients, although dragonhealers also have to juggle concerns about an injured rider with concerns for the injured dragon as well…" Since the two really are hard to separate and severe injuries get both more often than anybody would like. "I'll try. It should only be a shift or two a seven for at least the next several months though…" At least, until she starts getting presented more opportunities and then we all know how Doji is about turning down extra work. She can't! Physically can't. "But I was planning on taking this back home after I finished my soup." She promises, and now that it looks like she's snagged a particularly greenrider to follow her home as well, she's going to turn more of her attention to finishing the meal so they can get home at a decent hour.

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