Reilan, Thierry, Veresch


A splash war goes from playful to not-so-much.


It is late in the morning on the seventeenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Lake Shore

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

The morning's wearing on into one that's gloriously sunny, with Rukbat's rays bouncing off the gentle waves that fracture the surface of the lake. It's pretty! And dragonless in this particular spot on the shore too - the side of the shore that's closest to the bazaar, because certain boys - namely Thierry and Reilan - maybe aren't /brave/ enough to venture /too/ far away from home. Thierry's there, goading Reilan with a /stick/, prodding the younger teenager towards the water. He's already down to his shorts, boots and vest abandoned by the side, and he's trying to get the blonde to come with him. By stabbing him repeatedly with the twig he's pilfered from somewhere, and dancing off whenever Rei tries to grab it from him. It's all good fun… for him, anyway.

Reilan has certainly made slow going of it. It's not that often that the teen leaves the confines of the bazaar. Familiar streets and stalls have given way to /space/ that's just…daunting, really. Although that last thread of patience looks quite ready to snap at all the poking and prodding and /sticking/ that's going on behind him. Apparently being herded toward the water just isn't going to fly with him, whipping around to /snatch/ that twig…only to have it out of his reach. "Are you /completely/ mad?" Thierry's practically naked over there! "I'm not getting in that water, it's /cold/."

It might be sunny, it might be a lovely day, but Veresch has spent most of the morning running around the weyr already, and she's tired, hot and dusty. That's why, obviously not seeing the two playing at the water's edge, she marches straight there, removing her jacket and barely kicking her shoes and socks off before plunging into the blue depths with a quick, fish-neat slice of a dive. She only surfaces long seconds later faced away from them, eyes pinched tightly shut against the water's sting as she slicks her hair back. The tunic might have been decent. It's not really, not anymore. Luckily there's the shadow of still-intact breast bindings to save their modesty. Or hers. Something.

"/Get in/, wuss." Prod prod. Thierry pokes Reilan in the cheek, then in the shoulder, then taps him over the head with it. "Be a /man/, Worm." Thwap with the stick over his head again. It's not a /big/ twig so it can't hurt much, but it's got to be annoying! Though Reilan may have a chance to capture it from Thi when he's distracted by the approaching Veresch, leaving his prodding device unguarded in his hand, limp by his side. He watches her dive with thoughtfully narrowed eyes, tracing her movements and staring at her tunic-clad form when she pops up. "If Fishlips can do it, you can too, prettyboy. /Get in/." Perhaps V will hear the commotion on the shore as Thierry turns to try and herd his blonde buddy towards the water?

Distraction! Perfect! Though Reilan himself seems a little distracted as well for a moment or two, watching Veresch dive into the water. Maybe he's just horrified by all this leaping into the coldness. He seems to recover at least though, whipping around to /snatch/ that offensive twig from Thierry, quite promptly turning it right back around on the guard recruit. A series of /whaps/ is given to his friend, narrowed eyes glowering at the older boy. "Stop /hittin'/ me with things and don't /call/ her that." The blonde hisses out his words, but throws the twig away a moment later. Out of reach! Still, he pulls off the cloth he keeps wrapped around his face and head, freeing both loose hair and braids as he starts on the rest of it. "I can't believe this…stupid.. /Cold/.."

If Veresch had known they were there, she'd certainly not stretch her back like that, nor lazily peel off the sodden tunic. Ears filled with water, right? It's only when she turns to face the shore, lashes wet and arm already hauled up to toss the tunic that she spots them and freezes. Her breath hitches, her eyes narrow, and she swallows. No. No. She's been raised in her weyr all her life, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. She's decently covered by wide strips of thick linen still! Decision made, she bites down on her lip and tosses the shirt right at Thierry's face, aiming for the moment he's distracted by the thwapping twig.

/Double/ attack! Thierry might have been expecting the twig from Reilan, but that sodden tunic was /unfair/! It doesn't quite get to his head but it /does/ splash wetly against his shoulder, and it's /cold/. "Ffffuck," he shivers, turning to stick his middle finger up at Veresch. But, better still, Reilan - poor little Reilan, who stood up for V in the face of Thi's insults - is getting his clothes off! Thierry waits for him to be free of shoes and shirt before bending over to tackle him, grabbing him around the waist; the smaller teen's weight is easy enough to hoist up and over his shoulder what with all the extra working out he's been doing, and Thierry quick-marches him towards the water, towards Veresch, to throw Rei into the frigid lake. And Thierry stands there, hands on his hips, looking proud as punch. Take /that/.

"See? Why the hell do you wanna get /in/ water that cold?" Thierry is shivering just from a wet tunic being plopped at him! Reilan's eyes widen though when the older boy comes at him, and with nowhere to go - at least not quickly enough - the teen is hauled right into the air. Flailing. "/Thierry/! Wha—put me down you jackass! Not /there/!" Too late, the blonde goes crashing into the water, lurching up again with a gasp at the shock of cold.

Why, thank you. Veresch adores presents, wrapped or not. First, however, she retaliates in kind, and Thierry gets a double dose of flipped middle-fingers, a trick she learnt from Aikari. Her smile makes the rest of the sentiment abundently clear. It's only when her gaze drops to Reilan that the smile shifts to something else entirely, turning puckish-intent, that she acts. They both know that smile. It never presages anything good. Marching over and reaching out, she tangles her legs and arms around Reilan like an octopus, uncaring of the immodesty. Her stomach contracts, the muscles in her back flexes and she hauls him sideways, off and under, dunking them with a roll of her body and a burst of bubbles as she laughs — oops.

"Oi!" That's /his/ Reilan! Thierry may have been standing there watching Reilan like a cock presiding over his hen harem, but Veresch's little fingers on his blonde pal draw him into the cold fray. Are they underwater? Not for long! Thierry reaches in to wrap his arms around Veresch's waist, attempting to tug her away from Rei as he tries to get her back up against his chest. "Mine," he hisses to her as he does so, though it's not his usual rawr-type hiss; this is Thierry feeling /playful/, and Veresch is getting… a hug? A hug with probably a good opportunity to get her heel in his googlies.

Reilan is attacked by the Weyr-dwelling sea monster. The legends were /TRUE/. Or it's just Veresch, who he attempts to squirm away from despite her octopi tentacle attack. There is, however, also a Thierry in the mix suddenly, and he worms away and to the surface again with a cough…and a laugh. Cold as it is, it just can't be helped, though he does look back at the other two again, a brow lifting ever so slightly. "Quit tryin' to get a good feel in, Thi."

Veresch can misconstrue as badly as the next person: when Thierry hauls her up and away from Reilan, she seems to think he's laying claim to her, and that gets a shout of mirth and anger. "Not on your life!" she snarls out as playfully, managing to get one heel on his thigh to try and bear away. As he grabs, and as she wiggles, there's enough of slide of fingers over her ribs to see her shrieking with laughter, flailing like the lake-dwelling monster she is. "Leggo, leggoooooo! Rei, help! He's killing me!" She's ticklish, naturally.

"Fuck off, Rei!" Thierry can't help but laugh - even if it's short-lived when flaily-V's leg gets /very/ close to smashing him in the fork. He grunts with the effort of holding her, canting his head for Reilan to come on over to help him. Squirmy girl is squirmy, and he's struggling to keep a grip on her slippery body! When he clocks that she's ticklish though he totally takes advantage of it, playing his fingers off her ribs and sides. It means a looser hold, probably easier to squirm out of, but Veresch will actually get to hear grumpy-boy /laughing/ as she shrieks.

Reilan turns around in the water, wading his way back over to the pair again with a grin. Hands, however, grab hold of Thierry. What, did the older boy actually think Rei was going to help /him/ in this? Oh definitely not, as he jerks his leg out to knock Thierry off balance enough, throwing his own weight into his friend to try and send /him/ underwater this time. A shame that laughter might get garbled under water.

There's a moment when the scene is all limbs and flailing and then… then there's water coming to her face, and she barely shuts her mouth in time to not get drowned. Underneath the water she's a slippery little eel, wriggling to get out between the two so that she can try and swim to safety. She might make it too, and be in time of sell tickets to the show of the two waterlogged boys wrestling with each other. That doesn't prevent her from cheering her lunch date on. "Get him, Rei!" she calls out, shaking a small, balled fist. "Dunk him good!" She needs the eyecandy after the day she's had.

Between V-wrestling and slippering lake bottoms, Thierry has no chance at keeping his balance - and down he goes! SPLASH. There's bubbles galore as he thrashes to get up above the surface, choking on the water his laugther made him swallow… and with a dark glower for Reilan. "Traitorous Worm!" Snorting and back on his feet, he lunges at the smaller boy, throwing himself at his waist with every intent of tackling him down into the water. Is Veresch rooting for the boy in the blonde corner? Pft. Thierry has him pinned… or so he thinks, anyway.

So much flailing. So much water! But Reilan is…well. Wormy. He wriggles his way right out of Thierry's grip, darting away in the water before finally breaking the surface again. He doesn't quite come up very /far/ though, pushing hair away from his face while he lingers there. And lingers…before finally giving a little sniff and standing up just a bit more. Only a little. "Gimme my shorts, Thi." A little /too/ slippery, it seems.

Veresch eyes the wriggling, watery boy-tangle as she tries to squeeze water enough out of her hair so that it doesn't drip in her eyes. She would have slipped right back into the match if those fateful words of Reilan's didn't reach her ears. They stop her short, half-lunge, and she stares at Reilan with huge eyes. She looks; of course she looks, but then the moment passes as she tries to swallow against the upside-down of her stomach. Right. Damn Thierry. See Veresch complete her march closer, and see her attempting to reach down to tickle the hell right back out of him. "Shorts!" she demands. "Or yours are next!"

And /that's/ why Thierry calls Reilan Worm. The bewildered guard recruit looks down to the shorts he didn't even /realise/ he'd pulled off, laughing at the now-naked Reilan. "You got nuts or grapes over there, blondie?" He flings the shorts over at his friend, leaving him to catch them while he turns around to face Veresch. Still very clearly shorts-clad, he stands up in the water and begins advancing towards her, with a shark-toothy crooked smile that probably doesn't bode well. But what can naked Rei do, as Thierry makes a grab for V to drag her in towards his chest? And this time they're face to face, with him sneering down at her. "You're going /down/, little shit." Down under the water!

"None of your business!" It's called, even as Reilan catches the thrown shorts to slide back into them. Yeesh. He hadn't meant to lose them, after all. He stays where he is though, just a little red as he watches Thierry dunk Veresch again with a grin. He's safer here! No chance of losing that much needed piece of clothing if he's not being grabbed at.

All she has time for is a quick hand against Thierry's face as she tries to bear away from the tightly confining arms keeping her to his chest. The second time around, she employs all her weapons to get away: an elbow tries to get him in the stomach as they sink, surrounded in clouds of water-wavy hair, and there's a pinch to a place she'd never admit she even knows about as she tries to reach the dubious safety of Reilan's two legs. He'll protect her, right? Right!

That pinch /hurt/, and the second Veresch makes it Thierry recoils in pain. He backs away, breaking the surface to leave Veresch to go to Reilan. "Fuck off," he snaps, good mood seemingly over as he rubs at the pinched spot on his inner thigh. Hurt Thierry glowers angrily from Rei to V, fixing the latter with a steely look. /Your/ fault. You ruined the fun!

Does that mean Reilan has Veresch between his legs? Well there's a surprise! The teen does look down at the water though when the girl makes a break for him, a little bewildered before he does reach down to the water for her. He laughs though, giving a tug to bring the little fish up again. Poor, poor Thierry. There's a grin thrown back at his friend again, thoroughly pleased despite the unfortunate pinching incident. "Haha, aw, come on, Thi!"

Little fish indeed, and one that looks quite pleased with herself as her hero hauls her out, until she sees the frown on Thierry's face as he rubs at the pinched spot. Her expression falls and, looking at Rei guiltily, she steps forward towards Thierry. "I'm sorry," she apologises, straight-forward, as she wraps her arms around him. There's a squeeze too, not tight enough that she can't be pried off. "Really, really sorry, but I'll get you guys some klah to warm up. Or… do you want to come to the Living Caverns? It's hotter there."

Ew. Girl-arms wrapped around him. Thierry pushes at Veresch's arms as if trying to squirm out of a sleeping bag or something, backing away from her and grimacing. He's all goose-bumpy and cold now that he's not playing any more, and he pulls an unhappy face for the sake of Reilan and his attempt to get the game going again. "Go fetch klah," he snips at Veresch, before looking back at Reilan. "We're done." So spaketh the almighty Thierry!

Reilan heaves a bit of a breath, although he gives a shudder himself for the reminder of it being pretty chilly out. Without the game going, it's quite difficult to forget about it. Fingers comb into his hair the best they can, keeping the wet strands away from his eyes as they roll. So Thierry commands! "I wanna drink klah where I can warm up! What're we gonna do, have it in the /water/?" Reilan is already heading /out/ of the chilly lake, /with/ his shorts quite firmly in place, thank you.

Shards, there's that infuriating asshat personality again, though she'll give props for the fact that Thierry's not cursing up a storm. "As the Lord Holder commands," she snips, and wades out to squeeze water from her pants. After that, it's on with the jacket over her tunic and she's off to the caverns, hopefully to return imminently with some klah. She'll be easy to find if she gets lost, just follow the trail of water.

Off scoots Veresch, leaving Thierry looking very smug that she followed his directions. And, leaving him alone with Reilan, who gets his full attention - and a shoulder-shove when he walks past him on his way to the shore. "What's with you and her, Worm?" Thierry takes himself to the shore then, trying not to shiver too much in the cold. Because it /is/ cold, even if it's sunny! "You fucking her? She's got no /tits/."

Reilan watches Veresch go with a slight shake of his head, even as he grabs at the still dry clothes. Dry clothes that will get..a little damp due to the impromptu swimming, but they'll do the job readily enough of helping to warm up his chilled skin. Thierry gets eyed though for his questioning, even as he jerks on his tunic and then his jacket. "What? Damn, Thierry../really/? Just because you have a thing about burying your face in Cleora's breasts doesn't mean the rest of us do."

"So you /are/ fucking her." Thierry glares narrow-eyed at Reilan, before whipping at him with his tunic. Whoop-ah! "Coulda got you a pretty whore in Rosie's, but you wanted /her/. What the fuck, Worm. /Really/?" Is that… a hint of jealousy? Thierry whips at Rei again for good measure, before slipping his tunic on.

"Oh for the love of.." Reilan trails off, trying to swat a little bit at Thierry when those tunic-whaps keep coming. "I am /not/, and it's my own business if I were!" Pants! Those are taken care of next, somewhat sandy feet getting a little brush off while he works with his footwear. "What's the problem, anyway? That I'd be getting any, or that I wouldn't have to pay for it?"

Thierry's stepping into his own trousers, huffing over at Reilan. "That it's with little shit /Fishlips/." He puckers up his lips like a fish's, in no way whatsoever looking like Veresch. "/I/ kissed her first, anyway. You're just getting my seconds." So /there/, Reilan. He thumps his butt down onto the ground to shove his damp feet into his socks, then his boots.

Reilan sits to work his boots back on, still looking a bit annoyed about the whole thing. "Loads of people up at Rosie's have your seconds, Thierry. And you're getting their fiftieth's. Like that matters?" He shakes his head just a little bit though, stretching his legs out finally once his boots have been put back on again. "You like her, don't you?"

His boots take a little more lacing than Rei's, so Thierry's slower in standing. When he does, though, he dusts off his damp trousers and frowns down at his friend. "You expect everyone else to have fucked your favourite whore," he mutters, tugging Rei's damp hair gently, but firmly. "But you don't expect your favourite whore to fuck around under your nose." Whatever that may mean.

Veresch can be seen from quite some distance away as she returns, precariously clenching three large mugs in one hand. The other has a twist of cloth. "I managed to get us some food as well, so I hope you're both…hungry…" her words trail away as the last of what was said actually impacts. The mugs tremble in her hand, but she doesn't speak, eyes growing large. It's a toss-up: she might be getting mad, or getting hurt, or getting incredulous. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asks calmly. Too calmly, really. "Are you calling me a whore, or him a whore?"

Reilan does seem to calm down a little. Maybe it's the words, or the tug on his hair. But he still opens his mouth to reply. "I'm not—" Oh /hey/ Veresch. The boy sputters to a stop when the girl returns, turning a bit to look at her. There's a wavering smile though, before he gets up quickly to help with those wobbly mugs. "He's talking about me, not you. No need to worry." But he does unload two of those mugs as helpfully as possible. "Thank you."

My my, Veresch, what good timing you have. Thierry drops his hold on Reilan's wet hair, looking at the approaching girl with narrow-eyed, cagey sort of glower. "No I wasn't," he denies Reilan's helpful clarification, reaching for one of the mugs the little blonde's taken. "It's a figure of speech." He prods roughly at Reilan's foot with his toes, making a silent hand gesture to him in their own secret sign language.

She hands the mugs over without a problem, too shocked likely to notice they're leaving her grasp. "You're not a whore." Her eyes flick between the two of them, and uncertainly slips in — definitely an atmosphere. No damn sign language is going to work now, bub. "Are you?" Her expression is stricken, and the scenarios she concocts in her head gets wilder and wilder. "…I asked," she asks, voice tiny. "That day in our spot. I asked whether you two have a relationship going on. I did." Even if she's somehow confusing their relationship with another type, it still hurts. "Why didn't you guys just tell me?"

Secret sign language? Reilan glares at Thierry, ignoring the poking and the attempt to quiet him. There's a mild huff however, as he goes to sit down with his mug, holding it between his hands for the warmth it provides. Still, the teen's expression flattens out, looking into the mug with a quiet intensity. "Thierry, why don't you explain?" Oh yes, he /will/ make the older boy do it.

Yes, Thierry, please explain.

Thierry /glares/ at Reilan. Glares! "You been fuckin' suggesting to people we're a /something/, Worm?" He lashes out with his foot, aiming a kick at the younger teen's boot. "Fuck no," he rounds on Veresch, spitting at the floor and rubbing his hand over his mouth and chin to mop up after himself. "What the fuck would it be to you anyway? Scared you won't get to shag him if I am? 'Cos you can have him. So long's you can /afford/ him, of course."

Veresch's stare couldn't possibly get any more poisonous; Thierry's explanation sees her trembling with anger, until the mug slops so much she has to put it and the pastries down on the sand. Still, when she speaks her voice is cold. "Who I fuck is none of your business, Thierry," she gets out. "Reilan is a decent person, and you don't put a price on people. I refuse to even think of paying you for a moment of his time, because you don't own him!" The last is shrieked out, possibly travelling over the quiet water before she stomps towards Reilan. A second later, hands sinking into wet hair, she plants a solid kiss on his lips, one that lasts a hell of a lot longer than just a few seconds before she pulls back, eyes flashing. "You. You are not a whore," she hisses down at him. "And even if you were, I would still like you, so there." There's just enough concentration to point a finger at Thierry. "You can go… can go and fuck yourself!" Then she stamps off. Angry Veresch is angry… and probably quite angsty too.

Explosion! Reilan almost ducks down a little when Veresch goes off, eyes just a little bit wider to watch it. Of course, he isn't expecting the girl to turn on /him./ Nor is he expecting the kiss that's put right on him. The teen stiffens a bit, looking quite startled by the whole thing while that bit of lip action is going on. The klah? Sadly, that gets tilted right over in the whole mess, thankfully not puddling back into where he's sitting. "A..alright.." Bewilderment abounds though, left sitting in the sand as Veresch stomps off again.

"Never said I /did/ own him!" Thierry hollers at Veresch's back. "Fuckin' myself'd be better than doing /you/, Fishlips!" How quickly their fun in the sun faded. With his klah still in his hand, Thierry looms over Reilan. "/You/." He stops, exhaling heavily as he tries to sort out his thoughts. "/Seriously/? /Her/?"

Reilan tilts his head up a little to look at Thierry when the boy looms over him. Still, he does get up, since the klah he had was /ruined/ by him spilling it in th sand everywhere. Once on his feet though a hand comes out, lightly resting against Thierry's chest. There's a slight push however, keeping that bit of distance a requirement as he eyes his friend sideways. "We're not. And /we/.. She's right, you know." But that's all he says, gathering himself to make the trek back out across the bowl again, heading back to the bazaar.

Thierry looks down at the hand and the push, which makes him sway gently. When Reilan turns, he frowns. "Well fuck you /too/, Worm!" Since when does /Reilan/ go against him? "And you can stay the fuck outta the ring tonight, too, cos Thasber's not gonna let you in!" He watches the blonde leave, too proud to stomp after him… even though it's bloody cold and he wants to get warmed up. With all the stubbornness of the ass he is, Thierry plonks himself down on the shore to finish his klah. Only /then/ will he head back to the bazaar, and the warmer clothes waiting there.

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