Miel's child is finally born and the next chapter begins…


It is midmorning of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Igen Weyr

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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

Wasn’t there a saying that a birth during or after Threadfall was a welcomed sign?

Miel isn’t sold on the idea.

There is no denying both her relief, however and the unspeakable, undescribable elation she feels towards the newborn infant still cradled against her chest. With an exhausted smile, she gently runs a single finger over the tiny, curled, fist while the child sleeps.

It’d been a long, difficult and draining labor but they survived it. Not for the first time, Miel is proud of Ivaenth not being one of the flightier type greens prone to panic. When it became tough and she could feel her own energy flagging, the green was there to lean upon in silent, solid support. Kaisylaith was there too, of course, and maybe that was a factor in it all, in the end.

Never mind the details, all that matters is that they live.

His arrival could not have been better timed, just as the pregnancy had been. There will be time yet before the recent clutch of eggs hatch. She will be healed enough by then and he will be old enough to thrive with a wet nurse and fostered among the other children under the loving care of the Weyr as a whole, as the Weyr will become his family.

For the meantime, however, as Miel recovers, he will stay with her. She’s had time to select a few of the more promising Candidates and older weyrbrats, with appropriate permission, to rotate in care of Ivaenth while she’s incapable and mending and if no other rider is available.

Sleep is bearing down on her and while she would have struggled to stay awake a little longer, even Ivaenth and Kaisylaith are pushing for her to listen to her needs. With a resigned sigh, she settles herself comfortably and signals to a waiting Healer to help move the infant to the bassinet next to her cot. Just before she drifts off, she murmurs a few last, quiet words:

“Welcome to the world, Maize.”

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