Miel, H'rik, Xanthee


It's the first day of Spring at Igen, and talk turns to the subject of babies, both the human and dragon kinds.


It is midmorning of the first day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Cavern, Igen Weyr

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Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

What could possibly be better than the heralding of a new spring month than clear skies and sunshine? Not that the sun is that high in the sky yet, but midmorning certainly sees the Weyr in decent spirits. Even Miel is venturing out, now that she's managed to convince Ivaenth and Kaisylaith both that she'll be fine walking. First her bad Threadfall injury kept her out of the rosters, now her late-term pregnancy being the second but that hasn't kept the greenrider fully idle. She helps where she can and where she's told to go, within the limits of her physical capabilities. Right now? It's merely grabbing something to eat, while the caverns are more or less sparsely occupied. After picking over the offerings on the serving tables, she'll retreat to a nearby table and comfortably settle there, all while humming a quiet tune under her breath.

Spring is here! Maybe that's why there's a little spring in H'rik's step as he enters the living cavern - or maybe it's related to Wendryth's current mood? The bronze is more than pleased about becoming a dad again, and while the Weyrleader knot and everything it entails still remains on H'rik's shoulder, it's hard to be dour when one's dragon is so elated. The man ambles over to help himself to some fresh bread, buttering it generously, whistling tunelessly but, thankfully, quietly. Turning to pick out a place to sit, Miel is spotted nearby and H'rik heads in that direction, pausing at an empty chair at the greenrider's table. "Mind if I join you?" He asks, politely.

Coming in from the bowl, looks like Xanthee was out enjoying the first day of spring with a long run. Even though it's not that warm, she is dressed in a pair of long shorts, falling to her knees, and a light woolen sweater, hair pulled back in a runnertail, although several ebony tresses have worked their way free to frame her face. Her face is red from her exertions, breathing heavily as she heads straight for the drinks table, pouring herself a tall glass of water and then quaffing half of it in one gulp. Her emerald eyes wander the Living caverns and finally sets on the Weyrleader speaking to a pregnant woman. That reminds Xan, she must try to seek out this Miel, whoever she is, her father only gave her a name, cause he's helpful like that.

"Of course not, Weyrleader." Miel's humming comes to a stop the moment she speaks, but her voice remains light and honeyed (ha, get it?) as she offers H'rik a belated salute that morphs to a gesture to the open seat. "Congrats on keeping your knot. Wendryth must be over the moons about it?" she muses, while idly picking at her plate of food in small bites. Xanthee is noted, but only when the girl drinks so much water in one shot, unaware that she's being sought out for by her. There's a crooked smile given, along with a gentle: "Don't drink too fast!" of warning. They've all been there, right?

Fortunately for Miel, H'rik's whistling has stopped, though it takes him some effort not to start it up again as he slides into a seat after she's given him the okay. "You don't know the half of it," he says with a wry grin for Wendryth's current state. When Miel talks to someone, H'rik looks in the same direction and spots the red-faced Xanthee, too. Xanthee gets a raised hand of greeting. "Morning, Xanthee." Should he comment on her state? Or is that just rude when she seems so puffed out? "How're you and Ivaenth?" He'll turn back to Miel with some pleasantries instead.

Finally lowering the glass with a smack of her lips, Xanthee gives a sheepish look in the direction of the two riders who are now speaking to her. "I know I shouldn't, I was just parched from an extra long run. I love the spring!" she exclaims in with a joyous bubbling giggle, well someone is in a good mood. "And how are you Sir? Ma'am?" She asks the two conversationally and she saunters over to the table, glass still in her hand.

Miel would never fault anyone's whistling! Given she's fond of any form of music, even if it's presented poorly. She grins in return to H'rik, "As he should be, then! So few bronzes get to brag on being sire… and multiple times in a row." she points out. "I'm well enough," Her hand will come to rest against the obvious curve to her belly, along with a knowing look given to the Weyrleader. "Ivaenth is itching to be back in the rosters but she's equally as thrilled on new weyrlings. I've yet to speak with Vosji on the matter again but… I will see on being Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Weyrlings can't fly and I'll be grounded too." Timing couldn't have been better, really! To Xanthee, Miel chuckles, "Spring is a lovely time. And I am well as can be!"

H'rik has a slice of bread in his hand, and it gets flopped around as he tries to wave off Miel's compliment for Wendryth. Moving on! "Almost seems planned," he grins, jokingly, adding: "and everything's going well so far? I certainly wouldn't complain if Vosji had you in the Weyrlingmasters again." It doesn't feel that long ago since she was his Weyrlingmaster, and now here they are. Funny how things go. He's basically given up bothering people about calling him 'Sir' at this point, former fellow candidates or not, and Xanthee gets a smile. Seems everyone's in good spirits now winter is on its way out! "Have you met Miel before, Xanthee?" Introductions seem to be the polite thing, right?

Blink Blink Did he just say Miel? Xanthee turns owlish emerald eyes in the direction of the greenrider with a wide smile spreading on her lips and just the hint of squeel in her voice. "Oh my shards! You're Miel! I've been wanting to meet you! I'm Xanthee." Yeah Xan, H'rik's already covered that. "Ha'ze is my father. He just told me about you and…" her eyes look down at the woman's belly meaningfully. "So I'm gonna be your kid's half-sister." And some more stating the obvious, but her excitement is quickly reaching critical mass and seems to be forgetting herself, she slips into a free chair at the table, and taking another sip at her glass of water.

"Nothing planned," Miel admits honestly to H'rik. "Just pure luck, really! Or a series of well timed events…" She shrugs to finish that statement, as she isn't overly concerned with the 'how'. "Everything is fine. And that's a relief, because I do like to keep busy. It was tough enough going through healing from my injuries." At the introductions, there's a sheepish look from the greenrider now. "I'm usually better at this!" Blame her lapse in memory, here! She startles by the enthusiasm from Xanthee, but her memory is further jogged. Ha'ze did explain the rather lengthy and broad family involved! Laughing, she'll nod. "Well met, Xanthee and yes, I am Miel! Ha'ze did say he had a daughter here." Never mind that Vosji has one of Ha'ze's children too. "Small world, isn't it?"

H'rik gets to eating his bread while Xanthee talks to Miel, blinking at Xanthee's enthusiasm. Of course…if Ha'ze is the dad of Miel's kid, then quite naturally that would make Xanthee related to the baby-to-be. Swallowing down the bite of food, he replies to Miel's reassurances. "Good to know." But he'll mostly stay quiet while the two women talk, for now. Hey, it gives him a good opportunity to finish off this delicious bread! He probably should have got himself a drink to go with it, really. Wordlessly, he will nudge a chair out from the table, a silent invitation for Xanthee to sit, if she wants.

With a smile to H'rik, Xanthee sits in the proferred chair. "Sorry, I don't mean to be gushing, I just, I'm new at this whole family deal. We just found out about each other, it's a kinda long story though. So yeah, I still have only met the one half-sister who lives at Southern. Of course, Pa only gave me your name and nothing else about you, and I wasn't about to go up to every pregnant woman in the Weyr and ask, 'Hey, are you Miel?', so meeting like this is rather serendipitous." And all of that came out at about a mile a minute until Xan is forced to take a breath, and then with a bright smile she asks, out of the blue, "Can I babysit? Anytime you need."

"Oh, H'rik!" Did he think he'd escape the awkward so easily? No, Miel's going to be cheeky and brash both in her request. "Would you mind grabbing me a glass of that citrus juice? If they have any?" Surely the Weyrleader won't make her get up? She'll smile then to Xanthee as the girl settles, chuckling again. "Don't apologize. Family means a lot to some and I've no issue being involved in one as… ah, expansive as yours and Ha'ze's. You were weyrborn, then? Here in Igen?" Ha'ze probably covered some details but there was probably a lot to absorb in one discussion over dinner. Laughing, she grins. "I'd have loved to see the reactions had you gone asking every pregnant woman. Strange that he'd not tell you anything beyond my name. Or just assumed, perhaps, that you knew?" The offer is met with a warm smile. "I don't see why not, though it won't be me you'll be asking. I'll only be tending the child for a short while before he'll be seen to by the nannies here." Fostered, in other words.

H'rik tries to covertly lick some stray butter off his finger, juuust as Miel asks him that question. "Oh-" the Weyrleader drops his hand from his mouth. "Ah yeah, sure." Because it means helping a pregnant woman (scoring him some good boy points with Wendy), AND he can leave them to their conversation for a moment. He'll get up, and, as he ambles off towards the juices, he'll wipe his buttery finger on his trouser leg, though he may or may not be out of their sight when he does it. Ah well. He's going to take his time getting that drink, anyway.

"Yes Igen Weyr, born and bred." Xanthee confirms, puffing up a little proudly, "Mom was a brownrider." she adds simply, not elaborating on the was. Then when Miel mentions the nannies, implying she's planning on fostering, Xan's brightness falters for just a second before she plasters a smile back on her face. "Of course. And yeah, Pa doesn't seem to do details a lot, I'm still getting used to his…ways." she says rather diplocatically as she watches the Weyrleader fetch the juice for the greenrider and she snickers a little bit under her breath, "Nice guy H'rik, always willing to help a girl out." she says, a touch of hidden meaning in her words when she turns back to Miel, "What about you? From here or elsewhere?" She takes another sip of her water.

"A brownrider? What was her name?" Miel is sharp enough to catch that 'was' implied there but she's not about to go digging too far. She'll see that faltered brightness too and there's a passing look of sympathy, but the greenrider doesn't elaborate. Such is the life of a rider, where priorities are to their bond and the Weyr! "Ha'ze certainly has his quirks…" she muses, before side glancing to H'rik just as the bronzerider shows a lapse in manners. That comment from Xanthee earns the girl a look but Miel laughs all the same. "Sounds like a typical bronzerider to me!" Sorry, H'rik~ "Mhm," She takes a moment to enjoy a little more of her meal before answering. "Ista. I'm originally from Ista and holderbred. Impressed at the Weyr and served as an assistant to Vosji there after a few Turns as a rider and before she transferred here. When there was that double clutch and she put a request in for help, I followed."

H'rik does seem to be taking a while with the drink. It becomes clearer why as he returns, with not one but two glasses - one of something citrusy, as requested by Miel, and another of something that smells faintly coconut-like for himself. He sets Miel's drink down before he sits back down in his chair, taking a sip from his own drink and looking at both women to try and work out what bit of the conversation he's walked back in on, before he starts trying to join in.

"Lexi and her brown was Iyrith." Xanthee says with another small falter in her happy demeanor. "Lost her in the first Turn of the Pass. I was only 4." She may as well elaborate, the questions always come up anyway. But then she mentally shakes herself off as the topic turns to her father and then bronzeriders in general, "Yeah, 'quirks' I guess that's a nice way of putting things when it comes to Pa." An easy chuckle when Miel makes the 'typical bronzerider' comment and she leans in conspiratorially, "Oh even before he impressed, very helpful to a girl in distress…Oh welcome back H'rik." She says as the Weyrleader rejoins them at that moment, a look of mirth dancing in her eyes as she looks at Miel with a 'tell you later' look. Then when the greenrider talks about where she's from she brightens, "I stood for that double clutch. So many eggs!" another easy chuckle as she sits back in her chair.

Miel flashes H'rik a bright grin when he returns with her drink, "Thank you! You're too kind." The 'sir' is only implied there in her tone and she will pick up the glass to take a careful sip. Ahh, much better! "I'm sorry about your mother, Xanthee." Genuinely spoken, given the greenrider knows all about loss. While she hasn't felt it quite on the level as the young girl, she has witnessed one too many promising weyrling pairs lost. "That so?" she muses in an equally as playful conspiring tone and a little curious side glance to the Weyrleader. "It was a good clutch. Both clutches! Yielded some good pairings." Another look to H'rik there and a smug smirk with it. "Now we have Rajakhelath's to wait upon and no doubt Zsaviranth's not long after. Igen is doing well, when it comes to bountiful clutches."

Fortunately for Xanthee, H'rik is just going to assume they were talking about some sort of women's things when she was leaning in like that. None of his business! He even misses the little looks they're giving him, though Miel's smug smirk is spotted, given what she said before it. Having had a few pleasant sips of his drink and washed down the bread, he sets the glass down. "It was pretty…crazy," he catches up with what they're talking about: the nice safe topic of clutches. "So many eggs." A nod of agreement with Xanthee. "We've got to keep Igen's Wing strengths up with loads of new dragons, right? And give our Weyrlingmasters something to do," he adds, with a teasing smile back at Miel. Then Xanthee gets a question aimed at her, though H'rik is friendly about it. "Are you going to stand for Rajakhelath's clutch? Or Zsaviranth's, when it's laid?" No doubt Wendryth has reminded him to ask about that second clutch.

"I appreciate that, but there's many a weyrbrat with the same story as mine." Xanthee waves her hand dismissively when Miel apologizes, maybe a little too briskly, but she seems to want to put an end to that subject. Good thing the subject moves to a safer one. "It's going to be exciting, gotta love a good Hatching." When H'rik queries her, Xan brightens visibly and nods emphatically. "Oh yeah! I haven't been working my butt off for the last few Turns for nothing. If I'm asked, I'm so there." There's a fierceness to her tone that even takes her a little bit by surprise as she blushes lightly and tries to hide it behind another sip of her water.

Miel nods her head, a touch girmly, for the truth behind Xanthee's remark. It's not a pretty life, despite the many perks, that a rider has! A topic for different discussions and she is content enough to let theirs drift back to lighter subjects. "Are you saying us Weyrlingmasters are idle between clutches?" she teases H'rik right back, smile and all. She'll even throw in a wink for good measure before sobering and offering Xanthee a warmer grin. "Enthusiasm isn't a bad trait! If you do end up Standing again, I'll wish you the best of luck. You're young enough that you have a few more Turns to try." Despite what Ha'ze may think! Finishing the last of her meal and the drink oh-so thoughtfully procured by the Weyrleader, she'll push back her chair and rise carefully to her feet. "If you two will excuse me? I'd like to go for a walk and stretch my legs a bit. Before Kaisylaith and Ivaenth both get on my case! You'd swear they're an uncle and auntie pair, the way they nag." With a polite nod of farewell, she'll slip her jacket back on and smile. "Enjoy your day, you two." And off she goes, at a sedate pace, out towards the centre bowl.

H'rik can't help but grin back, Xanthee's enthusiasm infectious. And hey, one of those clutches is his dragon's, so he should be upbeat about it, right? "Glad to hear it. Wendy'd be more than happy to have you there, too, I've no doubt." He rolls his eyes as the bronze in question makes some sort of unheard remark, adding aloud: "Yup, definitely happy. He wants lots of good choices for his children, so he says." The Weyrleader will also nod in agreement with Miel's assessment with regards to age. "And no lack of clutches, at this rate." His smile is more subdued when Miel mentions the two overprotective dragons, and he nods back as she leaves. "You too." His drink is too good, and he can't control himself enough to properly savour it; it's half gone already. "I'm still sort of amazed I Impressed first time. And I don't even really have any close dragonrider relatives."

Offering a little wave at the retreating greenrider, Xanthee then turns her attention to what the Weyrleader is saying. She giggles as H'rik relays for his bronze, "Tell him I'm honored he thinks I'm a good choice." the grin on her face is beaming again. "I don't plan to give up trying until I'm too old to stand." She says resolutely with a little nod. As to when the bronzerider mentions being surprised that he impressed the first time, Xan shrugs knowingly, "I've seen weyrbred kids with dragonriders as far back in their lineage as the records go, stand multiple times with no success. It's not a guarantee." a faintly bitter tone enters her voice, but she quickly tries to dimiss it by finishing her water.

"I will," H'rik promises, and the distant look his eyes get for a moment imply he's doing just that. Somewhere, a bronze dragon is preening happily. "That's true," H'rik says, coming back to the conversation at hand. He takes a sip of his drink, to give himself a pause to think about what to say next. "The dragons will choose who they will, I suppose. But, hopefully, your dragon's out there." He gives a definite nod. "Hey, maybe it might even be one of Wendy's kids?" That said upbeat, with a hopeful air.

"Maybe. I'm sure his babies will be perfect, each one." Xanthee replies with a shrug of her shoulders and a smile. Then when she looks at her empty glass, she sighs heavily. "I have a shift at the Tea Room I should really be getting ready for." She looks reluctant to move though, "I'm almost looking forward to being a Candidate again, all the grunt work, but at least I won't have to deal with grumpy customers."

"Don't inflate his ego too much," H'rik teases good-naturedly. Maybe he won't repeat that compliment to Wendryth - at least, not right now. He nurses the last of his drink, and joins Xanthee in some sighing. "Yeah. I kinda miss it sometimes. Even if it was hard in its own way, there was less responsibility." He fiddles with his empty glass, grinning. "And that I don't miss about the Pit. Especially the drunk, grumpy ones who lost their money betting." He too, should probably be making a move to work. But who will give in first?!

"I guess I should be thankful the Steens don't let us booze up the teas." Xanthee says with a hearty laugh. "I've actually been visiting the Pit a bit lately. My b..friends and I enjoy betting on the fights there. And the drinks of course." Please ignore the weird stumble in her words, nothing to see there. With a groan, she leverages herself up using the tabletop. "Well, can't hide in the Living Cavern forever." Guess it's going to be Xan the first to break. With a smile and a twinkle in her emerald eyes, Xan puts two fingers to her temple and flicks them in a casual salute, "Weyrleader, always a pleasure." And with a little wave, she heads off, in a leisurely manner towards the exit.

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