Llewellyn, Tommin, Va'os, Myssioli, Alyna, F'kan, Lyda, Rh'ysar, Maikah, Vani


Turns out the herder beach party wasn't actually a sausage fest. And some uninvited tiny guests help themselves to steaks and new owners.


It is evening afternoon of the first day of the sixth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Beach

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Despite what you may have heard, today is actually one of those miraculously CLEAR AND BEAUTIFUL autumn days. Just the sort of day you'd want for a sausage fest cookout. It's afternoon now, but the herders have been hard at work since the wee hours of the morning. A pit was dug. Somehow they found a porcine or two that have been busy roasting away in said pit. There's also been some young bovines freshly slaughtered and ready to meet the fire. Llewellyn is currently one of the folks busy helping cut up the steak from cow into grillable hunks of meat.

Coming down from the boardwalk, Tommin has his arm in light sling these days and a large, steaming pie in the other - it smells a little… fishy? Because he's gonna stand out at this potluck, darnit. And who doesn't like a good fish pie? He's looking a little lost, but sets the pie somewhere it doesn't look like it'll tip over easily, his head craning about curiously.

News of a cookout is bound to bring quite the crowd! And riders are in no short order, though likely constantly coming and going. Among the newest bunch to arrive? Va'os himself! No way he was going to miss a chance to at least briefly 'check in' on an event like this. Even Weyrleader's deserve a teeny break, right? And this afternoon may just have "opened up" enough for him to venture on down.

Even the new girl's found her way down to the Beach to enjoy a little free time; Myssioli might love her job, but she also loves the beach. And cookouts. And any number of things where she doesn't have to be the server or Miss Congeniality for a bunch of dudes who obviously weren't raised right by their mamas. So she boot-scoots herself on over to the place where the cookout's being held, having gotten away with a quick shift switch with an older, less-cookout-inclined woman.

Is it sanitary to go straight from butchering to taking a swig from his bottle of ale? Probably not, but Llewellyn doesn't seem to be fearing any possible food borne illnesses. And besides, it's thirsty work. Only once he's drained about half the bottle does he set it down again. "Yup." What that yup is in response to, who knows. He'll just make a big ole pile of steaks right there waiting to be taken to the fire. Or possibly cut up more if someone's adventurous enough to try steak tartar.

Strutting down from the boardwalk, F'kan eyes the scene in front, taking it all in. Meat, that's cool. Ohhh, pit roasting, yum! Wait, is that a new face in the Southern crowd? And a pretty one at that. A smirking smile spreads slowly over his lips as he runs a hand through his hair to make it roguishly toussled. He casually walks towards the gathering of people, and winds up next to Myssioli as if by pure coincidence. He gives her a friendly nod and then raises a quizzical eyebrow in her direction, "I haven't seen you around before have I?" He says and then pauses for a moment before his smile spreads a little wider. "I'm sure I would have remembered that face."

Oh, boy: here's one who thinks he's smoothness personified. Myssioli only just refrains from rolling her eyes skyward in exasperation, and offers the man one of those professionally friendly smiles: the kind the bartender often gives to badly flirtatious men. "Naw, I'm not that new. Been here and there, doing my thing." And likely avoiding schmoozers like this F'kan fellow.
Don't knock steak tartar unless you tried it! Va'os isn't quite so adventurous today, but he's definitely interested in some of what Llewellyn is offering. "These to take?" He's not going to go stealing the whole lot, mind! He doesn't seem to mind either that the herder is drinking and butchering (or is the other way around?). Was that 'yup' for him? Who knows. But unless there's objections, Va'os is going to take his pick of the steaks.

Where there is booze there is bound to be barmaids… or even former ones in the case of a certain greenriding AWLM. Although to be fair, it isn't exactly uncommon for Vani to be spotted on the beach with beer in hand, although normally she's the only one. "He's repeating weyrlinghood because he couldn't keep it in his pants." And DID YOU KNOW There is a barmaid code, and it is exactly this code that prompts her to block that particular cock. With a salute of her beer she meanders on, her work done!

Well, with that fancy new knot of his, Va'os might just manage to be able to get away with the whole tray. Or start a food riot. Luckily, he did stop to ask for permission. Llewellyn won't give another yup. He'll just raise that hand covered in all the meat junk to point over to where some other fellows got a grill set up. And more beer. They might even have a cooler over there.

Having discarded his pie next to a bunch of other pies, Tommin starts to wander around - like over to the meat. He does give the lack of sanitary considerations the side-eye but dude. Steak. Mouth watering. Can a 17 turn boy be THAT picky? Swallowing a couple of times, Tommin looks up at Va'os and freezes a second: "Uhhh, hi, Weyrleader!" smooth, kid. Smooth. But he's also looking longingly at one of those steaks, just perfectly cooked… "Ahh, may I have a plate, sir?" he asks of Llewellyn.

F'kan Is about to say something equally schmoozy back to Myssioli when a certain greenrider decides she needs to stick her nose in his business. Hey, he's paid his dues and all that jazz. A shadowed look crosses his gaze as he stares at Vani for a moment then seems to brush it off. "I am a reformed man truly." He puts his hand to his chest and offers a little bow of his head, "But if you don't want to give a poor guy a chance on the sake of his past alone, I understand and will bother you no longer." With this, he offers a half smile and meanders away to do a circuit of the gathering. And get away from that nosy AWLM.

Maikah is here too! Although his contribution to the gathering is apparently standing beside Llewellyn with a beer in hand helping by way of complicated eyebrow communications. "Nope. No sausage." He directs to the occaisional confused person who doesn't understand that steak is NOT made into sausages (sausages are kinda gross really). "Kid, I feed my dogs meat more cooked than that. Paaaaitence!" SEE TOTALLY HELPING

"Thanks!" Va'os' oh-so cheery lopsided grin is directed to Llewellyn for the man's "help" in setting him up with some steak! And no, he won't be toting rank here and stealing a whole tray — he's got to be on GOOD behaviour, right? Off to that grill he goes and maybe he'll swipe a beer (or something equally as strong) along the way. Tommin's greeting is met with a jaunty salute, clearly not bothered by the youth's reaction. "Afternoon!" Don't mind him, he's just really focused on getting food NOW because he has learned that if he doesn't eat right away at gatherings? He never will.

F'kan is definitely not Myssioli's speed, reformed or nah; he's jsut too much of the frat-boy type to suit. And then, the barmaid code kicks in, and the blond snorts in amusement as Vani helps to deflate the man's "game". "Ain't really learnt his lesson, I see." She grins at Vani as the woman passes by. She'll even salute Vani with her drink — where she got it from is her secret, and all — as she wanders off toward the grill and that nice little cooler that's rumored to be there. Hopefully, no schmoozers hanging around over there.

Llewellyn looks at the apprentice coming up asking for a plate and then down at his pile of extra-blue fresh of the cow and not near a flame yet steaks, cleaver still in his hands. And back up at Tommin. "Uhh, kid?" Did he really think this through? "Line's that away." POINT WITH THE CLEAVER! Cause waving sharp objects around is always a good idea. And Maikah's response gets a snort from the other herder. "At least he wasn't asking for sausage." Do either of the journeymen really know how that sausage rumor got started? Probably not, but they've been hearing about it for a while now.

Vani is all about full disclosure… or partial disclosure… or perhaps disclosure when it suits her… There is a wink however for that salute before her attention is snagged by her clutchmate (when in doubt find someone with a bigger knot than your own! - Good behaviour or no!) "Are my epic reports of undying affection not reaching you glorious Weyrleader? REPORTS, she's totally talking about the endless reports that she promised she would write him because of that thing that happened a little while back.

Tommin just got a salute from the Weyrleader!!! oh em ffffff! He looks a little lost and stunned at Va'os until Llewellyn, the great unsharer of steak, shakes him out of it. Shoulders huffing in disappointment, Tommin tries to show his broken wing to the chef: "But… Can I like, take the steak over?" It's a good try but even before Llewellyn can reply, he starts off with a downtrodden sigh. Its hard being 17 and a bottomless pit of food and teenage angst.

Va'os will at least get a chance to enjoy some of his beer before Vani sneaks up on him. "Of course they're reaching me! And I make sure to give your epic reports extra special attention!" he quips right back at her and, despite his sunny disposition, there's sarcasm there. "Though can we not talk business for once?" A man (or Weyrleader) can dream, right? He holds up his drink. "Grab a beer? Unwind?" Slightly? Maybe? No?

Coming in from the boardwalk, Alyna is wearing her riding gear, jacket open. The Igen greenrider finds herself here after dropping off her passenger. Transport duty always brought her to interesting places so she never says no. Her nostrils flare as the aroma of the cooking meat reaches her. Well looks like luck has favoured her this evening with a special cookout going on. Hopefully they won't mind an Igenite in their midst she thinks as she grabs a beer from a passing server and takes a long slow drink, relishing it. It's been months since she's been in Southern so she wanders aimlessly seeing if she recognizes anyone, sipping her drink as she walks.

Vani isghs, the biggest sigh ever. "Why are you proposing such madness?" Because lately, all of her conversations have been work-related, and it is odd. And bizzare. AND ODD. "And so you should!" There is a firm nod of her head for the appropriate level of attention to be paid to her written communications. "Actually, I was surprised to see you. I would have thought they'd have you buried under." She will relent on the work related business. For Now~

Rh'ysar definitely isn't here to soak in the company. The weyrling bronzerider looks faintly disturbed when he steps on to the beach and discovers people. And not just any kind of people, but the important sort which require a swift salute as he passes. Until he has that rider's knot on his shoulder, he won't step a toe out of line — chances are that Bailey is lurking around the next corner, just waiting for him to screw up.

Apparently when Maikah was scouting out locations for this little cook-out, he pretty much trudged along the beach until he got bored. So it's far enough away from the business end of the beach to be pleasant, but close enough so that wafting smells of cooking beef are probably attracting a whole heap of extras (all part of the plan guys, ALL PART OF THE PLAN.) So perhaps it isn't surprising that somewhere out amoungst the sand dunes and driftwood other things are taking notices as well *CREEEEEEEAAAAL* Talk about timing as the first egg-wet hatchlings start making a beeline for the beef, completely ignoring any lines and/or humans. THINK QUICK LLEW!

It is no doubt a valiant try, but Llewellyn is just going to keep up with that dubious eyeing at Tommin's offer, which just jive with the whole slinged arm thing. The look is all he needs to say no, right? Back to cutting up meet. And also kicking some sand towards Maikah. "Get me another beer, would ya?" He's busy here and might as well put Maikah to some sort of work. That is, until there's a tiny firelizard bolting right towards him (or rather his platter of meat). He's just going to pick the platter of steaks and just jump backwards. Hopefully out of the way.

With the day off, Lyda is here in Southern scouting… things. The sort of things which she probably shouldn't be scouting, but which no one comments upon if she pays the right price — or bribes a wildling to show her around the jungles. The bluerider is looking slightly the worst for the wear, but doesn't seem to mind that her hair is a mess and there's a tear in her tights. She's here to enjoy Southern's beaches, appearance be damned.

Oh, dear. There are the ominous sounds of eggs a-crackin', and not the ones you eat, either. Myssioli lets loose a squeal as that hatchling streaks right by her. RUDE. That's just gross. "What the hell…!" But still, the girl doesn't lose a drop of beer, for she is a skilled barmaid, and refuses to waste her drink even in the face of being accosted by small wet lizards. Squinting huffily, she twists her lips in dismssal, and decides she's just going to edge a little farther into the crowd.

"How is this," Va'os gestures to the beach — cookout and guests alike. "Madness? You got to have balance, Vani or folks burnout. Well… *most* folks would!" He's aware there's some work-a-holics about the Weyr (or anywhere). He laughs for the greenrider's surprise, genuine or not. "Oh, they tried but I'll be damned if I can't squeeze in a teeny bit of time for ONE beer and one steak!" So this little R&R moment will have consequences but he's prepared to face that when he comes to that bridge. Rh'ysar is saluted in passing and he's just about to take a moment to scan the crowds when that *CREAL* has him grimacing. Hard to miss that!

Tommin is just gonna try that longing look-over-the-shoulder at Llewellyn again, because maybe he's grown a pity in the last five seconds. But instead, Tommin spots streaks of wet, creeling, hungry firelizards and lets out a startled yelp. Ladies and gentlemen, your future Healer. Just what you want in a surgery room. "Hey, what? Where'd those come from?" The surprise freeing him, Tommin dashes back to the table where he left his fish pie and brings it back - for… uh, pescatarian firelizards. Also, no one else will likely eat it.

Alyna blinks as she hears the creeling of the hatchlings and looks around to see if she can spy any of the little guys. Haquith would probably use it as an accessory, but she managed to get to 32 turns old without managing to attract one of the little things. As one bolts around the herder with his tray of meats, Alyna laughs to herself. Oh this should be fun to watch. She's only moments away from starting a book on how long it will take for that platter of freshly butchered meat to land in the sand.

Vani giggles, even as the creeling cuts across the gathering like a bandsaw. "Faranth's funky foot fungus!" Look she didn't swear, but it's pretty serious if she cracks out the alliteration. "I'm going over there." She points in the opposite direction, even as Ilysm appears from between with the rest of Vani's fair to provide the hatching lullaby. She's done this before the shy ashy gold, and she's perfectly willing to scold which ever gold was careless enough not to hide the eggs somewhere more appropriate. LATER, for now she hums, encouraging the hatchlings to KEEP ON COMING. AND that is exactly what they do.

J is for Jagerbombs Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Born of Baby's Laughter Green Hatchling
Starlight emeralds shimmer and twist to iridescent jade, first one thing and then the next. The spritely form of this firelizard is much too small to be more than one thing at once, but she can change with the shifting of the light. What remains constant is the inquisitive cant of delicate facial features and dainty neck glimmering with pixie-dusted mischief. Her pin sharp talons are opalescent and diaphanous wings appear to be made more of a wish than flesh.

Llewellyn has very good balance, thank you very much. And until the firelizards learn to use those wings (so probably not long at all), he's managing to keep that platter of meat well out of hungry lizard maws. Not so much for folks grabby hands though. "HEY!" He's just going to object to that random guy who grabbed one of the raw steaks to try and lure one of the firelizards. Nevermind the steak is entirely bigger than the hatchling.

The sound of hatching firelizard is a big red flag for Rh'ysar, who already has more than enough of the creatures. Rekitryth may be growing up, but the bronzerider still isn't ready to manage a strong-willed dragon and another baby firelizard. So he's just going to nope his way to the far side of things, careful not to touch anything edible. It's a foolproof plan.

Born of Baby's Laughter Green Hatchling follows in the footsteps of her more adventurous siblings, some of whom are already being scooped up by daring party-goers. However, it's really hard walking in the sand, so her own tracks kind of skip, and flit around the path as her attention wanders this way and that. The lullaby captures her attention gently, and the little green answers with a tinkling call of her own. But she's hungry… soooo hungry, and once more her attention diverts.

"Gotta hand it to the wild bunch… If you're going to crash something, at least hatch in the middle of a fresh-meat feast?" See, Va'os can find some humour in it. Even if he might be following Vani's example and trying to edge further away from the raw stuff and towards those grills. His own fair have likely made their appearance, with Colt and Bad Boy circling about nearby while Filly, his gold, perches on his shoulder to add to that all-familiar hum.

Maikah grunts at Llewellyn, because. "Cut smaller?" This isn't what he had planned for the meat, but he's a herder so it's practically guarenteed he has a huge bleeding heart for baby animals, firelizards included. In fact he's prepared to down beer and help with the hacking of the meat. He may put his foot in it more often than not, but his heart is in the right place as he starts handing off meat chunks at random.

Something moves under the sand and Tommin squeaks a bit, holding the pie to his chest. Like, still flat because no one wants to wear fish pie. Someone nxt to him grabs a handful of the stuff, coming away with pastry and fish… stuff, and Tommin huffs: "Cut it out!" His pie! Instead Tommin kneels and tries to eye the first firelizard though the legs of people, balancing the pie on one knee with his wrapped elbow. People knocking against him as the pie tipping precariously back and forth.

"Are those up for grabs?" Lyda inquires of Llewellyn, fully aware that they aren't but angling for one anyway. The bluerider smiles thinly, calculation visible in her dark eyes as she reaches for one. Just try to stop her, Llewellyn. (Okay, she's tiny and it probably wouldn't be hard to hold those steaks entirely out of her reach, but…) She seems faintly disappointed when those steaks start getting chopped into hunks, evidently still aiming for something that will feed those babies for weeks. Why? Why not?

G is for Gin and Tonic Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
A Pocket Full of WOE Bronze Hatchling
Once upon a time the bright glimmer of bronze swept along this firelizards hide. But this was long before, and now the time-weathered verdigris of the lost tarnishes the once bright hide. There still remains the elegant lines of intricate clockwork, delineating muscle from bone and wingsail from spar. Time is kept in the brass etched talons, he may be late, late, late for that very important date but he is not forgotten.

Having sidled up on a pretty young server, F'kan was just begining to chat her up, and being somewhat successful until the creeling grabs everyone's attention and the girl forgets all about the blue-eyed blond haired brownrider as she forgets her duties and grabs at some scraps that were discarded from the butchering in hopes to attract her own little friend. Leaving poor F'kan in her wake blinking owlishly. His brown Reaper is perched on his shoulder, head thrust upwards, throat vibrating with a hum. F'kan sidles over to his fellow Sr. Weyrling Rh'ysar, grabbing a beer on his way. He gives the other lad a a nod and a simple, 'Sup? before sipping at his beer. He is happy with his two little friends thank you very much.

Llewellyn sighs and gives in to Maikah's very practical advice. While doing so, Lyda does indeed manage to snag a whole steak off that platter. Guess there's going to be a lot more butchering than he originally intended for today. "There better still be some steak left for me at the end of this." Or he'll be a VERY GRUMPY man.

Born of Baby's Laughter Green Hatchling is so so small and everyone is so so biiiiig, what is a little firelizard to do? As she moves from the drier sand onto the firmer surface near the fire it almost appears she is leaving a trail of pixie dust behind her. But THE HUNGER, urges her forward, towards a flake of pie. There is a moment or two where she considers the taste presented before she decides it is acceptable and surges forwards, her wish-woven wings flapping as she finds her Pan (and the pie balanced on his knee). Hey lost healer boy, got any more?
Born of Baby's Laughter Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Tommin, creeling piteously.

A Pocket Full of WOE Bronze Hatchling looks rather discombobulated as he shakes himself free of the shards of his shell and watch the chaos of his siblings claim their first meals one way or another. Darn it. Hes late and for such an important date. Oh well. He'll gather himself off and set about trying to make good time to his next appointment. Where's the nearest steak?

They're still coming, the little darlings. Maybe Myssioli could possibly do with a pet or two, as long as they don't interfere with, you know, bar-maiding. So, she'll wander on over to the table where they're chopping the flesh of cows into manageable chunks for tiny baby hatchlings. Rather than merely snatch bits, she'll accept some from Maikah as he hands them out, offering him the brilliant flash of a smile as she turns again, trying to figure out how exactly she is supposed to get the attention of one of those critturs with so many gathered around. Juggling the stuff — it really is gross in its own way — she heads toward the melee of folk trying to get nearer, of others trying to get farther away, and drops a chunk, wrinking her nose a little. Ugh.

Alyna moves towards the table where the meat is so thoughtfully being cut up into hatchling safe pieces. She waits her turn, grabbing a plate and accepts a bloody fistfull of meat that Maikah seems to be thrusting out hither and yon. Grabbing a plate as she goes, she plops the gooey mass onto it and takes herself off to one side of the excitement. Carefully she arranges the meat in a small trail hoping to lure one over to where it is quieter. She sits with the plate in front of her, sipping her beer while she watches as the little green picks that young lad with the arm in a sling.

Vani just looks pained. "I guess." She's really not keen on collecting any more as Figners dive bombs the ocean on some mission, possibly to get food… possibly because he forgot to flap. "Everyone just settle down." She makes motions towards the ground in an effort to get people sitting. ALTHOUGH she's not really trying very hard, so feel free to ignore her~

F is for Fireball Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People Bronze Hatchling
Brash rivulets of wild amber and honey smother this dawn-soft hide. The cunning meanders of the jungles brightest bronze follow the paths of his lithe frame, parting and reforming around muscle groups, camouflaging his exact nature. His limbs appear almost kittenishly oversized, for all that they are weapons of natural selection. He is the song of the jungle, reckless and intertwined ridges tamed by the melodic lines of brightly limned eyes and regal facebones, harmony created in a creature that is both feral and free.

There's pie and then there's a little ball of green! Tommin oofs and suddenly hands her a fist full of fish pie. The rest of the pie falls to the ground but Tommin's ready to dole some out to the little green, smiling a little as he picks her up with the gooey hand taht she continues to nom from But hey, as he retreats, there's also pie for others to take up…

Tommin calls to Born of Baby's Laughter Green Hatchling, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Rh'ysar merely grunts an acknowledgment as F'kan comes to stand beside him, still not entirely fond of the brownrider, but not so outright hostile as to turn him away. There are hints of amusement in his gaze as he watches the green find someone to care for her. Rhyssa appears, clearly the product of this thought, the little green settling upon his shoulder and tucking herself around his neck where she can watch with minimal regard for the humans around her. Sorry, Vani, he's not going to sit — mostly because he doesn't want anything to do with these hatchlings.

Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People Bronze Hatchling skims along the surface of the sand, keeping things low even as his rear limbs wriggle. Food, FOOD is serious business okay? Careful only to move when attention is not directly upon him, he stalks closer. CLOSER. Like a nin…CRAP! And suddenly he is sliding down a slight incline, where he immediately shakes his head and attempts to regain some dignity. NO ONE SAW THAT DID THEY?

Va'os won't be sitting either! Once he's grabbed his (medium rare) cooked steak, he's promptly going to sideline himself and work on trying to enjoy as much of it while he can. Maybe the Weyrleader wasn't joking about the tiny amount of time he has? Of course his hopes are short lived as he'll have to be polite and return any passing greetings; kind of hard to do with a full mouth. Occasionally a wary sort of glance is sent towards those hatching firelizards.

Maikah is more than happy to hand out the meat. LADIES, he is available ;) However, he's also pretty focused on making sure that everyone (male and female) have sufficient meat to attract the hatchlings, as they pour forth like a river of ravenous tiny OMGADORBS things that they are. How a clutch of this size escaped detection so close to the Weyr will have to remain a mystery that can be debated. FOR NOW, there is meat to cut and firelizards to feed!

No one saw a thing. Myssioli's still trying to figure out how to keep the meat-goop from staining too much of her hands, and opts for allowing a kind stranger to help her by holding that danged plate so she can clean her hand. A toe nudges the bit she dropped, pushing it further away from her own body. It seems a little — gelatanous. It certainly flops a little, the very edge of it over the toe of her boot in the most limpid fashion. She's certainly going to be washing that boot off as soon as humanly possible. She takes the plate back now her hands are cleen and sweeps limpid brown eyes over the scattering firelizards.

Victory! Lyda smirks as she secures one of those ridiculous steaks, one more suited to a feline than a tiny hatchling. At least no one will be going hungry on her watch. "Thanks," is uttered for Llew's benefit, accompanied by a smile which speaks to nothing good. She flops the steak around, undaunted by the slippery texture or the oversized portion. It's tempting to steal one of those knives and turn it into more sensible servings, but to do so would be the admit that she bit off more than she can chew.

F'kan rocks back and forth from his toes to his heels as he sips his beer thoughtfully, other hand thrust into his pocket. On his shoulder Reaper trills in welcome as the green flit appears and lands on the bronzerider. "Yeah, you won't see me trying for another one of these little menaces." he says as he reaches up and scritches the brown under the chin which rewards him with a warm croon as Reaper lids his eyes in pleasure.

A Pocket Full of WOE Bronze Hatchling startles as what is this? Something unexpected. A STEAK! In his face. His little baby eyes whirl as if he cant quite believe his eyes, but who can really doubt this bounty that has suddenly been laid before him? Hes just going to lunge fully at the very large steak being held by a certain tiny bluerider and latch himself onto while instinct takes over.
A Pocket Full of WOE Bronze Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Lyda, creeling piteously.

A is for Absinthe Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

What a Ham Brown Hatchling
Zoinks! Twilight gloom and ominous mists obscure and darken the otherwise fawny hide of this firelizard.Whip thin tail and scrawny limbs shimmy and shake as if nervous energy alone can free himself of the shadows. As slim as his extremities might be, dont let it fool you. This barrel chested brown is a large firelizard which might make his habit of clinging to arms and chests of people at the first sign of anything spooky more than a bit annoying (since everything is spooky).

Vani watches with dark narrowed eyes. "I guess no one was looking for a nest this late in the season." This is for the non-participants, because she's noticed the bronzes. The bronzes would buy her many beers. Sigh. "I might have to start looking at this rate." As more firelizard babies emerge and find a new life amounst the people who just wanted a steak man.

Alyna is already sitting, look what a good girl she is. Nah, not really, she just wanted a little space to prepare her 'masterpiece'. Along with a little path made of scraps of meat, she has decided to mold the rest of it into a sort of nest, squishing down the meat in the middle and working it up in the sides. She almost forgets for a moment what she is doing, lost in the strange squishy nature of the meat. It brought her back to a time when she had to butcher Haquith's meals as a hatchling, the memory bringing a wistful smile to her lips, as her chin length hair falls in front of her face.

Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People Bronze Hatchling is stealthy and silent like the night! Ignore that odd little squeak, and that pitiful mewl didn't come from his REGAL MAW. He's on his own path baby! Just watch him prowl, he's totally GOT THIS! And to prove it, he's gunna catch his own meat! *POUNCE* He strikes from the shadows, hitting more boot leather than beef, and with an ADORABLE growl, he starts to chew. A certain barmaid might want to correct his aim unless she wants to do more than clean her boot.
Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People Bronze Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Myssioli, creeling piteously.

Oh look, she reeled in a firelizard! Lyda just resists the urge to lift the steak in the air and see if the little bronze manages to hold on, instead gently guiding him toward smaller bites, despite the ridiculous size of his meal. He'll probably run out of steam before he finishes the steak, but she's still keeping an eye on him — just to be safe.

D is for Daiquiri Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Truly, Truly Outrageous Gold Hatchling
The glamour and glitter of platinum and gold shimmies and shimmers along the hide of this audacious firelizard queen, gaudy metallic riffs play across starlight foundations — magic and mystery contained in the contrasts of her hide. Refracted light seems to mask her exact dimensions, the bedazzling shimmer of rock-star fantasy creating the illusion of perfect proportions. Her face is appealing with its markings of bubblegum punk, dark limned eyes, and the pop of nearly neon. Her wings are crafted of fame and fashion, a pair of stellar spotlights caged within in the holographic framework of fleeting immortality.

What a Ham Brown Hatchling is so hungry, man. He could really use a snack. Wait, what was that? Oh, a leaf. Nevermind. Hes just going to trundle onward. Theres gotta be a pantry to raid around here somewhere, right? Anybody got a flizzen-snack?

"A few is plenty." Rh'ysar agrees, deliberately vague about the size of his own collection. "Better make sure you don't have food." See, that's almost helpful. His conversational skills aren't improving in the slightest, though, as that seems to be all the man has to say about it.

Myssioli has a firelizard attached to her boot now, and raises her eyebrows as she firmly redirects the creature to the meat. That footwear's expensive. Very, very expensive. "Eat that, you." The meat is plopped into the creature's maw, growling and mewling notwithstanding. Nope, not going to allow him to chew on her feet.
Myssioli calls to Kitty, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Truly, Truly Outrageous Gold Hatchling can't wait a moment longer. Her time is now, the moment you've all been waiting for! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, here comes the star of the show! Of course it is a little hard to walk with those egg-soft claws, so she kind of dances and slides behind her opening acts. Are you ready to rock Southern? Cos she is… but first she has a couple of teeny tiny requirements. SQUARP! And she requires them now (No, not brown M&M's but MEAT ALL THE MEAT)

What a Ham Brown Hatchling has spotted the piece de resistance. The steak to end all steak. He's going to take a mighty leap (assisted with some newly found wings, they work!) and launch himself straight at a certain weyrleader's medium rare steak. MMM…. Delicious.
What a Ham Brown Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Va'os, creeling piteously.

Little Peske is pretty voracious and Tommin's fingers are starting to look a bit… gnawed upon. "Not me, not me!" The crowd has thinned a little and Tommin can go sit back to the remains of his pie, cradling the little green in the crook of his bandaged arm and forcedfeeding Peske more slowly. She's still getting the taste of human, though…

At some point while half-wrestling with her new firelizard, Lyda steals a knife. From who? WHO CARES. She clearly doesn't, as the bluerider sets to cutting off a portion of the steak which seems acceptable for a creature so small. She then pries it from the bronze's mouth, careful of those tiny teeth, and manages to chop up his section before tossing another chunk back to him. Much better.

Alyna resists the urge to squeal when the little gold hatchling appears. Her hands are bloody now as she continues to rearrange her meat sculpture on the plate in front of her, tossing a few more choice morsels to add to the path in front of her. Not liking the nest motif, she begins to flatten it all together in a low, rectangular platform, tapping it down so that the surface is as flat as she can make it. The greenrider cocks her head up at the little golding dancing her way around and softly giggles to herself.

Va'os is quite content lurking where he is and is doing a decent job in finishing off that steak! Of course he'll get distracted at one point and, without thinking, sets the plate aside — and ends up having the last few bites claimed by that brown. "Ahh, damn it!" He says it with love, guys! Filly welcomes the new hatchling with mixed curiosity and Va'os may as well kiss his hopes for a relaxing evening goodbye.

Myssioli finally manages to settle her little bronze down — by simply stuffing him to the gills. And she is rewarded with sleeeep, precious sleep. Who knows how long that's going to last. But she's stuck with a bit of meat and wrinkles her nose at it. It's not even cooked. She smirks a little as the little goldling makes a show of appearing, and tosses her some of the meat. Just for the sake of making it look like there's glitter or whatever. Or maybe she's just trying to get rid of what's left of the meat before Kitty wakes up and tries to eats it. Like he tried to eat her boot.

Truly, Truly Outrageous Gold Hatchling is a little disappointed that the panic she is producing really isn't getting her the results that she wants, so she stalks forward into the throng of her adoring fans. But wait, there is one sitting and making a stage? SHE LOVES STAGES! So off she goes, leaving disappointed fans in her wake, ready to take centre stage into her mouth. Because as awesome as she is, she's still new to this gig, and she has needs that must be met before she can really put on a show.
Truly, Truly Outrageous Gold Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Alyna, creeling piteously.

Alyna blinks and suddenly realizes she had been building a stage when the little gold takes to it with a creel of hunger. Quickly dismantling her hard work, but for the best cause, Alyna feeds the little queen small bites and lures her up into her lap where she continues to feed her, grinning at the dear little hatchling. You never know what you are going to get coming to Southern, that's for sure. A drowsy mindvoice pierces her thoughts, «You have to clean up after her you know and keep her in line, and make sure she doesn't interupt my beauty sleep. Remember what happened when you got that puppy?» Haquith adds her own two cents rather ominously.

Eventually the river of firelizard hatchlings stops flowing. With new pets gifted to all, people are going to start drifting away. "Didn't get laid but." Maikah grumps sadly as he watches ALL the pretty girls depart with pretty little firelizards. "Steak done yet?" Just because everyone is gone, doesn't mean he is going to abandon bro, beer OR beef.

Hey, what about the pretty boy departing with the pretty little firelizard??

"Don't give up just yet." That's Lyda, who just happened to overhear Maikah. She'll just give him a look that he can interpret however he'd like. And then she's gathering up her new charge and sauntering off.

F'kan stretches his back and smiles as he sees that the server girl he was talking to is empty handed and he makes his way over to her. "Oh, too bad. You can play with mine any time you want." as he puts an arm around her shoulders and she looks up at him with a simpering look. His eyes twinkle down at her as he leads her off to get some food and more drinks. As the night wears on, the two disapear together eventually, off to find a quiet spot for deep conversations for sure.

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