I'dre, N'iel


Roxeauth has a tooth problem; I'dre can't help, but Mhiruth can.


It is mid morning of the sixteenth day of the tenth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 19 Dec 2018 00:00


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Dragonhealer Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

Midmorning finds the air cool with autumn's touch to it but pleasant. It would have been THE perfect day too, with that aching blue sky type of visibility but alas ? it is not meant to be. Still far in the distance, a storm is brewing and will hit the Weyr later and has many scurrying to complete their tasks before that time. The 'Yard, however, is in a state of controlled business; those dragons unfortunate enough to have been recently injured or still recovering are being tended too well in advance of the approaching storm. Preparations are underway too, to be certain that any blown sand or grit doesn't get in where it shouldn't be. The only "oddity" that may be found here is I'dre himself; he doesn't wear anything that marks him as a Dragonhealer, or even one of their trainees. Mhiruth, while coiled on a ledge nearby, isn't among the injured. He's dressed comfortably for the weather and on his shoulder is a Wingrider's knot… with Mirages badge? How unusual. Currently he is busy working through what looks to be clean bandages.

There's a distinct air of grumpiness heading towards the infirmary. It's not coming from N'iel, who looks relaxed with only the faintest hint of worry in the lines at the corners of his eyes and mouth, the rider stepping in to the Yard and then turning back to look at the green bringing up the rear. Yep, it's definitely Roxeauth who wants to be anywhere but here; the green is walking as slow as possible, looking a little less vibrant than normal. "C'mon, Roxie," N'iel says encouragingly, though as he turns back to the Yard there's a small eyeroll. Spotting I'dre with his bandages, the greenrider makes an assumption and heads his way. "Mornin'. You wouldn't be free to have a look at Roxeauth, would you? I think she might have chipped a tooth." Said green is slooooowwwwwly entering the Yard.

Engrossed as he is in his "work", I'dre startles when N'iel greets him, only to give him a rather blank look. "Uh…" What? It takes a moment to process and then he's scoffing, albeit awkwardly more on his account, rather than the greenriders. "Ah, I'm not a dragonhealer. Not even trainee though…" He drops the bandage he was rolling. "I think I see where you got that impression?" He smirks a bit, though he glances past the man to the very reluctant Roxeauth. "Want me to go see if one of them is available? It'll save you time. Everyone's kind of… hurried." He gestures vaguely towards the sky, which still shows no sign of an incoming storm. Mhiruth, picking up on I'dre's passing discomfort, would have settled back to sleep had his intrigue not been piqued by Roxeauth; even so, his greeting is politely subtle in a gentle touch of calm, mirror-like waters. Hello.

N'iel looks confused at I'dre's initial blankness, but when the clarification of the rider's position come, his face brightens into an amused smile. "Oh? Just sorting bandages, huh? Ah, well, if anyone is free, that'd be good." Roxeauth is standing about two metres behind him, her willingness to come closer not helped by the knowledge this guy isn't trained to help her. The mental presence that reaches back to Mhiruth is sharp with the scent of strong alcohol, her discomfort making her words sharp. « Your rider isn't a dragonhealer - what is he doing here? »

"Yeah, something like that." It's becoming I'dre's default tag line! "I'll be back." There's a brisk nod from the younger rider and then, true to his word, he stalks off further into the 'Yard. He's not gone long, before he's returning with an actual Dragonhealer, who is more than willing to take over from there. Leaving N'iel to deal with the barrage of questions, I'dre's content to just lurk nearby and resume his 'work'. Is he eavesdropping? Maybe. Will he be roped into further help if Roxeauth doesn't cooperate? Probably. The glass-like surface of Mhiruth's waters barely ripple at the scent of alcohol or the sharpness from the green. It's merely absorbed, like a sponge and returned as calmness. « Helping in the few ways he can. » his answer is low spoken and cool, but oddly gentle.

N'iel is good at waiting patiently; Roxie, not so much. The green looks distinctly unsettled, stood there with her wings slightly open, head held up and at a slight angle. The slight movement on one cheek is probably her tongue probing at the offending tooth. When the dragonhealer comes, she's no more willing to cooperate, keeping her head up and out of the way of anyone's attentions. "Roxie," N'iel tells her firmly. This gets a roll of annoyance out of the green, made worse by the fact Mhiruth is so damn calm. How's a girl supposed to have a good snipe at someone if they just let it roll off them? « What's he looking at? Ain't he ever seen a lady in pain before? » Now her head's down lower, with N'iel trying to coax her to open her mouth for the nice dragonhealer, she can stare directly at I'dre.

The dragonhealer that I'dre happened to find has patience as well and a few seasoned Turns under their belt! Roxeauth isn't the first, or last, of the less agreeable patients they'll see! They'll give a few more instructions to N'iel, while also running down the event again that led to this, prior to making their assessment. Provided they can get the green to open her mouth! I'dre looks up from the pile of cloth bandages, frowning when he feels the green's intent focus and his expression just as stone-like calm as Mhiruth's… for now anyways. « He has seen many in pain before. » The blue's answer comes in that same infuriating gentle tone, even in the roundabout crypticness. What makes it worse? There's an implied smile in there, with it! Like he knows he's being a bastard, but a nice one. « Do you not appreciate being admired? » he asks cooly.

At any other time, Roxeauth would revel in the attention. But with N'iel and the dragonhealer working on her - not to mention the pain in her mouth - she's not in the mood. Now there's a sudden cloud of smoke, released in a hurry as her jaw is finally loosened for the healer's attentions. « Sounds like he enjoys seein' pain, » Roxie comments sharply, a haze of smoke around her words. There's the glow of the end of a cigarette, overly bright as something painful is prodded. Externally, the green makes no sound, but N'iel's sharp inhalation at their shared pain gives the game away. "That one, yeah." « Why? You got a thing for older ladies? » In her mood, the green's gonna resort to picking on age, apparently.

I'dre exhales quietly in relief when Roxeauth's attention seems to drift away from him and more towards Mhiruth. He's content too, to sort of fade into the background while the Dragonhealer and N'iel work on sorting out the green. It won't take them long, after apologizing to the greenrider and they'll nod thoughtfully. "From what I can see, it's damaged but…" More explanation follows, along with a brighter prognosis and easy-enough to follow care. And that pain? They've got something for that too and N'iel will be shown how to apply it (along with a laundry list of other steps and rules). Mhiruth lapses "silent" on Roxeauth, the mirror lake of his mind reflecting only the slow, steady roll of white clouds to indicate his thoughts; he's mulling over the first question and can only answer in a whispered. « I do not know. » He doesn't seem to mind being needled, either. If it distracts her, well, who is he to deny her? « Do you consider yourself 'old'? » Again, a question for a question!

Lucky for I'dre, Roxeauth's mouth is full of N'iel and dragonhealer as they get the tooth inspected, and start applying pain relief. The effect is damn near immediate; the acidity of her tone is much reduced as she replies to the ever-calm Mhiruth. « Older than you, honey. » There's a long drag on the unseen cigarette, the glow of the embers seen briefly before a long, relieved exhalation of smoke that fills her mind. « What're you, from that most recent clutch? Your rider not been tapped yet? You ain't Arroyo, I know that. That why he's hanging around here? » Now not in pain, she's more talkative, if a little snippy in her own way. N'iel is full of thanks to the dragonhealers, and there's a grateful look to I'dre too, even if he didn't directly do anything. "I think that's done the trick," he'll say, loud enough to include the bluerider in the conversation.

Must say something for a Dragonhealer's resolve to stick themselves right in a dragon's mouth! The one helping N'iel doesn't seem the least bit flustered and, in fact, looks pleased that it was an "easy fix". "Be sure to come back if anything changes or the pain worsens regardless of the treatment. A check up would be best in a few days." they inform the greenrider, before waiting on any further questions. They'll excuse themselves not long after, returning to tend to the rest of their charges. I'dre definitely caught N'iel's inclusive remark, though the bluerider looks sullen; probably thanks to tuning in to the conversation between their dragons. "Good news?" he asks, despite having overheard everything. « I am. » Mhiruth's first reply is marked with a small hint of pride, only to be mildly perplexed by the rest fired off by the green. He's thoughtfully quiet again, the clouds in his mind darkening marginally before brightening again. « We're of Mirage. » he explains, as though that is the answer to everything. « It is not ideal but he has accepted his role. »

N'iel is a far better patient than Roxeauth, and he's more than agreeable to the plan. With no questions, the dragonhealer is free to go - leaving the greenrider to focus on I'dre again. "Yeah. Not too bad, and the swelling should go down in a couple of days. Which does mean no eating until then…." That's said a little quieter, with a sidelong glance at his dragon, a thoughtful look on the man's face. « Mirage, huh? With all the golds? » Well, all two of them, and the host of injured and pregnant riders, but there's Roxie's response to Mhiruth's brief explanation. N'iel seems to be catching the edge of her questioning, and his brows knit in puzzlement as he looks back at I'dre, gaze noticeably on the man's badge. He's not managing to be subtle about getting a good look.

"That won't be a problem?" I'dre bluntly asks and yet doesn't go revealing ALL, just in case! He'll cast N'iel a sidelong look that hints at the rest. When did Roxeauth last eat? If it wasn't too long ago, then he may not have to be too overly concerned. Mhiruth doesn't vocalize a confirmation, but that implied smile is back, as is a sea-salt scented breeze to confirm the green's inquiry. Blinking again, I'dre stares back at N'iel for that not-so subtle looking and his brows furrow, eyes narrowing in the next breath to something edging towards a glare. What? "It's not a mistake," he mutters, looking away and back to those folded cloths. He starts to pack them away with a little more force than necessary.

N'iel gives Roxeauth's not insubstantial form another glance, a secretive smile tugging at his lips. "No, she'll be fine." He'll have her complaining to put up with, no doubt, but at least it's only temporary. The green has all but withdrawn into herself now, in a final swirl of smoke. The clink of ice cubes in a glass can be heard faintly, before her mental touch slowly pulls away from Mhiruth's, leaving only the smell of cigarettes to linger. N'iel's expression softens as I'dre doesn't take kindly to his interest. "Not at all." He's got the impression from their encounter, brief enough, why this man might have ended up with that badge, but there's only softness in his body language and voice. "They're keeping you busy, aren't they?" He inquires sympathetically.

I'dre spares one last glance towards Roxeauth before nodding his head. "That's good, then." It may not immediately show, but there is sincerity in that voice of his; just buried somewhere deep. Mhiruth doesn't press after the green and the moment she withdraws, so does he. Content on his ledge, he'll readjust his position before settling again to sleep. There's only so much sunlight and clear sky left, before that storm hints! The winds are already beginning to pick up. I'dre's focus darts back to N'iel, but any tension that had been building ebbs away as the greenrider gives nothing for him to feed off of. "Yeah. No idle hands, right?" His shoulders lift in an indifferent shrug and for a brief moment he makes it seem as though that is the end of their discussion. His work is done, so why linger? Instead he turns and offers a hand in greeting to the older rider. "I'dre, blue Mhiruth's rider."

The wind ruffles N'iel's shirt as he chuckles at I'dre's comment. "They'd have me here working with you if Roxie was grounded, I've no doubt." He takes the younger man's hand in a firm grip, still smiling warmly. "N'iel, of green Roxeauth. Well met." There comes that wind again, tugging at his clothes and tousling his hair. There's a glance skywards. "I should probably be going. I'll probably see you again, when we come back for a check up?"

"It's really not that bad, once you get used to the mind-numbing tasks they give us non-healer types." I'dre's smirking now, with genuine amusement lacing his tone. His mood improves further when N'iel takes his hand and he's relaxed when the gesture is completed. "Well met!" he echoes back, only to grimace when the wind ruffles his hair and leaves him squint-glaring at the skies. "Guess that storm is coming in faster than they were predicting," he grumbles, only to nod to the greenrider as he turns to grab the basket of folded cloths. "Yeah… you probably will." he agrees, slightly evasive. "Clear skies! And good luck, if you have to be out there before that hits." Then he's gone, striding back inside without so much as a backwards glance.

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