Xeiri, Jazsael


Xeiri is going about his business and gets a surprise!

Adult Behavior, Very adult PDA


Happens the day after Foam Party


Southern Weyr, Boardwalk

OOC Date 21 Jan 2018 07:00


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"I've been known to be cruel"



Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Definitely gonna have to come back here….. The thought drifts through Jazsael’s mind as she saunters with apparent casual interest along the Boardwalk of Southern Weyr. Pausing to examine a display of colorful scarves she lifts one of sheer emerald and lets it slide across her palm. After the first two seconds, however, she isn't seeing the material in her hand anymore but rather making a quick scan of those around her. The man and woman two booths down are obviously having an affair though they try not to show it. The subtle tells of intimacy are all over their movements, giving them away. The two young women across the way are annoying as they giggle and whisper over a handsome man selling baked goods. The man in a dark shirt slowly passing the afore noticed couple is a pick-pocket, proving her guess in the next moment by slipping a small pouch from the distracted man's jacket pocket. Jazsael grins at that. Amateur. I'd've had the pouch, the ridiculous ring on his right hand and the blue gem-encrusted brooch on the woman's shoulder just as quickly.

Then she sees him. Her mark. The man she has tracked from the north and been paid to catch in the act of selling off an item he stole from his employer back in Bitra. She can practically feel the marks weighing down her pockets already! His back is to her at the moment but the brief glimpse she got of his profile was enough to recognize that big beak nose of his, not to mention the thick beard he's so fond of. Turning the scarf in her hand she pretends to continue admiring it while watching him out of the corner of her eye.

Shells let the vendors be //buying today…The thought //burns in Xeiri’s mind as he moves up the road to the boardwalk, his shirt shoved in and trailing out of the back pocket of his oh-so-tight pants. He’s got a skein of freshly gathered feline skins slung over his shoulder, and his free arm holds a line of edible fish and a line of smaller pelts he’s gained. Southern has good hunting that’s for sure, and it’s a lot easier to track here than it was back in the desert.


Xeiri shakes his head and sighs as he approaches the boardwalk. Igen hasn’t been home in a long time, and Xeiri would do well to remember that. The ex-Zingari man is a man of habit however, and finds himself wishing sometimes to trade back the humid heat of Southern for the desert heat of Igen. He garners a few stares as he moves towards the appropriate vendors and he wonders if this is what it’s like for the wildlings that he’s heard tale of but has yet to meet any of. Is anything exotic so strange around this wild place? Surely not. But people stare anyway.

Maybe it’s because Xeiri is basically sex walking, or maybe it’s because people are shocked to see a man hauling skins and walking around shirtless. Or maybe Xeiri is over thinking it and people aren’t actually staring. Who knows really?

The man Jazsael is tracking - her mark - seems nervous. And well he should be….. she muses with utter confidence. If he knew I was on his tail he'd shit himself right here in the middle of the walkway. As if sensing her thoughts the man glances over his shoulder in Jazsael's direction. She smoothly lifts the scarf in her hand to her cheek as if sampling it's texture, the corded lengths of her long black hair falling forward to further veil her profile. Her attire isn't exactly as circumspect as she would normally be wearing when wanting to blend but the southern heat had been too much to don a heavy, concealing cloak. The travel and hunting garments she prefers are close-fitting and efficient with dark colors that just so happen to emphasize her feminine curves and compliment her dusky skin and dark hair at the same time. The half dozen knives and other weapons hidden within their folds are a secret bonus none know of until it's too late, though the single blade she keeps strapped to her thigh is warning enough for those who foolishly consider pushing unwanted attentions on her.

Apparently her ruse works and the mark turns back again without noting her presence, beginning to walk in the opposite direction. Jazsael immediately drops the scarf and moves to follow him. Then someone calls out from behind her, hailing her mark, and the man whips back around, coming straight toward Jazsael! Without hesitation she makes a quick but smooth turn to the right and finds herself facing a stunningly handsome young man. In the blink of an eye she notes the pelts and fish he's carrying, pegging him for a fellow hunter and probable trader. Her kind - even better. His arms are loaded with various wares which works even better in her favor since he can't immediately stop her from doing what she does next.

Stepping right up in front of him she hitches two fingers over the top of his trousers and tugs, the epitome of womanly desire as thick lashes flutter over exotic-cast eyes, pretty features framed by a mass of midnight shadows randomly contained by neat cords and tiny braids. Her body presses up against his, the plush curves of an adequate chest made obvious through the thin shirt she wears beneath an open jacket. Full lips curve into a sultry smile, hovering just a breath from his as she whispers huskily, "Don't think. Just kiss me."

Well this day just got interesting! Xeiri is lost in his own thoughts when Jazsael is suddenly against him and speaking. Being a man of spontaneity and a taker of chance, he really doesn’t give two shits about thinking about it. He drops the skins onto the boardwalk, the rest going on top and wraps an arm around that fit waist and haul Jazsael against him. The kiss he plants upon her lips is far less decent for public consumption than really is appropriate. This is a dance Xeiri knows quite well and he’s quite willing to put on a show for whatever reason.

Jazsael is more than ready to sell their impromptu façade, especially with such a sexy and willing 'volunteer'! The hint of a smirk touches the side of her lips as he drops his gear and hauls her close with one arm, then is obliterated the next moment in an explosion of sensual heat as their lips meet. Bloody shards but the man can kiss!

Subconsciously she knows it will be at least ten to fifteen heartbeats before her mark passes them so the better they're fully engaged the more likely it is that he'll not pay attention to them. Fact: people shy away from looking at public displays of affection. Which leaves her free to have a little fun with this unexpected bonus.

Abandoning her hold on his trousers her hands slide around his torso to frame either side, slender curves arching into his as her tongue seeks to dart past his lips and deepen the kiss. Tilting her head she melds her lips perfectly to his as well as hiding her profile in the forward sway of long, thick hair.

Xeiri warms to this like a pot to the fire, one of his hands dropping to urge Jazsael to lift a leg. He eats at her as if he were a familiar lover, tongue twining with hers, body responding in a surge of needy heat. His other hand comes up to bury itself in her hair and he holds her steadfast. If he’s going to be used for….whatever, then he’s going to get a real taste of this spitfire woman that’s glomped him here on the boardwalk. When they do break, Xeiri does so with a lusty chuckle. “Please tell me that wasn’t the end of that love? You can’t accost a man like that and expect him to be happy at stopping there….” Yeah, he’s a sleaze. What?

Lifting her leg is probably a bit too much but at this point Jazsael doesn't care. Her knee rises to his hip, at least for a moment or two, the way their bodies curve together causing a nearby vendor to gawk and accidently knock over a carefully aligned stack of small wooden containers. They clatter across the counter and scatter on the ground to the sound of the man's angry groans and the squeals of two female shoppers.

The distraction is perfectly timed as Jazsael's mark passes by the entwined couple at just that moment and might have noted such an outright display if not for the eruption of noise that snatches his attention instead. Two steps later he's beyond them and his focus returns to the man ahead who hailed him.

Part of Jazsael is reluctant to conclude the charade as well, her body practically humming everywhere they touch. Sliding her palms over all that fine muscle covered by taut, tan skin she has to remind herself of the purpose for this yummy little distraction. A sultry grin curves full pouty lips as he finally gets a chance to speak. Tearing her dark-eyed gaze from the lips that form those words she chuckles as well, a low velvety roll of sound. Lifting her chin she leans into him as if to kiss again but her lips pass within a breath of his and graze along his jaw instead.

Hovering just before his ear she whispers with a heavy does of husky amusement in her tone, "Can't I, love?" Spying the mark over his shoulder just talking to the other man she is more than happy to stall a bit. Turning her head slightly she presses a kiss to the back of Xeiri's jaw, breathing across his ear, "You didn't seem to mind."

“Oh I didn't mind…” Xeiri starts, moving his hands so that they cusp the round curves of Jazsael's arse, pressing her close and up against the proof of her effect on him, “But it would be awful cruel if you did…” A low husky growl escaped his lips as she kisses his jaw. They might have a couple of gawkers at this point, Xeiri could give a damn. Though the back of his mind digs at him to remember the skins and fish and small game he has yet to unload. “Tell me you're in Southern for a bit lovely?” Xeiri could use a companion for a few nights.

Mmmmm, so nice! Pleased with her effect on him Jazsael allows the placement of his hands, even adding a bit of a grinding roll for emphasis once he has her tight against him. Take that gawkers! A small bubble remains around the hunter and the trader, people skirting them with varied responses. Indeed, a pair of well dressed ladies veer sharply away from the lusty pair as they pass, frowning and muttering disapprovingly. Several of the nearby vendors - excluding the one still trying to reset his fallen containers - are finding excuses to linger where they can enjoy the show.

The marked man and his cohort turn and start to walk the other way engrossed in their own conversation. With a regretful little sigh Jazsael sternly reminds herself to stay on task. Brushing her cheek against the short scruff that lines Xeiri’s jaw she slides her lips across his, purposely lingering as if another of those deep, heated kisses is imminent.

“I’ve been accused of being cruel,” she whispers, lips curling with a grin he can feel as well as see. Her hands slide down his spine, fingers slipping just inside the top of his trousers. “But I suppose I owe you for being SO enthusiastically helpful.”

A low velvety chuckle fills the gap as she suddenly steps to the side and out of his grasp, her own hands lingering on him till the last moment. Almond-shaped eyes crinkle, their dark depths alight with a host of sultry promises. Walking backward a few steps she responds to his last by blowing a kiss, flipping one hand from her lips to send it aloft. “I am till my business is done. Perhaps I’ll find you later, love.”

With that she spins and walks away quickly, following the two men. Her mind refocuses on the task at hand but there’s a corner that remains behind, ruminating on a striking young trader and what will happen when she finds him later - because she will find him, of that there’s no doubt. She isn’t an expert tracker for nothing. As to what happens then, well, if his initial response is any indication then this trip to the south may turn out to be worth her while in more ways than one!

Xeiri lets out a low growl when Jazsael rolls against him, nibbling at her lips when she brushes hers by. “Mmhmm… “ He rumbles as she talks of maybe owing him for being helpful. Thinking he's got it in the bag now, he loosens his grip on her and in a breath, she pulls away, skirting off with those last half promises. He chuckles at her cheekiness and shakes his head. Well. That had certainly been an interesting start to the day. He clears his throat, and readjusts his trousers, then picks up his furs and other paraphernalia and goes bewilderingly about his business, earning a few marks at least before trotting off to find a willing partner, someone to help take out the fire raging through his veins. Though he does hope that raven haired beauty finds him later.

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