Xanthee, G'tan


G'tan and Xanthee meet again in the place they first became acquainted.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Bazaar Guards' Workout Room, Igen Weyr

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"Look how tall you stand on your own."

Bazaar Guards' Workout Room

The Igen Bazaar Guards' Workout room is much like the rest of the bazaar: functional and worn with time and use.

The room is large and mostly dark, signs admonishing those ruffians to 'Put Your Weights Away' so one doesn't trip over them between rough wooden benches and high-backed chairs. Along the walls, leather bags filled to tautness with sand either swing gently or hang in ominous silence, guardians of punching power.

In the back is a change room, hidden by a curtain with a huge 'M' emblazoned on it. Nearby is a smaller closet with the mark for 'Women', a hastily constructed change room for those women who are willing to compete for benches with the men.
Finally, the best and worst thing about this workout room is the smell: the odor of Man Sweat that is lodged so deeply into the stone and wood that it may never recover. It is a scent that cannot be ignored after fresh air, a piquancy of hard work and discipline that assaults the nose and then embraces, welcoming one to share their own unique smell into the pot.

Late afternoon finds Xanthee headed to the Guard's workout room, dressed in a pair of shorts and a breezy tank top, a light pack slung over her shoulder and raven locks swept up in a high, neat runnertail. Rukbat is opressive today though, and already she has a thin sheen of sweat on her forehead by the time she steps inside the room, her nose wrinkling as the room's usual smell is made even riper with the heat. Finding a bench near the hanging bags, she sets down her pack and opens it up, deftly pulling out a towel and a waterskin as well as a couple tight rolls of hand wraps. Sitting down then on the bench, she begins the task of wrapping her hands as she lets her emerald eyes wander over the room casually.

There is someone else here, though it's not immediately obvious. As Xanthee sits wrapping her hands, a familiar brawny bronzerider comes out of the changing room, adjusting the wraps on his own hands. Blue board shorts, a fitted white tank, and soft shoes are his concession to the heat, as well as an obviously recent haircut that leaves him with a short overall buzz, a bit more length on the top. Movement draws blue eyes upward to land on the raven-haired girl on the bench. "Hey, Xanthee," he greets with an amiable smile, sauntering her way a bit. "Haven't seen ya in here in a while. Though I know it was for good reason for a while." A sandy brow arches gently, sympathetic. "Things been alright?" Since Candidacy being the unspoken addendum there.

Xanthee looks up at a the sound of her name spoken by a familiar voice, a smile spreading to her lips as she sits up a little straighter and salutes the bronzerider, because those Candidacy habits are hard to break. "Good afternoon Sir." she responds as she finishes with one hand before moving onto the next one. "Yeah, Candidacy leaves little time for anything else really." she says with a little chuckle as she continues to wrap the long strip of fabric carefully around her hand, her eyes dropping when he asks how things have been. A soft shrug of her shoulders before she answers with a simple, "Busy I guess. I got a new job working for weyrwoman Nasrin, still training with Kyara whenever I can, and spending time with my boyfriend." It's not a direct answer but it's the best she'll allow herself as she finishes up wrapping her hand. "How about yourself? Have you been well?"

"You don't have to do that," G'tan says to the salute and the "sir" but returns it anyway, knowing full well why she's still doing it. He plunks himself down on the bench at a right angle to hers, stretching his arms various ways as she continues her wrapping. News of being taken on as Nasrin's assistant earns a hike of his brows, and he nods. "Weyrwoman's assistant, huh? That's a pretty big deal! Congratulations," he tells her with a grin. "Glad to hear Kyara's still finding' time to train you. She probably needs it as a break as much as you want the experience." Mention of a boyfriend drops his grin to a soft smile. "Gettin' to spend time with the one you love is the best cure for everything. And just the best period, even when nothing's ailing' you." A nod answers her counter-question. "Can't complain. Wranglin' my kids, fighting' Thread, gettin' to go home to my weyrmate. Can't ask for much more in life!"

"I know." Xanthee says with a shrug, she's not a Candidate anymore and so the expectaction isn't there but it's a hard habit to break after three Candidacies, but she doesn't really feel the need to explain all that so she just smiles brightly at his next. "Thanks! It's been a great challenge after two turns at the Tea Room. I'm learning so much more about how the Weyr's run than I ever thought was possible. It's facinating, and kind of exhausting. I definitly don't envy the Weyrwomen their jobs, they have so much on their plates." she says emphatically as she finally finishes her wrapping, flexing her hands to make sure it is done properly as she stands to start her own warm-ups. "That's good to hear, and I've just recently discovered the joy of having someone to come home to every night, isn't it great?" she beams a bright smile in the man's direction as she pulls one arm across her chest and then the other.

G'tan nods along with Xanthee's words, the motion momentarily becoming more emphatic when she mentions the workload that falls to the Weyrwomen. "Yeah. Weyr doesn't run without them, period. We could do nothin' buy fly Thread, but without them there's no infrastructure. Plus no continuous supply of dragons. There're a looooot of us within' we had another gold right about now." He can't help but chuckle at the girl's enthusiasm as she voices her last. "Never gets old," he agrees. "Your best days, your worst days, uneventful days - doesn't matter the sort. There's nothin' like bein' with someone through it all. Never thought I'd ever be the sort to say that, but…love always has other ideas." He stands, picking out a bag to spar with. "Just so ya know," he adds, blue eyes pinning her earnestly, "I hope you keep Standin'. You've weathered bein' left a few times now and bounced back, and you've got a Weyrwoman recognizin' your worth. Hard not to see you Impressin' someday."

Xanthee continues on warming up her upper body as she nods emphatically along with the bronzerider's words, "I'm just glad I can help out Nasrin and make things just that much easier for her. It makes me feel like I am helping out the Weyr in my own way even if I don't have a dragon." Her voice rings with a touch of new maturity as she moves on to her legs, picking up her knees one at a time and hugging it to her chest. When he pins her with his blue eyes though, she listens intently, pulling a bright smile from her lips at his words of encouragement. "It's always been the plan to keep Standing. I'm not ready to give up yet." And with that she claps her hands together, rubbing them eagerly and finding a bag of her own.

G'tan's nodding this time is approving in nature as he watches to see where Xanthee is going to go. He'll adjust the direction of his strikes accordingly. "So," he asks, the little smile that curves his lips becoming a bit teasing, "y'know how to kick properly yet?" He remembers at least asking about it the last time they ran into one another…and hearing a less than confident answer then.

Oh a challenge! Xanthee shoots a smirk in the bronzerider's direction with a sharply raised ebony eyebrow as she takes a stance perpendicular to the bag, left foot in front and hands held up in guard. Then with little notice she brings her right leg up and arcing towards the bag in a technically quite good roundhouse, and quick too. When she connects with the bag, it gives a respectable THWACK and sets it swinging slightly. Not done yet, Xan follows through and lands with her right foot just in time to pivot on her heel and spins into a back kick with her left foot, this one has a little more power to it and the bag flies back considerably before she plants her left foot in front and returns to her previous position, one hand lifting to stop the bag before it swings in her face. A look on her face that is a mixture of pride and a little surprise that she had pulled the combo off relatively smoothly before she smiles over at G'tan, "Getting there I think.." she says with a a playful twinkle in her eyes.

G'tan sidles around so that he can better observe Xanthee, his expression impressed once she's finished. "Yeah, I'd say so," he agrees, pushing away from his back to align himself for a few test taps. "Almost ready to get 'em airborne, looks like." Why yes, he's going to go right ahead and give her ideas. Kyara can thump him later for it if she wants to. "Keep it up and we'll be huntin' you for Parhelion before you even Stand again," he quips before launching into a steady stream of right-left straight punches, obviously meant to warm him up rather than practice any sort of power just yet.

Xanthee perks up a little bit, "Airborne? What do you mean?" she wonders as she furrows her brow in G'tan's direction, leaning one hand on the bag as she ponders his meaning before turning back to her own warm-ups. Since she already started on kicks, she might as well keep going. Taking a more squared off position in front of the bag she starts to run through some crescent kicks, slow and deliberate at first, making sure every momevemt is just so before she lightly taps the bag with her heel. It's a kick she's had a hard time with when she tries it with any speed.

"I mean starting with a leap to give the kick more momentum." G'tan stops his punching, stills that bag, steps back…and then launches off his back foot while bring up his front knee, snapping his foot out to meet the bag before landing. The bag nearly meets the roof, the chains and hook it hangs from groaning. "Like that," he says factually, glancing warily upward as a bit of dust billows down in a puff from above. He catches the bag with a oof and stills it. "Don't try it without Kyara showing you all the motions first, of course," he qualifies. "But a lot of times your opponent's not expecting it. And won't be expectin' to end up flat on their ass with no wind in their lungs all of a sudden, too."

Xanthee's jaw drops at the mentions of leaping before a kick and then even further when he demonstrates, her emerald eye going wide as she holds back a squee of anticipation as she will surely remember this the next time she meets up with Kyara. At his warning though, she nods in all seriousness, "Yeah, I have way too much work right now to hurt myself trying something like that on my own. But I definitely wanna learn how to do that eventually. Even beyond self-defense, I'm finding learning all this to be quite addictive, I'm always finding small ways to tweak my technique or form in some way. And there's nothing quite thrilling than learning a particularly difficult move and perfecting it." She says with a curious smile before she returns to refining her crescent kick.

G'tan laughs at that, giving a little shake of his head. "It is addicting. Always something new to be learned, a new way to apply a move… We're not fightin' constantly, so making sure we're always improving and practicing is crucial. Not that I need to tell you that." The girl seems to have enough perfectionist in her to know it rather instinctually. He goes back to throwing flurries at the bag, quick bursts of different punch combinations that change with every other repetition.

"Kyara's a fantastic teacher, everything I could ever wish for." Xanthee says over the sound of his flurries of punches, "I should really thank you for recommending her to me that one time. We get along great too. She's like.." and then Xan pauses as she tries to find just the right words, "..everything I want to be. Strong, confident, tough. I've been told my mom was a lot like that." she says wistfully as she sets up for some of her own punches now, starting slow, speeding up gradually.

"It's why she makes a good part of the weyrling team. But you're welcome," G'tan says, his punches becoming more focused and debilitating. He watches Xanthee around his bag a bit as she speaks of her mother, smiling gently despite decidedly non-gentle activities. "Sounds like your mom was a badass. Dragonrider?"

"Brownrider. Lexi and Iyrith." Xanthee confirms with a nod and a soft smile, "Well she had to be, she impressed in a rough time for female riders so I've heard. But the Aunties all tell me that she was quite fierce and didn't let anyone make her feel less because of her gender." She swallows hard against a small lump in her throat as her voice drops, "Thread got them in the first Turn of the Pass. I was very little." She chuckles bitterly then, "Still have a dad, bronzerider, but he's not the most hands-on parent. And he also has some rather traditionalist views on women riders so he's not exactly happy with my chosen path." Then a blush colors her cheeks as she turns back to her bag, "But here I am chatting your ear off when we both came here to work out."

She might be chatty, but G'tan is still smiling understandingly. It's not as though he can't hear her, after all. Still…it's bound to get harder. "Must've been before my transfer. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her," he says, stilling his bag again. "Sounds like she and my Erissa would've gotten on real well. And hey." He jabs a wrapped hand her way, fingers relaxed. "You've got their blood, regardless of who they were or are. Look how tall you stand on your own." And with that, he'll go right back to driving his fists into the bag, an activity now at chat-prohibiting volume. Just a bronzerider and a Weyrwoman's assistant in the training room, showing the world what strength looks like in their own unique ways.

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