Beris, Talya


Talya finds herself reluctantly helping Beris out with a problem when she should be doing candidate chores instead.



It is evening of the thirteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchen Courtyard

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Kitchen Courtyard

The domestic space of the kitchen courtyard is small, dusty, slightly over-grown, and practical. The focal point of the stone courtyard is a large well found directly in the middle. Turns have worn the once angled bricks to soft, crumbling curves about the lip, and a bucket always slightly damp is tied, secure, and ready to use at the side. Though a broom has swept here since last you passed through, it would appear the wind-borne dust has merely been heaped under the cobble-cracking shrubs of a stubborn environment that grow ever upward. A few benches are scattered around, but the feel is not comfort, for this small slice of sky and wind are saved for a kitchen staff always on the move.

Evening is creeping in at Igen Weyr; a hot, clear, summer's evening as is so common in this place. It's still sweltering, and most people are sensible enough to be inside the Weyr itself, where it's cooler. Not Beris though: with the kitchen courtyard quieter, she's taken space on one of the benches scattered about, a light scarf draped over her head to ward off the last of the sun's harshness. She has a tall glass of juice, condensation visible on the side of the cool drink. She's sat cross-legged on the bench, a small pot nestled in the space formed by her legs; her gold Lyira is draped over her shoulders, while bronze Zeba looks on curiously from beside her.

Talya suffers the heat just like every other candidate, generally working from the break of dawn. And she has yet to finish now. The evening meal prepared and served, the candidate is shuffling from the direction of the kitchens, a rough rasping sound in her wake. Two quick ones. Rasp. Rasp. And then a long slow Rasssssp. Sweeping out the debris left behind in the kitchen and into the courtyard, a puff of dust and some larger clumps that get swept away behind a bench. No one will see that stuff there, right? Perfect. She continues on her sweeping, in the general direction of Beris. "Dinner's all served and looking tasty," she informs the young woman, only giving her the briefest of glances. Gotta sweep, apparently.

The sound of sweeping getting closer draws Beris's attention, and she sips from her glass as she watches Talya moving the debris closer, closer. Should she be leaving it behind a bench like that? Looks like a big case of 'not my problem' for Beris. "Been helping with it?" She asks - the white knot, in her mind, seems equivalent to doing every menial job around the Weyr, food service included. Her hand not occupied with her glass comes to rest on the top of the pot, while Lyira lifts her head to give a friendly chirp at Talya, green eyes a-whirl.

"Not with the handling and distributing of it," Talya answers with a snort. "All done with that, stuck with cleaning up instead. I'll grab whatever is leftover once the crowds leave. But you're welcome to get the fresh stuff, I won't be handling it." If she was concerned about that part. Privacy is a privelege, and even though the courtyard is quiet and Beris is there, it's still so much better than the crowded barracks and caverns. She finally gives a longer glances, making some lazy sweeping motions that is not doing any actual productive sweeping. Her gaze squints at the firelizard and then at the hand over the pot. There's a brief flash of curiosity, but then a shrug as she moves around the bench the woman is on. There's sand everywhere here, and she's trying to sweep it up into a pile.

Beris's hand lifts to give a little dismissive wave. "I ate earlier." Then it settles down again, as she continues to watch Talya's 'efforts'. 'Like trying to sweep sand at Igen' should probably be some sort of saying. There's a hint of a smile in her eyes, but she's all seriousness as she says, changing topic completely: "I've got a bit of a problem on my hands, actually. Not to do with food." Lyira is subtly flopping herself more to the side of Beris's shoulders that's closer to Talya, crooning softly to the candidate and reaching her head out, as if asking to be petted. Zeba just watches, without any protectiveness, just simple attentiveness.

Talya is really intent in this work, there's even a little pile of sand starting to form there. But now that she's committed to the task she is going to see it through and continue with it. It also means she doesn't have to go back inside and finish whatever other assignment is there for her so long as she looks busy. Right? The mention of a problem makes her pause, looking back up to Beris with her head cocked at an angle and a brow raised. She leans heavily onto her broom. "Problems can definitely be tricky, but I'm just a lowly candidate slave here." The gold definitely gets a look. Not a bad one, more like she's suspicious of her. She looks down at herself, as if she probably had something on her body that the firelizard wants. Nope, just a broom. So she leans away from it and tilts it towards the firelizard. Does she want to scratch the wood?

Beris will probably back Talya up if anyone comes out to question what she's doing. Probably. Eh. "Doesn't mean you may not be able to help me," Beris notes, with another sip of her drink. Lyira does a sort of controlled slip-slide down off Beris's shoulder and onto the bench, gathering herself up until she's sat on the wood and looking up at Talya, humming softly. "See," Beris continues, setting her glass on the bench on her other side, "I've got this fire-lizard egg left that I just don't know what to do with." Now both hands cradle the pot, as she looks at Talya with a neutral expression, seeing how the teenager responds.

"Well, you know, maybe I can." Talya is not quite committing to the task of helping out the other girl just yet, not without even knowing what the problem was! And she likely had no inkling of an idea of how to solve it. She squints her dark eyes down onto the gold firelizard, as if studying to try to understand this one. "I got no food or ice or anything," she tells Lyira specifically. Because firelizards have been weird lately to Tal. Her attention gets pulled away from the critter, moving the broom around slowly still. "Oh, well, that doesn't sound like a terrible problem!" Now her face stretches into a smirk, then a toothy grin. "I know the perfect solution for that." Her eyes glitter as they turn from the girl to look at the pot. Then, happily, she resolves Beris's problem: "Sell it. Can make plenty of marks off of one!"

Lyira looks up at Talya, blinking her eyelids slowly when she mentions not having food or..ice? Then she slowly rolls until she's on her back, showing a belly available for scritches, eyes still fixed on the woman. Beris's lips twitch in an amused smile. "Hm." She considers the solution that Talya's presented. "Marks'd be nice. Doesn't seem right to sell her babies, though." When did she grow a conscience with regards to this sort of thing? "Lyira likes you," she comments, perhaps a little pointlessly given that the gold, generally, likes everyone. Now Beris's hands slip under the pot, lifting it up until it's at chest height. "You want a fire-lizard?" Hey, it's another solution to her problem!

"Is she not angry that she isn't with her eggs anymore?" Talya finally asks Beris of her gold firelizard, looking from the belly up firelizard to the pot and back again. Because she always was taught that queen firelizards were mean and protective little things when brooding. Like the gold dragon on the sands, ready to eat anyone that probably wanted to harm her eggs. Or take them away. She bobs her head encouragingly about the marks, grinning back to Beris. "I mean, I know it's definitely hers and that;s harder but if you /really/ need to get rid of it." That was an option given. She still has not even pet the poor golden Lyira. She pulls the broom tightly to herself, leaning it against her shoulder. Both her hands go up, pointing out the white-knot. "Candidate. Waay too much to do for one of those. And feeding one and a dragon and— plus, I've probably got half a mark to my name. Got nothing for you." Still on the thought of selling the egg.

Beris shakes her head, smiling fondly down at Lyira and her attempts at getting attention. She'll oblige the gold, scratching the soft, exposed belly. Lyira's eyes slowly lid shut, a happy croon coming out like a sigh. "Nah. She's very relaxed, actually." Teh smile turns to a grin, slightly cheeky, when Talya offers her protests now. "It depends on their personalities, really. Feed them and oil them and that's about it. And they're much smaller than a dragon - easy peasy." She wriggles (gently!) closer to the Talya. "You can have it for free."

Talya gives a little shake of her head at the gold getting belly scratches and the eggs clearly forgotten (and maybe even unloved, poor things). "Firelizards are weird." It's almost like an echo of another time… A very recent time even. "I hear it is all about the personalities but you gotta have some kind of good luck to get one like /that/ just hatched, don't you? Was she this easy and relaxed just born?" Hmmm? Tal seems quite reluctant on the ownership of a little firelizard. She gives what is a self-deprecating huff of a laugh. "I'm sure I'll be lucky in getting a little terror that keeps me and the barracks awake." There's a pause for thought. "Can they kick me off from Standing for having a noisy firelizard or one that disturbs the barracks?" Or, Faranth forbid, refuses to let her Stand because it wants all the attention! She gives Beris a look. "What's to keep me from selling it?"

Beris's words carry a touch of a laugh as she agrees with Talya on that. "Yeah. My weyrmate's gold is totally air-headed. Lyira is just super relaxed. They're all different." And weird, for sure. "She's always been chilled out," she answers that question. "I'd hope her daughter will be the same, if they can like, inherit personality." She stops scritching Lyira so she can lift the pot's lid enough to reveal the glimmer of golden shell within. "I don't think they can kick you out for it," she says, with enough confidence to try to sound like she maybe has an idea? There'a s shrug there. "Anyway, the eggs are probably gonna hatch any time now - they wouldn't kick you out right before when they need all the candidates they can get, right?" She grins at Talya. "Well, if you sell it…that's your moral choice, I guess?" And look at how cute Lyira's being! Could anyone do that to her?

"Or be the complete opposite," Talya points out regarding the gold's daughter falling /far/ from that tree. It's obvious when the words seem to settle into her brain regarding the gender of the egg, unhatched as it is. She has to just lean forward immediately, her attention caught, to finally check out the contents of that pot. She pulls back, eyes blinking at the woman and then gives a laugh. "Now /that/ is probably going to be a handfull! And a joke, right? I mean, you've got to have someone just aching to take that off your hands." Egg producers and all that. "It must mean something to her?" Lyira is looked at again, and she is definitely looking on with pity now. "It's definitely a big contrast to seeing Zsaviranth on the sands and then your little gold here.. just wants a scratch." Two big differences in dams. Of course one is a dragon. "It ain't gonna hatch soon is it?" She's got time to think, right? There's definitely a little more greed to her expression with a look to the pot. You can take the girl out of Black Rock but the good old smuggling days still remain in her.

More shrugging from Beris. Who can tell, until it's hatched! Has she hooked her in with the flash of gold? She is quick enough to defend Lyira's maternal instincts. "Oh, she's been a perfect mother. Plus she trusts me to help her out, finding good homes for them. She likes you, anyway, so she'd be happy for you to look after her daughter." Can one truly tell that, or is Beris just trying to add more bait to the hook? "I think I'd rather have her like this than trying to bite my hand off when I try to find her eggs homes." Beris is upbeat about it. And that pot is still being held out in offer to Talya! "I think it's pretty close now - the shell seems hard. It's her first clutch, so I'm still sort of learning."

Talya has definitely immediately jumped to conclusions, but Beris's nonchalance about the gender of the egg eems to make her double thing. She looks suspiciously at the pot… firelizard… woman. "If it helps, I made this guy's fair of firelizards all sad and I doubt they liked me very much at the end." She still can't seem to believe the whole firelizards-liking-her thought. Her eyes scan the surroundings— finding a way out? Finding someone else to get this shoved at them? "If she were all possessive I guess they'd just hatch wild and then there would be less firelizards out there in the Weyr." She says this as if trying to convince herself of this being a bad thing. "So the shell seems hard, the /dragon/ eggs seem hard enough to hatch. You do see the trouble about that? But I have someone I can probably consider that would be a great firelizard parent. Who is not a candidate." Who may or may not have marks to spare. Of course, Tal wouldn't do it at the end but she doesn't know that yet! She sighs and then makes a vague gesture around them. "Were you waiting for a long time for a poor lost candidate to pawn this off on?" This may just be amusing to Beris.

"Someone else's fire-lizards are a totally different issue." Beris is trying her best to be reassuring here, honest! She inclines her head at Talya's suggestion about babies hatching wild. "I mean, I guess so. There're quite a few tame fire-lizards about, I guess." The look she gives Lyira, a hint of sadness in her eyes, implies she would hate for her gold's babies to go wild. Which is why she's trying to prevent that now! As to that last suggestion Talya makes, Beris just grins innocently. "Maybe…but Lyira likes you, and that's important to me, sooo." Indeed, that gold seems to have fallen asleep on the bench. So relaxed.

Talya looks down at Lyira after Beris, having caught that hint in there. Okay, there's the guilt. Why does this seem to happen a lot lately to Talya? Perhaps it is the imminent thought of baby dragons on the horizon that is suddenly giving her a soft spot. A big heavy sigh and she leans almost all her weight onto the broom handle. "Okay, okay, /fiine/," is said with probably the most reluctance that anyone has ever given at receiving a firelizard egg /for free/ with no strings attached. Maybe. "But this doesn't mean you want me to clean our your place for a week or be a personal slave or something… right?" Because now she has to check. She finally reaches down, and gives the little gold just a little pat with her fingers.

Talya's reluctance is probably deserved - being given a fire-lizard by a total stranger! Beris can't help but grin at the big sigh the candidate gives, as she finally accepts. Lyira, once she gets a gentle pat, starts up that happy hum again, her eyes still closed; there's a sigh from her, though one of delight. "Excellent," Beris is still grinning as she holds the pot out a little further. It's yours, now! She does think briefly of the clothes she inevitably has scattered all over R'ku's weyr, but - "no, you're probably busy enough without any extra work." She's being extremely nice today!

There were definitely suspicious circumstances in this scenario! Talya is definitely thinking it, but still she relented. Because the thing could easily be pawned off to someone else for a bag of marks, considering her soon-to-be bigger problems! Oh hey, happy humming firelizard. It makes Tal start at first, then she gives a chuckle and Lyira another rub. "She definitely is relaxed and happy." Turning away from the firelizard, she finally stops putting her weight onto the broom, shifting it to her shoulder and reaching hands out for the pot. Or the egg. "So what do I have to know about it?" To pass on of course. "And shardin' right I'm busy, I'm surprised they haven't come out and wondered where I am! But you did say free." Just in case to remind the woman about that.

Beris is watching Talya, so she picks up on the way Lyira's humming startles her. In fact, is the gold's humming a bit louder? Zeba, still watching attentively, has joined in now, too. Beris turns to eye him. "Ah, well - they'll let you know what they want." One way or another! "Feed her when she hatches and she should Impress you-" the general 'you' of course, for when/if Talya passes the egg on cough. "And then feed her whenever she's hungry. And you'll want to get some oil for her, so her hide doesn't crack. Same as a dragon but…smaller, yeah?" She laughs, glancing towards the kitchen entrance. "Probably assume you're working hard."

Talya should probably have picked up on the whole humming thing when first the one, then the other starts up. She's stil not yet actually seen a Weyr hatching, probably a firelizard hatching. But hey, there are other things distracting her like shiny shells in a pot. "So basically a miniature dragon to take up all one's time." And Talya is definitely not going to be it! She's nodding along. "But for the egg, should probably keep it in the pot until it hatches or give it away with sand or— uh…" Yes, she's still got someone in mind. For them to take care of and deal with. Not that she realizes yet that decision is way out of her hands shortly. "There is a /lot/ to sweep." She's also way behind on her task. "You think you can cover for me, cause I bet I should go take this to the barracks right away and—ohshitit'shatchingisn'tit?" Something finally clicks

Beris offers nor eply to Talya's comment there, her grin having subsided into a smile, still amused at this whole situation. She blinks a couple of times, then realises what is going on between the humming and Talya's exclamation. "Ah-" Good thing she got it handed over before she accidentally ended up with two golds! "Stay calm!" She jokes, laughing at the events unfolding.

There is an absolute look of pure panic that crosses Talya's face. Because there's a hatching egg in the pot, and there's no way that she's ready for this outcome. "Don't you dare hatch!" Apparently she thinks yelling at the egg will suddenly stop it from wobbling, and the other firelizards from humming. If she was smarter about it, she probably should have shoved the thing back at Beris and gone running back to the barracks and hide under her bed. No firelizards can find her there! "No, nope, aw, shit." Beris's words sink into her alarmed brain. "Calm? /Calm/? I figured I had time here! I don't even have any food." Aparrently she's going to just have to be stuck with it now.

Beris is all out laughing - sorry Talya! Lyira and Zeba are also no help at all - the gold's eyes have opened, and both adult fire-lizards are crooning a welcome to the egg that's hatching in earnest! Beris does, at least, point towards the kitchens. "They'll have scraps! They're not fussy when they're this young. Or generally, usually." Her glass of drink, forgotten for a while, is finished now, and she unfolds her legs from her sitting position.

Talya is just about as comical a sight as you can get right now. Hatching pot in arms, broom almost tripping her. She maneuvers enough to have the broom go clattering to the ground loudly. "Scraps? Right, scraps!" And then she's running to the kitchens, pauses. "Shit, didn't finish— fuck it, scraps!" There was no time to be sweeping up the endless amount of sand when there was a gold head popping out and creeling now. Better to feed the starving thing! When her brain catches up, Talya will realize the sudden problem SHE was stuck with now. At least she got out of the rest of chores, right?

Glittering Sea Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Flying Solo, Flying Free Gold Hatchling
Strength and determination is wrought in every inch of this gold, from the strongly-defined jaw down to her squat, inelegant tail. Grace may not be her strength, but she'll hold herself with a newfound pride, challenging the world with a wild defiance. Her colour itself is most unusual: amber is painted over her blocky, awkward form, but it's the upatina that attracts the eye: the faintest hints of a greenish tone to her hide. But she doesn't let this peculiarity get her down: she meets the world head on with flaming eyes, the sweep of her long, billowing wings taking her from here to there.

Inspiration: Defying Gravity from Wicked (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf9Bt5WFZKs)
Flying Solo, Flying Free Gold Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Talya, creeling piteously.

Beris gathers up Lyira and pops her back on her shoulder. Zeba flies up of his own accord, taking the free spot on the other shoulder. The woman stands, both fire-lizards still humming a little as they find their balance o. "Good luck," she offers, impishly, before giving a little wave and disappearing off out of the courtyard with the empty glass. Just a mysterious fire-lizard gifter!

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