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Some Southern Riders Want to Bathe in Clean Water at Ista and Taurie Forgot Something at Home


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It is early afternoon of the thirteenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
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It is the seventy-third day of Spring and 75 degrees. It is overcast and cloudy.
In Southern:
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In Southern Mountains:
It is the seventy-third day of Autumn and 14 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Ista Weyr Beach

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"I'm sure it's fine. We're just all taking care. Wingmates keep an eye on each other, you know?"


Ista Weyr;Beach

This long stretch of white sandy beach stands pristine among the beaches around Ista Island. The sand stretches off into the distance on either side of you, disappearing into the horizon. Several large uprooted trees dot the beach where they were most likely felled in a big storm. They look as if they'd make great benches, for people or firelizards alike. To the east, the crystal blue waters of the Hold cove roll up in gentle waves onto the beach, hissing softly as they ebb and flow. To the south, Ista Hold juts out of the cliff. Just west of here, a low bluff leads up to the grassy field that serves as the Hold's main gather grounds.

It's a warm afternoon, sunny with a few puffy clouds floating overhead. The ocean is lovely and clear, making for a distinct difference from the water around Southern Weyr, which is still muddy and churned up from the recent storm. Everyone at Southern is tired and worn out from both clean-up and helping those displaced by the storm, so a few hours taken here is a welcome relief. A few Lynx riders, along with various other invited friends, pop up to Ista to scrub dragons and relax on the beach. There's a basket with various drinks and snacks.

Immediately after alighting upon the beach and M'noq loosening riding straps, Ravaith heads into the water, so smoothly he barely causes a ripple in the gentle waves. M'noq watches the brown for a moment, standing right by the water's edge, thoughtful. "With all the work lately, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep immediately if I even close my eyes. I guess that's more than enough reason for an afternoon off. No work talk, all right?" He gives a stern look around to his riders.

Wasn't it just over a few sevens ago that Taurie's father saw her off on one of his ships to Southern Weyr? A ship which ended up being a seven late in arriving because of the storm that wracked Southern's coasts. So, imagine his surprise when Taurie showed up a bit ago looking for a bag she'd forgotten in her room. It had been nice seeing her father after being gone for a few sevens, and even nicer to know the trip back would be less than three breaths, rather than near a month at sea. The rider she'd come with had been…interesting. She hadn't expected all the wiggling, perhaps he'd been uncomfortable. Taurie may never know. For now however, her bag is stowed safely, she'd said goodbye to her father and now, she's enjoying the beach until it's time to leave, dressed in a simple white sundress that clings to her form. She pushes at her blonde locks, blue-green eyes searching the beach for her escort, and a drink.

Th'res and his helpful Blue are already at work though M'noq!!! At work making magic that is as Jedameth is hauling over large pieces of lumber while the Wing second is directing him on placement. Currently they are building a pyre, that when finished will be as tall as the blue dragon is. TH'res salutes M'noq before going back to his work saying to his dragon "Hey bud, pay attention ok, I know you want to go swim with the dolphins but not till the work is done."

Quaverilth is one of those dragons here to enjoy the clear water and a nice bath, which he has been soaking in the warm waters for a little while now since they arrived earlier to ferry that young lady looking for a ride to Ista. The brown had made sure that F'kan remained the perfect gentleman for the whole thing, although it wasn't really that hard, and with only a couple errant thoughts that Quav quickly obscured with the mists of his mindlake. And so now, stripped to only his shorts, F'kan is heading over to his mount with bathing supplies when he spies the young woman, Taurie, who he offers a little wave towards before continuing his trek to his dragon.

M'noq gives Th'res a wry smile. "Don't get too carried away there with the bonfire. We're not building a signal fire to send a message to Reaches or anything." To be honest, even carrying a load of wood seems like too much work, considering how much debris he has hauled around the last few days. He spots the young woman nearby and casts a wave. They're not locals, but they're friendly.

Since F'kan is busy with dragon washing, (and Taurie does return his wave) it's M'noq and Th'res the young woman approaches. "Enjoying the weather sirs?" She asks cheerfully, shielding her eyes against Rukbat so she can see. The other hand shoots out to shake hands with whomever will accept the gesture. "I hope you're finding Ista pleasant, my name is Taurie." She may not be an officiate of the Weyr, but she has pride in her native home. Her keen gaze picks up on the Southern knots, she'd studied a few knot charts before leaving. "Oh! You're both from Southern too then? You're friend over there brought me in this morning!" If hostessing was a thing on Pern, Taur would be amazing at it.

Th'res got SIRed AGAIN, he looks over at his shoulder and takes off his riding jacket. HAHA! No more offical nothing for this blue rider, but he does smile and shake Taurie's hand saying "Th'res and the blue builder there is Jedameth, well met." When she points at the brown rider he raises both eyebrows and then looks back at the woman saying "How was that trip? No incidents or anything right?" Because he doesn't see a black eye on F'kan.

F'kan is going to be over here with his brown, although he is very aware of the young woman now talking to his wingleader and Wingsecond and he suddenly wishes he was closer to hear what was being said. The brown stretches one star-dusted wingsail in his rider's direction to bring him back to the task at hand. « You're fine really. I was there, you didn't do anything wrong. » His mindlake is sunny with only the faintest of mists covering the surface. « And remember, Th'res is rooting for you. » the brown adds as he flicks water with his tail at his lifemate playfully, causing F'kan to laugh loudly.

M'noq smiles and nods at the young woman. "Nice to meet you, Taurie. I'm M'noq, and that's Ravaith off havinga swim. Southern just had an awful storm, and we stopped up here for a swim in some clean water. You're welcome to join us." Ravaith takes note of a new person visiting, and he drifts a bit closer to the shore and watches curiously. M'noq glances over at F'kan as she indicates him, wondering if he should be concerned… nothing suspicious appears to be going on, though that's exactly the time when you should worry, right?

Taurie raises an eyebrow in concern as both riders seem to indicate something off with her escorting rider. "Should there have been? He was a perfect gentleman, why?" Blue-green eyes light with mild concern as her hands find her hips and a soft breeze pulls at her blonde tresses. Thought of a swim, however, is mildy distracting and it may be awhile before she gets to do it in clean water again. Good thing she'd thought to wear her swimwear under her sundress."I'd love to join you for a swim. But seriously, is there something I should be concerned about?" She raises a finely plucked brow, lower lip worried between her teeth.

Th'res shakes his head and grins good naturedly "No not at all it seems. Our F'kan has just been working hard long hours, and wanted to make sure he was still at the top of his game." It isn't a full lie now is it, because Th'res has been making the brown rider work harder than most in the wing to prove himself to others. He grins over at F'kan and gives a nod of approval before going back to his wood mountain.

F'kan catches Th'res's grin and nod of approval and smiles inwardly to humself as he turns back to continue his brown's bath, scrubbing hard at the gnarled wooden hide, causing Quaverilth to croon in pure bliss and lid his eyes once as he sinks bonelessly into the shallow water a perfect picture of happy dragon. The brownrider chuckles deeply at the antics of his lifemate and works the brush into all those places he knows gets extra itchy. Just having a grand ol' time over here this pair.

M'noq glances again at F'kan before looking back at Taurie. He certainly won't create problems where none exist, but he believes in being careful. "I'm sure it's fine. We're just all taking care. Wingmates keep an eye on each other, you know?" Time for a subject change. "Well, Ravaith is telling me he needs a scrub. He has had mud under his talons for days." M'noq finds a dry spot to ditch his jacket, boots, and whatever else, down to shorts and a light shirt, then heads out into the water.

Taurie eyes F'kan a moment more, but then gives to the assurances of the Riders, a thousand watt smile sliding across her lips when M'noq announces his Ravaith needs washing. Looking to Th'res, Taurie begins unlacing the front of her sundress, so that she can get out of it and reveal the white, revealing, swimwear beneath. "Will you be joining us in the water then? Or are you to tend the fire?" She folds her dress neatly, setting it aside with her sandals.

Boy it is bright out here, Th'res ears and neck are a bright red as the woman starts her own disrobing. He looks slightly away, oh wow what lovely sand here.. "Um.. Maybe ma'am. Jed likes to swim with the dolphins when he is down here." No help saving the man here as he looking every where but at the woman now "I won't belighting it till after the sun goes down anyway.." is his awkward trail off.

Quaverilth rumbles as his rider gets all the good bits and then slips into the deeper water to rinse the soap sand off. At that moment, F'kan looks around and spies the cute blond disrobing in front of the bluerider, so being the ever considerate bro, he sandy-blin brownrider saunters over and puts his arm amiably around Th'res' shoulders and adresses the young lady, "So Taurie, you find whatever it was you left behind then?" admiring the young woman in the very small bathing suit, but not in a leering way and definitely keeping his eyes on her face. "This is my good buddy Th'res. Great guy to know." And then he is punching the bluerider in the shoulder amiably.

M'noq is wading out into the water, with Ravaith lying half-submerged in the shallows like a log. "Hopefully all the dried mud is loosened up now, eh?" he remarks to the brown, starting at his smooth talons and begins checking over the dragon, moving upward and back. Ravaith just sprawls out lazily, appreciating the warm sun and cool water, and maybe keeping an eye out for visiting dolphins.

Taurie giggles as Th'res turns red and F'kan approaches, genteel hands raising to train her hair into a messy/not-so-messy bun atop her head. "Yes. I did, and I have it stowed safely nearby for when we go back." She crosses her arms lightly beneath her breasts and looks out to the water just before F'kan re-introduces Th'res. "Aye, we made our greetings." Blue-green eyes roam both males, but Taur knows how to keep herself in check. "Well, I don't know about you two buffs, but I'm headed for the water." She winks and saunters off, looking quite at home in the Istan light and surroundings. She'll take to Southern well, once she sees how pretty it is when it's not wrecked by a storm. She enters the water near M'noq, and is a fish once she's there. She grew up in these waters, and loves swimming in them.

Th'res waits for the girl to leave before giving the brown rider next to him a withering gaze "Really now? Her too? Don't you think you have done enough damage with those two girls from the bar?" is all he says as he elbows the taller man in the ribs and goes back to his wood…pile.

F'kan grunts when the man's elbow his his ribs, "Hey man, that's the side that was bruised." he mock reprimands the bluerider as he watches the blond girl enter the water with a little bite at his lower lip, "Southern just got a lot prettier." and he gets back to the red-haired man by cuffing him in the shoulder as he follows him back to his wooden pile. "So, what did she say to you and M'noq huh?" F'kan is suddenly like a yappy canine puppy begging for a bone.

The afternoon sun glints off the shined buckles of riding gear as a dark green dragon blinks into existence above the beach. It's only a brief flash before she begins a slow corkscrew toward the ground, lightly landing several dragonlengths down the beach, safely avoiding sending any flying sand at those already in the vicinity. The dragon's rider is slender in form, leathers in a simple collection of dark browns and faded blacks. These are shed rather quickly, of course, followed shortly by the green's riding straps. Freed of her own leather, Risielth wades into the water, leaving her rider to gather the straps into neat loops before she makes her way further up the beach, squinting against the sunlight to see who's there.

Th'res will give F'kan a bone alright, a knuckle bone in the ribs, "She just said she came with you and we asked if you had a good flight. From the fact you didn't loose your fingers and your dragon didn't come telling Jedameth about you. I can assume you were a good boy." He actuall pulls out a piece of jerky and hands to F'kan, here's your treat!.

F'kan jumps out of the way of Th'res' knuckle bones and fluffs the other man's red hair as he fairly beams, "Yeah I was. No problem at all even though…" And at that he raises his brows suggestively, "..I mean did you see her." the brownrider looks back briefly in the direction of Taurie among the waves. "So what are we doing with all the wood Sir." he says as he puts his hands on his hips as she spies the arriving green and her rider, lifting a hand to shield his eyes against the light but not recognizing the pair. He offers a wave in greeting anyway, cause F'kan is always up for meeting new people.

Kodi draws close enough to Th'res and F'kan to vaguely recognize her fellow Southern riders and offers an overly proper salute in greeting once she's set the collection of leather on the beach. Risielth has given her fellow dragons a quiet, unobtrusive greeting as she wades far enough to bring the water up to her chest. "Got tired of the debris around the Weyr," she offers in uninvited explanation for her own presence on the Istan beach. She then proceeds to remove all but her swimwear, soon excusing herself before heading into the water to join her lifemate. Ever the antisocial one. Ones, including the green.

Th'res chuckles and grins saying "We are going to burn it, it is going to get a little chilly in the air when after twilight. Plus can't have a beach party with out a bonfire to dance around right?" He starts stacking again but does nod adding "and yes I see her, she is very pretty." Because she is so there is no point in denying that fact and hurting a girls feelings. He nods to the green rider as she comes bye then heads off to the water before adding to F'kan "No.. Just NO!"

F'kan lets out a little sigh as the greenrider decides to be antisocial but then looks at the bluerider quizically. "What?" His bright blue eyes are wide with innocence and he puts up his hands defensively. Then he wisely turns back to the more neutral topic of the wood pile. "Oh a bonfire's a great idea." Cause fires add a certain ambiance to an area, and F'kan may not be acting out, but there is still a larg part of his personality honed to take the most advantage of setting when trying to woo a lady. So he nods appreciatively before heading over to the basket of food and drinks and takes out a bottle of ale and uncorks it before taing a long swill.

Taurie will eventually have to come back to shore, it does get tiring swimming against an undertow. She feels quite refreshed as she moves back to shore, suit clinging to her curves. She wrings the water from her hair and heads to the snack table for a drink and a rest. She'll go out again, but for now, she's ok hanging on the beach.

Th'res is quite adamantly not staring at the young woman, NOPE!! No by now they have gotten that fire built almost Ten feet in the air, before he calls it finished. WHich to his blue is a much happy thing as the dolphins have shown up and Jedameth is immediately slinking off to swim with them. Walking back to the table he grabs some water and a piece of fruit with a nod to Taurie, because now he has to talk to her or he will be rude, "So are you living at Southern or are you a refugee from somewhere else, Miss Taurie."

An easy smile spreads onto F'kan's lips as he sees Taurie leave the water and come in search of refreshements. He'll merely tip his bottle in her direction in greeting, but the brown rider may be standing just a little bit taller, brawny chest chiseled with all the extra weight training he's been doing as he nonchalantly runs a hand through his messy sandy blond hair. When Th'res askes his question, he will turn his gaze to the young woman with that easy smile still on his lips as he doesn't interupt since the bluerider is actually gasp talking to a pretty girl.

So you are saying the girls he usually talks to aren't pretty there F'kan?

Leave F'kan's meta alone… he's working through things :P

Taurie chuckles and shakes her head. "Not a refugee. My father is a Merchant here in Ista, My mother is a Harper in Southern. I've lived here all my life. I'm moving to Southern for a bit to handle some business with my father's contacts there, and to visit with my mother." She sips at her drink and plucks a few grapes from the table, poppig them in her mouth. Their crisp, tart flaor is welcome after a swim. She'll raise an eyebrow at F'kan, mentally shaking her head at the chest poofing. Men. Silly things.

"So you are a merchant or are you learning to be one? And what do you specialize in?" Is the curious blueriders questions. When in doubt fall back on work, that is Th'res' motto, or mantra. His blue from the water is currently trying to mimic the dolphins and walk back wards on his tail, looking more like a breaching whale of the old earth.

Quaverilth will go and see what exactly is so interesting about these dolphins as he watches the spectacle that is Jedameth trying to walk on his tail, giving an amused warble in the direction of the blue. F'kan though is just drinking his ale and listening to the conversation. "Well you must have quite the head for business if your father trusts you to reach out to contacts at Southern, and on one so young too." he compliments easily with a half-roguish smile.

Taurie gives a bow of her head. "I'm being groomed to take over when daddy retires, and it's been that way my whole life." Another wide smile at F'kan's remark. "I know how to hobknob if that's what you're implying." She winks. "Buisiness is all about shmoozing and rubbing elbows with people who have deep pockets, add a pretty set of eyes and a sharp mind and you have the world in hand sir." She laughs. She's got her father's mind for the business end and a lady's talent for hosting. She sips from her drink and looks out to the dragons and dolphins for a moment. "We specialize mainly in courrier business, dragonriders can't be expected to haul cargo with thread looming all the time, can they?"

Th'res nods and grins at the young woman saying "Very true, miss and good for you to have a mastery of your craft." Having finished there food the group along with the other visiting riders and non-riders alike go out to play again in the waves. And when night comes calling the cooler air rolls in as food is grilled on the open flames of a pit, and the bonfire is lit by a pair of firelizards to help keep the chill from the peoples bones. Sleeping dragon shadows are cast out to the water, as the evening trails on, there maybe other adventures and hardships tomorrow but tonight joy and merriment rule the day.

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