Rocio and Niamyth, Amani and Zymuraith


Amani comes to the training grounds to chat a bit with Rocio while their dragons survey the work being done around them.


It is midmorning of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Training Grounds, Southern Weyr

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"It doesn't still smell like bacon in there, does it?"


Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

It's been quite a work in progress, but the training grounds are shaping up better than they were a few sevendays ago. Rocio is dressed in her informal leathers and walking the middle of the grounds as some able-bodied volunteers are helping sweep and rake the premises clean. Niamyth, however, is busy with her own inspection of the area as she looms behind a young lad with a rake watching his every stroke against the ground — thankfully, he's too busy doing his job to notice the blue faceted eyes that are watching him like an avian. "Nia, beat it!" Rocio says as she sweeps a hand out to wave the green away. "Go find somethin' else to do!" Seems to be the common phrase as of late.

Hopefully those volunteers won't be too ruffled by a queen coming to watch the goings on. Zymuraith is nearly soundless as she prowls up to the boundary between the bowl and the training grounds, possibly quiet enough to be missed…if it weren't for the fact that she casts a rather gigantic shadow. She rumbles a greeting to Niamyth before observing the work keenly, giving a soft sigh that isn't all that soft, coming from Pern's second-largest gold. Something is tacitly conveyed to her rider, evidenced in the deep smirk that forms on Amani's lips as she approaches. There's a little shake of her head as she crosses into the training grounds, taking care to stay out of the way of any passing rakes as she draws nearer to the greenrider in the middle of the yard. "Weyrlingmaster Rocio," she greets, her smirk shifting to a smile. "Things weren't too badly out of shape out here, I hope."

What Niamyth lacks in size she makes up for with her queen-sized personality. « I'm just watchin'! » Her viridian tail flicks back and forth and she springs to her feet once Zymuraith arrives with her shadow stretching out over the grounds. « AMANI IS HERE! » Rocio halts in her tracks and rubs at her ear while pivoting toward her ever watchful lifemate with the most epic of eye-rolls — she does, however, compose herself before turning toward the goldrider with a crisp salute to follow. "Mornin', weyrwoman. Nothin' we can't fix up." Her comment is wry. "Just tryin' to stay on top of my To-Do list since P'quil left me with a fair amount of unfinished business."

« Is there something particularly interesting about that one? » Zymuraith wants to know, blinking placidly at the green and the boy she's watching. A small flare of playful white sparks billows from the white bonfire of her mind, a cool breeze equally impish stirring the edges of striped tents and kicking up bright red leaves as it wafts snippets of laughter and the spicy-sweetness of mulled cider along with it - amusement, subtle and cheerful despite the coolness she maintains. « He seems to be doing a good job… » Amani returns Rocio's salute easily, planting a hand on her hip as she comes to a stop. "Was there a lot to clean up from the refugees in the barracks, or did we get that pretty well taken care of?" Faranth only knows, considering all that's happened since then. "It doesn't still smell like bacon in there, does it?"

Niamyth settles back down and crouches like a feline with her legs tucked under her body and tail wrapped around her feet. « It's kinda neat how he either don't notice me or he's just ignorin' me. » Apparently that's enough to snag the green's attention and for her to watch the lad with acute interest. « He's very thorough! Lookit how he drags the rake on the ground with slower motion than the others. » Nia, attention to detail extraordinaire. Rocio can't help the grimace that escapes after Amani asks about the barracks. "I've got it pretty aired out by now, but there are some potpourri baskets strategically placed to make sure it don't smell like Jaguar up in there. Speakin' of…" She scratches the side of her chin, considering. "Va'os is a hoot to work with."

Zymuraith utters a soft, hitching rumble - laughter, a sound that still makes Amani grin because it isn't something she hears many other dragons do. That her lifemate seems a more easily amused sort despite her bearing is a source of endless wonder for the young goldrider. « He does, » she agrees, lowering and tilting her head a bit to watch more closely. « He'll be more likely to discover some…interesting things around the grounds that way. » Cryptic as always. Amani nods to Rocio's answer about the barracks, grimacing a little in turn. "I don't mind D'wane bringing bacon to morning meetings, but the Weyr doesn't need to smell like it. Especially in a place where growing dragons who are already hungry all the time are going to be sleeping." She can just imagine all the mischief - dragonets searching for the source of the smell, licking the walls… Rocio's last earns an amused quirk of a brow, curiosity over the source of the comment clear. "He is. I like him, though he's an ass sometimes. Not that he'd be alone in that." She gives a little tilt of her head. "Did he give you something…interesting to do?"

The fact that the boy doesn't notice not one but two dragons staring at him amuses Niamyth even more. Her eyes whirl a content blue-green and she cants a look over at the queen, head tilting a tad. « Like, treasure? » She perks up much like a canine would when it sees a ball. « Maybe he's part pirate and that's why he's so thorough! He's looking for rare TREASURE. » Light dawns on yonder Nia head and she rumbles her thoughts to Rocio who's a little busy talking with leadership at the moment to muse about what exactly her volunteers are doing. "I sorta got in his and D'wane's face a while back about the manner in which they promoted me." She clears her throat. "And then sorta felt bad for startin' our workin' relationship out that way, so I smoothed things over." In a way only Ro can smooth things over. "Don't know too much about Va'os to really judge him." Yet.

« In a manner of speaking, » Zymuraith replies to the matter of treasure, her long tail undulating in a rather self-satisfied manner as she pulls from Amani's memories to help her own. « Some of my clutchsiblings were rather fascinated with burying things. Often to replace things they found. And I added some helpful charms here and there. » So she can't speak for those who came before or after, but her own brothers and sisters got up to a lot, it seems. And she helped. Amani, though slightly distracted with allowing her lifemate a bit more access to certain corners of her mind, looks surprised at Rocio's first. "I don't think there are many who really know Va'os, honestly," she notes with a chuckle. "What did they do when they promoted you?"

Niamyth scans the training grounds for any signs that the volunteers are finding said treasure. « That'll be kinda excitin' for the next batch of weyrlings. » Too bad she didn't get to have a treasure hunt when she was young! The summery breeze of her mindscape wafts sweet scents of wheatgrass into Zymuraith's consciousness, the faint tinkling of ice against mason jar glass felt along the edge of her presence. For now, she'll settle with the gold and loom from a distance. "Oh you haven't heard that gem?" Rocio's honey colored brows tick upward when she regards the weyrwoman with a surprised look. She snickers, "We were all in the baths after threadfall and Va'os," Bless is soul. "asked if I'd take the Weyrlingmaster knot."

Zymuraith settles upon her haunches beside Niamyth in quiet contentment, the cauldron-kept bonfire in the midst of her mindscape crackling in reflection of her mood. Amani shakes her head about the particulars of Rocio's promotion, doing so again once she hears it and chuckling ruefully. "That's not surprising, somehow," she says, folding her arms upon her chest. "He's not big on formalities." Like asking people if they want a knot while in the Council Chamber instead of in the middle of recovering from Threadfall in the baths. "But I can see how that'd be a little irksome."

"Ya think?" Rocio snorts her response and then shakes her head afterward. "I'm learnin' that he ain't the formal type. Which is why I felt bad for yellin' at him and D'wane a few days later." The greenrider rocks back onto her heels and then forward again almost sheepishly. "Made up for it with whiskey and a handmade card, though." It had poetry! Who can be upset with original prose? Near as she can figure, a semi-apology with booze makes everything better. "You sit in meetings with those two. Must be hard fightin' the urge to not smack 'em all the time." A crooked grin curves her expression — is she joking or kinda serious about it?

Amani smirks again, dark brows hiking when she hears just how Rocio made up for her outburst at the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond. "Whiskey, I was expecting. Not so much the card," she notes with a grin. "And sometimes it's hard, but it's mostly the thought that smacking them likely wouldn't help anything that keeps me from doing it." She shrugs, but amusement dances in her dark gaze. "So. What else did P'quil leave on your plate to take care of before one of our ladies here decides to finally get glowing?" Apparently Amani is now past the worrying stage and is on to impatience when it comes to which queen is going to rise.

Rocio will try her best not to yell at leadership anymore since it'll just make her poor. The amount of booze she'd have to buy everyone she hollers is scary to think about, so… maybe she should just keep her mouth shut. Right? Hahaha. Yeah, sure. "It ain't like I'm gonna be attendin' a ton of meetings with 'em anyway. So there's that." She pivots to glance at Zymuraith and squints at the young queen for any sign of a faint glow. "Oh, him." Apparently she has thoughts about the former Weyrlingmaster. "Just organizin' everythin' he left behind in the barracks and in his office. My office now. I think he just checked out and didn't really care toward the end of his tenure, ya know?" A shrug lifts her shoulders and she looks over at Amani again. "It's kinda why I've been gettin' the trainin' grounds and the barracks back in order now instead of later." A beat, "And one of 'em better be goin' up soon! Else I'mma be out of a job."

"I'll remind Zymuraith that she needs to get on that." To which the junior queen just rumbles and rustles her wings, swirling emerald eyes narrowing subtly at the two women in the training yard. Amani casts a rueful grin at her lifemate before half-whispering, "I hope it's Rhiscorath." Then, as she lets her voice come back up to a normal tone, "I know it's going to be close either way. You might have overlapping classes to worry about." Definitely won't be out of a job then! "Let me know if there's anything I can help with, of course. It's your territory now, but I'll make sure you have all you need for it."

Hey, Rocio heard that rumble coming from the queen sitting next to the green. The sight of them side-by-side is almost comical with how large Zymuraith is and how teeny Niamyth is. "Either way, Southern will be in good hands." is all she says about who the future Senior Weyrwoman will turn out to be. She straightens and nods after Amani's offer, "Thanks, I 'ppreciate that very much. Now I s'pose I oughtta scout a place where I can put up a sign that says 'Rocio's Turf: Ye Be Warned.'" A salute is then ticked at the goldrider and she can't help but grin at the thought as she turns to make her way toward the barracks. There's still a lot of work to be done.

Amani looks a bit surprised at the vote of confidence but smiles at Rocio all the same. She laughs at the greenrider's last, returning her salute with a farewell of, "Clear skies," before she turns away as well. She looks up at Zymuraith, who is watching the grounds somewhat wistfully, as though she had something she wanted to do but they're still raking. After a moment, though, the queen follows her lifemate away. Whatever it was, she'll probably have more fun with it at night, anyway.

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