Xanthee, Malosim, evka, Daenerys


Xanthee's little scheme to set up Daen and Reveka on a double date with her and Mal comes to fruition with hillarious results.

Profanity, PDA and some general sexual overtones.
Follows after A touch of matchmaking...(vig)


It is evening of the twenty-third day of the tenth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Oasis Inn - Igen Weyr

OOC Date 27 Dec 2017 05:00


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“Oh for the love of Faranth, Xantheeeee.


The Oasis Inn

Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn't much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The decor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn't one of a dive; it's cozier than that, though there is just a touch of harmless shady to be found - particularly in the evenings.

It is just after sunset, the evening is not too warm nor too cold, just right as Xanthee arrives at the Inn, having borrowed a runner from the Weyr stables. Dismounting, she leads the beast to the stables where she hands him off to the hand there as well as passing him an quartermark. She is wearing a long cloak that protects her brand new dress underneath, not even a hint of it visible as she pulls the hood from off her hair, brushed to a silky raven sheen loose down her back.

As she steps into the tavern, her eyes take in the small but cozy room and Immediately locks on a free booth near the back, and she quickly makes a beeline for it. Settling down, she doesn’t disrobe of the cloak just yet but she does take her riding gloves off as she scoots into one of the benches. When the server comes up to her, she orders herself a skin of the house white. When she gets it, she pours herself a glass and sips at it as she waits. She had arranged for Mal to meet her first, then Reveka, and finally Daen, just to try and keep the ruse up as much as possible. A grin of self-satisfaction plays on her lips as she awaits her drinking companions.

It wasn’t a difficult thing at all for Malosim to agree to this. Any excuse to be with Xanthee is a worthwhile one, after all! And the fact that it’s at the Oasis Inn is pleasing; they’ll always have good memories tied to this place. He arrives on Boulder-back, of course, brushing road dust from fitted black trousers and the sleeves of a deep green tunic before heading inside.

It doesn’t take long at all for him to spot Xanthee, his lips tugging into a tilted smile as he approaches the booth she’s staked out. “Hey, beautiful,” he greets as he strikes a casual lean against the table’s edge, turned so that he’s facing her. “Come here often?”

Having been busy refilling her glass with white wine, Xanthee misses her beau slipping in. When he speaks to her though, a smile creeps over her lips and she looks up at him, sliding down the bench until she gets to her feet and encircles Mal’s neck with her arms pulling him close for a proper hello kiss. “Yeah, it’s kind of a special place to me.” she murmurs in response to his question as she pulls away. Finally the time has come to discard her cloak, so, without taking her eyes from his, she reaches up and undoes the tie holding her cloak closed. As she shrugs it off her shoulders, her new dress is finally revealed. A vision in a long gauzy dress, with a very low V neckline, that fades from emerald green on top to dark gold on the bottom. Tossing it over the back of the booth, she waits for Malosim’s reaction.

Proper greetings are a definite priority, and a pleasant one at that! Malosim straightens as Xanthee rises, wrapping her up in his arms in turn to answer her in full. “Same here,” he answers quietly with a grin. It’s replaced with a gradual widening and darkening of brown eyes as she unveils her dress, and he presently has to let out the breath that had gone still in his throat in a quick rush. He takes her in from head to toe, unable to help that his eyes linger at that plunging neckline before he’s able to bring them back up. “I…am awake, right?” he asks, an awed little laugh following as he skims his hands down her arms to take hers. “If this is part of the little project you mentioned, I don’t see how it’s work at all.”

Xanthee giggles melodiously as the dress has the desired effect, taking Mal’s hands in hers when offered. “No, the dress is just a bonus. I’m glad I got my marks worth.” She guides him into the booth, letting him scoot onto the bench first before following him. Then she fills him in. “So I invited Reveka and Daenerys to join us for drinks, but neither knows I invited the other. I know she likes him, and Daen, well, I would like to see him happy, he’s very dear to me.” She says with sincerity as she takes another sip of her wine. “Reveka should be arriving soon, then Daen afterwards.” she is almost bubbling with anticipation as she looks at Mal over the rim of her glass.

Mal easily slides into the booth, curling an awaiting arm around Xanthee as she comes down to join him. He can’t help but chuckle as she gets him up to date. “Playin’ matchmaker, huh?” he teases, giving her a little squeeze in punctuation. “It’ll be good to see Daenerys; I haven’t run across him in a while. And Reveka… I think I met her at the first performance night I went to.”

Reveka has been looking forward to this venture all day, though in her mind it’s to be drinks with a friend. She’s gone for cute, but functional in her attire this evening. She’s appropriated a pair of black, form fitting trousers to wear with her boots and a silky green tunic with silver hems and a scoop neck. Her hair is tossed into a messy bun at the nape of her neck. The overall effect is pleasing enough and she’s soon en route to the Oasis Inn. Once there, she slips in, pulling the hood from her own cloak off before removing and handing said cloak over to the coat rack. Her eyes scan the room for Xanthee, and find her, with company…hmm, a coincidence perhaps. She waves and weaves her way over. “Good evening!”

Smiling brightly as she sees Reveka enter, Xanthee pats Mal’s knee with anticipation as she watches her come closer. “And a good evening to you too Reveka. This is Malosim, but he was just saying he may have met you at a Zingari performance night. What’s your pleasure, I’ll get your first drink. And don’t worry, I haven’t set you up to be a third wheel. Another friend should be joining us shortly.” she says, mischief painted all over her face as she snuggles into Mal’s arm around her.

“Evening, Reveka,” Malosim says with a dip of his head and a friendly smile as he peers up at the Zingari girl. “Pleasure to see you again.” Yes, he certainly remembers her, being the purveyor of Red whiskey when he’d first gotten to try it that she was.

Reveka’s gaze narrows suspiciously at Xanthee at the mention of another friend coming, but perhaps it is a night for gathering. Reveka lets it slide and slips into her seat. Ah, yes, she remembers Malosim. “Oh, well met! I do hope you enjoyed the Zingari red that night?” Reveka smiles and waves down a server, ordering something sweet and filled with alcohol.

Daenerys HAS been avoiding the Weyr — mostly out of self preservation. So many suddenly interested girls lingering in his vicinity when he shows his nose. The unholy noise, though, of Banshee’s arrival, sets in the guilt of not having visited Xanthee and a willingness to get going in that direction, if only to shut the green up. And so, he arrives on his fancy white mare, as confident as can be as far as a relatively inexperienced rider can be.

On entering the Inn, he spots the little group and is immediately amused — what an interesting group. Joining the group, he settles in with good natured humor. “Hey, girl.” He nudges Xanthee, and winks at Malosim. Reveka is given a warm smile. “What's all this?”

“And here’s Daenerys to round off our little party.” Xanthee says with a smile as she waves to the former Tanner with the same mischievous smile she had for Reveka. “Come join us, we were just going to do shots.” And before anyone can stop her she motions to the bartender, holding up 4 fingers and calls out, “A round of shots.” She doesn’t mention a type of alcohol, so that choice is up to the bartender. As she wiggles in her seat, bubbling with having pulled off her little caper, Xan smiles to them all in turn. “And ‘all this’ is no more than wanting to have a fun evening with some friends and my boyfriend, so that everyone can get to know each other better.” She puts a strange emphasis on that last word as she waggles her eyebrows at the pair across the table.

“Hey, Daenerys,” Malosim greets with a grin and gestures to the empty spot across the way. “And yeah,” to Reveka, “I definitely did. Maybe a little too much.” There’s a little bit of fuzziness surrounding that night, though it’s really just a happy fog and nothing of the “what in blazing shells did I do” variety.

Dark brows hike in surprise as Xan orders shots, but he’s mostly just amused and content to go along with it. “Any excuse,” he says to being able to spend time with Xanthee, his arm tightening around her again as he looks into her eyes before he turns his attention back outward. “And it’s always good to spend time with friends. Got plenty of ‘em in the Craft complex, but sometimes…” It turns into the equivalent of a college dorm among the journeymen, especially those of his Craft and the Smiths. Yet he can’t help but chuckle, giving another little shake of his head.

Reveka chuckles lightly at Malosim’s reply and she seems genuinely surprised when Daenerys shows up, hey eyebrows hiking in surprise as Xanthee explains and orders shots. Her drink happens to show up just then and hides a blush behind a sip when Daen smiles at her. Xanthee has shown some of her hand at this point with the surprise drink night and Daen's arrival, hey emphasis on the last thing she speaks seals the deal and Reveka gives her a bit of a knowing and pointed smile. Sneaky devil. “Shots? Are you trying to get me drunk Xan?”

“You gotta watch her,” Daenerys chimes in with the wry humor of a condescending older brother, “She’s a sneaky girl, my Xanthee.” Is he kidding? Naturally, he is, as the sparkle of his gaze might suggest. His shot is lifted, the liquid swirled around, before he takes a good sip. Mmm, alcohol. Idly, he shifts in his chair so that he’s slightly closer to Reveka than is reasonable, but seems unaware of the shift bringing him closer than is socially polite. He eyes Malosim over the rim of that glass, then, mildly curious now. “Hmm… so the Craft Complex haven’t changed much, eh?” Why does he sound mildly smug that he no longer has to tolerate such a space as that?

Letting herself melt for just a second in Mal’s gaze, Xanthee, mildly reluctant, looks back to her other guests. “Hey now! No ulterior motives here, I just want everyone to have fun and get to know each other.” There’s that weird emphasis again, Xan is clearly trying to add hidden meaning to her words, but she somehow keeps coming off as if she’s coming onto the Zingari pair, when that’s the furthest from the truth. But she doesn’t seem to grasp that she’s doing it so she just smiles and waves off the comments before Daen opens his mouth and tries to claim her with that ‘my Xanthee’ nonsense. That gets the Tanner a finger waggled in his direction.

“You sir, had your chance and you were not interested. Your loss.” She says with a smug smile as she turns to Mal and gives him an almost chaste kiss on his lips before turning back in time to see the shots arrive. As the server places one shot glass in front of each of them, Xan pulls out her purse and pays for them and Reveka’s fruity drink at the same time. Looking at said fruity drink, the dark haired girl will nod at it and ask, “Is that any good? It looks yummy.” Before she picks up her shot glass, raises it with a simple toast of “To Friends.” and then shoots it back in one gulp, grimacing only slightly as the burning liquid hits the back of her throat.

It really is a good thing they’re in a public place with other people, because Malosim’s responses to Xanthee right now would very likely be much less controlled. It’s rather obvious he’s completely crazy about her. However, he’s picking up on that funny emphasis to her words, and in the wake of that kiss turns his lips briefly to her ear to whisper, “Careful not to tip your hand.” There’s a little wink to go with it as he straightens enough to take up his shot. “To friends,” he echoes, adding an aside of, “and more,” with smile slipped to Xanthee before he knocks it easily back.

Then he gives a little chuckle, nodding to Daen. “Yeah, I guess it hasn’t. There are some good guys,” and ladies, though they’re less common in the heavier Crafts, “but sometimes there’s not much to what gets talked about on the commons up there.” He frequently feels like his time can be better spent on other things when he gets invited to hang out. Or on a certain person as of late.

Reveka can do nothing but laugh at the antics around the table. She takes her shot when it arrives, greatly amused at the banter shared between Xanthee and Daenerys. She gives Mal a friendly wink, have fun with this one, Xanthee is high energy. Not that Reveka minds, she finds Xan’s energy refreshing. “To friends!” She echoes and takes her shot, acutely aware of Daen’s shift in position, though she doesn't seem to mind it much. There's a look of curious amusement on her face when Xanthee continues to emphasize certain things. It has her wondering just what might be going on here, but she decides to go with the flow for the time being. “It's delicious.” She says of her drink and points to the cup. “It's an mixture of fruit juices and rum, it's a personal favorite of mine and they seem to serve it everywhere around here. I'd suggest trying one.” She notes the conversation about crafthall “dorm” activities and has to just roll her eyes inwardly. It's much the same among some of the caravan males, though she has noticed that Daen steers clear of such behavior. “Are the shenanigans really that bad?” She asks, curious now.

“So I did.” Daenerys agrees with gentle amusement, not at all disappointed in the miss. Xanthee’s antics are met with the condescending tolerance of an older sibling for the younger, patient and accepting. “So, Reveka, since we so obviously are to get to know each other —” And here, he mimics Xanthee's tone with a lascivious little grin. Oh, how he could tease her, but won't. Yet, anyway. “ How are you? I mean, we gotta wait til she peels herself off him anyway…” But then they manage it, and he chuckles. “Yeah the hormones run wild among the boys.” He confirms for Reveka.

When Mal leans in close to whisper in her ear after their kiss, Xanthee blushes a little bit at her own obtuseness and gives a little nod of understanding to the man as she lets a hand rest on his knee under the table, giving it a little squeeze of thanks. When Reveka explains what’s in the drink, she ooohs softly, “That sounds divine!” And she quickly raises her hand to order one of those for herself. Her color is high since she was already two glasses of wine in when the rest of them arrived and she is feeling quite giddy. At Daenerys’s comment about her peeling herself off Mal, she only snuggles in closer to, daring the ex tanner to say something about it. But then Daen starts engaging with Reveka and a smug smile dances over her lips and she nudges Mal nodding in their direction as if to say, ‘See? I told ya.’. Then her very fruity drink is there, and she holds the server while she asks around the table, “Anyone else want something?” C’mon, Xan can’t be the only one to get a little sloppy this evening.

Malosim quietly decides he’s just going to sample off Xan’s drink when it comes around. “You gonna make me carry you back tonight?” he teases in the wake of her order’s arrival, then looks up at the server and order a pint of the house beer and a plate of bread, butter, and cheese to share around. He smiles at the nudge, noticing but trying not to be obvious and stealing his intended sip from her drink instead.

Reveka smiles and takes another drink from her cup. “I'm well, setting up a new routine for performance nights that is physically challenging.” She has nothing more to say about craft men. Reveka calls for a bottle of Zingari Red for the table, knowing full well that all the places that serve liquor in the Weyr have it. Mal gets a thank you for the bread and cheese order. Turning back to Daen, Reveka grins. “I hear you've been getting some decent clientele since you started with us, how's that going for you?” Small talk works for now, as it is part of getting to know someone.

“She’s definitely gonna need to be carried.” Daenerys chuckles softly to Malosim, giving Xanthee a smirk for her rebellion. Disinclined to stop her — she’s old enough to know what she wants, after all — he returns his gaze to Reveka, considering her face carefully as he takes another sip of his drink (he’s real thrifty about that drinking). “Yeah, seems like the Zingari like having a leatherworker to hand.” The corners of his mouth tip up gently, fond of the work he’s getting in. It looks like he’s going to be able to afford his fancy white mare very shortly. The Red is eyed, memories of just how good that stuff is called to mind. One glass of that will be just the thing to go with the bread and cheese. HIs grin at Malosim is appreciative. “Hmm.. I’m gonna have to watch that new routine of yours, then.” His grin is mischievous as he raises an eyebrow at Reveka.

“Silly boys.” Xanthee giggles, the apples of her cheeks rosy. Then leaning her head on Mal’s shoulder and looking up at him, she says in a teasing voice, “And you can carry me back just as long as it's back to your place.” She follows that up with a saucy wink, no protest as he sips from her drink. Even though she's well on her way to jolly, Xan decides a slice of buttered bread, when it arrives, might be a good idea to soak up some of the alcohol. “That sounds really interesting Reveka, what's particularly challenging about it?” She asks as she continues to to sip at her fruity drink. As Daenerys mentions the Zingari liking a leather worker in their midst, she leans forward with a giggle, “Any of them ask you to make anything interesting?” Xan says with a wiggle of her brow and another easy giggle. Yep, she is officially tipsy.

Mal can only chuckle and shake his head again, touching kiss to her forehead as his beer arrives. He eyes the Zingari Red and decides that’ll get broken into at some point. “They’d better be appreciative,” he says of Daenerys’ leatherwork. “That pack you did for me has been pretty much perfect.” He goes after a bit of cheese and a hunk of bread himself, brown eyes flicking curiously to Reveka. “What routine is this?” he asks, not having seen any of what it is she does yet.

Woah. And suddenly, all eyes are on Reveka. She goes from sort of following the other conversations while she talks to Daenerys to everyone honing in on her mention of a new routine. She smiles wide with nervousness and the bridge of her nose goes slightly pink. She sips from her drink and clears her throat lightly. “Well, like all my routines, it demands a more than reasonable amount of flexibility, but it's also a mix of contortion and dance and is meant to look soft, sensual, and fluid. I am having a hard time with the transitions and the routine is physically taxing, so I can only get through a couple of practice rounds before I'm exhausted. And I still dance with Willimina too, so I have to keep up with that as well.” She's not complaining, but it is quite the taxing schedule. Rev drinks again and slips a look over to Xanthee, wanting to giggle at the girl's inebriation, it's cute.

Daenerys will have to check this thing out; it’ll likely give him ideas as to his own workouts. He’s not one to display all his peculiar talents, and yet it keeps him in fine form. “That is rather a lot.” He shrugs lightly. “I’m sure you can handle it though.” Xanthee’s inebriation makes him grin in amusement. “Look at her. I think I had to carry her home before… it’s your turn, Malosim.” His look is mock-stern, now; his brows are drawn down over his eyes and only increases the hawkish cast of his face. “And no taking advantage, or I will find you, young man.” The threat of what he might do is left unspecified — likely it’d be to share a bit of whiskey and wait for the girl to wake up so they can tease her together.

Giggling at Reveka being the center of attention, Xanthee is mentally rubbing her hands together as her plan seems to be working. “That sounds like a lot of work, but I bet it’s going to be a spectacular performance. I seriously don’t know why you don’t have guys dogging your steps wherever you go.” Turning to Malosim, she smiles, “She’s very good at what she does.” Then Daenerys is teasing her again and her eyes narrow at him. “Why do you have to bring up that night? This is a happy occasion.” She punctuates that by taking the bottle of Zingari Red and pouring herself 2 or three fingers, who’s counting? Taking a swig she holds it up and smiles, “Wow that is good.” And as she takes another swig, she rubs her hand down Mal’s chest slowly, looking at Daenerys, as he tries to pull his protective big brother act, warning Mal not to take advantage.. “And that particular dragon has left the weyr already.” she says suggestively. As in they’ve done it Daen, all of it. And it was good.

“A contortionist! Wow,” Malosim says to the revelation about Reveka. “I’ve heard about it but I’ve never seen it before. That’s gotta take some serious skill.” He grins at Xan when she basically says as much, then places his hand over his heart in an ‘on my honor’ sort of way at Daen’s mock-sternness. Except he’s serious when he says, “Never, on my life.” Then Xanthee is trailing a very distracting hand down his chest…and baring the exact depth of their relationship in a manner that leaves no doubt in his mind as to her tipsy-ness. “Xan,” he mutters, his eyes widening a bit as he gives her a discreet squeeze again. He’s not angry, just feels a bit put on the spot. But it’s not as though he’s at all embarrassed by the fact. His feelings for Xan are otherwise quite clear. “No advantage taken,” he qualifies, just to make things crystal clear before taking a large gulp of his beer.

“Skill, and it helps that I seem to be a bit double jointed.” Reveka grins. “It’s not easy to twist yourself in knots.” Reveka smiles widely at Daenerys for his compliment and pours herself a bit of the red, whenever the bottle is available. “Your confidence in me is appreciated.” She says, lifting her glass to Daenerys before lifting it to her lips. She’s mid-drink when Xanthee makes her proclamation and Reveka chokes a bit on her drink, coughing after. My my is a drunk Xanthee a very blunt and open Xanthee. Reveka turns her head to cough and hide a smile behind her hand, and perhaps a bit of a blush. It seems all her friends are beating her in that particular race. When she’s recovered, she turns back to the group with a polite “Excuse me.” and a short apology for her disruption.

“I don’t think she realizes I’m kidding…” Daenerys laughs, utterly relaxed. Besides, he’s already sussed Malosim out, and very well knows the man isn’t a candidate for getting left in an alley with interesting decorations. He runs a hand over his face as Xanthee opts to overdo it just a little. “Baby girl, if you’re gonna try and strip the man, here isn’t the place. I object. As your older brother and all that.” He mustn’t laugh, he really mustn’t — poor Malosim must feel a wee bit… exposed, here. But a laugh does escape, soft and melodic. “You really are the worst, kid, you know that? But cute. Boy’s got his hands full with you.” That gentle grin of his flashes again, and he assures the Miner, “Man, I know, I’m just teasing her because she’s hilarious when she gets indignant.”

Poor Reveka — it’s a party she hasn’t been invited to — yet. For lack of opportunity, and all that. “So, about that contortion, Reveka…” He winks at her playfully. “We really gotta discuss that more sometime.” Preferably without Xanthee cheerleading in the background, because he has his suspicions about that girl. He knows she’s up to no good at all; only Faranth knows whether he’ll play along or not.

Uh oh, Xanthee’s eyes grow wide with confusion as she is getting a meaningful squeeze from Mal, “What?” She says as she tries to get her alcohol affected mind to review her previous actions to see where she may have faltered. When she realizes she just alluded to the fact that her and Mal’s relationship had reached intimate levels, her face flushes and she tries to backtrack, “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that.” She says quietly to Mal, giving him a little kiss before she offers him a pouting second “Sorry.” just to really make it up to him. Taking up her glass again, she takes another mouthful of the flavoured whisky. As Reveka is stricken by coughing, she looks concerned, her muddled brain starting to panic that the night may not be going as planned. But then Daen comes to the rescue, and when Xan spies that little wink he give Reveka, she smiles to herself. Then an idea sparks in her and she smiles widely at Reveka as she scoots to the end of the booth and then stands with only a little bit of wobble, which she settles by placing her hand on the table. “I need to use the necessary, why don’t you join me Reveka?” Because women always go to the powder room in pairs, it is known.

Since the outing of certain information only seems to leave Reveka sputtering, Mal relaxes considerably, taking Xanthee’s apologies with good humor and even chasing her kiss with one more quick one of his own. A smirk is offered to Daenerys before he reaches for another chunk of cheese. Then Xan is moving to get up, and he watches her closely, noting that little bobble and quietly making a decision about the amount of alcohol on the table. His smile tilts at his girlfriend, though a slight uptick of one brow silently pleads for her to be careful…if she’s attentive enough at the moment to catch it.

“I would love to talk shop with you sometime Daen, I could use someone to bounce ideas off of.” Reveka is grateful for the save and latches onto it with vigor. She’s happy to notice that Xan seems to realise she was being a bit big mouthed with the details of her affairs. When asked if she might join the woman in the necessary, Reveka nods, taking her shot of the red and moving to stand from the bench. “I suppose we shall then, please excuse us gentlemen, we’ll return shortly.” Reveka, feeling a bit silly, offers a gentlemanly arm out for Xanthee and if the girl takes it, proceeds to lead them to the necessary. When they’re far enough away she leans in and whispers a desperate question. “What are you up to woman?!?”

“Your girl’s up to no good.” Daenerys props his chin on his fist, contemplating Malosim with serene confidence. After a moment, he pours a discreet finger of Zingari Red, having finished his previous drink. “She’s a sweetly devious child.” Considering they’re probably nearly the same age, the irony is real. “So. How is life with Xanthee so far? She driving you mad yet?” A sip is taken, after the color is duly admired — he really has to find out how that color is made, and whether it will transfer to leather or not.

Xanthee will gladly take Reveka’s arm if only to keep from embarrassing herself even further. As they move off she throws a little waggle if her fingers at Mal over her shoulder. When they are out of earshot from the guys, Xanthee beams at Reveka. “I think you mean 'Thank you Xan for setting me up with a hunky ex-tanner’. And to that I say, 'You’re welcome.’” a loud giggle that drifts back as far as the booth escapes Xan’s giddy face as she pushes open the door to the Ladies’ necessary, pulling Reveka in behind her. “You are a ravishing woman, and you deserve someone to do some ravishing, y’know, on you.”. Ok, it's official, Xanthee has officially passed into drunken territory and her thought to verbal filter is nearly non-existent. There is a very good chance she might not remember much of this conversation tomorrow. Her eyes are bright, her cheeks flushed and she goes to look at herself in the small looking glass hung on the wall, checking the carefully applied kohl around her eyes for smudges.

“‘No good’ is a relative thing, y’know,” Malosim points out to Daen as he keeps one eye on the girls walking away. “I swear I didn’t know what she was up to ‘til I got here. She…means well. Just wants to see two of her friends happy.” He smirks at the leatherworker guilelessly. Being a romantic, he can’t say he doesn’t think the motive sweet, even if the method might not be entirely sound. There’s a little shake of his head for the loud giggle that drifts back to them, and then he’s quickly pulling over the fruity drink Xanthee ordered and starts trying to drain the glass without getting a brain-freeze. “Flamin’ shells, that’s strong,” he breathes, his cheeks flushing with the sudden onslaught of booze. Still, he seems steady enough, and promptly grabs up another hunk of bread to help counter it a bit. He also makes certain the bottle of Red ends up out of sight, though lets Daen see well enough where he’s putting it.

Daen’s question earns a grin in the midst of his efforts. “Only mad in the best way,” he answers, eating a bit more and then going after a bit of water. “She’s…amazing. Everything I could’ve hoped for in someone to fall for.”

Reveka is already turning rose colored with Xanthee’s answer to her question, even if inwardly she is sort of saying thank you. But by the time they are in the necessary and Xanthee’s comment about someone ravishing her is aired, she’s turning seven shades of red from rose to puce. Reveka pinches the bridge of her nose as her face flushes hot and she begins to feel the effects of her drinks. “Oh for the love of Faranth, Xantheeeee.” Reveka looks up, mahogany eyes bright with embarrassment. “I’d like to get to know him true, but he’s so muscular…” Reveka is left wondering how that might apply to other parts of his anatomy and she turns another shade of red. “I’ve never been ravished before…” And there it is. Out in the open and the very reason why the table has seen every shade of red and pink on her face this evening. She chews the end of her thumbnail a bit nervously as she watches Xanthee check her eyes.

“I know she’s basically harmless.” Daenerys shrugs, affable: he’s long used to Xanthee and her ideas. The giggling causes him to look over before he returns his gaze to Malosim, slouching comfortably into his chair. “Hmm. What do you bet Xanthee will try and convince her to sneak into my yurt.” Whether he’s for or agin it isn’t clear; one never quite knows what Daenerys might encourage or discourage. He reaches out to take up his glass, thinking it’s a definite plan to hide the alcohol now, grimacing as Malosim manages to down more of the sugary — and possibly sickeningly sweet — drink. Good luck with that. “Does she know I prefer to pick my own partners, I wonder?” His tone is quietly bemused; wistful, even, as he idly scratches at the scruff on his jaw, making a note to shave it off before it becomes truly bothersome.

“Well, now. I’m glad to hear she’s making you happy.” Daenerys nods slowly. “Sounds like I leave her in good hands. I worry about her sometimes. She’s a good girl. You know that.”

“No way.” Xanthee exclaims as she spins on her heel to look at Reveka with total shock and awe on her face. “You and Bon never….at all?” Color her all kinds of surprised. “Woooooow.” she draws out the one syllable word and ends it off with a quiet whistle. “Well Daen’s perfect then. He’s a good guy, respectful, and fiercely loyal once you get to know him. I am sure he would never go any faster than you are ready to go. There’s no way, he’s too kind.” Xanthee says reassuringly, as she wavers a little as she stands, so she reaches out for Reveka’s hands to steady her. “And as for the muscles, they are a good thing, trust me. Nothing like being flung around a bed like a rag doll to make you melt.” She says with a wistful smile before coming back to reality, and looking her friend in the eye. “I just want to see you happy, cause you are my friend.” Oh look, Xanthee can say something sincere without weird inflections when she is really drunk. As she wobbles further even with the support of the Zingari girl, it’s probably a good time to be getting back to the booth.

Mal manages to get all but the last two sips of Xanthee’s drink finished before he can’t handle anymore, his body torn between a sugar high and an alcohol overload. “Faranth. Gimme a good beer any day,” he drawls, licking his lips. He has a good tolerance…but it’s not every day he tries to down something like that. As for Xan trying to convince Reveka to sneak into Daen’s yurt, he turns a tilted smile on the ex-Crafter. “I think I’ll try to get her home before the idea crosses her mind. Unless it’s come out already.” At least Reveka doesn’t seem like the sort to act on the suggestion!

“I’m sure she knows you do,” Mal says to Daen picking his own partners. “She’s just trying to encourage. But in the end…” Broad shoulders hitch upward in a shrug. “It’s hardly up to her what happens with you or Reveka.” He shoves a hand through his hair, rubbing at his face afterward to try to get the tingling in his cheeks to stop. “She does seem like a nice girl, though. Pretty. And she clearly likes you a bit. But that’s all just somewhere to start.” And nothing says it has to go beyond that if neither of them want it to!

Reveka shakes her head avidly, her hair bouncing on her shoulders in it’s messy bun. “No. Never.” Again she’s blushing and she has to look away for a moment to get her embarrassment under control. When she looks back, she seems appreciative of Xanthee’s coloration of Daenerys. But then she’s talking about being flung about a bed and some of the color drains from Reveka’s face as her mind goes in ten thousand directions with ‘what if’ situations. She swallows and listens to the rest of what her friend has to say with a soft, but very nervous smile. “That’s sweet Xan, really, I just…..He’s so big and I don’t know him very well, sweet as he is and…..well, damn it Xan, I’m a big old coward when it comes to the intimate parts of a relationship….” After all, Bonifas had been her first real relationship and it clearly hadn’t gone that far and well…at nearly eighteen turns old, she’s quite inexperienced in the finer points of this sort of thing. What if she does decide she likes Daen enough to try and he doesn’t feel the same? Reveka’s thoughts start to swirl out of control on the subject, but then Xan is faltering and she decides she better get her friend back to the booth. So, off they go, Reveka holding Xan steady as they head back.

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t want to disappoint her if it doesn’t work the way she planned. She seems very determined about it.” Daenerys muses, tracing a finger over the table thoughtfully. The few relationships he’s had have been brief, mostly physical affairs; when he’s done, he’s done, and Reveka seems not to be the kind to appreciate that in a man. He eyes the remaining over-sugared drink, and in a lightning quick decision, downs the rest of it with a grimace. “Holy hell.” He reaches for the clarity of his whisky to cleanse his palate of the pure sugar rush. “That stuff’s… no.” He laughs softly. “No wonder that girl bounces off the wall all the time…” He glances up, wondering: and spots the pair making their way back. “Seems our ladies are returning, hopefully without a plan in place.”

Shaking her head a little bit, as if that will help with the alcohol induced fog that seems to be settled over her, Xanthee looks up at Reveka and sighs a little bit. “What does him being big have to do with it? Big just means more of him to snuggled up to.” Truly Xanthee seems perplexed at the other girl’s distress. And then she sighs a little bit, “Look, I’m not telling you to take him back to his yurt and do unspeakable things tonight. I’m just giving you a chance to get to know each other better that’s all. If something comes of it, that’s great if it doesn’t, well that’s great too, cause you will probably make a friend for life in him.” the younger girl says with all sincerity in her voice as she lets Reveka guide her back towards the guys.

They manage the trip back with no further embarrassment from Xan, and she slides into the booth with a warm smile for her boyfriend before snuggling in close to him and then looking up in his eyes with adoration, she says in a playful voice, with only the barest hint of a slur, “Hi! I missed you.” And then she is kissing him, slow, deep and smoldering, Once she comes up for air though, the glass with her fruity drink is spied and she reaches out to it, only to find it empty. A small pout plays on her lips as she looks up at the two men with disappointment, “Why’s my drink all gone?” Her voice is so painfully plaintive and she turns a sad pup look between the two men, complete with comically trembling lower lip.

Reveka nods at Xan’s words before they head back to the table, she has a bit to think on considering. But when she gets back to her own seat, her own drink is picked up and slammed down before she actually sits down. It’s quickly followed by a shot and a blush at the brazen kiss that Xanthee plants on Mal. She leans in towards Daen, her graceful features pulled into lines of shock, awe and amazement. “Something tells me someone needs to have some water and a time out.” This is whispered to Daen through a slight curling smile as the first of her alcohol truly hits her own system. She emits a low giggle as a result before sitting up in her chair and trying not to stare at the lip locked couple sitting with them.

Determined is definitely one of Xan’s words,” Malosim agrees. “But I think she’ll live if things don’t work out like she hopes.” Then he’s watching Daenerys polish off the last of Xanthee’s drink, and he can’t help but laugh. The girls’ return has him sitting up straighter, his arm lifted to welcome his girlfriend back into it. He grins at her greeting, lips parting as he starts to comment…and then he finds them wholly and heatedly occupied with a kiss that completely scatters his thoughts. It takes him a good long moment to get his head back on straight, and then he’s blinking at Daen and Reveka, his lips quirking into an apologetic smirk before turning to a pouting Xan.

“Because, darlin’,” Mal tells her, catching her chin and soothing that trembling lip with his thumb, “any more and I have a feeling you’re gonna try hauling me into a dark corner. Which would be fine if it wasn’t here.” Or anywhere else public. “Plus I think a walk back would be good before it gets too late, and you can’t take the glasses out of here, so…” There’s that. A sidelong glance gets sent across the table to the other two with a discreet wink.

Daenerys grins in amusement at Malosim. Bros in cahoots, man. Bros in cahoots. “Yeah, I’m thinking she will.” Or not, her choice; he’s certainly not going to go careening into a relationship before the time is right. Who knows, however, when that is for this very solitary young man. The aunties are laying bets like crazy, and nobody knows who will win. But hark! They return, and he resettles himself, all innocence; he knows nothing about that empty glass. He rests his gaze on Reveka thoughtfully. “Hmm. Wonder who you mean, pretty one.” Inwardly, he’s cringing just a little bit. A drunk and happy Xanthee is a very interesting spectacle. “Hm. Why don’t we all head back now? It is a good time.”

Xanthee’s pout turns into an adoring smile as her lips purse just enough to traps the tip of Mal’s thumb in a kiss before she sighs happily and snuggles into him, her head on his shoulder. One hand darts out and grabs a piece of cheese to nibble on. Her eyebrows hikes a little bit as Daenerys uses a term of endearment on Reveka, her smile widening. “Don’t cut your evening short just because of me. I’m sure if you two want to stay, Mal can get me to bed with little trouble.” Whose bed? Well that’s up for debate. She says with a wicked grin, unable to help herself, she gives Mal’s thigh a little squeeze under the table. Spying the a last little bit of Zingari Red in the glass she had before heading to the necessary, and before anyone can stop her, she slams the last finger’s worth of the strong booze.

Reveka smiles at Malosim’s wink and at the apologetic look he seems to throw she and Daen’s way. “Gee I wonder….” She responds to Daen’s comment with a smile and some dry sarcasm. Reveka is good with heading out….after she finds her bottle of Zingari Red. Which she starts to search around for just as Xanthee is taking the last of her glass down. Reveka throws a confused look at Daen and raises a hand as if to ask ‘I did have a bottle here right?’. Reveka then takes the moment to take down the last of her own whiskey before Xan takes it into her head to have some. Sorry Xan. No more booze for you. Reveka definitely has a strong buzz going on now and it makes her feel a bit giddy. But then again, that last drink may have been a good thing,

Mal answers the unseen squeeze Xanthee gives him with one around her shoulders, touching his lips to her temple before catching the fact that Reveka is searching for her bottle. He catches her eyes and makes a short, subtle nod downward toward the wall side of the table. Under there. Then he snags the empty glass from Xan’s fingers and sets it aside, giving her a little nudge with a shift of his hip. “Okay, beautiful, let’s get going,” he says, and keeps a good hold on her, not knowing how steady she’s going to be once she’s on her feet again.

Xanthee is most definitely not steady on her feet. When Mal’s nudge is deciphered, she scoots to the end of the bench and then gets to her feet, but overshoots slightly and it looks for a moment as if she will fall forward, but thankfully she is able to steady herself with the help of the hold Mal still has on her, preventing a most terrible party foul. With a nervous giggle she gives a sheepish look at Mal then Daen and Rev. “Whoops.” Another giddy giggle, her face flushed pink in inebriation. She has a smile of smug satisfaction in herself for a plan well executed as she and Mal head back to her place so she can finally follow through on all the little teases she had tempted him with since their evening of drinking began. Let’s just hope she remembers the things she said in the morning… and that the hangover isn’t too killer.

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