Taurie, Katryana


Taurie is having a meal and Katryana shows up with one heck of a belated turnday gift!

Comes after Awaken, Sleepy Taurie but before Apprentices Acquired X 2


It is evening of the seventh day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr, Living Caverns, Nighthearth

OOC Date 02 Jun 2018 06:00


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Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophobia. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Katryana's on the prowl! Okay, maybe 'prowl' is a bit generous; it's closer to the gangly attempts of a kitten than any adult feline grace, but hey, points for trying. Her dinner has already been disposed of, food in her vicinity tending to be devoured with the alacrity of a freshly-shelled dragonet. Perpetually sun-burnt cheeks are even redder than they're typically wont to be, just the slightest flush under the surface. Taurie's blonde head is locked onto and she makes a bee-line for her, balancing two plates bearing a slice of… wait, where did she get cake around here? Huh. Weird. The other young woman's probably just trying to enjoy the remainder of her dinner, but too bad, it's time for dessert. As she approaches, from behind, she begins humming beneath her breath, starting the actual chorus when she's close enough to be heard by Taurie without raising her voice, "Happy Turnday, happy Turnday, happy Turnday to…" the plate is placed to the right of the girl, the side where Katryana materializes and slides herself into the seat, "you! Well, belatedly." The flush on her cheeks deepens and she giggles awkwardly. Okay, this seemed like a way better idea earlier. Too late to back out, she fully commits, "It's my Turnday, so with the power vested in me as Official Turnday Girl, I'm declaring we're doing a do-over for yours." LET'S GET KRONK! (but not that kronk, she's not allowed to drink)

Taurie looks up from her dinner, blue-green eyes wide with surprise as she lifts them to greet Katryana's. "Uh… Thanks!" She says, taking a drink of her juice after and eyeing the cake in front of her. "Happy turnday to you!" She giggles and leans back in her chair and looks over. "How old are you turning?"

That's… not a rejection? The Healer beams at the small thanks, clinking forks onto the plates next to the layered, klah-infused cake topped with plentiful whipped cream. Katryana's slice has part of the letters "Co", and Taurie's, "ng". Really, it's probably best if you don't know where they've come from. "Sixteen!" That makes her almost a real adult, Taurie. Temptation is given into and she impales her slice on her fork and NOMS, "Oh, shells, that's good." In a moment of self-consciousness, it occurs to Katryana lips are coated in whipped cream and she has to lick them quickly to save face, wiping a a thumb across them to get rid of the remainder. She clears her throat, tittering nervously with her hands. "*And* I've got a present for you, too!"

Taurie isn't really paying attention to the lettering on the cake. "Sixteen? Congratulations. That's a milestone age." Taurie grins, remembering her own sweet sixteen. "I just turned twenty." She smiles at the girl's reaction to the flavor of the cake and takes a bite herself. "Mmm." Good indeed! Taurie sort of laughs at the whipped cream cover up and looks absolutely stunned at the fact that Katryana has a gift for her. "Uh…Thank you. You really didn't have to…barely knowing me and all."

The teen nods at Taurie's age, "Oh, yes. I know. I mean. I saw you. On your 20th Turnday. I mean, not that you'd remember it." Being piss-drunk and all. Katryana's large eyes drop to her own slice of cake, drawing her fork through the frosting and spiraling it on the plate, "You didn't seem to be having a good time, is all, and no one deserves that on their Turnday. Especially their twentieth." Gaze shifts to the blonde as she squares her shoulders, shyly smiling, "And from what I can tell, especially not you, miss Taurie." Before she can put herself into even MORE awkward of a situation, she stuffs another bite of cake in her mouth. Do let the girl down gently, won't you, Taurie?

Taurie blushes wildly, her Turnday-eve was something she'd just rather forget. Mostly. There were some good points. "Yeah, sorry about that. I was really too drunk to be in public." Taurie giggles and snatches a bite of cake off her own plate and leans back, blushing again at Katryana's compliment. "Thanks. That's nice to hear." She hasn't spoken to those who ditched her since.

"It's understandable. That was terrible what they did to you." The cake is stabbed emphatically and Katryana makes a sour face, nose wrinkling. Sensing Taurie's discomfiture, she clears her throat again. "So, Heiress, huh? That's what I've heard anyway." NOM the cake. If nothing else, she'd like to be a real friend to the young woman; the Healer had learned the hard way just how damaging those superficial friendships could be.

Taurie much appreciates the sympathy and what had happened the next day had more than made up for the previous night. At Kat’s question Taurie raises a cautious eyebrow. “Aye, to my father's merchant trade. I am already half partner.” Taurie has a bite of cake herself, wondering why that had been the fact snippet Katryana had latched on to for conversation, it seemed odd, but maybe Taurie is being paranoid.

"I asked," Katryana replies to the unvoiced question, hovering her fork above the surface of the plate to scrape off the last of the frosting, "I mean, around." A hand flutters, indicating the Weyr-at-large. "What kind of merchant? Just general wares or…? And I'm just here, you know, healing. I'm supposed to get my Senior Apprentice knot soon!" Taurie's plate is glanced. "Here, here, are you done?" Her hands are hovering next to Taurie's plate, ready to sweep it away. Breathless, bouncing on the bench, she exclaims, "Oh, I'm excited. You'll love your present. Well, I think. Maybe."

“General shipping, though mostly what we ship is liquor and livestock.” Taurie smiles and warms to talking of work. “We also ship a fair amount of cloth. Congratulations, that must be a nice accomplishment to achieve!” Taurie hovers over her cake, she still has a few bites left! “You really didn't have to get me anything, though it's appreciated no matter what it is.” Taurie smiles and is now very curious about this gift.

The Healer girl nods sagely, as if she knew fuck-all about shipping and what that entailed. "That seems really complex. Like… a lot of math and coordinating things and dates and times and prices. You must be really smart, then, to do all that," is Katryana's genuine conclusion. She's not one to discount one's abilities based on looks; spend enough time with a babyface like hers, you get used to having to prove yourself repeatedly and the salient frustrations that come with it. "You like it, though? You seem happy when you talk about it." She puts on a pretty pout but withdraws her hands from Taurie's plate-space to prop her chin up, elbows on the table like a mannerless heathen. Regarding her impending promotion, she's back to bubbly, "Oh, yeah, I'm excited. That's why I'm so happy to be 16; it means I'll be able to start teaching more independently and have more responsibilities. I'm sure you can understand, what with being a half-partner now. It feels good to be trusted." She drops a hand from her chin to collect the remaining dollop of frosting spread on her plate while she waits for Taurie to finish, leg bouncing with excitement and anxiety, vehemently protesting, "Now, that's nonsense. Turnday girls get Turnday gifts! Even if they're late; I didn't know, before, so… well, you know. Plus, I wouldn't have been able to give it to you before." Ooooh, mystery~

Taurie shrugs. “I’m alright, my father says I have a good mind for numbers, I think I’m alright but could be better.” She’s humble, see. She nods when Katryana asks if she’s happy. “Aye, I get to travel, see Pern in ways most don’t get to, and I’m allowed to make my own choices.” Not that her parents haven’t mentioned the fact that she’s still unattached. They have. At this point, Taurie endeavours to finish her cake, and does so, offering Katryana the last few dollops of frosting, all this whilst listening about the apprentice’s impending promotion. She raises a brow at Kat’s last and is definitely intrigued now, and sort of excited. “Now you’re just teasing."

"I knew you were good! And don't be so hard on yourself; everyone always could be better," the apprentice chides, shaking a frosting-tipped finger at the other girl, "that's what life is all about. Having the opportunity to grow and improve. Right?" Yes, so very wise, this one. "Traveling sounds like a charm. I haven't gotten far from the Weyr, myself. I get hella sea sick, though." Taurie's plate is claimed enthusiastically and Kat relays between nibbles of frosting, " Did you know that getting motion sick is related to the inner ear? A lot of the body's sense of balance comes from correlating the pressure there to what are eyes are seeing, so if it doesn't match… like when you're on a ship, for instance… that's when you get motion sick. You also see it a lot when people are really congested, because the sinuses are all connected to the ear canals too." If she's getting a weird look, she's oblivious to it, and polishes off the frosting in short order. While her hands are still hovering over them, the plates are piled up and swept away by a drudge making the rounds, leaving Kat blinking in confusion at the now-blank table there. "Huh." The teen shakes her head. Back to the surprise! With a mischievous grin, she springs to her feet, coyly intoning, "Teasing? Me? Why, Miss Taurie, I would never. Now c'mon, you've gotta see." She tugs Taurie's arm and takes off, seeming like she fully intends to physically drag the other young woman along with her if she doesn't skedaddle. Thankfully, it doesn't look like they're going far; just over to the Nighthearth, where there's a blanket-draped basket before the fire.

Taurie actually finds the little snippets of information sort of interesting, but she’s not quite up for a deluge of conversation de medical. So, she jumps at the chance to follow Katryana. It’s a bit funny when the farthest they go is the nighthearth, but there’s excitement when she sees the basket. It’s always exciting to get gifts, even better when they are closely guarded secrets. Between this and the night at the Treble Clef with Eryzz, well, it’s shaping up to be a good birthday seven indeed. “That’s a big basket.” She comments when they walk up, giggling a little.

Welcome to friendship with Katryana, where you'll learn more than you ever wished to know about the body part du jour! Look of mischief still in place, she plops herself onto the floor in a fluid motion, skirts fanning out as she does so. "So, as you know, today's my Turnday," she narrates conspiratorially as she lifts the edge of the blanket nearest her and shifts some things under it, keeping the contents of the basket hidden from view, "so my gramma gave me some Turnday gifts. Of course, I couldn't keep them all for myself, that would be silly." The corner of the blanket is dropped and both hands go beneath it, emerging with an egg cradled between them and grinning up at the other girl. "I noticed you didn't have any firelizards, either. This one's yours, Taurie. I don't think you'll have any trouble telling which is which. I'm going to keep mine in here but you're welcome to take it. I'm not sure what's inside, but this is one of the big ones." Her arms are straightened out and she offers the precious package to Taurie, shyly. "They're not soft like they were anymore… Here, do you want to hold it?"

It'll Never Be Enough Egg
Bedecked with a maelstrom of opulence defying comprehension, this egg is something to be beheld but not fully understood. Mottled deep blues and purples shimmer, dozens of stars stolen from the night sky, upon a background of harsh contrast; the shine of a thousand spotlights upon garish golden towers, rising into the brilliant blue skies of a million dreams. The self-indulgent resplendency etched across the shell paradoxically beckons a sense of hollowness, an ache that cannot be filled, leaving the heart yearning and crying for more where more cannot be.

Taurie looks surprised when an egg is revealed. It's a special thing to be gifted an egg from someone. She's touched, and it shows in the softening of blue-green eyes and the smile that lights up Taurie's face. She takes the egg with a near reverence, she'd never really thought of having one of her own because her father's or something other had always been readily available. And now she feels a bit guilty for not having something for Katryana, she'll have to see if she can work something out. “That's a very kind gift Katryana, thank you. I don't quite know what to say.” And she's got a spot on her hearth she can keep it until it hatches. It'll be nice and warm there. For now she cradles it to her body to share her own warmth with it.

"Oh, you like it!" Katryana exclaims at the expression on Taurie's face, her own brightening, as well. As soon as her hands are free from their burden, she claps them together gleefully. "I thought that one would be a good one for. Reminds me of your whole," a hand is wiggled nebulously over the Taurie-shape in Kat's field of vision, stifling a blush, "put together thing. Cohesive. And like I said, it's one of the bigger ones, but it isn't like dragons where you can tell if one is the Queen or anything like that." She mimes the time gesture from past immemorial, metronoming her finger back and forth with a click-click of her tongue indicating the passing of candlemarks. "But that egg suits you best, so that's the egg you get." Nodnod! Settling her skirts more artfully, she nods again, putting on a serious face. "You're part of the Weyr family here now, Miss Taurie, so don't forget it when those sniveling holder brats threat you like wherry dung."

Katryana’s bubbliness is catching and Taurie finds her smile widening into a grin. She closes the distance between herself and the young apprentice and hugs her in thanks as well as having given her verbal ones. She doesn’t quite know how an egg could fit her, but she does love that the pattern on the shell seems, as Katryana put it, so well put together. She’s a bit teary eyed when she pulls back. She hadn’t expected to cry, but here she is doing it. “Thank you again. I hope you get a good one.” Because Katryana kept one for herself, yes?

Kat's is quite proud of herself, sure, practically radiating. Gift successfully accomplished! Taurie happy! Turnday achieved! The hug is a total blindside; she's frozen for a moment before awkwardly returning it. Pat pat? Is this what one does in hugs? The teen is bright scarlet by the time Taurie pulls away and gapes at her like a very confused fish for a moment before her brains are solid again. "Yeah. Uhm. Good. I mean, it's good that you like it. Not that I'd be upset if you didn't, but I'm glad you do." Eh hem. Blink blink as further processing happens and she returns to her normal pale shade. The corner of the blanket is pulled back to reveal three other eggs all nuzzled together, and Kat lays a gentle hand on a brown egg with a polished sheen, speckled with ivory. "Yeah, I did. See, this one? This one's for me." A smaller white spheroid with a flurry of purples, pinks, and greys is tapped, "This one's for Kyriatis." The third, a right riot of color and suspiciously perfect circles, is just afforded a flourish, "And this one's for Th'res." With a wry smile, she tucks them back in like a loving, careful mother of a newborn, "He thought we were even with the cake, but nah." The look Taurie gets is pure mischief, "Gotta keep those guys on their toes, y'know?"

Taurie Beams, and beams, particularly since she now knows she isn’t the only one on the receiving end. “You’re very generous.” SHe definitely will have to return the gesture somehow. “I should probably get this one somewhere warm.” She sighs. “Plus, I have to get to work.” Small pout at that, even though she loves it. It’s so nice outside! And she has come to love the beach here. “I can’t thank you enough, I’ll tell you the moment it hatches.” With one more quick hug, Taurie scoots out of the caverns and near runs back to her rooms to nestle the egg near the fire.

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