Jaymes, Rocio & Niamyth


Rocio's cousin arrives at Southern.


It is morning of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Herder Complex, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 30 Apr 2018 04:00


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« Uh, is that him? »


Herder Complex

Oh, the scents of hay and runnersweat and leather: no matter how many expensive, fat wax candles are burnt in this long hall, the pervasive Eau de Herder will remain predominant. Spaces are haphazardly stacked, one after the other: there, brightly-lit for study and mending tack; there, a miniature library to rival the Harper's in animal husbandry; there, the medicinal tang of redwort and numbweed, the beasthealer's stockery; and there, no different from the rest, the smell of sweetrolls and klah, furniture torn and worn and chosen for comfort.

When the blue dragon finally lands in the upper bowl it’s already a half candlemark late, which means that Niamyth is practically bouncing off the Weyr walls. Rocio leans against her lifemate’s front leg and picks the crud from underneath her fingernails with the tip of a small blade, unfazed. She doesn’t have much to do at this time of day. In fact, all of her meetings are scheduled for the afternoon and this is the only thing she’s got going on for the morning. She can see in her peripheral vision that two people are dismounting from the blue dragon’s leather straps.

« Uh, is that him? »

Rocio doesn’t look up right away and is still focused on cleaning beneath her fingernails. Her cousin Jaymes, better known as ‘Jimmy’ to her, is who they’re waiting on. The image she had in her head of the boy Rodric wanted her to meet in the bowl had him at about 5’7, skinny, and with a face loaded with red acne — a typical twelve Turn old on the cusp of puberty. However, what she has in her head slowly begins to transition into the image that Niamyth shares with her, and it snaps Rocio’s attention away from her hand.

Her light colored eyes blink when she sees the ‘boy’ walking her way — the absolute polar opposite of what she had remembered ten Turns ago. The man is approximately 6’0 tall, broad chest and shouldered, and walks with an air of confidence she recognizes from some of the bronzeriders around the Weyr. The short straps of a duffle bag are hooked by four fingers and draped over his shoulder while his other hand is casually slipped into a trous pocket. Jaymes grins as he approaches his cousin, “Rocio!”

« Oh… my. »

Rocio can see that his face has zero acne and when his arms go around her much smaller frame, she’s squeezed tight against a muscled shoulder and picked up off her feet. Twirled around only once, it’s enough to make her a little dizzy with already present confusion.

“Jimmy?” Rocio is set back down on the ground and takes a step back to scan the Herder from head to toe. “How are… ya?” She has to mentally collect herself from the shock of seeing her younger cousin in a much different light — no longer a boy, he was quite clearly grown up. Meanwhile, a certain lifemate looks like she’s about to burst all of a sudden. “Oh! This here’s Niamyth.”

The viridian green ruffles her wings and stretches her pointed snout closer to Jaymes to breathe in his musky, minty scent. « Ohhhh Ro. He smells like the best kinda aftershave… » Her voice, dreamy.

» Yeah, well, he’s my COUSIN so shut up about it. «

The duffle bag was set down before Jaymes embraced Rocio in a hug and he now has both hands available to scritch Niamyth’s hide. He does just that with a grand smile, rough fingertips dragging into the soft hide of her muzzle. “Well met, Niamyth. Aren’t you beautiful?” She rumbles her fluttery response with eyes lidding shut under his ministrations.

“If ya keep doin’ that, she ain’t ever gonna leave you alone.” Rocio pokes her lifemate with an index finger before returning her attention back to Jaymes. “Congrats on makin’ Journeyman! I’m sure the Weyrherder is gonna be thrilled to have ya on board. What was it you’re studyin’ again?”

Jaymes is still grinning as he scritches down the length of Niamyth’s muzzle. “Feline behavior.” Whether or not it’s domestic behavior or wild behavior goes unsaid. He knows the latter will elicit a rowdy response from the greenrider given her familial history with the indigenous wild felines that roam the southern continent. “And, thanks. Congrats on your promotion, too.” Finally, he stops paying Niamyth attention for the moment and the green almost stumbles forward when reality crashes down on her again — it was so relaxing that she didn’t want the scritches to end! Her eyes unlid and whirl a bright blue-green when she looks between both rider and kinfolk.

“Oh, yeah. About that. Rodric says we gotta go over together one night for supper. I’m sure Lonnie and Brodie will be happy to see ya again!” Rocio then glances at the duffle bag on the ground and tosses her chin at it. “That all you brought?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Jaymes says, stooping a bit to pick up the bag’s straps again. He doesn’t toss it over a shoulder again, but instead opts to carry it at his side like a briefcase. “Supper sounds good to me. Been a long time since I had a cooked meal made by your momma. Everyone well these days?”

Rocio pivots and slowly starts to make her way toward the craft complex, nodding as she does. “Yep. Ma’s doin’ good. Rodric’s keepin’ busy with the daily grind, and the boys are the same ol’ same ol’.” Niamyth doesn’t follow them but she does watch them trek across the bowl with interest and notes every possible detail about Jaymes that she can. She’ll no doubt share the news with Southern’s dragonlink about the arrival of Rocio’s cousin from Keroon. Gossip, hot off the press! The best kind there is.

Jaymes glances over his shoulder at the dainty green and waves at her in farewell. His focus returns to the walkway in front of them as they enter the craft complex and head toward the Herder wing. “Good. It’ll be nice to see everyone again.” A folded parchment is retrieved from the side pocket of the bag and opened so he can read what had been previously scrawled by his superior at the Hall. “Says here I’m to check in with Weyrherder Orasien upon arrival.”

“Yep, this way.” Rocio steps through the stone archway and through a small stretch of corridor lined with classrooms that are currently in session. While she doesn’t appear to give a hoot about what’s being taught, Jaymes does glance as they pass by and can tell that one is a beasthealing class and another is on runnerbeasts. “His office is just at the end here.” And, sure enough, Rocio draws up to a halt in front of the Master’s door with an outstretched wave of her hand.

Jaymes nods and gives the wooden door a once over, squaring broad shoulders a bit. “Since I’m already late, I better get this over with.” He grins a bit crookedly and pulls Rocio in for another hug. “Thanks for meeting me in the bowl. Let me know when your momma’s got supper planned.” He’s already looking forward to the downtime — the immediate future will be a flurry of new crafter activity. Like getting a room assignment, meeting the Herders, scheduling classes, and then, of course, there’s field study. All of that simmers on the back burners of his mind as his main focus for the moment is checking in with Master Weyrherder Orasien.

Rocio is squished closer for a hug and finally manages to swat at Jaymes’ shoulder soon afterward. “Watch it! Faranth, when did ya get so tall huh?” Now it’s her turn to grin as she takes a step back, motioning at the door. “Get on with it. I’ll send word for ya as soon as I know what’s goin’ on at home.” Nothing like a mini family reunion to look forward to! “See ya later, Jimmy.” She might bump her shoulder into his arm as she walks by just to see if he budges (hint: he doesn’t). “Oh! And welcome to Southern.”

“Thanks, Weyrlingmaster.” It doesn’t take long for the greenriding huntress to stride down the corridor and out of view, which means that it’s now time for him to get settled. With the duffle bag and Herder Hall parchment in hand, Jaymes knocks on the Weyrherder’s door and steps inside to begin a new chapter in his career.

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