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Khaylia sweeping a corridor with too much advice.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Inner Caverns —Igen Weyr

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Igen, Ryott, Khaylia, Jaune 2018 August


Inner Caverns

In understated elegance lies the mellow glory of Igen's inner caverns, the stone of vaulted ceilings sparkling with faint traceries of golden glitter. High curves of smooth limestone wavering between sandy gold and wheaten brown form rising, wave-like patterns that still hold the sparkle of silver here and there. A long, wide cavern, this: various arches lend access to other caverns, whilst the noise of daily activity is frequently amplified by the natural acoustics of this open, airy space.

There's nothing wrong with sweeping. It's a bit tedious, a bit boring, a bit never-ever-ever ending, but that is cool. At least it is inside where it's cooler, and not as gross as other jobs. Broom on floor Khaylia's not SUPER active or careful about where she sweeps but it looks kinda industrious. Good enough y'know?

Khaylia is hard at work, but Jaune is in transit. Crossing between caverns with a stack of wrapped envelopes in hand. Set to delivering notes by the Journeyman Vintner. Ostensibly to ensure people know their schedules, but was mostly an insidious means to ensure that Jaune starts to learn his fellows by name and by sight. As well as his way around the weyr. He'll slow to watch Khaylia accomplishing little more than passing the time.

In the shadows of one of the arches someone is lurking. Dressed in simple clothes in shades of dark grey, a younger girl is leaning, arms crossed over her chest as she quietly watches the two going about their business. Ryott's dark brows are hooded closely over sharp eyes as she ponders a little mischief. Slipping out of the shadows keeping her concealed she quirks her head to the side at the girl sweeping, "You do realize you're just pushing the dirt around like that right?" she remarks in her even, deadpan tone.

Does she suddenly have an audience? Khaylia sees the man slow down and a small small smile spreads on her lips. If her brooming gets a little extra hip action that's no problem right? It's nothing of an overt invitation, but there isn't anything wrong with getting noticed and she's going to play that up just a little bit before peeking up through eyelashes to see if she's getting a reaction. Her flirting gets TOTALLY cut off when another woman shows up through and quips at her. "Uh, excuse me?" Khaylia looks the seemingly younger woman up and down.

He has work to do, so she does get reaction certainly, of judging critique in dirt piles, and /not/ of hip movement. That isn't how you get things clean. Jaune's mouth had opened to say much the same thing. Nothing was being accomplished here, except pushing dirt back and forth. But…he might've said it a bit nicer than that. His mouth slams shut a moment and he turns to glance at who /else/ was going to give an instructional on sweeping. "I am sure sweeping is new to her."

Running one hand over the short brush of closely cropped hair, Ryott's lip curls with the ghost of a smirk as she raises one brow amusedly at the way the older girl was using sweeping as a seduction technique. She notes the other's appraisal of her, but doesn't look concerned as she sweeps her gaze in the direction of the man who spoke, giving him a little shrug of her shoulders, "Then she must have had a very sheltered upbringing," the reply delivered with dry sarcasm as she leans back on the wall.

"I'm right here~" That almost singsong as Jaune doesn't speak directly to her but instead to the little ball of sarcasm. "If I'm doing it so wrong, then why don't you show me now?" The look she shoots at Ryott has overtones of venom in it, but when she looks back to JAune it's all sweetness and light. The broom gets offered over to him, "I wouldn't mind learning how to do it better." She stops JUST short of fluttering her eyelashes.

"Well…" This seems a trap, doesn't it? Sweeping is so fun, says Tom Sawyer. Jaune tucks the two envelopes he had out back into his little satchel and steps forward to grasp her broom. "You want to move it all into a pile you can pick up." Then he starts at the corners of the hallway, sweeping dust and debris towards the center from the outskirts, then further in. "Shes right though." His mind ticked over again. "You do have to be kept from cleaning not to learn how to sweep."

Rolling her eyes at the sacchrine way the older girl is acting towards the guy, Ryott continues her role as peanut gallery. "You're actually going to do that for her?" she asks with a dry scoff, "Why haven't one of the other drudges taught you how?" She turns her question to Khaylia now, cold tone unimpressed by the girl's seemingly one track mind of flirting with Jaune. To the latter, she tilts her head, "So that would beg the question as to what someone who doesn't know how to clean is doing as a drudge?"

Khaylia steps back to give Jaune PLENTY of room to do his sweeping, though she starts to pout when both of them begin to point out her obvious cleaning deficiencies, Ryott earning an extra scowl for her pointed observation.. "Not everyone is good at everything, you know?" It's more than a bit defensive. "I just started, I'll get the hang of it. With the proper teacher." That, right now? Totally Jaune.

"Not everyone stays in the same positions as their family. My family were all smiths and I couldn't do that. I switched to Vintner when I was about your age." To Ryotto. He still works as he talks, puttering around with the broom before speaking again. "Everyone should be offered help to do their job better. And /not/ be patronized about it." A very pointed look towards the youngster. A small little pile is forming in the center of the corridor and tucks nicely together, then he is glancing around for a pan to pick it up in.

That extra scowl combined with Khaylia's defensiveness only fuels the girl's smirk as she lazily inspects her nails. Ryott shakes her head subtly, "Did I say you had to be good at everything? I was just pointing out what you weren't good at." She just wanted to make that clear before sighing in Jaune's direction, "I ain't patronizing anyone, I'm telling it like it is. If she'd put as much effort in her sweeping as she was wiggling her hips in your direction, maaaaaybe she would get better on her own." She pauses for a beat before adding dryly, "That was being patronizing."

Khaylia give Ryott a a firm look up and down - one that has overtones of seriously-not-nice, though she puts a poisonous sweetness into her tone, "I'm so sorry you want what I have, maybe if you ate every once in a while you wouldn't be such a scrawny little thing. It's fine though, you are still a baby, you have time to grow." An eyebrow punctuates the end of that before she turns back to Jaune, "So like this?" She holds an imaginary broom in her hand and copies his movements with just a hint of ~flair~.

No pan found…Did Khaylia even come up here with the intention of sweeping well? "Well. You'll need a dust….Oh." Claws have come out while the man busied himself with his work. He'll glance over towards Khaylia's hips now that Ryott has made it very clear he should have been looking at them. The broom gets held out towards the redhead. "I should be delivering these messages…Why did you get assigned to sweep, anyways?"

"Yeah, call me a baby again, I dare ya," Ryott retorts with a hint of cold malice in her tone although her body is still lazily leaning against the wall nonchalantly. Full off teenage bravado, she pulls a belt knife out from somewhere on her person and begins to pick at the dirt under her nails as she waits to see if Khaylia will actually answer Jaune's question, curious of her answer.

Knives?! Khaylia will just take her little dirty looks to the OTHER side of the vintner when she reaches out for the broom with just the smallest of pouts upon her lips. "Not like a baby like you would understanding," see how brave she is to do that from behind him? For Jaune's question, "They handed me a broom and said to sweep here? I mean, is that not how it's usually done?"

Just a belt knife. The shifting of stances has the vintner glancing between Ryott and Khaylia alternatively. Jaune's eyebrows furrow together at her pout. This /is/ her job, she should be doing it. "That sounds about right. You aren't too old for a craft, maybe. You should look into something like that, if you don't think you want to be sweeping floors." A quick sidestep carries him out of the path between Ryott and redhead.

Again the older woman's reaction tickles Ryott just a bit, not even bothering to comment on her second use of 'baby'. If anything, the shorter girl is patient and knows how to bide her time. She coffs derisively when Jaune suggests a craft and she comments with heavy sarcasm, "Good luck with that. You won't find others to do your work for you in a craft." Her sharp eyes follow Jaune's sidestep, a crooked hint of a grin on her lips as she disapears the knife upon her person, but doesn't really move from her relaxed position, the show here is way too entertaining

Khaylia saw that sidesteps and she POUTS. "I can sweep. It's not like it's that hard." And see, when she puts the broom to the floor she DOES do a slightly better job at it. Despite her attempts to flirt she was paying attnetion.

"Crafters is a good career, if you can find something to bepassionate about." Jaune observes the broomwork and a grudging nod. "My name is Jaune…" A glance between the two women. "I need to get back to delivering tehse. Nice to meet you two. I work in the cantinaaa…..Okay. Bye" He walks backwards more, wondering if he is leaving the site of a future stabinng.

Taking note of the man's name and his place of work with interest, Ryott nods her head in his direction as he makes his exit. To Khaylia, her dark gaze returns watching her sweep a little bit more effectively now for a bit. But it's not long before the older teen loses her appeal, and without a word or a sound, Ryott slips back in the shadows, off for to find some more interesting company.

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