Echo, Milosh, A'lira (Cameo)


Echo unveils something new about herself to Milosh unintentionally.

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It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
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It is the eighty-eighth day of Spring and 77 degrees. It is bright and sunny. The only evidence of the overnight storm is in the lingering mud puddles.
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The Telgar Steppe; Zingari Encampment; Grove on the Steppes

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"You should never be embarrassed in front of me, you have talent. Why don't you perform?"


The Telgar Steppe; Zingari Encampment; Grove on the Steppes

The savannah home of desert runners and hardy herder-folk, Telgar's steppe-lands along the northern bend of the Western Road are dry and wind-swept. No trees grow here, save around the scant rivers and lakes that dot and thread the terrain. Summers here are quite hot, and the winters are deep, with many a morning finding the low shrubs and grasses gilded in thick, silvery frost. The flatness here might drive a mountain-dweller insane, were it not for the rolling hills that break the monotony of the view every now and again. Navigation must be done relying on sun, stars, sense, and scant landmark alone, for there are no mountains or valleys to take a bearing by for leagues.

It is the eighty-eighth day of Spring and 77 degrees. It is bright and sunny. The only evidence of the overnight storm is in the lingering mud puddles.

Home. It was a strange feeling for Echo when, after barely half a turn away from her birth caravan, she first caught a glimpse of the camp on the Telgar Steppes and her heart had swelled. And now they had been there for several days and it felt like she had never left, but also everything was changed. She returned with a….well…there isn't a proper label for what Milosh is to the herder girl, but she has been introducing him when necessary as her partner. A terribly neutral term that works to keep most questions at bay. There has been talk of an 'arrangement' between them, since they are living together, but in very broad strokes. So at this time, late sunset, the sky only barely holding onto the last remnants of Rukbat's rays as night is falling fast. The auburn haired girl is making her way easily towards, not the yurt she shares with Milosh, but her wagon, which she is still using as a base for her work as a farrier. Over her shoulder is slung a long leather bag on a long strap. Her warm brown eyes scan the lengthening shadows, but she does not see her Sir anywhere, and so she slips over to the far side of her small wagon, the side facing away from the center of camp, and abuts to the runner pens on the other side, creating a small, relatively private space. Pulling over a barrel and a small glow, she begins rummaging through her pack, coughing a bit as dust is raised in clouds as she unties the drawstring.

Milosh is elsewhere momentarily, having a round of drinks and dragon poker with some of the Armida men. There is laughter and joking, and a fair amount of betting going on. Milosh has been holding his own, over what he had come with already in winnings. He's not stupid though, he'll only gamble so much before excusing himself and walking away fatter of purse than before. However, a few men join him and they move to the bar yurt for another round of drinks. Miosh follows, but his mind is beginning to wander elsewhere. He buys the first round of drinks and turns to scan the crowd and while his peers try and pick up on the ladies, well, Milosh wonders what his own is up to. 'Partner'. That's what he's been relegated to calling himself while here, he's not sure if he likes the moniker.

Echo opens the small glow basket and casts a soft light on the scene as she pulls various long metal objects from the heavy leather bag. Swords and daggers of various lengths as well as a small blade cleaning/sharpening kit. She picks up a medium length sword and holds it up, inspecting the blade for any wear or rust but they seem to be very well kept seeing how she had to dig them out of the storage wagon her family has. Echo gives sixteen year old her a little pat on the back for always remembering to store her blades when perfectly clean. Running the back of her thumbnail over the edge she frowns slightly to see that it has lost its edge slightly, but that is no matter. She sets that blade aside and then continues to inspect the rest of them, nearly a dozen in all in the pile.

What's that? Free time? A'lira's out of the Weyr like a shot, disappearing :between: like Thread itself is chasing him. It's fortunate, perhaps, that it's known where he's going and whom he's going to visit, else the Leadership might worry about his sanity. However, he's known to be a steady sort, and has been allowed a couple days' leave in order to visit family elsewhere. And so the brownrider appears above the Telgar Steppes, circling until they find a particular caravan — and circling to land a courteous distance away from various beasts of burden who could never be convinced that Kyprioth is not going to munch upon them. No way shall A'lira upset the Traders (especially those grannies with their sharp eyes and even sharper tongues) by setting their beasts on edge. Soon, however, he is among them, a pleasant, polite young man, eyes searching for particular faces among the group.

Milosh continues his drinking as his mates move off with a score, or alone. He refuses invitations to continue the party elsewhere and pays up his tab once he's done with his current drink. Time for some air, he moves outside the bar yurt and out into the evening air. He's not gone far when a certain brownrider comes into his purview. He may need to head back to the bar…he swings around and moves to clap A'lira on the shoulder. "Missing that wife of yours A'l? It's good to see ya mate, I was starting to think that the weyr had swallowed you up!"

Once she's inspected all of the blades, Echo grabs one of her training blades and the blade cleaning kit. They may look nick and rust free, but these blades had been stored for a long time, so it's not like a good cleaning won't go awry. She pulls over a crate for a seat, re-adjusts her glow basket and gets to work.

"Like I'd miss my left arm." A'lira confirms cheerfully, offering his friend a light press of knuckles to the man's chest. "Damn weyr's much to large without her in it." Somehow, he's gotten way too used to the sounds of her in the place, though she's extremely quiet, as these things go. But knowing another human being is in the place makes the place truly home — and the prospect of a small human soon to add its noise to the place but heightens his sense of… calm. Now, all the work of the past two Turns means something. "I've the best news for her — well, it might be…" He's a bit nervous, perhaps, with the surprise he has in store for her. Perhaps she'll think him mad.

Milosh chuckles and shakes his head at A'lira. "Being mated suits you A'l" He grins and nods over towards the healer's tent, which is where he and Echo have also made camp. "She's this way if you're looking for her." Milosh begins to head that way, a grin crossing his face at A'lira's comments on his weyr. "It's a warren for sure. I had to help a couple of people find their way out when we redecorated it for you." At the announcement of news, Milosh smells something good, so he perks. "Oh, What's that then?"

A'lira heard about that, as evidenced by his amused smirk. "You should've heard 'em tellin' me my weyr's too big." Old aunties! They're everywhere. And they are not afraid of big tall dudes, either, when they've got something they want to say. Only reason they didn't pinch his ear is that it is completely out of their reach. A'lira looks over to the Healer's tent with a slow, slow grin. "You'll have to wait, old man. This's something one tells one's wife first. But I promise, you'll know before I leave." With one of those wicked grins Milosh ought to know well, A'lira wanders off towards the Healer's tent.

Once the blade is well cleaned by the light of the glow, Echo stands once more, lubricates the blade by running her tongue over it's length a few times and then tilting her head back will slide the sword straight down, making sure to relax her throat so that her gag reflex doesn't come into play. Once past that part, gravity takes over and the blade settles all the way in, the hilt hitting her lips. She holds it for a moment before grabbing the hilt and pulling it out all the way an doing a little flourish as she giggles. Over five turns and she still remembers how to do it. The girl's fairly beaming since she is hatching a special surprise for Milosh.

Milosh laughs with gusto at A'lira's reply on the weyr. "Well, it got done anyway." As to A'lira needing to speak with Igraine first, Milosh nods. "Aye, well off you get then man and I'll see you later." Shaking his head, Milosh moves off to find Echo. He doesn't find her in their yurt, or her wagon. He's about to go looking for her elsewhere when he hears the distinct tone of her laughter, and follows it. He settles himself in the shadows, watching her, not getting to see her relaxed and at ease like this very often. He wonders what the swords are for, and decides to stay hidden for the moment, wanting to see what is done with the blades.

Echo actually goes into what little she remembers of the routine she had practiced for numerous sevens, her voice low, but audible to anyone nearby. "Ladies and gentlemen! The art of sword swallowing is not for the faint of heart. These are real blades, with real edges." To that she picks up two swords and holds them above her head. "The blade will be passing very close to my heart so I will need absolute quiet while I do this." Bringing the swords back down, she puts one aside and now picks up one of the sharpened blades, a rather wide one, wider than the training blade for sure. Again another couple of passes of her tongue and she holds the sword above her head by the point, head tilted back and then sliding the long blade down her throat, disappearing inch by inch until it is completely swallowed. She does a little bow at her waist, careful to keep her mouth, neck, and torso completely straight before standing again and slowly removing the blade letting it clear her lips before she flourishes it again and takes her bow for her imaginary 'audience.'

Well. Colour Milosh impressed. Azure eyes widen heatedly as he watches Echo perform for her pretend audience, displaying confidence and revealing where she's learned a particular skill that Milosh favours quite a bit. He wonders at why she is so nervous and anxious all the time, she has a performers flare…and with what they do…she can act. He sees more and more confidence in her as time passes, but he wishes she could see her talent from the outside. He waits a moment more, not wanting to break the spell she weaves before him.

Echo continues with her little show, her confidence growing more as she remembers more of the familiar routine she had worked so hard to perfect. Taking up two identical slender blades, she flourishes them dramatically, moving her body and the swords to music only she is hearing now, weaving them provocatively and doing some little turns before she takes one of the swords and again swallows it with ease. Then though, she takes the second one and positioning it alongside the first just right, slides it in, focusing hard on making sure the two stay perfectly in line with each other. When finally the second is settled, she gives a flourish of her hands to indicate the audience could applaud before she bends over and this time removes both blades at once from a bowing position, pulling one to each side and twirling them once before raising from her bow to another flourish. With that she will practise her final bow, even going so far as to wave to the 'audience' for their silent applause.

Milosh is getting to see an entirely new facet to Echo and it only serves to fuel the need he has for her. She looks beautiful out there, so loose and free and weightless, it seems. He's entranced, and though it may be silent applause Echo expects, a singular set of audible applause is what she'll get as Milosh moves out of the shadows. He claps slowly and with force, a roguish grin sliding across his lips as he stalks towards Echo, his eyes stormy and heated, but alight with awe. "Well well Pet, it seems you have talents I had yet to discover."

Echo looks up quickly when she hears applause, her face blushing bright red in an instant as she turns to see who caught her little act, when she sees Milosh step out of the shadows, she blushes even more as she goes back to her swords and begins packing them back up, at least until her blush is better under control as she responds to his comment, "Well I guess the feline's out of the bag." she says with a nervous little chuckle as she continues to put her blades away carefully in the heavy leather bag made for them. Her heartbeat is racing, she can hear it pounding in her ears. No one had ever seen her perform her routine, and now the old anxieties over performing come flooding back and she tries to take a few covert deep breaths while she continues tidying up, not wanting to lose it in front of Milosh when she had been getting a lot better lately.

Milosh loves seeing Echo blush, but when she starts packing up, he looks confused. "Why are you stopping Pet? Please do continue…." He moves closer as she packs things up and when he reaches her, he gently takes the bag of blades and sets it aside, then kisses her soundly. Moving his lips to her ear after, he whispers in a husky voice, "That, my pet, was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen." He kisses down her neck , nipping at it's base before lifting his head to look down at her. "You should never be embarrassed in front of me, you have talent. Why don't you perform?"

Echo shakes her head and looks like she is going to protest when he takes her bag from her but then she is being pulled close into a kiss, which is always welcome as she lets herself sink into it with a happy sigh. When his lips move to her ear though, she blushes a little bit again at his words, shivering as he moves down her neck and finally waving off his last. "Well I'm glad you think so, but I can't do it if I know someone is looking. Sword-swallowing was the only performance art I ever took to. Spent sevens perfecting that routine you just saw. Came the day to perform it… totally froze. Stage fright." she shrugs a little bit, as if she shouldn't have expected anything else.

Milosh bets he could change Echo's mind on that, how many things has she said she couldn't do before that she can do now? And he lightly reminds her of this, whispering it in her ear that she has more confidence and talent than she gives herself credit for. He whispers these things because they are in public and he doesn't need his spylings thinking him soft. He's not so easy with the compliments with them. "Stage fright is a bit of a hurdle to get over, but I bet you could do it Pet…perhaps I should help you practice, eh?" He winks at Echo and sends her a salacious smile.

Echo blinks a little bit at the whispered words of encouragement, feeling them like a warmth in her chest that seems to grow and consume her whole in a warmly fuzzy feeling. Looking up at him through her lashes, she raises a thin eyebrow with a little smirk on her lips, "Well, since the surprise is ruined, I was kind of planning a private show for you." And this admission brings a glowing blush to her cheeks, as she averts her eyes from his before she looks back at the bag with her swords, the little glowbasket, but not back at Milosh for the simple fact that this is something a romantic partner might to for another, and she is still nervous as to how those kinds of things might be received from her mercurial Sir.

Milosh chuckles and pulls Echo further into his embrace, a hand lifting to rest at her cheek as if he might kiss her again. "I think I would very much like that, Pet." He gives her an encouraging smile, loving her blush but having to tip her gaze back to his by guiding her chin with his hand. His excitement for the treat is sincere, and writ all over his face as he examines hers and dips his head to kiss her softly, with heat, but more gently than is his norm.

Echo smiles warmly up at him when he guides her chin up so he can look at her and her smile grows and brightens when she sees his encouraging smile and the look of excitement on his face and it makes her heart swell in her chest so much it feels like it will burst, and he leans in for that kiss, she returns it with plenty of heat of her own, willowy body pressed firmly against his strong one, arms slipping up and around his neck to pull him even closer.

There's something to kissing Echo like this, with no expectations, no stigma behind it, it's different from their usual interactions, and it excites Milosh, fills him with warmth and light. That warmth, as usual, explodes into a raging fire when Echo returns his heat. Soon enough however, and far too soon at that, he pulls away and chuckles huskily. "If we continue this here Pet, I fear we will no longer within the lines of decent public behavior." He laughs and winks, Azure eyes alight with mirth and humor.

Echo giggles and puts on a teasing little pout when he pulls back from her but she nods easily. "You may be right, I mean, I do have my reputation to consider." she says with a playful chuckle as she pulls back a little more from him. "Perhaps we should retire to our yurt." Her face seems to light up a little bit as she says that and her smile brightens as well as she looks up at him, her brown eyes warmed by the deep affection she has for this man.

Milosh lets out a light, happy laugh, head falling back as it lights up his face. Faranth he loves the way she speaks to him sometimes, that little bit of cheek every bit as attractive as her normally demure nature. He can at least admit that to himself, that he loves things about Echo, he hasn't let himself admit the whole of it though, not yet, but it's close to surfacing, whether he wants it to or not. "Mmm. That would sound like a lovely idea if I wasn't half afraid your Da might meet me at the door with a machete." Milosh has been nervous about being around Echo's home clan and her parents. One never knows which parents have old fashioned ideals, and which ones follow and believe in Willimina's edicts on the subject. "How about a ride out into the Steppes? Perhaps we can find some hidey-hole to retire to for awhile, eh?" Milosh waggles his eyebrows hopefully at Echo.

Echo chuckles softly at the image of her burly guard of a father meeting them at their door with large blade and she tilts her head thoughtfully, "No, I haven't seen him bring the machete out since Eloiz was being courted by her now husband." she says, mentioning her eldest sister but then she breaks out into a laugh, "I am kidding! I am sure Ma has given him strict orders to not scare away the first man to show real interest in me, her only unmarried offspring." At the suggestion of a ride out into the Steppes, she lights up and nods her head enthusiastically. "I think that's a wonderful idea." She suddenly remembers something though that could ruin their fun, "Oh! I finally managed to refill our supply of herbs today, did you take yours?" Now more than ever, since learning about his deceased wife and child, Echo has been extra keen on making sure they were protected from any surprises. "I just don't want to get all the way out into a nice quiet spot and realize we can't fully enjoy ourselves." she says, letting a sultry tone enter her voice.

Milosh chuckles at Echo's comments on her father, but there's still just a wee edge of nerves there. Milosh has dealt with his fair share of angry fathers in his day, but NONE of them had been angry Zingari fathers, because he kept those dalliances amongst his fellow spies and escorts, or outside the caravan. He's never seriously courted since Elena…and well, his skills may be a little rusty in that area. At mention of the herbs, Milo gives Echo one of those 'Are you kidding me?' looks and nods. "But of course Pet, isn't it me that's obsessive over that?" Because Milosh could swear it's usually him that's reminding her about the herbs. (finished)

Echo laughs as she sees the look he gives her and reaches up for a quick kiss before she shrugs her shoulders, "I know you are, but they only got the new shipment in a couple days ago and we were really running low. I just wanted to make sure." then she tilts her head and her eyes dance playfully up at him, "Maybe you're obsessiveness is rubbing off on me Sir." she says with a cheeky wink in his direction.

Milosh nods. "That would be a good thing if it was." He chuckles and slips a hand into hers and grabs her bag for her. "Come, let's get going before someone hails us for something. I want you all to myself tonight." Because he's been having to share her with her family and friends, and tonight, he wishes to be quite selfish with the herder woman.

“You already know I’m all yours Sir.” Echo teases, lashes fluttering softly up at him as she giggles and gives the hand slipped into hers a little squeeze, eyes dancing with anticipation of taking a ride with Milosh and thinking of where they might end up. “We should at least grab a few things from the Yurt, like a blanket, some drinks maybe? I promise should we run into my father, I will keep him at bay.” And there’s another playful tease. Being back home, among her birth clan, has brought with it an ease in Echo that she has not quite managed yet within the Haeyleri.

“Damn right you are.” Milosh teases back, chuckling and he nods when Echo mentions stopping by the yurt anyway, squeezing her hand back. Her quip about her father receives a bit if full throated laughter as Milosh shakes his head. He rather enjoys the ease and confidence that has settled into Echo since they've come to the Steppes. “Alright, but let's be quick about it? I don't want to lose the light…”

With a quick bob of her head, Echo pulls on his hand, guiding him in the direction of their residence. Fortunately neither her parents nor any of her extended family were around and ready to pounce on the couple and so they make it there unimpeded. Reluctantly she drops Milosh's hand and moves to grab a pack into which she stuffs a couple of thick blankets before she sits down and slips off her sandals and replaces them with her riding boots. Then her short leather jacket is shrugged on but left open for now. Moving over to the alcohol, she calls over her shoulder, “Whiskey Sir?” She's almost certain that she knows him well enough to anticipate his choice.

“Of course Whiskey!” Milosh replies, moving to gather his own set of things for their journey. He's packing a rucksack with food and dishware and a few others things here and there. He too, will trade sandals for boots, and a tunic for a vest, though he does grab his jacket for later. The spyman is glad they hadn't run into anybody on the way here, he doesn't quite know how to act around Echo's family, and the unease, unnerves him. “Grab a bottle of the non-red too, I picked up a new flavor or two, the clans have a competition going now, seeing who can make the best whiskey.”

Echo nods her head in affirmation that she has heard him as she packs a bottle of the Zingari Red and then grabs a second one, reading the label out loud, “Raspy Zinger? Are they serious with this name?” she snorts as she packs both bottles and a couple of glasses wrapped carefully in the blankets. When she is done, she hikes it up on her back and turns towards Milosh, a bright smile of anticipation on her face as she goes to stand by the flap they use as a door. Her hands are clasped in front of her, it’s the pose she naturally slips into around him, one that says she is waiting and ready to serve at his pleasure.

Milosh laughs, shaking his head. “Have you seen the other? Zing Berry, not much better.” He wraps up his own packing and slings a bag over his shoulder and hangs a basket from his hands. When they go outside, they’ll find their mounts saddled and ready, held by a spyling hopeful. Milosh thanks the youngling and attaches the basket and rucksack to the saddle. Then he goes about inspecting the runner’s tack and gear, not quite trusting the young spyling to have done the job as well as it should have been. The last thing Milosh wants is to be at a gallop and have his saddle slip out from under him.

When they come out of the yurt to find their mounts saddled and ready, Echo raises a brow in Milosh’s direction as she is not sure how she feels about that and suddenly she is feeling very bristly as she goes to inspect Starla’s tack thoroughly, making several minute adjustments as she checks every fastening. When she is finally satisfied, the herder will attach her pack to the back of the mare’s saddle as the runner tosses her head with a whinny, obviously delighted at the idea of an evening gallop, tail swishing playfully against her haunches. When finally she is satisfied, she swings herself up easily in the saddle, gathering the reins in her hand as Starla dances beneath her, restless for a good run. “Easy now girl. We’ll be off soon.” Echo says as she pats her mount’s neck soothingly.

MIlo’s mount is eager for a run too, and keeps shifting in place as Milosh checks him over. There’s only a slightly loose belly strap, which he fixes in short enough order. He catches the look from Echo and shakes his head. “You’re going to have to get used to that, y’know.” After all, if she lives with MIlosh, there’s a good chance he’ll often be scheduling trips he plans on taking her with for, if for no other reason than he doesn’t like leaving her, and despises not having access to her. Satisfied, he takes his seat in the saddle and sets them off towards the road, but after a few moments, lets Echo take the lead. This is her home turf after all.

“Well if I have to get used to it, let me at least show them how to do it right.” Echo says, with a pull on the reins as she points them towards the road. The other reason she wants to watch the spylings saddle Starla being that she wants to assure herself they treat her properly, the mare being the closest thing to a child to the herder girl. “I just like to have things done a certain way with Starla is all.” she says with some finality in her voice. As she is given the lead though, the Kheeriin girl considers for a moment and then casts a playful smile in the direction of Milosh before she puts her heels to Starla causing the mare to bolt forward at a full gallop, her rider’s laughter trailing after her as she takes off down the correct road.

“Be my guest Pet, though we have been showing them how to do it, maybe a new voice might get through.” Milosh can understand being particular about things, hello, Mr. Mercurial Control Freak, at your service! Milosh catches that playful smile and lets out a rumbling laugh, Today will be fun. He spurrs his mount into a gallop and tears after Echo, a wide grin on his lips. The spyman is in a good mood today it seems.

Echo’s laughter continues as she gives Starla her head, leaning low over her neck, reins loose as she moves as one with her mare, feeling the wind tear at her hair and clothes. She has never quite found anything else like the feeling of riding a runner at full gallop, so freeing and thrilling at the same time. Trusting completely in the powerful beast below her as she guides her at speed towards a fork in the road, slowing briefly as she looks over her shoulder to make sure Milosh is still following her. Turning them towards the less travelled path, she reins Starla into a careful canter since they are now wandering into a small stand of trees at the base of a rolling hill, and she doesn’t want to risk the runner catching her hoof on a root.

Calling back over her shoulder, she smiles at her Sir, “This was my favorite place to come camping with my siblings as a kid.” Yes, they are traders, and technically everything is camping, but there was something exciting about taking off, just the older kids and doing some exploring on their own without the watchful eyes of adults. Soon enough, when the last light of the setting sun is just starting to fade, they reach a clearing in the sparsely forested area, and a small lake, clear and fed by a small stream. It is ringed by thick grasses with a small area that seems to be used often as a firepit, a small ring of stones surrounded by a couple of lengths of tree trunk used as makeshift benches. Slowing to a walk and then a stop, Echo turns in her saddle to look at her long-haired Sir with a smile on her lips, “What do you think?” she queries.

With a view like the one MIlosh has, it’s no problem to stay behind and follow Echo, because it really is a fantastic view. Echo seems most at home a’runner back and Milosh likes seeing her so…herself. “You’d think we traders would have enough of ‘camping’, let alone doing it for fun.” Milosh chuckles, and is teasing, of course, because it’s basically what he and Echo are going to do right now. He takes in the scenery appreciatively when they arrive, azure orbs moving to take the lay of the land, and out of habit, a few escape routes too. “This is quaint.” He chuckles. “I like it.” Particularly because it’s away from everyone else and he can focus on Echo, and have her focus as well.

“Quaint?” Echo chuckles over that word as she easily swings down from Starla’s saddle and lands easily in the soft grass. “I guess you could say that, you’ve probably been to some much more exotic places. And camping’s in our blood, why should we fight it?” she muses as she reaches to relieve the mare of her pack which is placed on one of those log-benches before she returns to remove the rest of the runner’s tack, giving her a once over with the brush she always keeps in her saddle bags for such an occasion. Her practiced hands make quick work of that task and soon Starla is left to graze happily before reaching the water’s edge for a noisy drink. Returning to the pack, she pulls out the bottle of the new variety of Whiskey he had purchased and holds it up to Milosh, “Should we give this a try then?” she asks with a skeptical look, not convinced until she gets to taste it.

Milosh dismounts and begins to unsaddle his own mount, setting bag and basket near Echo’s before beginning the same grooming routine with his own runner. “I suppose I would fight it because I get enough of the stars when we’re on the road. I like having a roof over my head.” That’s not to say Milosh would be ok being under a stone roof. He most definitely would not be ok then, but having a wagon or yurt roof over his head is comforting. The life of a spy….if you’re out in the open, you’re vulnerable, which is possibly why Milosh appreciates the trees around. At least there’s some cover. He’s soon sending his runner to join Starla in grazing. Milosh will then move to start a fire then, and nods when Echo suggests opening up the whiskey. “Aye, lets, a drink sounds good after the ride.”

His comments about getting enough of the stars on the road are merely shrugged off by Echo as she takes the two tumblers out of the pack, thankfully unharmed in the short trek out here. “Well I’m sorry it’s not fancy or anything Sir. I just liked the idea of you and me…under the stars. I guess it was a silly thought.” Her voice is soft, not really offended, but maybe a touch worried that she made the wrong choice in bringing him here, but she will just shrug her shoulders dismissively as she opens the bottle of whiskey and pours out two glasses. She turns to where Milosh is working on starting the fire, and stands patiently, one drink in each hand, not moving to drink until he’s taken his from her.

Milosh laughs. “I didn't mean to offend, Pet, or complain, it's a pretty spot.” He chuckles then, an extension of his earlier laugh. “But you have to admit the idea of traders camping is a bit chuckle worthy.” The heated,lusty look laced with humor Milosh gives her should say enough about what he thinks of seeing her under the stars. He rather likes that idea a lot. Once the fire is set, he stands and retrieves his drink, but not before stealing a thoroughly breathtaking kiss from Echo in apology for seemingly not liking the place. When he parts their lips, he grins roguishly at her. “I would very much like to see you under the stars my pet, though I think I would prefer to see you under me as well.” He winks at her naughtily before releasing her to drink the whiskey she’s poured. It’s a mistake. The raspberry infused concoction is all at once too sweet and too tart, overpowering the smokier tones of the whiskey. MIlosh nearly gags, wanting to rid his senses of the taste. He locates a skin of water and drinks heavily from it. “I don’t know who told them that was whiskey, but they’re damn daft…”

Echo isn’t offended really, but she does feel a little bit better when Milosh apologizes and she can indeed admit that the idea of traders camping is worth a chuckle. Then when he takes his drink after stealing her breath with his kiss, she swoons briefly as her head spins at the lack of oxygen, or just his proximity, or a combination of both. She wasn’t even really that upset, but she will gladly take his ‘apology’, and then laughs briefly at his words when their lips part. “As always Sir, it will be my pleasure.” she replies of his desire to see her under him, her cheeky reply thick with innuendo as she give him a little wink before handing over the glass. Just as she lifts her own glass to her lips, she sees his violent reaction to the new whiskey and pauses as her eyes grow wide as she bites down on her lip to keeping from giggling at his misfortune. Moving back to the pack, she puts down her own glass besides it an takes out the bottle of Red. Tossing out her own drink, she runs the inside with clean hanky before filling it with the good drink and handing it to him, taking the glass with the offending drink from him. Curious though, before throwing it out, she takes the tiniest sip and puckers her lips in distaste. “No…just no. That is awful.” the rest of that drink is tossed out as she cleans the glass and refills it for herself.

Milosh gratefully takes the new drink, searing out his mouth with the robust, and likeable Zingari Red. “Thank you pet, you’d think they dumped a whole load of sweetner into the mixture.” Milosh gives his head a shake and eyeballs the bottle of ‘Raspy’. “I don’t think that batch will ever get sold.” MIlosh sort of feels sorry for the poor bastard that made it. Miosh takes another swig of the red before looking back to Echo. “I think we should dump it, no sense in keeping something undrinkable.” And the bottle could be used for something else. Milosh doesn't want to run the risk of an accidental swig someday. He watches Echo move about for a second before grinning and moving to capture her in his arms again. “All that can wait though. Come help me set up the blankets.” Milosh has other things in mind beyond dwelling on bad whiskey, having Echo alone, and to himself, is a pretty big one, considering all their company as of late.

Taking a long sip of her own fresh drink, Echo nods her agreement with her Sir’s words. “It’s almost like they were over-compensating for something else.” She shudders softly at the remembered sip of the ‘drink’ she endured. When he talks of dumping it, her first instinct is to make a move towards the offending bottle, just starting to reach for it when she is captured up in his arms, taken surprised and eliciting a small squeak from the herder girl. “My my my.. Aren’t we impatient tonight Sir.” she says with a teasing purr as she flutters her eyelashes coquettishly up at him as her head is tilted prettily up at Milosh, in no hurry to leave his arms, her warm brown eyes drinking up his handsome face for a long moment, subtly searching his expression for….something.

“Oh, far beyond impatient my pet…” Milosh growls softly and steals a kiss from Echo, one that’s long and delving and possessive. At some point he makes sure Echo’s drink makes it to a safe surface because then his arms are around her, hands traveling over her curves as he plunders her mouth. Good Faranth, he’d missed this.

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