A'hali, R'zel


In the hot springs, A'hali makes a remarkable suggestion to R'zel.


It is midmorning of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Springs, Southern Barrier Hold

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The Springs

If one took a simple grotto and expounded upon it with the exponentially large space coefficient that the hold seems to be built upon, one would have the vaunted hot springs of Southern's icehold: for here there is stone and steam, secluded pools and public ones. So much variety, from frigid to scalding and all the stair-steps in between: and steps of stairs leading downwards from the entrance to the main hall, winding in between the natural pools to terminate at a heavy, engraved door.

A'hali made a poor decision regarding how much he could ACTUALLY carry and has thus landed himself with a pulled shoulder muscle. Warm water was the healer's recommendation so now A'hali is shoulder deep in the warm water being all relaxed. This is a good life.

This place is something to be experienced, right? The hot baths to end all hot baths. R'zel's here for no better reason than that, and maybe to get away from the heat of the Weyr, because hot water's always better when it's cold outside. Maybe. Anyway, he eases himself into a pool that's on the hottish side of warm, or maybe the warmish side of hot, and lets himself submerge up to his neck. This is the life!

Eyes opening at the sound of splashing and spies a familiar face. The unstrained arm comes up in greeting to beckon R'zel closer. "Come slowly and you will adjust." Plus it is awkward to talk too loudly in a place for relaxing. "What brings you here?"

R'zel waits to speak until he's waded closer. "Oh, I just had an urge to try this place - I've seen the springs but never actually been in. And cooling off a bit first was very welcome. I'm not keen on the summer weather at home." He wrinkles his lip. "Though I suppose cooling off afterwards won't seem as pleasant. How about you?"
One shouldered shrug. "Been told running outside into snow is how it is done." It could be true or someone could just be taking advantage of the large quiet man. Shifting over he will make room for R'zel on an under water bench. 'Pulled a muscle, just warming it now."

"I've heard that," R'zel replies in tones of purely academic interest. "I've a vague memory that there were people up in the Reaches who were keen on that sort of thing. I'm not totally sure what the attraction is." He nods vaguely towards A'hali's shoulder. "Bad luck. Does it stop you doing stuff?"

So R'zel isn't going to to dunk himself in snow? alas. Hal leans backwards and shakes his head in a negative. Then a pause and honestly has him add, "Not for the wing at least. Vani is not a fan. An upraised eyebrow hints at that innuendo.

R'zel chuckles politely for the second it takes him to work out what A'hali is hinting, then grins more naturally; any trace of pink blushes is entirely due to the heat, of course. "How is the wing, anyway? I was sorry to hear about N'lim."

Teasing gets dropped to one side as the name of the dead gets brought into the conversation. "Wing is fine." A few beats before more quietly, "We were more worried he would wake." Disliked as the man was, the horror of living dragonless was worse than that dislike. "Ocelot?"

R'zel nods his understanding and there are a few moments of silence. "Ocelot's doing all right. We had a bunch of injuries not so long ago, but things seem to be settling down. We could have done without the extra sweeps to track the red tide, but that's life."

R'zel nods his understanding and there are a few moments of silence. "Ocelot's doing all right. We had a bunch of injuries not so long ago, but things seem to be settling down. We could have done without the extra sweeps to track the red tide, but that's life. And having Vani as wingsecond is going to help a /lot./" The final sentence brings a smile to his face again.

A'hali stares at the water below and chews the inside of his lip. "If ocelot needs more dragons healers…" Even if he left Serval to give himself some space… "I will be there. Not just for Vani."

"Thanks, that's good of you. We're not really a good spot to put dragonhealers, being high flight." That's not an offer that R'zel's going to rebuff. He stretches his arms out beneath the surface of the water. "But they do all right by us anyway - we've had a couple of our injured just come back fit and well. Always a relief, that." One wingsecond admitting that to another.

An Emphatic nod for that last bit. "Never wanted to be top flight. Too dangerous." Hal and Ohanaveth are really too heavy for it too, so perhaps it is a good fit in general. Casting a sideways glance at R'zel Hal drops his tone, "You will watch out for her?" Hal doesn't want to actually say her name less it summons her wrath upon him by magic- but who else could he mean but Vani and Caelisth?

"I'll do my best - as much as one can." R'zel's qualifying his answer, perhaps because of the vagaries of Threadfall and the nature of formations - or perhaps he thinks Vani might deprive him of parts of his anatomy if she thought he was doing any such thing. "But after working with the weyrlings, she's going to do just fine as Wingsecond."

Hopefully she would only bruise them, right? A rueful smile on Hal's face. "Perhaps you should be involved with Lynx's next wingsecond." Then Ocelot and Lynx would be a complete family pair!

R'zel outright laughs at that, and there's a speculative gleam in his eye. "Well now. That would have a certain symmetry, wouldn't it?. Any idea whether M'noq has anyone in mind?" Now he's teasing. "I'm kind of picky…."

This is serious conversation R'zel! A'hali leans forward so they can't be overheard. "Prefer men or women?" Like this would actually play into M'noq's decision.

R'zel can't quite stop his eyebrows from shooting upwards at the enquiry. Nevertheless, he plays along, and leans closer himself. "Women." Regretfully, he adds, "Though, I'm not sure I've really got the measure of them."

A thoughtful huuummmm from A'hali. Lynx is a little short on women at the moment. "Are you looking for someone?" Because Hal has a weyrmate that probably wouldn't mind introducing R'zel a bit. As a professional responsibility into his mental health.

R'zel winces. "Well. There's this girl that I really like? And we go places, sometimes, or spend time together, but if I start to tell her how much I like her, it seems like she doesn't want to hear it?" Is A'hali up for being Agony Uncle?

Gossip?! Lay it on him. Hal is leaves forward to hear EVERYTHING. "Do I know her?" Does Hal or Vani need to go snoop a bit for the 411?

"I don't know." R'zel backs off a bit at the enquiry, and he's certainly not giving any names. "But I think either it needs to go somewhere or it needs to stop." And he's really not good at making it go somewhere.

When R'zel pulls back Hal won't press. Instead he will turn the conversation in a different direction completely. "Had Ardstelle's newest confection?" Keep it light till they are boiled into a light Lynx/Ocelot soup.

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