F'kan, evka, Katryana, N'yulo


CANDIDATE BINGO : Candidates clean the stores, F'kan seeks to get rid of a few things, and N'yulo might pilfer them.


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It is the sixty-seventh day of Autumn and 14 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr, Kitchens, Stores

OOC Date 19 Jun 2018 06:00


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"Anyone Down Here?"



A vast and sprawling cavern, the main storage area of the weyr is well-tended by the loving and stern hands of those who oversee the bounty stored within. Depending on the time of day, it is a place of illuminated neatness, stacks of dry goods and foodstuffs labeled clearly… or it is a place of werelight and stygian darkness that taunts those who would dare challenge the depths thereof.

Hoping that the stores are relatively quiet this fine autumn evening, F'kan is lugging in a bundle of rolled up tapestries, balanced on one broad shoulder easily. He seems awfully keen on doing this bit of drudgery himself, his bright blue eyes darting over the endless shelves, kicking himself for not at least asking directions as to where such things are kept. Craning his neck as he peers down each row, the brownrider calls out in a resonating tone, "Anyone down here?"

There does seem to be someone down here, a tall willowy woman in candidate whites and with her brunette hair braided severely down her back. She seems to be on her tip toes, pushing a neatly folded pile of linens onto the top of a shelf that she seems to have cleared and cleaned for such a reason. Turning when she hears that resonating call, Reveka's face is revealed. "Back here!" She calls, still on her tip toes, keeping that stack from falling even as she tries to figure out how to get it the rest of the way up without mussing it or dropping them all on her head.

Hearing the reply, F'kan follows it down the aisle until he spies the candidate struggling with her sheets. "Oh! Here, let me help you with that," he calls as he quickly puts down his bundle of tapestries before moving to her side to use his extra few inches to help guide the stack back up onto the top shelf. "There you go…oh, it's you!" he remarks with surprise as he finally takes in the willowy girl. "Reveka right? I see you got yourself a nice white knot there," he notices with a bob of his head and a tilted smile on his lips. "Southern still treating you alright then?"

Reveka sighs as her perilous burden is settled to rights upon the shelf. She allows herself to flatten her feet and looks up with a blush as she and F'kan seem to recognize each other at the same time. "Thank you. Aye, it's me. And aye, it's Reveka." She chuckles and shakes her head, hands even now reaching for the next pile of neatly folded linens from her basket. "Would you be ever so kind?" She can get everything but that darn top row herself. As to her knot, she nods. "Aye, Amani and Zymuraith seemed to think I could use one, and who am I to refuse a Queen dragon?" Her smile widens a bit. "Enough that I've decided to stay permanently." Is said of how Southern treats her.

"From the clutch mother herself? Yeah, there's no way you could have turned that down," F'kan replies with another half-smile. Forgetting about the bundle he came here with, the brownrider takes the folded sheets and deposits them neatly on the top shelf with ease, "Not a problem. They should at least give you step stools or something." When he's done with that, he takes a step back without looking and manages to catch his bundle of tapestries with the heel of his foot, knocking them over so that they come unrolled, revealing a rather interesting scene with three young women bathing in a secluded pond.

It's a wonder Katryana doesn't end up rolling down the stairs from the kitchen into the stores, considering the velocity and amount of air time she's getting. Still, the lanky girl keeps her bare feet under her (somehow). F'kan and Reveka are honed in on and she gives the brownrider a salute, "Sir." To Reveka, breathlessly, "Sorry, they've got me running around like a headless wherry today. I'm 'posed to help get things in order." The falling tapestry spooks her enough to have her scramble back a step, swearing under her breath. "This place is scary. Ugh. I always feel like I'm gonna get murdered down here." The girl shuffles back forward, eying the, uh, interesting tapestry. "Huh. People hang these up?"

Reveka nods. "Aye. One does not simply turn down a Gold dragon's request." As to the stools, well… "I thought I could reach, I was wrong." SHe watches F'kan place the last pile of linens for the top shelf away and giggles as he knocks over his tapestries. Katryana's presence is noticed just about then and Reveka beams, or tries to at least. "Well, you could start on that shelf with the blankets over there, someone dug through and made a terrible mess of them." And Reveka will continue with the sheets. F'kan's tapestry is noted when it unravels and Katryana comments on it. "Aye, they hang them up. This one is really tasteful F'kan, why on Pern would you give it up?" Of course Reveka, being Zingari, would ask that.

Trying not to look too mortified as the tapestries unravel themselves, F'kan ducks his head with a sheepish rub at the back of his neck, abashed grin flashed from Katryana to Reveka, "Yeah, I picked them up turns ago when I first got my weyr," he explains to the younger of the two before sweeping back to the Zingari-turned-candidate, a roguish glint in his eye, "That's the tamest one of the lot actually, and they were fine while I was a bachelor…" he trails off then, figuring they can fill in the blanks, "I figured I'd stash them down here, and if someone takes a shine to them, they are welcome to them." He remarks as he begins to carefully re-roll the pile of tapestries to get them out of the way.

N'yulo could possibly use some tapestries; he's yet to actually do anything with his weyr, other than collect the odd creepy skeleton or skull for his dragon's obsessive 'hobbies'. Whatever, the slender young greenrider braves the chilly Stores in search of supplies — of whatever sort to cure the bareness of the walls. "Oh, look. People. How unexpected." His gaze sweeps the group, noting the mix of candidate knots and not-candidate knots. "Really, F'kan, have they foisted cleaning the Stores on them again? You'd think they got it together last clutch, right?" He winks at Katryana and Reveka, taking a moment to prop a shoulder against a convenient shelf. What. He's… helping.

Katryana makes some serious eyebrows at F'kan, barely containing laughter. "Aye, I suppose losing your bachelorhood would make it so you'd need some more… austere surroundings." She watches the tapestry get rerolled with entirely too much interest, noting where he's stashing them away for later. You know what they say about curiosity and Kats, after all. Reveka is given a nods and she twirls on her heel, yanking blankets off a shelf with aplomb to start refolding them. N'yulo's arrival is also acknowledged with a small salute. A blanket is shooka-shooka-shooka before being folded with quick precision, "I'm starting to suspect they actually mess these things up on purpose just to keep us occupied."

Reveka chuckles and shakes her head, somehow she can believe that this is the tamest of the lot. She too, eyes where F'kan stores those tapestries, she may want to look at them later if she gets a chance. Either way, she empties her basket onto the second shelf and realises she'll need to trek to the laundry to get the rest, which had been so full of dust she'd sent them all to be cleaned again. N'yulo is noted and saluted at. "Evening sir." She greets, the action still so formal and stiff and weird to the Zingari woman, who is used to bowing or giving a curtsy…or, giving no formal greeting at all. She picks up her basket and hitches it to her hip. "I'll see you all in a bit, I have to go fetch the rest of the linens I sent to the laundry." And with that, both F'kan and N'yulo are given a salute and Katryana is given a nod before she disappears out the doorway and off to the laundresses, who are probably irked at having extra work foisted on them.

"Definitely not complaining though," F'kan remarks with a deep chuckle as he gets the bundle wrapped tightly again and heaves it easily up onto his shoulder, "Much prefer the real thing." A wink is given in Katryana's direction as he catches her watching where he stashes them, just a little further down with other such furnishings. To N'yulo, the brownrider offers a smile and a shrug, "Well it's stores right? People coming in an out grabbing who knows what how many times a day, it's bound to need tidying up every now and then." The brownrider could certainly think of worse chores they could be doing, lucky them it's not his job to dole out chores. His job done, F'kan rambles past the small group with a smile. "Well I missed supper, so I'm going to rustle up some food I think so I'll walk with you Reveka," he says as the Zingari girl makes her exit with the basket, a rakish look thrown back in Katryana's direction, "Keep up the good work candidate." one final nod for the greenrider and he's off.

All that saluting has N'yulo cringing, even though he knows it's necessary. He'll give the candidates a lazy not-really-a-salute salute, and smile a little for F'kan's nautghy innuendos. So unfair to thekids, who can't really have the interesting tapestries — maybe he'll swipe one or two for himself, all the easier to block off his little sleeping alcove. And as the place begins to empty out, he'll take a moment to edge over toward the tapestries left behind. Well, where was that one tasteful one? He cann probably get away with that one.

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