Sabina, Niyati


A little tuber peeling in the kitchens.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchens, Southern Hold

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A space where people come and eat. There are tables and chairs, and it is server-style: there isn't a buffet in sight. Come in, sit down, order some food. There's a menu in the corner announcing what is to be had daily.. there's a lot of fish soups and caribou roast. And tubers. Lots of tubers.

Tubers. Niyati HATES tubers. In fact, she could go so far as to call them the bane of her candidacy but that title is reserved for that nanny goat that tried to eat her braid when she tried to rob it of milk. T'ral's instructions did pay off in that she's peeling the things with enough speed to not get smacked in the back of the head for dawdling. Unfortunately, she's still unable to remove the tuber's skin without a high degree of concentration.

Business as usual seems to abound in the kitchens night or day. At least the cook seems to have forgiven her tirade and no longer barks orders or worse yet laughs at her. A full basket of dirty dishes is perched upon a hip as she makes her way through the room. Setting the whole kit and caboodle down beside the sink and a young lad doing the washing. Young enough that he needs a stool to reach, the kid beams up at Sabina and earns himself a hair ruffling. "G'day to you Niyati." Gasp! SHOCK! Awe even! She addressed someone by name. But after the snow day she seems to have gotten more comfortable with the candidate in question. "Have you need of help with those?"

Niyati perks up at the sound of that voice. "Sabina! Would you? I'll be at this all night. T'lar showed me how but I still haven't gotten the hang of it. Crafters can brag all they want about the skill it takes to do their work but bring us to a bowl of tubers and we're fumble thumbed apprentices again. If you want to find real skill, go to the kitchens." Not that she's giving up. She's not about to be beaten by tater.

A jack..err.. joker perhaps of all trades it seems. Sabina appears to do it all here in the Hold. Kitchen and dining hall duty, scrubbing floors, washing clothes. Is there anything she DOESN'T do? Likely but we haven't seen it yet. With a smile she fetches an unused stool and settles herself at the table with Niyati. "Gladly," she accepts and laughs softly at Niyati's proclamation that she'll be at it for the night. Reaching behind her she appears to pull a belt knife out of her.. PANTS. Where was your mind at? Deftly spinning the blade for better grip before reaching for a tuber. "I find that a lot of folks are quite talented at particular skills." She tilts a tuber up and starts twisting it against the blade. "For instant I could never hope to sew an entire outfit on my own like you can."

Niyati finally manages to peel the one on her hand and drops it into the tub waiting for it. "You are a wonder. Is there anything you don't know how to do?" It takes a moment but she picks up another tuber to begin anew. "Making stylish clothes is all well and good as long as you can find a place that can take care of the essentials. Although, I suppose I lack more skills than most. I'd never been in a kitchen until I was searched. You, though, it's like you don't even have to think about it! And I do owe you for helping me with my chore."

Long ribbons of twisting tuber skin are the start of a pile. She checks a bowl to see how they are being presented before setting her tuber in with the others already piled in it. It's best to check if she needs to dice them or not first of course. Reaching for another tuber she smiles at Niyati. "There are lots of things I don't know how to do. Just not many things that are important to running a large business. And in all honesty a Hold is just a really large business." She skins her tuber whilst she speaks and the tuber skin pile grows. "It is understandable that you spent more time learning your Craft than the basic necessities. That is what folks have people like me for." Bina is grinning and peeling as she speaks.

"Well, may we never be without you. I have a whole new respect for people who simply do what's needed." Apparently candidacy was an eye opener for Niyati. At least she has enough enthusiasm to carry her on because she hasn't given up on the tubers. "We're lucky you ended up here." More peeling makes it into the pile and this time she manages to keep it mostly in one piece. "But how do you like it? Well enough to settle or do you miss all the heat and the nearness of the beach?" Yep, she's speaking as someone who misses that beach.

Sabina has ignored the mention of Niyati owing her of course. Because that is too ridiculous to fathom. And so she doesn't address it at all. Instead peeling tubers like she's done it all her life. Which most likely she has off and on. "It's good that you have an understanding for folks like me. When that happens servants tend to be treated with a tad more kindness." And kindness is always important. It beats the heck out of being yelled at and treated like an idiot all day. "I'm glad you think me an asset to the Hold," she tells Niyati with a happy smile. "I was lucky to be allowed a home here and given proper work." She finishes another tuber and reaches for more to do. "I'm sure I will have a chance to see the beach and enjoy the warmth of the Weyr on occasion. Early this morning I was sent to catalog books being loaned to the Hold." And it was nice enough work. "I believe that I prefer it here though. The steady day to day work is relaxing."

Niyati nods in agreement with that sentiment. "There is a comforting rhythm to it all. Now that most of the work is done there's been little need for ice climbing or exploring the odd tunnel. I imagine all of it will be mapped out and put to use in no time at all." She seems to consider her tuber before tossing it into the growing pile. "I suppose that we all could do with a seven of steady chores, then. One should never be outright rude to anyone doing their job unless that job is being purposely done badly. …even then…" She shrugs. "You gather more trundles with flowers than with vinegar, as they say. …not a very good analogy, is it? No one really wants trundles. Oh good! Providing I go back to my workroom, you'll have to drop by and let me know when you visit! I have some wonderful swimsuit ideas. …if I don't go back to my workroom I'll have to wait until I'm given leave to visit the beach."

"I have hauled ice to be taken to the Weyr," Sabina says idly. "But I've not been in any tunnels. Nor have I lost my mind and climbed any ice." The tunnels sound intriguing but obviously climbing on ice is NOT a Bina sport. Another tuber is set in the bowl and she picks up another. The pile dwindling with surprising quickness. "Some folks consider it their due to talk down to the help," she says with a shrug. "I grew very used to it in Bitra. It's a rare occasion when it bothers me these days." She smiles at the invitation to visit should Niyati return to her shop. "Swimsuits? I would be interested in seeing them. I've always worn an old tunic and a pair of shorts I cut out of old pants." Repurposed clothing.

Niyati laughs. "Oh the ice climbing was wonderful… as long as you aren't almost losing your Healer into a hole in the ice." She frowns for a moment and then shakes her head. "Then some folks need to be given a tour of the work that goes into keeping them in that snooty position. …but yes! Swimsuits! Oh we really do have you fitted in a proper swimsuit. I prefer two pieces but I've made simple one piece suits for the modest. You know, I think there were a few still in my storage chest when I left my workroom. Well, if I get the chance I'll have to find one that will work and stitch it to fit. We should be taken back to the Weyr soon, and then I can just have it sent to you. It's not like I'll be able to sell them now anyway and it's a shame to let good clothing go to waste."

Oh yeah! That SOUNDS wonderful. Sabina's face expresses clearly her disbelief of Niyati's claim. "Let's climb the ice and lose people in it.. no thank you. I'd likely be the one to drop and no one would care to get ME back out." Because what's a dead servant when there are so many? She chuckles at the very idea of ranking people being given a tour of a servant's life. That would be the day. "Two piece swimsuits?" Sabina shakes her head firmly, "Oh dear me woman! What would it cover? Clearly not much from the sound of it." Ever proper Bina. "I believe if I want a man to see what modesty doesn't allow I would prefer to be a LOT more familiar with him than a beach would allow." So she isn't entirely prudish. Nice to know. "I would appreciate the effort Niyati. If you would allow me a modicum of cover."

Niyati frowns. "Well of course someone would stop to pull you out. We don't just leave people hanging about in ice holes." But then she's chuckling. "Oh the important bits and I don't make them skimpy, just easy to wear and keep in place. Nice wide bands at the waist and chest. It's a pity, you'd look stunning in one but then you'd look stunning in a single piece as well. I think I even have one in a color that would look good on you." Yet another tuber is sacrificed to the tub and she considers those left. "One with skirting so that it covers your nethers fore and aft so that there's no danger of a waterlogged cloth reveal."

"I would prefer not to hang about in an ice hole requiring saving." Sabina just isn't buying into the fun there. She listens attentively to Niyati's description of a two piece. She has seen them on a woman or two at the Weyr. Would she wear it? Sure UNDER clothes! "I can't imagine I would look stunning in much of anything." No she doesn't own a mirror. "A suit with a skirt? Now that sounds rather cute. I would like that I think." She's really not into flashing folks her fun bits. "I've never had much occasion to venture into the water aside from bathing. So I didn't bother with the want of a suit before. I'm not sure how often I would need one up here."

Sabina does indeed prefer to be on solid ground. "A what?" Mirror? Whatever for? She breezes by that and onto talk of the swimsuit. "I would be very grateful to you Niyati. Thank you." Being forced to take restdays on occasion should afford her an opportunity to venture into water someday she's sure. "I don't know how to swim. But I do like to play in the water." She drops that little bombshell while she cleans her beltknife on a stray towel. "You're very welcome dear. I was more than happy to help. You are lovely company." Rising from her stool she reaches behind her and like magic.. the knife is gone. Where does she hide that thing? "I should check the dining hall for dishes before I get on with the rest of tonight's chores." Putting the stool up first, Bina then turns to smile at Niyati. "I hope to see you again after you are sent back to the Weyr. I much enjoy your company. Until then though I will see you later." And she's off into the dining room before a fuss can be made over her inability to swim.

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