K'vvan, Shea, E'bert, Ravene, NPC- Zisiene


K'vvan and Shea are arguing (of course) and E'bert gets tangled up… with an Arroyo knot.


It is the first day of Spring and 68 degrees. It is still pleasantly sunny, though storm clouds gather on the horizon.


Bazaar Sidestreet, Ravene's Bakery and Sundries

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Bazaar Sidestreet

No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

"It doesn't f*king matter what you eat, so long as it fills your belly." K'vvan rounds the corner of the sidestreet, bluerider Shea an arms length away, carrying on what seems to be along standing argument. "Make sure the sharding food isn't rotten and stuff it in your mouth. Get enough Klah and you don't even have to bother with half of that crap the cooks try to force on us."

"Except klah tastes like mud," Shea protests, while eating some sticky pastry that likely cost quite a lot of money and could be the fueling behind the argument itself. "It might change the awful taste but it's still pretty awful! I don't know how so many people can drink it." She traumatized people in her candidacy insisting on tea and ice water, and she has never, ever changed. "Though, I mean, the good food should not actually cost the same as my jewelry, I —" Caught sight of someplace that sounds better. "C'mon and try some of Ravene's pastry, I will sway you to my side." Or maybe just convince him that pastry is good. Or something.

"But E'bert, you haven't even had anything to eat," Zisiene's voice is just shy of shrill as she chases after E'bert, and right into Shea and K'vvan. E'bert salutes the pair before he turns to look at his sister, "Ravene does carry a small selection of teas," E'bert says almost without thinking. Zisiene pipes up with, "There's even some freshly brewed tea for E'bert, because he stormed out. He's being stupid," glare at the girl from E'bert. Well that was not fun, and he has nothing to say about that.

"That's f*king…" K'vvan is glaring at Shea, right up until the point when the weyrling is suddenly standing right in his pathway. His words come to an abrupt stop so he can stare at the former bazaar brat and his sister. "Screw it. Fine. But he," and he reaches out to shove at the weyrling back towards the shop, "is going to sharding come with us so he can tell you that you're a sharding idiot too."

"I like tea," Shea chirps helpfully, because that is so the primary issue here right now. "You should definitely give us tea. And baked things. Tasty sweet ones that don't cost as much as fine jewelry, we can count on you for that, right?" Sorry, E'bert, but Shea's in a reasonably good mood — it may have been brought on by getting some good K'vvan fighting in — so you are going to get squished by her ENTHUSIASM. At least it isn't physical. "And, I mean. If you feel particularly obliged to tell me I'm an idiot, sharding or otherwise."

Zisiene claps her hands once before she spins to run back in to the bakery. E'bert takes step back towards the very shop that he had exited only a moment before, "No Ma'am," he answers as he opens the door for the riders, "Ravene's made a wherry stew, bread bowls, and bubblies for tonight's meal," why those particular items? Because they're E'bert's favorites, "Knowing Zisiene, she's already got extra places set," so there's no use arguing about going back to the bakery. If he doesn't go now, he'll have more than just his sister to deal with and he'd rather not have Ravene angry with him again.

"See, the idiot kid has some lick of sense. Wherry stew'll fill you up without all that sugar nonsense." Dispite the kid's resignation to being pushed back into the shop, K'vvan isn't about to allow him to suddenly change his mind and try to dash out. He'll be herded into the bakery. Back to Shea, "And who the f*ck would spend that much money on a piece of food? It's not like it'll last past the next few moments anyway!"

Despite her sweet tooth, Shea still likes stews; she rocks back on her heels a little bit, subtly excited. It wouldn't do to show any more enthusiasm; time to rein it in a little. "Well. Stew is lovely. It won't help you stay awake as long or get as much done," that is part of what all the sugar's for, besides her sweet-loving tongue, "but sweet things alone just leave my mouth sore, so there's nothing wrong with enjoying it. And there," well, this is awkward, "you have a point," she's actually sulking a little bit, "because that's kind of my problem with most of the candies and things you can get at the bazaar, they cost too much." She has high hopes for you, Ravene. "It's always worth paying for an experience, but if it's something you want to experience again and again …" Shea may be a very live life person but she is also not a constantly be broke person.

Ravene's Bakery and Sundries
The murmur of voices fills this space as people gather for the unique breads, and pastries that Ravene's is known for. The counter with its glass display is once again filled with freshly baked pastries, breads, and bubblies. The smell of klah fills the air, and escapes out into the street along with the smell of the freshly baked breads. Stews have been added to the seasonal menu, and are served in bowls made of bread. There is a sign that lists the prices of the items for sale, or for those not able to pay, a list of chores that can be done in return for a good meal. (OOC- Ravene can be NPC'd by anyone within the Bakery proper if she's not online. Just please don't cause her any lasting damage or harm. Just please let me know if you've bruised her, or caused her to have a minor burn.)

The bakery's dining area is cleared of the usual crowd, a lone table is set for five. Bread bowls filled with piping hot wherry stew are carefully placed in the center of a plate. One plate is set in front of each chair with the fifth plate being settled carefully by Ravene, "Welcome riders, Zisiene tells me you'll be joining us," a genuinely warm smile is given to K'vvan and Shea, "Please have a seat," the stew is savory, with a subtlely sweet undertone to it. E'bert grimaces, "Careful, she's about to ask for something," experience? You bet, "I'm not sitting for a portrait Ravene," this is said before the woman can say anything. Zisiene comes out with the tea, and sets it in the middle of the table, "Mama, we're out of sweetner," she says as she takes her own seat. E'bert eyes the girl, and slips into the kitchen, "No we're not," how easy it is for him to slip into old habits.

"Woah." K'vvan is slightly caught off guard by how the bakery has shifted into dinning-room central. He eyes the food than Ravene for long seconds before deciding that the strangeness of how swiftly the change seems to have happened. A small headshake and returns to his argument with Shea. "Why get yourself hooked on the stupid things if you can't keep them in supply? Wine's cheaper and some of that stuff is just as sweet if you have to have something."

"Because my life sucks!" is Shea's answer, delivered with mild cheer, before she takes a good long look around and … is, again, in agreement with K'vvan. That is sort of two agreements in one day. Thread has clearly started to fall. "And, I mean, everyone knows how much my dragon likes wine, it isn't as if we haven't got plenty —" And it's also expensive, because of Cervilaevarth's tastes. The bluerider is silenced, anyway, because of the smell of food they have become somehow honored guests for … which means that they are not paying for it. Apparently. "This looks amazing, anyway. Thank you for — having us."

Ravene nods to the back corner where the rest of the tables have been stacked for the night. E'bert comes back out with a small covered bowl, and a spoon which are placed next to the tea pot, "Don't care much for sweetner in my tea," but E'bert knows that there are those that do like sweetened tea. Zisiene sits quietly, eyes wide as she looks between K'vvan and Shea, "You're quite welcome," Ravene says as she takes her own seat, "We generally have a private family meal before the big evening rush," she explains, "When we've finished the tables in the corner will be put back in place," explanation for the lack of tables. E'bert is quietly waiting for the question he knows is coming, "I've been trying to convince E'bert to set for a painting. I'd like a portrait of him and Karkath," she looks pointedly at the young brown rider, "I am not sitting for a painting," E'bert says, arguement may become moot.

Apparently even K'vvan cannot be a total jerk to the baker. "Thanks for letting us intrude." It's gruff, but really, he doesn't mind being fed free food. Even if it does mean he has to sit next to Shea for the next bit of time. "Don't be such a prat- sit for the sharding painting." This K'vvan directs at the weyrling with a sharp look. "You're f*king lucky to have someone who give a d*mn about if you live or die." Something seems to occur to the greenrider, and his scowl grows bigger. He digs in his pocket and pulls out a knot and length of blue cloth to plunk down on the table in front of E'bert. "It's a f*king order. Shea's going to make sure you actually do it."

Shea knows how to do this one. And the rest of Pern should be afraid — because now K'vvan and Shea are playing on the same team. It's the only thing worse than typically dealing with them together. "He has a point, there," she says a bit more gently, "about wanting to be remembered and all." Do the Arroyo accoutrements appearing surprise her? That's a mystery. Does K'vvan giving her orders bother her? Always, but this one sounds entertaining, so instead she says, "Yep. And you probably don't want to do it my way," which will involve being sat upon in some way that doesn't intrude, because she has had examples like Siannen and Jesha for how to handle things like this most of her life, "so you … also probably want to just do it, yeah?"

E'bert blinks as he fingers the knot for a moment, then picks it up with a look of.. what? Awe? Not really more like confusion. Was that K'vvan sounding like he cares? "Yes sir," he says, "Thank you, K'vvan," Ravene says as she watches E'bert pick up the knot, "Well put it on, and don't make your Wingsecond have to give you that order a second time," she has some particularly nasty chores she could make the new wingrider do after all. E'bert silently eats his meal looking at the knot, as it sits there Zisiene jumps up and fastens it to his shoulder, "Is this the right shoulder?" she asks Shea. It's conspiracy, and next the girl is asking, "What about Ivy? Didn't you want to get a portrait done of her too?" puzzled look from the girl to Ravene. A slight shake of the baker's head, "I will talk with Ivy next time she stops in. Oh, did you get the posting?" this is asked of the riders, "Mornings have free klah, or tea and a pastry or stuffed bread for riders and guards alike," because she's Ravene.

Shea's comment earns her a warm smile from Ravene, "For you, extra bubblies," because she wants a painting of her boy.

Good think E'bert didn't say anything aloud. Becuase then K'vvan would have to show him how little he cares…. probably with a mouth full of foul language. K'vvan plunks himself down on the chair and begins to help himself to the food, pouring stew into his bowl and not reaching for the tea at all. Ravene… also gets ignored (sorry!) for K'vvan to launch back into his argument with Shea. "Tea. That's another stupid idea. Why the hell would anyone ruin perfectly good water that way?"

After practically beaming at Ravene and thanking her — perhaps even twice — Shea is distracted away to stop and just stare at K'vvan. She looks mildly horrified, and it's not at the idea of not liking tea so much as what his argument actually is. After a moment of gaping, she points out in a firm tone, "Klah. Also has water in it." And then she shakes her head, and starts paying serious attention to Zisiene. "That's the right shoulder, and I think Arroyo got Ivy too." K'vvan did, specifically. Go K'vvan.

Ravene chuckles as the riders argue, "Well technically most things have water," to some degree or another. Yeah, she's probably not helping, "Though if you'd prefer klah, K'vvan I have some ready," and the girl is sent to get the greenrider a mug of klah that's set down in easy reach of K'vvan. E'bert just eats his meal silently. Zisiene has finished her meal, and slips away which is probably best.

"At least klah actually does something for you. Tea tastes like the crap the healers force on you." Because, clearly, K'vvan isn't about to give up on this argument. The silence of the weyrling is ignored as he powers through his meal, drinking the Klah with… well, probably more enthusiasm then he really has. Just to piss Shea off.

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