Divale, Talya


A Brownrider meets a Candidate escaping the crowd for some quiet tea time.


It is sunset of the twenty-second day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room

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The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

Sunset is upon the Weyr, though the shadows have yet to grow too long and claim the last of the light. Summer is in full swing and many have sought refuge in an evening that still boasts to be quite hot. Divale is one of those, the brownrider tucked in her usual favoured spot and looking darkly regal where she sits among cushions. Few patrons are about at this hour and she seems content to keep to herself, while slowly nursing her usual choice in tea: a spiced black tea, not unlike chai. She is dressed casually, though in androgynous style and nothing is immediately visible on her to peg her as a Wingsecond or a Parhelion wingrider.

Evenings also generally means free time for the candidates of the weyr, or at least some of those that did not get assigned dinner duties. The crowded living caverns was not ideal for Talya, who had gone wandering for a more quiet solution. Which is how she ends up at the Tea Room, standing at the entrance lost. She likely had not stopped here before, either missing it or busy with duties. And with such limited seating, her eyes immediately seems to find the one with a single occupant: Divale's the lucky winner. She comes right over and sits down, not a word exchanged, though her loud weary sigh seems to say enough. Long day.

Some would consider a wordless greeting an insult, but not to Divale! In fact, on first glance it would appear that the brownrider is outright ignoring Talya's presence and subquesent arrival… but she is not. Gaze doest shift, but minutely; just enough to catch a glimpse of her would be "companion" or sudden guest as it were. Then her eyes lower and she wordlessly brings her cup to her lips. It's at the end of savouring more of that spiced tea that she speaks up — or rather 'speaks'. Her voice is a low murmuring, as shadowed as the rest of her. "I could suggest a few teas to help with fatigue." All offered while she continues to look ahead.

Which is perfectly fine, considering Talya wanted a place to escape the crowds and the /people/. There's already a rather fond connection to Divale (for now) and that is only seen by the way that the candidate seems to relax into the plush cushions and sagging against the backing. Finally her eyes stray to the other woman, giving her a little study before turning her eyes away respectfully to admire the rest of the room. "Is there any that help replace a good wine or whisky?" Talya asks almost immediately after her companion speaks up, sliding her eyes back towards her and staring at her teacup mournfully. "But I'll take anything you recommend." Already so trusting. She gives the room another look about. "Someone worked here that is in candidacy. Is there food too?" On command, her stomach even rumbles audibly.

Divale chuckles dryly for Talya's request. "Most would say 'no' but you ask a dangerous question if posed to the wrong set of ears," she muses cryptically. So trusting and were she not a Candidate (and perhaps her a rider), the brownrider would be tempted to toy with her; it's definitely in the back of her mind, like a nagging chittering whisper. She ignores it. And as she's already been studied by the younger woman, now Divale takes her turn to glance sidelong. Lips curve into a faint smirk and her gaze eventually drifts ahead again. Her recommendation, is it? Her hand lifts to signal over a server, to who she will relay the request of a specific named tea ? and yes, some food. "They do but it is nothing but light fare. If you prefer a full meal, you will have to return to the caverns. And is that so?" As to who worked here once.

Talya's full attention briefly turns onto Divale, her brows quirking up in question. "Enlighten me," she says curiously. "Are you the right or wrong set of ears?" Because she may ask for more specifics to keep her sane. Though having been dry this long, she is not /as/ desperate. The trust she gives to the other young woman may be uncharacteristic, but it is less work for Tal as she settles back and watches the exchange from Divale to server, crossing her arms lightly. "I guess it's a light dinner for me. There's no way I'm going near the caverns until I must." Another lengthy sigh and a look towards a couple entering just to fill in the room a little more. She leans forward now, practically sprawling on the table. A little body like her sure makes it look like the table is full. "Mmmhm," is replied to the person that worked here. "Recommended. I think." The memory is hazy. "So I figure it's good here." Because another candidate probably thinks so.

Oh, how Talya will never know just how delightful she's become in so short a span of time! Divale hasn't had this much 'fun' in… well, it's been some time! Turning her head, she cants it slightly and answers only in a pause of silence before her features shift again to a ghost of a smile. "Humour me," she counters, with withheld laughter lacing her voice. "Which do you think it is?" Neither is she so desperate for entertainment as to risk slipping a Candidate a more euphoric based tea. Even if it would certainly make for a more lively evening for both of them. It'd serve little purpose, other than to risk everything and Divale's not in the mood to toe that line. "Has something happened in the caverns?" Genuine interest, there. As for Talya's sprawling, Divale is only bemused by the antics and so long as her tea isn't disturbed, she'll not remark upon it. "The tea is some of the higher qualities. You will not be disappointed." Unless what Divale ordered is NOT to Talya's taste at all! Time to find out, as the server returns promptly with an arrangement of tapas inspired snack foods and the tea. Almost instantly, there's a fragrant aroma and definitely citrus in there somewhere. Nothing more than harmless hibiscus, golden marigold and a few other ingredients. Bold, tangy and tart!

Talya is, sadly, unaware at all of Divale's joy. She does, however, go from trustful and engaging to causious wariness. She gives the brownrider (not quite aware of the fact yet) a look up and down, as if to measure her up. Then the tea she's drinking again. Finally she just boldly answers, "I will be hopeful that I've managed to get lucky tonight and find the right set of ears that is more familiar with the, ah… menu." Because one can hope. Too bad for her, of course. Perhaps if she's ever made aware of the qualities of teas served there, she may grow a fondness for them once she's allowed to become inebriated again. "Oh, nothing like that," she replies quickly regarding the caverns. "The candidate barracks have just grown way too crowded, and the amount of people there after dealing with chores in the caverns all day… I may end up ruining my chances at continuing to Stand if someone says something wrong." Temper is a frail thing after a long day. When the tea arrives, she's happy enough to take it immediately (food will come next). There's a tentative sip and… "Okay, it's really nice," she approves with a smirk. "But no whiskey."

Cautious wariness is a natural side effect when spending prolonged time with Divale! And it only sweetens things for her. Being measured up does not ruffle any feathers but she's aware all the same (and so, so amused). The bold answer earns Talya a look from her. "How delightful," she begins in a near guttural drawl, "A Candidate with a backbone! About damned time." There are probably plenty among the class, but she's not been as observant as she has in the past. None of these are going to Lukoith's progeny, after all (sorry Wendryth)! Now Divale leans in, all innocent on the surface but one canny enough would see it more like it really is: snake. "Be careful what you wish for." Whispered warning, through wry smirk and flash of teeth. Chuckling again, she leans back and returns to her tea, ignoring the food and nonchalantly carrying on with their "conversation". "That is one thing I do not miss and do not envy of you. I understand now why you seek respite. Only so long that one can play 'nice', hmm?" Quiet assumption, that. Divale scoffs over the rim of her cup but has no comment on the whiskey, save for that faint bemused smile again.

"Ain't that what they hope to find in candidates, what with the whole fighting death falling from the skies." Talya makes a drizzling effect with her hand that is probably supposed to symbolize Threadfall. And then she waves that away. "Though I'm from Southern, that's probably why. Igen is… different." She definitely has not been making the best of friends at the Weyr but has finally started to settle in a little at least. Divale's warning definitely gets a look, that then turns to the food and her tea. Should she continue drinking? … With a shrug she dives right in, longer sip of her tea, before she reaches for one of the snack sized foods and plops it right into her mouth while looking back at her companion almost in a daring way. "If you mean not trying to find trouble outside the caverns at that Pit people told me about… I'll be sure to keep my nose clean." Yet another mournful sigh. "Unless I found it right here. I think I can argue I was an innocent candidate conned into it."

"Mhm, it is but we often get daydreamers and those woefully unprepared. Living in some fantasy where they will face no hardship as a rider… as though this is some amazing goal to achieve! Usually they're the first to die." Divale is not one to seek out for sunshine and rainbows, kiddies! She is blunt, morbid and downright pessimistic when it comes to certain views. "Southern? You are a long way from home and it is true that Igen is different. Not just for the lack of trees and copious amount of sand." Dry humour, that! For the rest, Divale will sink back agains the cushions behind her and give Talya a good hard look. Silence falls, but only a thoughtful pause and not something worse. Eventually, a slow, wry smirk blossoms again and she will chuckle deep in her throat. "A pity that you are a Candidate and I a rider." Tossed out as cryptically as the rest, as the last of her tea is enjoyed and she leaves payment for the rest. Freebies for Talya! Maybe she did make an ally? Or the start of one. "I've best be on my way. Should you find yourself left Standing, girl, I'd not mind crossing paths with you again and for a proper drink." Oh so innocent? Not. Just as she prepares to drift away, she will linger only to add: "Divale." A name! "Brown Lukoith's." The rest… is unnecessary.

As Divale talks about daydreamers and woefully unprepared candidates, Talya will just hum into her drink… and drink a little more. Just to keep from saying anything in return. There's probably a little wince that passes her face that likely may be she fell into that category, somewhat. She lets that thread of conversation go, settling her teacup down finally to its proper saucer and going for the snack tidbits. "Lucky enough to have been picked up, seeing what's happening at Southern. Not that I hear much of it. Though a fish out of the water here," is added with another smirk. She doesn't seem disturbed by any look from the other woman, going on with eating while she can, perhaps having originally intended to eat and run on the brownrider. She'd never know now! "A pity indeed, but you bet I'll remember that offer /after/ my lifemate is all grown and I can get back into the good habit." A toothy grin is given to Divale, pleased at the freebie (candidacy salary is rather nonexistant for the most part after all). She's made a new friend. The grin fades at the rider's introduction. Just a bit. She gives a bark of a laugh instead and then gives a playful salute. "Talya, ma'am. Thanks for suggestions tonight." She'll enjoy the peace and the tea while she can.

"Well met, Talya and you are welcome. Enjoy your evening!" Since hers will likely be slightly more enjoyable than most! Divale inclines her head in a gesture of farewell before taking her leave in quiet confidence and back out into the Bazaar side street. One would think she would see the Candidate chaperoned back now that night is coming but… she figures Talya can handle her own.

Talya is a big girl, she'll survive and not be seduced by fights and booze.

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