Sesa and Edleveth, En'rys and Briamiorth, Kyara and Liareth


Kyara takes the opportunity to teach a small lesson while Liareth leads the dragonets through a bit of romping.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

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"Make a point of doing it, not trying it. There's a rather large difference."


Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

It's early evening in Igen and Sesa is returning to the barracks from a light supper in the Living Cavern, Edleveth trailing not far behind her. Her rucksack is slung haphazardly across one shoulder as she examines notes she'd been taking during classes that allowed for it. She'd be going for a run later, but for now, it's time to study. At some point, Edleveth ends up in front of Sesa, moving along to inspect this or that, snooping and sniffing about. The training grounds are familiar turf at this point, so Sesa doesn't mind giving Edleveth free reign here.

Ah, what a time, what a time; there's En'rys, wandering back from a brief stint near the Lake, once again trying to convince Briamiorth that water is not hiding some terrible beast come to eat her, nor is it some unhealthy, foul liquid out to end her perfect hide forever. No such luck has been had, however, and the greenling has given up, leaving Briamiorth to strut her stuff proudly about the Training Grounds, pouncing here and there at shadows and hillocks, all the while unaware of her favorite playmate's presence.

The training grounds aren't empty, of course. The familiar form of Kyara's green Liareth is leading a short line of dragonets on a bounding path around the yard in a combination of play and exercise, sometimes stopping suddenly to force them to leap over her tail or a leg. She stops now and croons pointedly at Edleveth. « Come join us, Edleveth, » she calls, a tendril of heated steam scented with sweetsand and candle wax curling through his mind. « And you, Briamiorth. There is a chase to be had! » With purpose! Kyara is observing from a perch on the wall near the passage between bowl and grounds, so see Sesa and En'rys' entrances easily. "Liareth is leading a bit of exercise, if you both would

Edleveth needs no coaxing! His parchment like mind is a sudden blurr of moving ink that forms into dogs, chasing their prey whilst the hunters run behind. « Broo-Halooo! » Edleveth's mind wraps around that wax, painting an elaborate seal around it. Liareth has his attention. Sesa, looks up when Kyara speaks, and her cheeks color a bit as she awkwardly shifts the notes in her arms to salute the AWLM. "Good Evening Ma'am." looking over to her blue, she's about to prod him when she notes his enthusiastic chase after the others. A laugh is pulled from her as she shakes her head. "I don't think anyone needs to ask Edleveth twice." Sesa notes En'rys' presence then and smiles warmly at her brother. "Heyo Sibling!"

Briamiorth is not hard to persuade to chase anything! Indeed, the tiny green crouches down, chin between her forepaws, to watch the goings-on intenntly, her belly flat to the ground, her tail lashing; Liareth's intricate mindscape earns a little trill of kittenish curiosity. What's this? And then it starts, the wiggling that sends her roly-poly little body at opposite angles — shoulders to the left, hindquarters to the right before they switch the other way in a rhythmic wriggling that seems to be a windup to her next gambit: ZOOM! Right for the group of leaping, running dragonets. Oh, hello, was there a chase to be had? She'll TAKE IT. En'rys, meanwhile, will roll his eyes with wry affection for his dragonet before turning an apologetic eye on Kyara. "She's… I'm sorry, Weyrlingmaster." And then he turns his gaze on his sister and grins at her. "Well if it isn't my favorite sister." Wait, didn't he just say that to Xanthee the other day? Oh well, the girls know he's a fickle boy.

Stately for a green though she may be, Liareth knows the benefits of play for the little ones, both physically and mentally. So while she leads them all in bounding and jumping, in the yard and even over the wall and back from time to time, she tests how well they can keep the mental and physical harmonized, the steam of her luxuriant bathhouse mind curling and licking around each young 'scape in turn, the hissing of water upon hot coals mingling with the chuckling of unseen voices, bubbles and indistinct reflections rippling upon crystalline waters beneath the haze. Kyara's smile broadens at Sesa, the compulsion to blush something quite familiar to the greenrider. "She's doing what she ought," she tells En'rys. "They both are. But the question is, how hard would it be for you to pull them out of the chase, if I asked you to bring them over here?" Always a teachable moment.

Sesa looks out to the gamboling dragons and tries to pick Edleveth out, it's a crap shoot, but after a bit of mental prodding, she knows where he lies in the pack. "I bet I could do it!" Sesa says with confidence, working on their mindlink had become part of a 'spare moments' OCD practice for the blue and his rider, every moment they could spend on it, was spent on it.

En'rys would likely have a time of it, if his wry expression is anything to judge by; his little girl is quite contrary at the best of times! She's trailing a bit behind the pack, for she is among the smallest, if also quite nimble in scampering all about behind the adult green. Her mindscape is a mix of fog and heather, lush and deceptive in a babyish sort of way. "She's…. definitely herself. Wouldn't have her any other way." He pauses, considers. "I don't… know for sure. She's focused."

Ahhh, now Kyara gets to have a little fun! Not that she doesn't at other times. Keen amber eyes settle on Sesa first as she hops down from her wall perch, a burnished brow lifting. "No betting needed. You either can or you can't; be confident in either one, but don't make a gamble of it. And hold that thought." Instructions to follow, evidently. Now the greenrider looks to En'rys. "No matter how focused she is, you have to be able to break through. There may come a point when your life depends on being able to do so, and it will likely be completely unexpected. The direst situations always are." She tilts her head toward the chasing dragonets, her gaze moving there momentarily before returning to the weyrlings. "Bring yours here. Make a point of doing it, not trying it. There's a rather large difference."

Ah, a test: there must always be tests in his life. En'rys heaves a sigh, bracing for the contest of wills to come. Briamiorth, of course, fights him on it: pretending she can't hear his mental call. "Briamiorth. NOW." And his tone is just short of irate — but it works! The green leaves off her cavorting with many whines and hisses and skunks to her rider with a flounce of her wings.

Sesa looks at Kyara, all seriousness now. She nods in response to being confident in her responses and gives a crisp "Yes Ma'am!" WHen ordered to bring her blue in. She turns towards the gaggle of dragonets and focuses, once again having to track Edleveth's place in the pack. Once she has him, and is sure she's brushed h is mind, she beckons . Edleveth, I need you to come here please. She repeats the request once more for posterity and waits a second. « I have just begun this delightful game! Such freedom in these sorts of shenanigans. » Sesa sighs. Now please Edleveth. She can feel her blue's inky disappointment flood her mind, like blobs of ink and oil sliding together but never mixing. « Fine….I'm coming. » His inky blue head pops up above the crowd to try and periscope Sesa's position.

Kyara watches carefully as both weyrlings call their life mates, trying not to smirk as she glances out to Liareth. The green looks toward her two departing charges, addressing the resistance from both with a thick swirling of steam, the sound of hissing coals rising swiftly for their attention and the fire from wall sconces flaring, the fog parting here and there to reveal statues around the perimeter of her pools, sweating with the humidity, warriors crouched at the ready, hands upon sword-hilts. « When yours call, do not hesitate, » she tells them firmly. « Moments will come when they will call you to act, though you may not immediately see why yourselves. Trust in them. » Kyara gives an approving nod. "Good. Though do keep working on using the firm tone of voice here," she notes to En'rys, tapping a finger to her temple. She'll wait for Edleveth to actually get there before speaking again. "Do they understand why?" she asks, knowing what was relayed from her lifemate to theirs.

Edleveth seems a bit cowed by Liareth's correction, head lowering and an inky stormcloud forming in his mind as his mood sinks a little. Sesa looks back, pleased she got Edleveth to come. But then, Kyara is asking if they'd given reason for their command and she blushes a bit. "No…I just told him I needed him to come here." And now it's Sesa's turn to look a bit sheepish. Sometimes being a smart alec can bite one in the arse.

Briamiorth is crouched down way low low, eyeing Liareth cautiously. If she had ears, they'd be plastered to her head, and her tail's wrapped around her paws as she slowly turns her head to look at her En'rys, wondering. His fingers reach out to stroke the top of her head, very gently, as he frowns slightly, considering Kyara's admonition. "Oh, yes, I see what you mean, ma'am." He's managed to work it out! "Especially since she responds to it quicker?" He turns to eye Briamiorth, questioning her gently, but firmly — mentally, this time. "She says she will do better next time."

Despite her firmness, Liareth croons encouragingly at the two dragonets as she passes by. « You've caused no trouble. Do not be upset. Simply learn! » Her mindscape is back to calm and soothing, just bordering on sleep-inducing. The tendrils of steam curl enticingly about their mental spaces once more, beckoning them back to the game. « Return to the chase, once yours allow you. » In the meantime, Kyara gives Sesa a little shake of her head. "Not from you, from Liareth," she explains. "Because I know what she told them. It's alright. Like she just told them…" She dips her head to catch Sesa's eyes. "Don't be upset; you haven't caused trouble in little missteps." A quick glance includes En'rys once more. "Either of you. Simply learn. We can be too quick to focus on kicking ourselves instead of doing that." To the greenling, she nods. "She's in your head, and that's where things will be quicker. Now." She gestures to the waiting dragonets. "Let them go back, and I'll let you two get back to whatever you were off to."

Sesa nods to Kyara and turns towards her blue. I'm sorry my love, apparently we were being tested. You've done well saving that small hesitation. You may go back to your game if you so wish. She enforces this by sending all the love she feels for her blue to him, rushing him with that feeling over their link. « Why did you not just say so, I would not have hesitated! » Edleveth takes tests seriously. Pausing, the ink splotched blue turns back towards the game, then back towards his lifemate. Sesa gets the distinct feeling Edleveth might need a little extra encouraging and loving and his pause proves her right, because the blue turns back towards her and the entrance to the barracks. "I think I better get Edleveth to his couch. He might need some extra encouragement and quiet. But thank you for the lesson Miss Kyara." Sesa gives a salute and begins to follow her blue out.

En'rys soothes Bria's ruffled mental scape with gentle words an d caresses, noing her flagging confidence and interest. "All right, Bria — we'll get you nice and oiled and settled…" Wait, is he turning into a mush, here? YUP. "I think she's beginning to really understand - she's faster than she used to be. But she's also sleepy." To which Briamiorth protests loudly, trying to look alert and aware. "Come on, you…" Before he leads Briamiorth to their couch and the nightly rituals of going to bed, he offers Kyara a salute, gravely respectful.

Kyara returns the salutes rendered, watching thoughtfully as Sesa and En'rys take their lifemates off to their couches. So far to go still, and skins to be toughened. She remembers! Liareth is soon done tiring out her little group and watches them depart as well before moving to join her rider, the two departing on a brief wander to the lake while taking silent counsel with one another. Evaluating, weighing, making notes. Nothing unusual here for weyrlings and weyrlingmasters alike.

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