evka, Reva (NPC'ed by Xanthee)


One Really Shouldn't Sass Their Mother, Particularly When One Does NOT Hold The High Ground

Mild Swears

Happens The Evening Of: An Unwelcome Surprise


-- On Pern --
It is 8:13 PM where you are.
It is evening of the twenty-second day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the twenty-second day of Spring and 62 degrees. The night is still mostly clear, exposing the stars above. Flashes of lightning light up the night sky far in the distance.
In Southern:
It is the twenty-second day of Autumn and 63 degrees. The night is clear and bright, stars twinkling merrily in the darkness.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the twenty-second day of Autumn and 17 degrees. It's cold and dark out.


Igen Caravan Grounds, Zingari Encampment, Reveka's Yurt

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Igen Caravan Grounds, Reveka's Yurt

The inside of this yurt is sparsely decorated for now, being so new. But brightly colored rugs have been scattered over the floor, saving where the large heating brazier sits in the middle of the floor, it's heat waves escaping out of the hole in the roof. There's a simple, if plush bed, big enough for two against one side, flanked by a simple night stand and a chair. A table sits off to the side, a pitcher for water and a bowl for washing upon it. Trunks hold Reveka's treasures and clothes and a couple of cabinets hold the rest of her things.

It's mid to late evening in Igen weyr, and things seems to be settling down in the desert weyr, saving, as always, the caravan grounds, which are alight with life and music, due to the Zingari Caravan. Reveka is near impatient with the noise of the performance night. She's been sick with anxiety and her condition the whole day, continuing to procrastinate about telling her mother what's going on, because the woman is old fashioned, because there's a good chance she may be disowned after today, because her mother will take the baby, or they will be forced to marry, she and Daen. Much as she likes the kitty cat the notion of marriage right now is well and truly sickening to Reveka, she's not ready to be a wife. Not ready to become a baby factory like her mother. But Igraine had said a trip ::between:: was too late in coming at this point, and Reveka wouldn't have entertained the notion anyways, children are sacred, the river of your life blood, the future of your clan. Near four months, fifteen some odd sevens along. Past the first trimester. It'd happened either the first or second time she'd been with Daen. How had she not noticed the absence of her moons? Simple. She was usy performing, and practicing her dance, and when not doing that, she was wrapped up in Daen. She knows her mother is going to be furious enough already with her, with the rumomrs circulating about camp, but to now have a preganancy on top of that…..shit. She finally sends the message, after hours of pacing, telling her mother that she must speak with her urgently, but she doesn't allude as to what all the urgency is about. And now she waits for her mother to arrive, pacing and pacing and pacing.

After having gotten a message from her daughter, Reva worried briefly at the reason her daughter wanted to meet up, although, she had a sneaking suspicion what it might entail, being as she has heard the gossip circulating the camp. She had felt that Reveka was not ready for her own yurt, being much too adventurous for her own good. It had brought too much temptation. With a shake of her head, she steels her expression to as close to neutral as she can get as she wanders through camp to find her daughter's yurt. Since she's expected, the woman calls out first, "It's me Reveka, I'm coming in." as at least a touch of courtesy as she sweeps the curtain aside and steps into her daughter's living space. "So I'm here." she says in a clipped tone, not going to make it easy on her daughter who had been avoiding her for the last several sevendays. Her arms cross loosely over her chest, her klah-dark eyes locked onto her daughter, waiting…

Reveka stops pacing the second she hears Reva's voice at the door. It's a hard thing to lift her eyes to meet her mother's visage. "Hi mama…" She says in a low, demure voice, that wavers. It's a hard thing not to burst into tears, and she's near enough, throat constricting tightly, eyes stinging. Her mind races, chest constricting, vocal chords tightening. "I…..I….I'm glad you came. I'm sorry I've been avoiding you." Reveka rubs her arms nervously and feels very close to being sick.

With a little click of her tongue, Reva raises one eyebrow slightly up her forehead. "Well, I'm glad you at least admit you were avoiding me. Must be nice not to have to answer to anyone anymore huh?" Her voice is clipped and touched with sardonic humour as she stands where she is and just stares at her daughter for a moment, giving her a once over before she sighs heavily, "Why don't you just cut to the chase Reveka? What do you have to tell me now after avoiding me for so long, hmmmm?" Her tone is just cutting enough to drive the point home…Reva is disapointed with her offspring's behavior.

Reveka at least has the decency to look abashed at her own behavior, a stain of pink spreading across her cheeks. "I've been seeing the leatherworker Daenerys. I'm - I'm sure you've heard." There's no way to have not heard, but just how much Reva has heard is the question, really. "And I found out this morning that….that I'm pregnant with his child." She finally gets it out and is standing her ground, inwardly she's waiting for the retribution, be it verbal or physical or both. She's scared and confused and sick with herself.

"Heard?!?!" Reva snaps, "The whole camp has heard how much you've been seeing this leatherworker." At her daughter's next, the woman's lips press into a fine line, as she throws her hands into the air. "I don't know why I am even the littlest bit surprised." she exclaims with a huff of parental disapproval as she shakes her head, clucking her tongue again as she crosses arms in front of her again and the volume of her voice raises considerably, "He's not even Zingari Reveka! Can't you even think a little bit instead of running wild like a feline in heat?" Her words are her weapons, meant to cut and punish the young woman, make her aware of just how much she messed up. "So when's the wedding?" And to this, the woman is deadly serious, challenging her daughter with a flashing stare, eyes narrowed pointedly.

Reveka flinches when her mother begins her tirade, coloring red all over, eyes cast down to the floor. "It's my right to choose…." She whispers in regards to her mother's first, though she doubts her mother heard her considering how the woman continues. She flinches again at the raw disappointment in her mother's voice. Despite them butting heads and having different social opinions, she loves her mother, respects her even. When she mentions Daen not being Zingari, Reveka gets a little of her own fire back. "And he doesn't have to be Zingari mother!!! Or should we go ask Willa, our leader, who decreed it so? I don't have to marry or mate within the blood if I don't want to!" Ok maybe she regained a bit more than a little of her fire back. She is very much her own mother in ways, the strength of her conviction is one to rival Reva's that's for sure. She's near flinching again, just waiting for the rant caused by her cheeky reply, but then her mother is asking about a wedding in that low, dangerous tone of hers. Her gaze snaps to her mother's in an instant, locking. "There isn't one. He doesn't want that, and neither do I. And…he doesn't know yet."

"Excuse me miss!" Reva recoils from her daughter's returned fire, "Yes, it's you're right to chose, I just wish you hadn't chosen to act like a wanton hussy spreading your legs as soon as you are out of our care. I knew you weren't ready, you aren't responsible enough, that's sharding clear now, head turned by the first pretty face to look your way." The woman's words are cutting and cold, a quiet rage being held back just enough not to break free and do something like shake the infuriating child in front of her. Reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose, the older woman sighs heavily, letting every ounce of her furstrations with her daughter color that long exhalation. "Ok, so no wedding. Then fostering it will be. Because over my dead body will you be an unwed mother, you're already going to be tainted by this, the least we can do is contain it as much as possible." Reva's clucking her tongue again as she shakes her head, "And I don't even know how your father is going to take this. Reveka… this will kill him." this is an exageration of course, but Reva's not beyond a little hyperbole to get her point across.

Reveka flinches again, both at being called a hussy, and at being considered tainted. She is full of anxiety and woe at the thought of her father. His disappointment will be what hurts most about this. "That is not you're decision to make!" Reveka's hands fly protectively over her belly on instinct. "What if Daenerys wants his child?" She looks half horrified at the idea of giving up her baby, even if the more logical side of her mind sees the sense in it. "And I am aware that this will hurt Papa… You don't think I feel ashamed for this mother? That I don't know that I've been stupid? That I've made mistakes? I know." And now the tears do well up and spill and her voice breaks.

Reva looks pointedly when her daughter's hands go to her belly, her rage rising hotly in her as she clenches her hand into a fist and closes her eyes with a little mutter of, "Faranth give me strenghth." with another long suffering sigh accompanying it, "It's the only decision to make young lady. Think of what this will do to us, the rest of your family if you should have this child, and raise it on your own. Stop being so sharding selfish girl! Look around you, this is real life you've landed yourself into, not some adventure you think you're on. Welcome to being an adult, now start acting like one." Her volume is booming then as she looms over her daughter. "And if that man wants his child, he will make an honest woman of you and wed you as soon as possible. Otherwise I don't want his name uttered in my presence again, do I make myself clear Reveka?" Her dangerous tone returns as she demands an answers from her wayward child.

And now it is Reveka's turn for rage to rise hot and fierce. "Oh. I see. this isn't about me, or my mistakes, or even my reputation, is it Mama?" Reveka's voice now boils with anger. "You're not concerned that your daughter made a life altering mistake, no, not concerned that I will now have to face the consequences of my mistakes. You're concerned about your own sharding reputation??? Is that all you give a damn about? If the father of this child wants his child, he will have it mother! If not, only then will I even consider fostering." Reve isn't so ignorant as to think she's ready to raise a child alone. "And he won't have to wed me to do it." Reveka stands tall here, maybe a bit big for her britches, but her mother had said act like an adult right? Well… while she may advocate for herself like one, she doesn't always respond like one and Reba's ban on Daenerys' name only grinds Reveka's gears further and she balls her hands into fists at her sides, clenching her teeth. it's like a dare, it really is and before she can think about it, it's slipping through her clenched teeth. "Daenerys."

Reva's dangerously icy demeanor begins to crack at the nerve of her daughter ranting back at her, levelling accusations at her. Her face goes red with building fury as she tries her best to retain her composure in the light of her daughter's temper tantrum. Unfortunately, that last word, so impudent and childish in it's utterance, and her hand is up and struck across Reveka's cheek with a loud SLAP. "You want to act like a child and sass me? Go right ahead, you're not too big that I can't still drag you over my knee. Just give me a reason girl!" Her voice is dark and dripping with warning. With one finally hissing exhalation. "Well you better go and talk to that man and see what he has to say. And when he tells you he wants nothing of that little seed he's planted in your belly, you better be ready to do the right thing." She moves to the door flap, because she is done listening, she has laid down her decree and she expected it to be followed. Pausing there, she looks back one final time and tsks softly under her breath, "You're right it is your reputation at stake because of your stupid mistakes, and only you can make this right. So have a good long think on that while I figure out how to break this new to your father." And with that the older woman sweeps out of the yurt, marching off in the direction of the family wagon, her mood most fouled by the revelations of the evening.

Reveka gasps, pulling in a audible rush of air as the sting and red begins to spread across her cheek. She stares, shelshocked, at her mother hand raised to her burning cheek. She barely hears her mother's words through the rush of blood in her ears and the pounding of her own heart. Her eyes bore defiant holes in her mother until the woman is well out of sight. Only then does Reveka allow herself to sink into a chair and sob, hands covering her mouth as she weeps heavily into them. It will be a long time before she gets up and moves to her bed, and a longer time yet until she sleeps, mind whirling and twisting, gut whirling and twisting, and her whole world shattering around her. What heavy consequences playing with fate can have.

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