R'zel, Alyna


Alyna shares her news with her Wingleader, R'zel.


It is before dawn of the fourth day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

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"About that sir, I'm glad I caught you before drills, I've had some news…"


Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in a naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophobia. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about, candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next to the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the Weyr's youngest. The rich blue of the Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It's early, so early that it's still dark outside, and breakfast is only just getting under way in the Living Caverns. There are few people about as yet. Those who are here at this hour, apart from the servers and kitchen staff, are mostly riders having breakfast before an early drill. R'zel is a great believer in breakfast before flying. He's beaten most of his wing to the table, so he's sitting on his own at the moment, though no doubt wingmates will be along in due course. He's tucking into a couple of bacon rolls and a mug of steaming klah.

Early is the best time to deal with errands that one does not want one's weyrmate to know about, and it's with a grin of smug self-satisfaction that Alyna leaves the kitchens, ice blue eyes dancing with amusement. Taking her time to fill a plate with bacon, eggs and toast, she also grabs a small bowl of fruit salad, a mug of klah as well as a tall glass of water. Balancing the whole on her tray, with more spring in her step than she'd had in months, she heads off in the direction of her wing's usual table, smiling as she sees R'zel there since she has to talk to him. The greenrider slips into a chair across from him, "Morning," she greets cheerily before starting in on her bacon.

"Morning, Alyna! Why are you up at this hour when you could be taking it easy?" There's no accusation there, just a smile and a lightly teasing tone. "We're drilling shortly. I'm going to take us over the north coast this morning, I think - I want to try some different wind conditions today. Besides, a change of scene never hurts." R'zel gestures with his half-eaten roll. "Bacon's good this morning."

"Taking it easy isn't going to get me back up to fighting fit," Alyna remarks as she waggles her half-piece of bacon in R'zel's direction for emphasis before she pops the rest of it into her mouth. "It really is," she agrees about the bacon after swallowing her last bite. Considering the Wingleader's drill plans, she grins, "Change of scenery is always good. Can't wait till I can get back to drills and everything else. I appreciate the work you've given me, of course, but it's not the same." Taking a long sip of her water, she figures she may as well get right to it. "About that sir, I'm glad I caught you before drills, I've had some news…" she trails off a little, and takes a bite of her eggs before continuing.

R'zel raises his eyebrows as he chews, reacting with concern. When he can speak, he asks, "Not a problem with your recovery, I hope? True enough about taking it easy, of course, but I know you're exercising the way the healers told you. I don't want you back before you're properly fit - that's asking for trouble." And Ocelot really doesn't need any more injuries.

"No, not my recovery, everything is on track there," Alyna is quick to assure the bronzerider before smiling brighter, "But I will be a while coming back to Ocelot, longer than I expected." Playfullness dances in her ice blue eyes as she sits up in her chair and takes a more formal tone, "Sir, I'm asking for a transfer to Puma for the duration of my…pregnancy." Her smile brightens before she spears a piece of melon from the fruit salad and pops it into her mouth.

R'zel drops his roll. He stares at Alyna for a moment, then smiles broadly. "Well, congratulations! How long have you known? You know, I thought you were hinting at something a few days ago - was that it?" He frowns a little. "I don't even know if you've done this before, but do you know the drill? I'll certainly put the transfer through, and then once you're safe to go Between, you can fly with Puma - how long you do that for is between you, them and the healers, of course. And we'll look forward to having you back in Ocelot in due course. Do you know when the baby's due?"

"Thanks! I've only known a few days, but D'har and I have been trying for about a month, but even I was a little surprised that it happened already," Alyna replies with a grin. "No, this is my very first time, it's really exciting actually," her cheeks could crack with the force of her smile as he explains the process, nodding her head in understanding. "Got it. I'm due at the begining of the sixth month of next Turn, so near the end of autumn." She looks around a bit, Ocelot riders starting to come into the caverns, she lowers her voice as she turns to R'zel again, "Can we keep this between us just for now? I still haven't told D'har, I'm planning a little something special for that."

"Oh, really exciting, then." R'zel sees where she's looking and lowers his voice to match. "Let me know when you want the transfer request put through, then - you've got my permission, of course, but obviously it has to go up the ladder. And I'll keep quiet about it until I hear from you. I hope D'har is suitably surprised!" He reassembles his roll and takes another bite. "Are you feeling OK? Not craving for midnight bacon sandwiches, or…?"

"You might as well put it in, I'm planning on telling him in the next couple of days. The Healers think I might be able to get back to drilling, at least, in a month or so," Alyna grins, "No betweening until I'm a little further along for safety sake though." The greenrider laughs about cravings even as she chews on another piece of bacon, "I am feeling fine. If it wasn't for a couple dolphins, I would probably still be in the dark. Although the Healers assure me that most symptoms don't show up until the second or third months so…Got that to look forward to I guess." she chuckles with a grin.

R'zel grins in return. "There are things that make me really glad I'm a man, and that's one of them. All right, I'll pass it along." He tilts his head curiously. "But, dolphins? I'd heard that they could tell that sort of thing, but I've never come across anyone it actually happened to. That's really good, then, to find out so early. Did you ask them about it, or did it just happen?"

Alyna laughs easily at R'zel's first before answering his last, "I was just taking a swim, the Healers say it's good exercise for my leg. And there were a couple of dolphins out there with a Dolphineer. At first they were all over Haquith playing with her, but then they came up and started making all kinds of strange noises and poking at my stomach. I thought I had done something to offend them, but then the journeyman told me what it meant. I'm so grateful though. I've known too many women who didn't even know they were carrying until they lost it by betweening at the wrong time. Of course I got it confirmed by a Healer right away, but he said that nine times out of ten they are correct."

"Shells!" R'zel doesn't often use even mild expletives, but this seems to take him by surprise. "Right out of the blue, then - except you said you were hoping for it, of course. That's really good. And, yes, I've known people that happened to, as well - it's hard for riders. Well, I guess that's a good thing to come out of your injury, then." He finishes his bacon roll and washes it down with some klah. "I suppose if you're about to leave us, I'd better ask how that sling is coming along." Ocelot's heavy lifting equipment isn't a trivial thing to make.

"Pretty much, it was a really interesting way to find out," Alyna says with a grin, "It also gave me a lot of perspective, the injury I mean. So yeah, I guess you could say a lot of good came out of it." Picking out more pieces of melon from her fruit salad, she bobs her head in his direction, "Another seven, seven and a half at most, and it will be done. Have all the cutting done, just started piecing it together. It's gone really smoothly so far."

"That's great. Well, you'll have time to finish it before you transfer." R'zel grins and says with good humour in his voice, "I'm not letting you go until then, you know!" He glances at his empty plate and his almost empty mug. "And I need to be moving. I should just have time to check out the Old Weyr before we muster for drill - we haven't been there for a while, and the morning breezes will make things interesting, assuming there's not a downpour or something." He finishes the rest of his klah.

"I wouldn't dream of going anywhere till it was done sir," Alyna assures him with a friendly wink before she giggles at his good humour. "Give everyone my best, I'll come by at supper sometime soon to tell everyone else my news." She offers him a respectful salute as he finishes up before digging into her own breakfast in earnest now that she's said what needed to be said and things are in motion. Next step, telling the Daddy-to-be.

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