Naneska, Raktraeth


Nan might just be stealing everybody's dragons. Watch out.


It is evening of the first day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Crater Lake

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Dragons are people too!


Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the thirty-first day of Autumn and 72 degrees. For all the fury of the sandstorm, the night is strangely still.

Technically it is in her job description to leave the Weyr every so often. However Naneska isn't the sort to go on out of weyr adventures… NO Naneska is also prone to adventuring out of the caldera that makes up the boundaries of Igen Weyr proper. This particular evening, with the moons glimmering with new light, she is putting a new runner through it's paces (presumably for her uncle and the next round of trading). With a scarf to protect her face from hoof-thrown sand in the stillness of the night, rider and runner start their approach towards the other lake close to the Desert Weyr, senses lulled by the silence of the night and the promise of cool water in just a few moments…

It's a beautiful night and that path the trader lass is choosing seems to be going towards a particularly impressive sand dune up ahead. Someone particularly familiar with the area might remember that well… there aren't really sand dunes that big out here. Especially not one that moves as this one's starting to do. Grains shimmy and shake at first before a cascade of sand falls down, revealing ruddy red wings stretching out and a dragon maw yawning as he peers at the rider. Did you want to go this way? Ooops.

FORMER-Rider, thank you very much! Because that runner isn't stupid, and is still young enough to go AWHELLNAW and nope tf out when presented with great big dragon teeth. Fortunately there is enough sand where Naneska is dumped that aside from the injury to her dignity, she's mostly unscathed. Standing, she ruefully rubs her derriere and brushes the worse of the sand from her skirts (subtly sent in the direction of that deceptive lump~), before sketching an ironic salaam towards that troubling 'sand-dune'. "My apologies." Never mind that Raktraeth is the architect of her present conundrum, she has manners!

Oh my. Raktraeth wasn't even showing of what mighty big teeth he's got there. He already had two herdbeasts today, hence sleeping through a sandstorm. He'll ignore the fleeing runner for now. There's much more important things to check on. Like the person. Hello, person. Hopefully Naneska doesn't mind a little bit of dragon whuffling as the brown head hovers closer, inspecting. At least the exhale of breath can possibly brush off some of the sand. As for answer of the apologies, an evergreen scent wind brushes out, although there isn't a pine tree around for miles and miles.

There isn't even a puff of wind, so that unexpected scent prompts the trader lass to remove her scarf and lift her nose briefly before her attention returns to the brown head currently whuffling her. And no, she's been around enough dragons now not to panic like a certain unnamed runner… who hopefully knows his way home because Naneska isn't exactly running off after it right now. Given that the dragons of her aqccaintaince tend to be a bit more in your face, she's somewhat bemused by the silent attention. "Mind ye don't inhale me scarf." She politely reminds the dragon even as a hand starts to reach out. "Eye ridge or nose? Iffn ye don't mind o' course." Her offer also carries her request for permission. Dragons are people too!

As quickly as the non-existent wind comes, it disperses just as rapidly. For the runner, they do like to be with the herd, so as long as he didn't fall and break a leg in his panic he'll probably end up back home at some point. Raktraeth doesn't completely rise from the wallow that he worked so hard to create. That would be work and right now Naneska is close enough that he can just stretch his neck out to reach her. Eyes whirl a merry blue at the offer of attention. Of course he doesn't mind. Head is lowered a bit more so his eye ridge will just be a bit more convenient to reach. There's some sand there (and everywhere). That's what happens when one sleeps in a pile of it during the middle of a sandstorm.

Igen's motto: SAND EVERYWHERE! So a little extra about his eyeridges are just going to get used as a little gentle exfoliation as the slender calloused fingers begin their work. "I should probably know who ye are…" Naneska admits conversationally. "But I will admit that I do not." There is a wink and a little hint of her own mischief dancing in her voice. "Don't tell anyone." She adds in a conspiratorial whisper. Of course the fact she just landed on her ass, and is now scratching an unfamiliar dragon is treated as an everyday occurance… and there are a few moments of companionable silence as she really concentrates on where she should try and find some itchies.

There's a great big rumble from the brown's chest as Raktraeth just leans into that scritching. Ah, the sound of perfect contentment. But she does have a point that if she's going to be his own personal sand-scritcher then it's only polite to trade names. That once lidded eye opens up slowly to stare directly at Naneska. At the same time, the evergreen wind returns, stronger this time and leading to a particularly large tree in a forest clearing. In this particular tree, an owl stirs in it's nest, hooting softly. « Raktraeth. And you? »

Naneska offers her own name promptly. "Naneska, o' t' Reika." Not that she expects her clan-name to have much meaning for the dragon, but just 'Naneska' is boring, and this trader sun-child is anything but. "Raktraeth…hmmm." Either the name or the heady evergreen breeze is tickling something in that head of hers, as she cocks her head. "Oh!" The scritching which had lessened while she chased that elusive mental thread resumes with more vigor. "Ye're Wendryth's clutchmate yeah?" As always, identifying the ties that bind brings satisfaction to her view of the world. "I told ye I should have known who ye are." Her voice is full of humor for her own failing. "Ye rider about? Or are ye footloose and fancy free?" Her conversation is free and easy without the expectation of an answer to the questions she poses.

As Naneska does successfully identify one of his many, many clutchmates, the wind rustles the leaves of a tree next to the owl one. Although that particular pine tree's branches seem to have a faint metallic ting as the needles rustle and a reflective shine as the moonlight hits them, that slightly familiar mists clinging to the base of that Wendryth-tree. And about his rider…. that does remind Raktraeth as he looks first left and then right and then hangs his head a bit. He's been caught. Basking out away from the Weyr with no rider in sight.

Naneska's own experiences with the current Weyrleading bronze tend to involve a LOT OF CAPS LOCK, and all the M'LADY's she can handle, so it takes her a moment to identify the tree as a symbol of the beknighted bronze. "Ye're very generous." And there is a sly smile sliding across her features. "And a wee bit independent yeah?" Her fingers having followed the hanging head in their search for spots to scratch. "I know a Southern dragon of similar mind. He is a mere blue however, and not nearly as magnificent as ye." DON'T ANYONE TELL ZYNTH THAT OKAY? "Nothin' wrong wit' it as far as I kin tell." Of course she's just a trader, so her opinion is much like the sand she is brushing from his face, easily ignored if needed.

Raktraeth can just sit on Zynth if he wants to come up to Igen and pick a fight on who is the bestest! Or you know, just get distracted and run off for a snack or a nap. But for as lazy as this particular dragon can be, he does seem to get the gist of what Naneska is getting at. « You need a ride home? » Since you know, somebody happened to scare her previous ride away. Trae doesn't have his straps on him, and might be nearly twenty feet larger than the slender blue, but he'll at least hunker down and offer his elbow for the trader to scramble up if she does want to accept a ride.
Raktraeth rounds up on size.

Naneska was actually refering to his rather quiet representation of Wendryth… BUT if he is offering, she will not say no. It's not like it is the first time she's jumped onto a strange dragon after only a cursory introduction! 'I thank ye, Raktraeth." She responds before stepping back. "I appreciate yer willin'ness. 'N if it is not to much trouble, I would be most grateful to accept a ride from ye." With the pleasantries out of the way she does clamber up the side, with the easy familiarity of one who has spent a bit of time with dragons (With or without their riders - and honestly that is probably more concerning than her 2-legged search dragon status).

« I have to get home anyway. » So really, Raktraeth's offer isn't too generous (and as far as he's concerned, his depiction of Wendryth is just accurate). Once Naneska is settled firmly in, he'll lumber to his feet, stretching those massive wings out. a few test flaps. Three… two… one… and lift off! There may be a little bit of jostling as the behemoth brown is built more for endurance than smooth flying, but they'll get in the air and nobody will be falling off tonight, straps or no. The flight home is peaceful with possibly a little bit more chatting and if Naneska is lucky and looking closely at just the right time, she might even see them passing the lost runner of her's as he's making his way back home.

The last solo dragon-ride had Dolphins. 5/10 Trae, 5/10!~
It'd be a pretty sad solo dragon-ride if Trae was showing her dolphins in Igen!
Opo would not approve.

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