F'dan, R'xim


R'xim had a wild night and F'dan requires details.
(Warning: heavy sexual references.)


It is midmorning of the twenty-ninth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


R'xim's weyr, Igen Weyr

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R'xim's weyr

This is a man's weyr and everything about it proves that its occupant doesn't dwell on keeping up with appearances. Dark browns mix with the dull, shadowy colors of the stone ground and walls. Various portraits of family members are hung up throughout the weyr, circling the main living area and finally leading back toward the private bed chamber. A few pieces of art work — mostly given to him as gifts from friends — also hang in the vicinity of the living quarters, adding tiny splashes of color to the dowdy atmosphere. Hanging plants loom over an old desk that resides on the right side of the weyr, while a round table — with its main purpose being for card playing — is located directly across from it. Large rugs are strewn about the floor while the entrance way is lacking, simply because it's more of a place to collect dirt and mud. Upon entering the weyr, there is a tall, bulky wine cabinet that is used to hold an assortment of bottles. Other bits of furniture include a long couch, various cushioned chairs, a klah table and filled book shelves.

It was a long night for bronze Shalnth and there was much activity on his ledge. Restless now that Rukbat has risen pouring rays of light across the Weyr, he rumbles a bit before deciding to take off. Claws dig into the edge of the stone precipice and he launches himself into the air, gliding downward toward the pens for a midmorning feeding. Inside the weyr lacks a certain amount of movement and ambition.

The weyr is dark compared to outside and R’xim lay on his bed, arms underneath his pillow and face buried in a deep slumber. A single fur covers his lower half, while his right leg and back are exposed. It looks as if it was an eventful night. Next to the bed is a chair with a few garments hanging off it, one of them being a stringy red under thing, no doubt belonging to his partner…who is no longer here. Whoever was with him left behind a token of appreciation and slipped away before light made its presence onto the ledge.

Ever the more conscientious one of the pair, F'dan has been up for hours: a long run at dawn, a breakfast of klah, and then oiling Kadanth are all behind him. Now there are a few hours before drills, and the bronzerider has been wondering where R'xim is. F'dan doesn’t have a bad word to say about Rix, except for the fact that his timekeeping is blown to fuck. Proof in point: R'xim now dead to the world, sleeping like a baby, except a lot more depraved by the look of the lingerie on the chair. F'dan snorts, sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning over to slap R'xim's ass through the fur, showing all the easy homoeroticism of aggressively straight fratboys. "Wakey wakey, rise and shine," he says, too loud and close to his friend's ear. "You been busy?"

R’xim’s body jerks immediately after the loud wake-up call. It’s a male voice, that he can figure out right away, but it takes a moment to register. There’s only one man on this entire planet who can get that close to his ass and actually smack it, so he stretches underneath the blanket and grumbles a bit. “F’dan.” he says all groggy and relieved. “F’dan…” Finally, R’xim opens his eyes and lifts his head a bit to focus on the bronzerider sitting on the edge of the bed. The gears in his head are starting to function and turn a little faster, so he rolls onto his side in an attempt to wake up. Now propped up and leaning on a forearm, Rix yawns and blinks again. “What the fuck time is it?”

"It's late, you fuckwit," F'dan says affectionately. "You are the laziest bitch I've ever met. Faranth, it's like you're attached to bed by some sort of umbilical cord." R'xim's grogginess is noted, and F'dan laughs. "Fucking typical, man. Are you hungover?" He leans close to take a look at R'xim's eyes, checking if they’re bloodshot. "We have drills in three hours. She better have been good."

When F’dan gets all up in his face to check his eyes, R’xim shoves him away with the same amount of affection that was given to him. “I’m not hungover and stop bitching at me. It’s too early for this shit.” Another yawn is stifled before he sits up in bed, blanket still conveniently draped over his lower half. A stretch and then the biggest grin is given as an initial response to F’dan’s last comment. “Man, you aren’t going to believe what happened last night. I haven’t been with a woman like that in a looong time.”

"Early? /Early/? By the shards of the first egg, Rix, you haven't seen early in your entire /life/." F'dan ducks to evade R'xim's hands, straightening up and pulling one leg bent in front of him so he can face R'xim straight on, his other foot on the floor. "Oh yeah?" Big grin at the news of his friend's conquest. "Spit it out. Who was she? That greenrider with the amazing ass?"

R’xim runs a hand through his bedhead as he recollects last night’s events. He was completely sober and the details are starting to sharpen in his mind which is keeping the grin on his face. “Linny. Man, I did not expect that at all.” But, he’s not complaining one bit. ‘“I mean, I just got done with sweeps, cleaned up and went to the caverns for dinner last night. You weren’t there, so I grabbed some food and sat down by myself.” Then it suddenly hits him like a ton of bricks: “What the fuck?” Twisting a bit to scan the weyr, R’xim looks amused when he returns his gaze to F’dan. “She ditched me. When the fuck did she leave?” As if F’dan would know. “Whoa, that’s..something I would do.”

F'dan wasn't expecting that. "You fucking asshole!" There's no bite in his voice though, and a big grin on his face, and half a second later there's a man-pile on the bed as F'dan tries to scruff his friend’s hair/slap his cheek/do some sort of friendly wrestling. "I can't believe you! You jammy fucker. How did you manage that?" To Rix's last comment F'dan just laughs, shaking his head and withdrawing with flushed cheeks. "Girl's a slut. I warned you. Oldtimers." For all he says it nonchalantly though, he is a bit surprised. He's used to women talking the talk, but in his experience the only women who leave before you wake up are prostitutes — which is of course exactly the appeal.

Yeah, R’xim expected to get pummeled after telling F’dan that story, so he’s a bit prepared to return some jabs and friendly punches. “You know what the fucking ironic part of all this is? I was trying to hook her up with you. Seriously.” Giving a final shove to F’dan’s chest, Rix swings his legs over the side of the bed and plants his feet on the cold floor. The pants he was wearing the night before are then grabbed from the chair and tugged on before he stands up to button them. “The whole time we were talking in the caverns I kept saying how you were damn good at what you do. I was ready to leave when she wanted me to ‘escort’ her back to her weyr.” The long sleeved shirt he wore last night is snagged and pulled over his head after the cold air causes his body to shudder. “And how the fuck could I say no to that?”

F'dan does a slow clap as he straightens up. "R'xim," he says seriously, "you might just be the best wingman of all time." A smile starts to break through, though F'dan keeps trying to suppress it. "No, for real. There should be an award: the Rix Medal of Wingman Excellence." Another friendly shoulder punch as R'xim gets up, and F'dan turns to face him as the man dresses. Any level of body shame — or a standard concept of privacy — went out the window in the close confines of the Candidate Barracks and has been further ground into submission ever since. "Hey, I don't expect you to say no to that. I'm just pissed that bitch would get with everyone apart from me." There's real resentment in that, but none of it is directed towards R'xim: what bothers F'dan is not what Rix got, but what F'dan hasn't. "So — what was she like?" He wants the goss. "Good as she looks?"

R’xim points a finger at F’dan, “Don’t fuckin’ start with me. You would’ve done the same damn thing.” His mock threat is quickly brushed to the side when he recalls Linny in all of her glory. The memory causes him to smirk and he runs both hands through his hair as he turns toward the couch. Flopping down into the cushions, he lays there with one leg draped over the armrest while both hands are clasped behind his head. “I haven’t been worked like that in a long time, man. She wouldn’t stop, just kept wanting more…and more.” Closing his eyes, Rix enjoys the thought and that smirk returns once again.

F'dan lets out a sound that can only be described as an extended 'aaaargh'. Someone's a frustrated man. He toes off his shoes and is about to rearrange the pillows and sprawl back on the bed when suddenly — "shit, these are going to be fucking filthy, aren't they?" A quick shift to a chair and F'dan gets himself comfortable there, legs up over the arm. He watches R'xim's little show of bliss with both genuine happiness (he'd give anything to Rix, if it came down to it) and equally genuine frustration. "Mate, don't be a dick. I can't believe…" another 'aaaaaargh' and F'dan pulls a cushion over his face, hitting his forehead against it a few times.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t sit there…” R’xim says before laughing at his friend’s disgust. Eyes flick open again and he shifts one hand out from behind his head and rests it on his stomach while the other hand remains. “Don’t sit there pretending like you ain’t had any since we got here.” Chin is tucked as he stares at his buddy now. “And if you weren’t fucking off last night, you could’ve met me in the caverns and we might’ve had some fun together.” F’dan may be his polar opposite with certain aspects in life, but R’xim can seal the deal for them both when certain situations call for it. “What were you doing last night anyway?”

"I should’ve come to the caverns," F'dan agrees. "Went to see Nabi." It's an interesting verb given how F’dan normally talks about women: he did have sex with her, but he's not being crude about it, not with a girl like her. Nabi's special and F'dan cares about her, even if he didn't care about her enough to be faithful. He rubs a hand over his eyes wearily. "Did you know how long a woman can cry? Four hours. Four sharding hours. Turns out her father doesn't want her back now she's showing." A disgraced daughter can be married off to someone. A pregnant daughter's another issue. This is the first time F'dan's mentioned Nabi's pregnant; he's equally weird with all kid-related stuff. Not his forte.

R’xim lets out a groan of objection when F’dan mentions the pregnancy, although he shouldn’t disapprove that loudly. With all the women that he’s slept with there’s no doubt he has some offspring of his own scattered about Pern. But, the difference is he doesn’t have to deal with the products of his affairs. At least not yet. “So is she one of your favorites?” Meaning, one of the very few partners that is strictly off limits, even to Bro Code. “And what’re you going to do?”

"If you touch her I'll break your fucking legs," F'dan responds, but he doesn't mean it. He'd be pissed, there'd be shouting — but there is no woman in the world who could come between him and R'xim. Anyway, Nabi's a good girl; she's not just going to fall into bed with a man. "Do?" A look of genuine confusion. It wouldn't occur to F'dan to do anything about the kid. Babies happen, especially with hold girls who don't like the idea of a quick trip ::between::. The Weyr will take care of it, the way it took care of F'dan when he was a brat. And as is evident F'dan's upbringing must have been perfectly satisfactory to raise such a well-balanced man. "About Nabi?" He shrugs, running a hand through his short hair. "She wants to come here, but fuck that. What she really wants is to have me on a leash, and it's not happening." But that's enough of sprogs and heartbroken holdgirls: F'dan shifts in the chair, reaching out a foot to prod R'xim in the shoulder. "You going to fuck her again?"

“You realize that if she comes to Igen, it’ll just be one big shit show.” R’xim says as a matter of fact. “But, you do what you want.” And that’s all he’s going to say on the subject. Not one to meddle in F’dan’s affairs with his ‘special’ women, Rix knows how touchy the subject is and would never do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Not that any woman could pry them apart, but it would certainly help avoid any awkward conversations afterward. The hand resting on his stomach then slides underneath his shirt as he considers F’dan’s inquiry. “I would, but it depends on how she is. She might just go all crazy on me like she does when she’s around you." Because you know how women can get. “When do you think you’ll see her again?”

"Over my dead body is Nabi coming to Igen," F'dan says in a 'case closed' voice. Doesn't mean he won't go back and sleep with her occasionally. But he can't take any more of coming home from a night out with R'xim to find her crying in his bed. It's exhausting, and he has nothing to apologize for: men fuck around, women get upset about it. Nature of the world. "You should have her again," he says after giving it some thought. "You're better at being smooth than I am." In other words, R'xim isn't such a stickler for rules that he freaks out like F'dan does. There's another long pause, and then F'dan looks over with a grin. "Well I was hoping you might invite me next time you're getting your leg over, for a start."

“Oh yeah, that’ll go well.” R’xim says with a snort of laughter as his hand begins to scratch his chest. “You need to work things out with her before I invite you along for the ride. You’re not fucking up my night because you two can’t stop bitching at each other.” And he means that with as much love as possible. In fact, he grins at that thought and then shoves F’dan’s knee with his bare foot. “Seriously, you’ve got to tone it down. At least until you get her in the sack, then you can do whatever."

F'dan shoots R'xim a mock-annoyed look, but there's no malice in it. "All right, all right! I'll try it. But I can't promise you anything. Just the sight of that woman pisses me off. It's like I see her and…" he makes a face. "Instant rage hard-on. I'd better get on it though, right? Or you're never going to let me hear the fucking end of it." Which is fair enough: it’s a well-known fact that teasing is a decent percentage of a healthy, loving relationship between Reaches men.

R’xim removes his hand from underneath his shirt and finally sits up. “I’m not saying you can’t get annoyed with her, but just think of what you’ll get in return.” Perhaps a more detailed description of Linny’s body will be the perfect inspiration for F’dan to bend his own rules a bit. Leaning toward him, R’xim’s hands motion in the shape of an hourglass. “Red lacy lingerie hugged her smooth curves and she slooowly stripped them off. I was lying on the bed and she crawled toward me, then over me, like a feline hunting prey.” Pausing to assess any reaction, Rix grins and continues. “Her hair smelled like lavender…”

F'dan is both intrigued and frustrated by this description. He's had these mental images running through his head more nights than he'd care to mention, and has imagined it's Linny he's with while bedding several other women — but of course in his imaginings it's always been him with him, rather than R'xim. He makes a noise of frustration, but he's also leaning in towards his friend. "How'd she like it? Any kinky shit?" Because he can imagine that woman is dirty.

“She’s a control freak, liked having things done her way, which was alright with me.” When F’dan leans in for more details, R’xim places a hand on his shoulder and shakes him just a bit. “So get your shit together because that broad is way better than what you’re dealing with right now.” Pregnancy, kids, Hold girls, yeah he can have it all. After all that went down last night, Rix still plays wingman to his bro because that’s what his original mission was. “The sexual frustration between the both of you is crazy. Imagine what it’ll be like when you finally sleep with her.” A grin at that thought. “Just make sure the next day is your restday so you can recover.”

"I bet it was, you horny fucker," F'dan replies with a wide grin, pushing R'xim's hand from his shoulder playfully. "You don't have to remind me. Maybe if Linny's this easy she's not going to mind what I do with other girls. That’d be a relief." Though F'dan doubts it: in his opinion, women are all jealous, fickle creatures. He leans back, pops his knuckles. "It's going to be intense. It had just better happen soon. If you fuck her again before I get there I'm never gonna be able to show my face."

R’xim laughs again and shrugs, “Hey, I’m not going to refuse her if she wants it.” Fair warning, right? Standing up, he stretches one last time before making his way over to the bed to gather more clothes. “How much time do I have before drills?” He’s not the best at figuring out where he needs to be and when — that’s what F’dan is for. The Type-A personality his bro has is more than enough for both of them, so he relies on his impeccable ability to budget time more than he should. “I want to go to the baths.”

"I would never expect you to," F'dan replies with a smile. He gets up too, eyes unfocused for a second as Kadanth relays him the image of the sun’s position. "Two hours. A bit more. You'd better go wash that goldrider off yourself. I'll see you at the drill." Big grin, and then F'dan raises his hand for a high five. Bro's before ho's: no matter how jealous he is, it's sweet that R'xim got lucky. "Way to go, man."

A high five is given and R’xim claps F’dan on the shoulder in true bro affection. “Thanks. I'll be down in a bit, just got to clean up and get changed.” Pivoting a bit to glance over his shoulder at the weyr, it appears that he has his work cut out for him to find some clothes. “Meet me in the caverns tonight and we'll grab some food. Then who knows what.”

“You’re on,” F’dan replies before heading out. R’xim might be a slacker, but F’dan has at least another three things to achieve before drills. The man is a workaholic.

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