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Th'res has a project - and the results are potent!


It is midmorning of the tenth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


River Bank

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River Bank

With the towering cliffs left behind, the forested growth slopes downward towards the river's edge. Not as forested as the main jungles, yet still temperate to allow for full-fledged greenery, the river's bank is a mixture of sandy mud. One of the lower points of the river, the bank allows for easy access for both people and small sea-going vessels. A rickety dock, woven of water-damaged stone and wood, sits on the water's edge, bearing the mark of time. The blue-green waters of the river are gentler here, lapping against the bank in gentle caress, whirling in small eddies around the stone columns of the small dock. The call of avians and wild firelizards echo through the trees, with the quiet sounds of moving water aiding in giving this spot a hint of comforting tranquility.

Days off are meant for fishing, and after the last couple of days of fall well the newest wingsecond of Lynx has decided a little rain isn't going to stop him from relaxing. Th'res has set up near the edge of the river a lean to shelter, with warming fire large enough for him and a few others so he can fish in comfort. Sitting in a chair with a line already cast out into the river, there is klah heating over the fire pit.

Relaxing doesn't have to mean sitting still; it really wasn't raining this much when R'zel started his run. But here he comes through the woods, not pushing the pace because of the mud underfoot - and in fact he's thoroughly splattered, up to and beyond his knees. The little dock's a nice spot for a breather - but when he arrives, it's already occupied. He slows anyway, breathing deeply but still in good shape. "Hey, Th'res! Are they biting?"

Th'res turns his head and grins "Aye, a little got a few good ones for dinner." The younger man looks over the other rider before chuckling "there is Klah in the pot if you need to warm up." He motions to the other chair saying "I mean if you want to come out of the rain that is.."

"Klah sounds wonderful. Thanks! I wouldn't mind drying off before I get wet again, either; it was just spitting when I came out, and I thought it was going to clear up." The typical Southern cycle - get soaked, dry off, get soaked… R'zel ducks under the shelter, keeping within range of the fire's warmth, and turns his attention to the klah pot. "I don't suppose you've got a spare mug I can use?"

"Yeah right over there by the food box there should be some." Seems Th'res has this whole fishing in the rain thing planed out very well. "There are some sandwiches in the box too if you need a snack" the blue rider says as he relaxes in the chair and grins "So were you runing to or from something?"

"Neither really," R'zel chuckles. "Just running for the sake of running." As he grabs a mug and burrows in the box for a sandwich, he continues. "I just leave Verokanth somewhere and run, and he comes and picks me up when I'm done. I often go along the top up there, or along the river bank, or there are some good bits of beach where you can go for miles." He takes a bite of the sandwich. "Mmm, that's good. Thanks." He finds somewhere to rest it while he addresses himself to the pouring of klah. "Do you want a top-up?"

Th'res holds out his mug and nods "Sure thanks. And I can understand that now, just out to clear your head." Because he to is a wingsecond with all the joys and annoyances that come with it. His line twitches but goes slack again as he sighs "I am sure there is a big one in there but he is taunting me." He drinks from his mug and looks over at the muddy rider saying "how is your wing holding up?"

"Well, that Fall over the Western Seahold was a stinker - one of our greens is going to be out for several sevendays, and I reckon we were lucky there weren't more," R'zel says, wrinkling his lips at the thought of that particularly heavy fall where two riders died. "And Kurlith got a nasty score at Aster Cothold, but he's doing well - he'll be back fairly soon. Apart from that, we've not done too badly for injuries for the last few Falls. Had a lot a while back, but they're starting to come back in now. And Alyna's just joined us from Igen." He grins at the younger 'second. "How about you? How are you settling into the job?"

Th'res shrugs saying "The wing is good, usual problems I am told with the older guys trying to get one over on the new wingsecond." He grins and says with a sly tone "two days ago a couple but dye in the sandsoap to make my skin blue. Was a good prank, hope they don't mind visiting the latrine a lot today.." Because there is never a winner in the prank war just who got who last. His ears will color abit at the mention of the newest green rider "She is..nice. And now that I have F'kan there must be some calmer times in your wing too right?"

R'zel shakes his head; whether he's frowning at the wingriders' antics or the wingsecond's revenge isn't clear. "Oh, boy. You'd think they'd grow up. Did you match your dragon? And F'kan - well, you're welcome, but he wasn't really a problem when he was working." R'zel hasn't been quite as irate with the brownrider as his wingleader was. He wraps his fingers round the hot mug and moves back closer to the fire, though it's not exactly chilly out.

"He is a good guy when he is on task it is true." Th'res comments about F'kan before he laughs and nods at the color matching "That we did, so you know Jedameth loved it. Wanted to paint the ledge his color too but I told him it would make others feel left out because we don't have bronze paint." Is it a lie? Who knows, but it worked. He leans out to look at the sky before settling back in saying "You know, Lynx is talking about doing a little beach bonfire in a few days, maybe you could bring some riders to mingle and have a good time?"

"That sounds fun." R'zel brightens visibly at the thought. "As long as there's a fine evening for it, I'm sure some of ours would love to come along. Thanks for the invitation! So Jedameth's into decorating, is he? Verokanth does't care what it looks like as long as his sleeping place is clean and comfortable." Like rider, like dragon. "And talking of the beach, did you see that thing the dock workers were talking about - the glow around the ships' masts? That was amazing. I don't suppose the weather's right for it tonight, though." Not that he would know about that.

Th'res shakes his head "I was up at the Barrier when that that happened, though Jed is now stalking the ships at the docks to try to see it again." There is an adoring chuckle for his silly blue dragon. Taking another drink of the warm liquid he grins over at R'zel "so you two are pretty good with nothing fancy in your lives then huh?"

R'zel shrugs. "There are things I like. Music. Decent food and clothes. I've never really been into doing things to my weyr, though - not beyond the practical, like making it a bit warmer in winter and getting enough glowbaskets to read." He reflects for a moment. "I wouldn't mind some better furniture in there at some point, but I don't think my woodworking's up to making it myself."

Th'res and chuckles "I hear you there, I carve stone great but nobody but the dragon wants to sit on a stone couch." He tilts his head back saying "plus there isn't much room in my little area for anything now that I got the still up and running."

"You've got a still? Really? That's very enterprising!" R'zel sounds impressed as well as amused. "Do I conclude that Lynx gatherings are going to go with a swing in future? What are you making?" He nods thoughtfully. "I can do some woodwork, but it's mostly fiddly stuff - I was taught to make instruments, which are really thin wood and have curves in all sorts of directions, but I don't know if I could make joints that would hold a table together."

Th'res laughs "Oh I don't know about that, I just like to tinker with it. Currently I am making some Red fruit tasting stuff, first batch was a little strong, like replace firestone strong." he winces and wrinkles his nose at the memory "I woke up in the jungle some where, with out much clothing. So I am tweeking it abit." He looks over at the other rider and grins "Parties are parties man. Can't say what others do but I like to relax." He takes another drink from his mug before setting it down "And how do you not know if you can, if you don't try. I mean that is what you told me when they put me as wingleader of the weyrlings, and now here I am."

R'zel laughs merrily at Th'res's account of his misadventures. "Well, that must be true, if I told you so! So, you're distilling redfruit wine, or something? I haven't really tried many of those fruit wines, but redfruit sounds refreshing. Nice for summer. Did you build the still yourself?" He pauses to finish the sandwich that he's holding before following it with more klah.

Th'res nods "Yeah, grand-dad used to make his own. So just kinda went off his design, probably should have a smith look at it to make sure I don't blow myself up though." He gives a wry chuckle before adding "well I was doing straight grain alcohol before adding sliced redfruit into the batch to let it soak for a while. I think I will try wine next, I mean I am no vinter so doubt it will be good for trading but hey free drinks are the best kind right?"

"Absolutely." R'zel gives a nod of acknowledgement to that noble sentiment. "Or, could you do it with cider? That ought to have a good flavour - I've no idea if it would work though." R'zel likes a cold beer, but he's pretty clueless about the brewers' and vintners' crafts. "Not a bad idea to make something you could trade, though," he adds thoughtfully.

Th'res is now really in the thinking of what to do for his side project, "I could try that.. maybe I need to go and visit Benden and High Reaches to get a few pointers. I mean with the other fruit we have down here I am sure we could do something interesting…" Because why not right! The line on his pole starts to spin out as he has caught a fish but is to lost in the day dream to notice it right now.

R'zel, fortunately, is not lost in dreams of alcoholic enterprises. "That's a good idea." The movement of the reel catches his attention. "I say, is that supposed to be doing that?" He nods towards the fishing tackle. "I wouldn't want to see your rod heading for Southern Barrier without you!"

"Huh?" because Th'res wasn't thinking about fishing at that moment and looks down to fumble with the reel abit before fighting with the fish. "Oh this one is spry!" comes the joyous call from the younger man while he fights to get the fish back to shore. It is a slow processes as he gives a little slack in the line now and then to keep it from snapping, but soon he is pulling up a nice sized one about ten inches long as it flops on the shore line he reaches down to grab hold and move it over to a bucket floating in the shallows and drops the live catch in. "Thanks for that, he will make good eating later" he says to R'zel as he comes back to the over hang.

"You're welcome." R'zel drains his mug and steps outside to rinse it in the river before returning it to its place. He eyes the clouds. "That looks as if it's setting in for the day. I'm going to leave you to it and get a few more miles in before I'm wading through mud." He looks as if he's waded through a fair bit already, but at least it's now on the way to be coming dry mud. No doubt he'll collect some more. "Thanks for the klah!"

Th'res nods and grins "Anytime, and I will send you a jar of the new batch once it is done if you don't mind being a taste tester." He rebaits the hook and casts out into the river before settling back into his chair. "Also watch out for Jedameth, he is playing hide and seek with the wildlife and might jump out at you.." Because what is more scary than a dragon in your face? One you didn't notice before.

"I'll keep my eyes open," R'zel assures him. "Better still, Verokanth will keep his eyes open - he's just landed up there on the cliff. See you later!" He leaves the shelter and makes his way out into the rain, turns to wave, then sets off at an easy run along the river for a while.

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