F'kan, Ginger, Quaverilth, Shokravanth


What is? Flying, of course! Shokravanth takes to the air.


It is midmorning of the first day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Training Grounds, Southern Weyr

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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

Spring has finally arrived and with it the weyrlings first lessons in flying. F'kan with Quaverilth at his back, eyes whirling with excitment, looks at the loosely assembled weyrling pairs, told to spread out so all had enough room to maneuver. He waits until he has most of their attentions, and whistles sharply through a couple fingers pressed to his lips to bring the rest in order, "Ok, now you've been preparing for this with exercise and drills, and today we'll finally see about using those wings for what they were made for." Taking a moment to let that settle in, the brownrider clears his throat before continuing, "Now Quaverilth will demonstrate to begin with, I want all eyes on him as he shows the proper technique I want you to follow. He will take off, circle the training ground and then land. After that I will call you up, one at a time," he emphasises, "And together with Quav, you'll repeat what he showed you. He'll be in the air with you in case you get in trouble, but other than that, it's up to your dragonets now to show us what you've got." A tilted grin spreads over his lips as he looks at them all in turn. "Any questions so far?" he asks before continuing.

Ginger really isn't going to draw attention to herself at this point by asking any questions. She lays a restraining hand on Shokravanth's leg, as the young brown is practically bouncing in his eagerness to be in the air. It's not that she could physically stop him doing anything he wanted, given the size differential these days, but he recognises the signal for what it is and settles down to watch. He doesn't share his riders restraint in the matter of questions, however, in fact, he's in the mood to pester Quaverilth with exploding galaxies and requests for information. « Will you show us how to do it? How long before the first wing-beat? How much do I bend my legs when I land? I don't want to bump my rider. I know she won't be with me today, but I don't want to bump her when she is… » Questions sent mentally don't actually require him to pause for breath!

Quaverilth turns his wizened visage in the younger brown's direction, his rumble soothing as he reaches into those exploding galaxies with a tendril of calming mists. « Just watch me carefully first, and then try to mimic what I do. It is less about being exacting, and more working with what feels right for you. And your first times will not be perfect, you will have to practice over and over again. » The brown relays while F'kan waits patiently before proceeding. Seeing no other questions, he turns and nods his head to Quaverilth who goes to the empty end of the training grounds and lined up paralel to the watching group. Once there, he wait for F'kan's signal before he takes a couple of bounding steps, wings moving rhythmically in sync, before he bunches his hindquarters and sweeps his wings down powerfully, pulling him into the air. On the ground, F'kan is describing what the brown is doing in detail, pointing out important things like positioning and such. Continuing to beat them until he is maybe a dragon length in the air before evening out and tilting his body slightly to take him in a slow circuit before dipping wings to bring him closer to the ground. Once he's almost where he began, he lowers his hind legs to catch the ground taking a few steps before his forelimbs finally catch and he settles his wings on his back. With a look of approval, he motions for Quav to ready himself to accompany the next dragonet before looking over the weyrlings with a smile. "So any volunteers, or should I just start picking for you?"

Ginger and Shokravanth both watch intently as Quaverilth gives his demonstration. The young brown is scarcely managing to stay put, so keen is he to see better, but his rider is telling him exactly what she'll do if he doesn't stay where he's supposed to be. She's rapidly becoming a firm believer in the principle of 'Never volunteer', at least when something might be learned from watching others go first, so she remains quiet when F'kan asks who wants to try. Not so, Shokravanth, who takes several bouncing steps forward before Ginger's silent command halts him and he sits down hastily. Nevertheless, he's volunteering: « Me! » Ginger rolls her eyes, but says, 'Us, sir. Or, him, rather."

F'kan has to chuckle a bit at the eagerness of the brown before responding, "Very well. Shokravanth, go and line up next to Quaverilth, and wait for my signal before you go." Quav for his part warbles happily at the brown, happy that it's one of his color that is so bold. « Now line up next to me. You want to make sure you lift your front end just before pushing off with your rear legs. As as soon as you're in the air, just keep flapping, long fulls strokes like in your exercises, and pointed upwards. I will be watching you from behind, so whenever you think you're ready, just start and I'll follow. Good? » He asks. Once his brown has relayed their readiness, F'kan will give them the signal to proceed.

Shokravanth bounds across to Quaverilth - all right, maybe it's more of a lumbering waddle. Nevertheless, he eagerly takes his place alongside the older brown, and can be seen to lift the front part of his body as he takes on board Quaverilth's instructions. « Lift my front end and then push off, then long flaps, and pointed upwards. I've got it! I've been ready for days! Can I go? Can I go? » Oh yes, he's ready. He's so ready that it's only when Ginger sends a mental nudge that he remembers to look at F'kan for the signal. Ginger's eyes are fixed on her dragon; she's finding it hard to remember to breathe.

Making sure the younger brown has steadied himself and seems ready, Quaverilth will relay as such to F'kan who drops his hand to give them leave to go. The rest of the weyrlings as a whole seem to hold their breath, the dragons eyeing their clutchmate closely as he does what they've all been waiting for. « Now Shokravanth. Time to fly. » he sends with a smooth tendril of mist, just waiting for the younger brown to move before he follows.

Shokravanth leaps forward with a couple of bounding steps. Wings flap as he attempts to imitate Quaverilth's technique, though it must be admitted that he hasn't quite got the knack of stepping and flapping both at once. Still, a big jump, and he's actually in the air, perhaps a little lower than ideal, but the wingbeats steady once he hasn't also got his feet to worry about. Gradually, they lift him higher. Stars burn bright as he gives a triumphant cry of « I'm flying! I'm really flying! » Ginger's really stopped breathing now. Shokravanth levels out, a little higher than Quaverilth was, and flies straight for a little while before attempting the turn. « Ohhhhh! » Stars turn pink until he manages to control the sideslip, then brilliant blue again as he eases into the circuit, getting the feel of his wings. « This is so good! » There's a gasp from Ginger as her body insists it needs oxygen, but she doesn't need to tear her eyes away in order to breathe. It's not long before Shokravanth is completing his circle. « Must I come down? » Apparently he's been told rather promptly that he must, because he adds grudgingingly, « All right. » Stars grow remote and balanced by empty space as he concentrates on coming lower for a landing, though he's not really got the hang of the part of the process that involves slowing down. Almost on the ground, he drops his hindlegs. Because of his speed, he has to run some way before staggering to a distinctly undignified halt on all fours. « Amazing! Brilliant! I want to do it again! »

Quaverilth follows Shokravanth in his take-off, rumbling encouragement as he remains just a little lower than the brown on his ascent, eyes carefully studying the young one's form. « Don't be afraid to lean into the turn with your whole body. » he relays, as he demonstrates. When asked if he must land, Quav rumbles sternly, « Yes. Your clutchmates are wanting their turns. We'll get back to you soon enough. » Following him down, the older brown critiques his form again, « Your speed can be reduced like this. » demonstrating how to backwing, pulling his wings back and then forward creating resistance that slows him down as he almost delicately lands alongside the younger brown. F'kan grins and claps once, "Good job." he turns to Ginger then, "He did very well. You'll have to make sure he doesn't overdo it at first, short distances, and lots of take off and landing practice." He waits for Shokravanth to vacate before calling the next weyrling forward.

"Thank you, sir, I will!" Ginger's tone is almost as triumphant as her dragon's. Telling anyone who'll listen, « Flying is the BEST THING! », Shokravanth lumbers back to Ginger, who's waiting with a congratulatory headrub and lots of advice. That's enough to keep him on the ground while his clutchmates have their turn, and in truth, both rider and dragon find it interesting to watch how their classmates get on. There will be plenty of time for practice.

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