W'rin, Linny


The package is revealed. Linny shows him how it's done.


It is evening of the tenth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Council Chambers, Igen Weyr

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Council Chambers

However disheveled the corridor outside might lie, THIS room - the sole dominion of the Weyr's upper elite - is always sparkling, ever swept, ever dusted, its walls scrubbed free of the grime of ages. A certain spartan grandeur fills the Council Chamber, with its foreboding stonework and heavy wooden door. A round table fills the bulk of the space, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood, carved with the three dune'd symbol of Igen Weyr. Chairs surround: hard-backed things (with thin cushions) for the most part, but two grandiose chairs, on opposite sides of the table, that seat Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

The council chambers emptied as suddenly as W'rin and Sadaiya called the meeting adjourned. Late on a cold Igen evening wingleaders and seconds, headwoman and assistants, whispering about the proceedings, which were nothing spectacular, as they slipped out the doors, a few stragglers still there, but their conversations are dwindling. The weyrleader remains, one of the few people not engulfed by the grand chairs that send at the end of the table. As usual the man was seated well before anyone appeared for the gathering, and now seems content to continue working as they leave, though were one use to working with him enough they may have noticed a mischevious, knowing, curl of lips beneath his beard.

Though the meeting is over, and she knows people are leaving, Linny is too busy with finishing up with her notes to do much more than bid a brief farewell to those who may say something to her before dark brown eyes go back to her work. Knowing that there's no meetings scheduled in the chambers after this one, the goldrider lingers as completes her writing, putting down her stylus to review the points made on the hide. There's a brief glance up to W'rin, perhaps waiting to see if he's about to kick her out, but then eyes are on her work, mouth moving slightly as she reads. Focused.

W'rin isn't the type of man to stop industrious hard work, usually. The room completely empty now, a few moments of silence broken only by the scratching of stylus against parchments or hides. Finally the weyrleader 'looks up' as if noticing Linny for the first time, he sets down his work, his finger-logs crossing as he sets his hands before him. "Linny, I'm glad your here, I've been meaning to ask for a favor…" The man trails off, leaning slightly back in his seat, with a rarely used, what some might describe as, a smile. Lips pulled away from teeth, but lopsidedly as if the right had more practiced than the left.

Usually, Linny would finish the sentence she was on before looking up, but this is the Weyrleader who is addressing her, so immediately she looks up, an expectant look on her face for a flash of a moment before it falls into something easier, a big smile tugging at her lips. "For you, W'rin, anything," she replies all too smoothly, too practiced in the art of ass kissing for it to sound anything but genuine. Hands fold on top of that hide she was previously so intently reading as she levels a look on him. "What do you need?

W'rin's beard turns slightly to left as he peers through beady eyes at Linny, sounded genuine perhaps, but he's had enough work with crazy and spirited goldriders to not have any suspicions, he takes a second to tuck away the statement anyway, in case he is declined. "These…" He pauses for the right word, "Attacks, that have been going on…." The thought strains off and he waves a hand, "The weyr needs healthy, living, goldriders. We're at a solid, and fairly sane," No one would say he isn't an honest man, "Number for the first time in decades. It would be stupid of me to say I don't want you guys leaving the weyr, you have jobs to do, but I would like you all…" He points at her, she's one of Igen's now, "To have a dragon riding escort. If I bring it up, Sadaiya will go on and on about the strength and virtues of women." The hand is lifted as if to say 'he doesn't disagree, but', "If it came from within…I mean if another goldrider were to suggest it…" Eyebrows quirk upward.

"You need me to do your dirty work for you," Linny finishes for him, but given the smirk on her face, it doesn't seem like she's against the idea. But her amusement is wiped away with a smoother expression as she nods, blinking slowly. "I'll talk to her. I can't promise that I'll get anywhere with her, you know how Sadaiya is, but I'll do my best." But as another thought pops into her mind, it has eyebrows ticking up. "Do you have riders in mind? Are we to be assigned a specific one at all times or just whoever is available? Best if I go to Sadaiya with all of the details straight away, with all of the answers, so that she doesn't suspect anything." Linny is good at bullshitting, but it's best to not promise the Weyrwoman things that can't be delivered.

"Dirty work?" W'rin claps a hand to his face, temples rubbed with thumb and index finger. "It's a good idea, it just needs to be delivered in the right package. That is something Sadaiya has been teaching me." He gives a grunted bit of laughter, using her own lessons against (for!) her. Finger nails scratch at his beard, "I'd give a list, but it might be best to look like I'm open to discussion some…" Appease the Weyrwoman. "Anyway, anyone who's built bigger than that We'bey kid, and has a more solid dispposition than K'vvan." He narrows eyes slightly, "I trust you guys to make the smart decision with that." Follow the spirit of the law, not the letter. "Oh and just one other…tiny favor. For weyr morale." He coughs, the games afoot.

"I guess you're right. Let Sadaiya think she's in charge some. Make her think it was her idea. Got it." A brief note is made on her hide about the favor, so that it doesn't escape her mind. Linny's got a lot on her plate, and even if she will likely remember, it's good to cover all of her bases. But as W'rin asks for another favor, she can't help but widen her eyes slightly as they roll, looking back up at him as she leans back in her chair. "You sure seem to like me all of a sudden. I didn't think you trusted me enough to pour you a cup of klah." But not wanting to appear as if she's not willing to serve the Weyrleader, Linny follows that up with, "What's the favor?" And she attempts to keep her tone light so she sounds enthusiastic, even if it's the exact opposite.

The favor is forgotten for the moment, as W'rin pulls one eyebrow high above the other in a thoughtful manner, mouth pulling downward to match, "Didn't think I trusted you? What would you have done that would make me not trust you?" Nevermind any behavior he might have presented that would give her that idea. "Ah yes, the second thing." Looking away from the woman, to some spot on the wall behind her left shoulder he gathers himself. "I know the incident with K'vvan was completely his fault. But he's paid the price for the most part. Still on drinking prohibition though. It's a hard go of it for him. It might help if, for the remainder of his punishment, the next three months, you were also required to not drink. A show that drunkin' public displays will not be tolerated by the weyr." That's right. Stop the boozin'.

Immediately, Linny's face fills with anger and disbelief, eyes wide as jaw slacks open. "WHAT?!" It gets her to bolt upright, staring at him with an expression that can only be described as stunned, hands flat on the table. "What? W'rin, no! No, that's not fair! I won't! You can't!" Surely, he doesn't have jurisdiction over what goes in her body. There's got to be some loophole. A goldrider loophole. Maybe? Hopefully? So the woman continues to sit there like a child being punished by a parent unfairly, staring at him while her brain works quickly to come up with some reason why he's not allowed to impose that on her.

W'rin's hands immediately lift into the air, palms forward at the sudden anger. The volatile volcanoe that is normally the weyrleader lies completely dormate, not a shade of red in his face. "In some ways, you are right. I cannot. Sadaiya can, and I can go to her. But now that you are a permanent part of the weyr." Hands grasp at the side of his chair, and with a hefty push against gravity the man frees himself from the chair. Leaving Linny no escape from the forceful gesture now before, he takes a few paces forward, leans his eblows back against the table, so that certain parts of his anatomy are more or less jutted naturally forward - and what a sight they are. His buldge bulges just a little more, colored with bright Igen yellow and black, like a patrotic baboon in heat he displays his lovely manly bump. "Now that you are a permanent part of the weyr, I thought you and I should be able to work together. When you were temporary the punishment didn't involve you."

Eyes dancing with rage are suddenly stilled into something that for a second resembles fear as the Weyrleader shows off his nether regions, but then those eyes turn into disbelief, jaw still slacked open as she stares at his package. And stares. AND STARES. "Uh." Really, is he talking? Is he supposed to be talking? Holy balls, is this really happening? Linny had tried to seduce him with her feminine wiles, sure, but never in a million Turns did she think he would return the favor. There's a moment where her hand might appear to go in the direction of his crotch, as if to touch, but then it's pulled back as she glances, briefly, up at his face before they fall back downwards to resume staring at his bulge. "Work…together? Punishment?" If he's showing her that, then maybe there's a better part to this whole punishment, causing a little corner of her mouth to curl up in the beginnings of a smirk.

Holy Firelizard Fetish Porn Batman! It's working! The Weyrleader is going to make it rain codpieces in Igen Weyr. Pretending not to notice that he's being oogled like he's a feast at a gather and Linny is the poor drudge who only gets the crumbs at the end. W'rin feels like the prettiest pretty girl in all the land. Releasing his hold on the table, so his showy show piece isn't jutting out into the cosmos, he slips into a chair near by, "Yes. See. Work's much better if we have an accord, a working-relationship where we can discuss things. So what do you say? You'll finish out K'vvan's sentence with him? For a good show of Igen unity?" Legs part just a little, for a better view. Good thing he isn't a lady holder dismounting a runner without underwears.

There are no more lingering signs of disbelief or shock- they've all been replaced with something darker, a more seductive look completely taking Linny over as she pushes herself to stand, heading in the direction of the Weyrleader. "I think that's a great idea," she murmurs, and within a flash of a second, she throws her leg overtop of him, and then, ta dah, the little goldrider is suddenly seated in his lap. On that bump. Perhaps pressing back against it a little with her hips. "I look forward to working together better." And depending on how off-guard she's caught him, Linny might dare to try and press a kiss to his neck.

Holy (complete-and-utter-male-brain-malfuction) Batman! W'rin think real good. The sudden woman in lap, the lips against neck, every movement is instinct because the his brain all-a-misfire of logical thought. Hips upward, hands press against the feminine waist. But just as he's about to give in, one synapsis makes it over the biological hurdle, that curve isn't quite right. His eyes snap open at about the same speed the he leaps upward from the chair, and unless Linny is holding on to some part of the mountain, she's going to tumble off the cliff. "What the fuck woman!" Though his normally confident roar may choke a little in the throat, and a hand may be carefully placed for censorship.

And so the petite woman falls the ground, thankfully she's got a great ass to pad her landing, eyes narrowing as she glares up at him. "Next time, don't be so fucking obvious. Leave shit like that to the pros." Like herself. Yes, Linny's figured out the little game he was playing, right about the time the Weyrleader shoved his package in her face. "I had to teach you a lesson. Don't fuck with me unless you're prepared for the consequences." Sure, he may be the Weyrleader, and she might have not played fair a time or two, but that's her right as a woman with ample breasts and supple curves to use them to her advantage. "You put that thing in my face again," she says, a finger gesturing to his special region, "and I'm putting it somewhere else." Somewhere nice. "And don't act like you wouldn't like that," her cocky demeanor makes her purr out to him, smirking seductively.

W'rin deflates, slinking into the chair with a resigned sigh, "Fucking women…" He mumbles under his breath. "Not obvious?" The man manages a glare, even as he's been check-mated. "You're where I got the fucking idea." With a sigh he waves a hand, "You win, you win…but at least don't pretend like you don't try and use that shit. I was only trying to make things fair." The hand drops to the back of the chair to steady himself, "It's not fair you know. You ladies, want me to not throw my weight around." Figuratively, and literally, "But something doesn't go your way and it's all boobs in my face and skirts up to your cooters." For the second time he presses against his temples. However, at her last comment he leans forward, elbows on knees, "Valiuth ever catches Kaelidyth, and you can stick it wherever you'd like, and I'll guarantee you'll never want anyone else to catch again…Besides it isn't a bad look is it?" A glance down at the brightly colored ordament with a shrug. But regaining some composure and offering a conciliatory grin for the woman who has clearly bested him. This time. He goes back to the subject at hand, "But since you have clearly taken this round, we can do this one of two ways, you can accept the not drinking idea, for a few months, or I'll go to Sadaiya with it. Up to you." And with that he pushes the chair in with a slightly shift of his head to the side and the look of a man who hasn't had his pride too hurt, and heads to the door, lingering for a moment to add, "Maybe someday you can teach me to be better at that. Could be a useful tool."

Oh, but Linny's not done playing the game. Someone on the floor should not be as confident as she is, especially when talking to the Weyrleader. "You go to Sadaiya, and I won't suggest rider escorts." Yes, she has him right where she wants him. She knows it, and he should know it, too. "And look at that, I didn't even need my tits for that." She's just that good at manipulation. Finally, the goldrider pushes herself to stand up, hands brushing herself free of anything that might cling to her from the floor, while eyes remain on W'rin, all business now. "You pick which is more important. Rider escorts for goldriders or me not drinking." Don't worry, she'll wait while he decides, cocky eyebrows arched.

W'rin grasps the one door still closed as stands in the doorway of the open one, looking down at the woman across the room still on the floor. Which is where he will leave her. "Ah. Too bad for you Sadaiya and I have a pretty good friendship. I just wanted to see what I could get out of you." He lifts a shoulder, his turn to smirk, "I'll just go to her with both." With a waggle of his eyebrows he turns and strides the rest of the way out of the council chambers. He was bested in the battle, but the war rages on.

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